• Jakob the Liar (1999)

    Robin Williams stars as a resident of a Nazi-occupied Polish ghetto who tries to boost morale by relaying false radio broadcasts about Soviet advances... against the Germans. [+][–]

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    Ch 149 MPLEX
  • Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014)

    Larry and his historical friends take a trip to London to save the magic that brings the museum to life.

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    Ch 312 HBO2H
  • Toys (1992)

    Robin Williams as a passed-over heir to a novelty company, who tries to stop his uncle from manufacturing war toys. Michael Gambon. Alsatia: Joan Cusa...ck. Gwen: Robin Wright. Patrick: LL Cool J. Kenneth: Donald O'Connor. Owens: Arthur Malet. Gen. Zevo: Jack Warden. Debbie: Debi Mazar. Directed by Barry Levinson. [+][–]

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    Ch 304 HBOFE
  • Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb (2014)

    Larry y sus amigos históricos toman un viaje a Londres para salvar a la magia que trae el museo a la vida.

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    Ch 311 HBOLE
  • Dead Poets Society (1989)

    A staid but well-respected prep school is enlivened by a newly-arrived, charismatic English teacher, who inspires his students with unconventional met...hods and philosophies. [+][–]

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    Ch 170 FLIXe
  • Moscow on the Hudson (1984)

    Robin Williams as a Russian emigré---a musician who defects while shopping at Bloomies---struggling to adjust to American life. Directed by Paul Mazur...sky, whose running joke is that New York is populated by the foreign-born. Maria Conchita Alonso, Cleavant Derricks. Orlando: Alejandro Rey. Boris: Savely Kramarov. [+][–]

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    Ch 248 COZI
  • Awakenings (1990)

    Fact-based story about a neurologist who tries to revive a near-comatose patient.

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    Ch 149 MPLEX
  • Truth or Square

    The gang share flashbacks while they're trapped inside a freezer on Krusty Krab's special anniversary. Meanwhile, Patchy the Pirate tries to get Spong...eBob and celebrity guests to appear on his TV special. Guest stars include Robin Williams, Pink, Will Ferrell and LeBron James. Narrated by Ricky Gervais. [+][–]

    TV Series
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    Ch 879 NICHD
  • License to Wed (2007)

    A newly engaged couple must take an outlandish marriage-preparation course from a creepy clergyman.

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    Ch 17 USA
  • Night at the Museum (2006)

    The night watchman at a museum finds himself face-to-face with a dinosaur, tiny soldiers and Teddy Roosevelt when an ancient curse brings all the exhi...bits to life at night. [+][–]

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    Ch 305 HBOCM
  • Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013)

    A black butler working at the White House serves eight U.S. presidents over the course of three decades, and finds his personal life deeply affected b...y the sweeping social changes he witnesses from his prestigious job. [+][–]

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    Ch 352 TMCXe
  • Robots (2005)

    A small-town robot (voice of Ewan McGregor) goes to the big city to be an inventor. An eye-popping computer-animated comedy. Other voices: Robin Willi...ams, Halle Berry, Mel Brooks and Amanda Bynes. Directed by Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha (“Ice Age”). [+][–]

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    Ch 1511 DFCHD
  • Birdcage, The (1996)

    A flamboyantly gay couple pretend to be straight in order to impress the parents of the woman their son wants to marry because the girl's father is a ...rabidly right-wing U.S. Senator. [+][–]

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    Ch 163 LOGO
  • Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

    A divorced dad poses as a British nanny to see his kids, and learns how to be a good parent. Meanwhile, his ex-wife's new boyfriend enters the picture.... [+][–]

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    Ch 305 HBOCM
  • Happy Feet (2006)

    Tap-happy romp about a penguin colony that finds its mates through song, and an outcast who can't carry a tune but can dance like Fred Astaire.

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    Ch 304 HBOFE