• Annie (2014)

    A New York City tycoon adopts a vivacious orphan as a PR stunt in his bid to become mayor, but the little girl becomes his saving grace by teaching hi...m what's truly important in life. [+][–]

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  • Independence Day (1996)

    An army of alien spaceships attack Earth and threaten to destroy the human race, but a handful of survivors band together to stop the invasion.

  • Focus (2015)

    A con artist takes on an inexperienced apprentice, but struggles to keep his eyes on the prize when he develops romantic feelings for her.

  • Men in Black (1997)

    A humans-against-aliens saga in which a secret-agent duo track extraterrestrials living on Earth. The trouble begins when one particularly nasty visit...or, a giant roach, steps out of line, sending the agents on a race to squash the bug before it does the same to humanity. [+][–]

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  • I Am Legend (2007)

    A scientist (Will Smith) survives a mankind-destroying virus and struggles to live in a New York City overflowing with cannibalistic zombies that come... out only at night. A jarring apocalyptic pulse-pounder based on the 1954 sci-fi classic novel by Richard Matheson. [+][–]

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  • Hancock (2008)

    A hard-drinking lush finds himself thrust into superhero mode after he gets a much-needed image makeover from an idealistic publicist.

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  • Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The (1990 - 1996)

    Between early success as a rapper and later on the big screen, Will Smith headlined this hit sitcom about a streetwise Philadelphia youth living with ...wealthy relatives in L.A. The cultural clashes that inevitably arose resulted in life lessons for all. [+][–]

    TV Series
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  • Men in Black II (2002)

    A shape-shifting extraterrestrial, bent on the world's destruction, is hunted by two überagents, whose job it is to track Earth-dwelling aliens and ke...ep them in line. [+][–]

  • Hitch (2005)

    A man who teaches dateless wonders how to become irresistible to women learns just how hard it can be to do it yourself when he falls for a journalist... who has her own ideas about romance, and might just expose his underground business to the world. [+][–]

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  • Karate Kid, The (2010)

    A young boy learns kung fu from a kindly maintenance man after being forced to move from Detroit to China, where he becomes the target of a school bul...ly. [+][–]

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