• Marvel's The Avengers (2012)

    Superheroes Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk and Thor are forced to overcome their differences and work together in order to save the world from Th...or's brother Loki, who has obtained a mystical artifact of tremendous power. [+][–]

  • Iron Man 3 (2013)

    Still traumatized by the events of "The Avengers," Iron Man battles an enigmatic terrorist called the Mandarin with the help of Col. James Rhodes and ...a precocious young boy. [+][–]

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  • Iron Man (2008)

    The Marvel comics superhero and his alter ego, munitions magnate Tony Stark, take on villains bent on world domination.

  • Iron Man 2 (2010)

    Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) takes on powerful corporate rival Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) and dons the Iron Man suit to battle his Russian archne...mesis Whiplash (Mickey Rourke) in director Jon Favreau's big-budget comic-book sequel. [+][–]

  • Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

    Austin (Mike Myers) boogies back to 1975 and teams up with a secret agent-disco singer (Beyonce Knowles) to rescue his abducted father in the raunchy ...third Powers romp, the most extravagant entry in the series yet. The opening credits feature cameos by a number of celebrities. Knowles' screen debut. Myers also co-wrote the script and co-produced. [+][–]

  • Hook (1991)

    A workaholic yuppie lawyer remembers he was once Peter Pan after Captain Hook kidnaps his children. This forces the miserable man to rediscover his in...ner-child while returning to Neverland to rescue them and become a better father. [+][–]

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  • Shakespeare in Love (1998)

    Best Picture winner is about a fictional romance between a struggling young playwright named Shakespeare and a noblewoman who longs to act, and who in...spires him to write "Romeo and Juliet." Gwyneth Paltrow won an Oscar for her role as the muse. [+][–]

  • Talented Mr. Ripley, The (1999)

    Chilling thriller about a social-climbing psychopath (Matt Damon) who insinuates himself into the lives of a wealthy playboy (Jude Law) and his girlfr...iend (Gwyneth Paltrow). Cate Blanchett, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Directed by Anthony Minghella. [+][–]

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  • Perfect Murder, A (1998)

    Remake of Alfred Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder," about a greedy, failing business exec who plots the demise of his rich, adulterous wife and offers h...er lover a small fortune to carry it out. [+][–]

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  • Contagion (2011)

    In this ensemble drama about a virus that quickly becomes a global pandemic, a husband copes with the sudden death of his wife, while a doctor puts he...rself at risk to find a cure and an activist blogger stokes society's paranoia. [+][–]