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Three Scientists Walk Into a Bar

S1 | Ep3 Electric Weather

Lightning is investigated via mortar fireworks, Tasers, homemade lightning and 10,000 ping pong balls.

Fox News Reporting: Rising Threats - Shrinking Military

A look at the U.S. military and concerns about defense spending includes interviews with former secretaries of defense Robert Gates, Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel.

CNN Newsroom Live

The latest news from around the world.

Forensic Files

S11 | Ep19 Weakest Link

An unidentified body is found on a rural California road and investigators find clues in a tire tread and a broken piece of jewelry.

Lockup Cincinnati: Extended Stay

S1 | Ep3 Message in a Bottle

A fight between inmates gets bloody; a convict tries to escape; a violent inmate wants to transform.

Monster Blades

This special presentation of Cutlery Corner includes three offers: "Monster Blades" is a 189 blade set including katana, bowie, tactical and kitchen cutlery; "Black Dragon Katana" includes one Black Dragon Open Mouth Katana; or "Monster Blades II" which has both sets of 190 pieces for one low price and shipping.

Cavuto on Business

A look at the economy and the American consumer.

The Travel Show

The best of travel around the globe.


Washington Journal


A forum for leading journalists and public policy makers to discuss key events and legislatio

Panel Discussion on Violent Crime in 19th Century America

From the 4th annual San Antonio Book Festival, Skip Hollandsworth and Kali Nicole Gross talk about their books on violent crime in 19th century America

Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony for the 65th Infantry Regiment

Congressional leaders present the Congressional Gold Medal in honor of the 65th Infantry Regiment, known as the Borinqueneers, which was made up of predominantly Puerto Rican soldiers. President Obama signed a bill in June 2014 awarding the medal


ESPN's flagship program provides a thorough presentation of sports news, highlights and analysis. The Emmy-winning show revolutionized the sports-news genre by deftly mixing information with irreverence in a hip, daily scrapbook of homers, touchdowns and slam dunks, the perfect clips-and-controversies fix for sports junkies. Staple features besides game scores and highlights include expert breakdowns, 'Top Ten Plays', Web polls and trivia.

NBA Tonight

NBA highlights, news and perspective, along with fantasy basketball updates and top performances. The show was formerly known as "NBA 2Night" and "NBA Fastbreak."


TMZ Sports Weekend

A weekend edition of this look at the off-field lives of sports personalities and athletes.

Styx, Journey, Fleetwood Mac

These killer guitar riffs and arena anthems defined a generation of music. Hear the roar of the crowd and feel the raw energy of the songs, sounds, and stars of classic rock!




LPGA Tour Golf

Third-round play in the North Texas LPGA Shootout at the Las Colinas Country Club in Irving.

College Lacrosse

Rutgers at Ohio State.


Daily studio discussion of all the latest Southeastern Conference news and newsmakers.

Women's Softball

Utah at Washington.

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Paid Programming.

SC Featured

Good Gosh O'Mighty

A look at the 1994 Plano East-John Tyler high-school football playoff at Texas Stadium, which had 34 points scored in the final 3:03. Tyler kick-returner Roderick Dunn and Plano's Laurence Mallory and Jonathan Braddick are among those interviewed.


Las últimas noticias del mundo deportivo internacional con comentarios y entrevistas.

Central Fox

Noticias del deporte a nivel mundial.

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Fútbol Mexicano

América vs. Monterrey. (Diferido)


College Baseball

Texas A&M at Arkansas.


Impossible Shots

Byron's Cards

Byron Ferguson attempts to cut cards with a broadhead. It's all in the timing, with a spinning arrow making the cut on not just one card, but three. Plus, the late Bob Munden, nicks a nickel and a dime off a target stand with a .45-caliber bullet.

Inside Pac-12 Football

Conference spring football highlights and updates.

Women's Softball

California at Stanford.

College Baseball

Arizona at Southern California.

Women's Lacrosse

Colorado at Oregon.

Women's Softball

Arizona at Oregon.

College Football

The Washington State Crimson and Gray spring game.

2016 ICC World Twenty20 Cricket

England vs. New Zealand in a semifinal in Delhi, India.

The Octonauts

S1 The Flying Fish; The Narwhal

The Octonauts try to retrieve Prof. Inkling's rare book; the Octopod gets stuck in the ice in the Arctic.

Team Umizoomi

S1 | Ep8 The Dinosaur Museum Mishap

Baby dinosaurs flee a museum after getting scared by thunder, so the team must round them up.

Tree Fu Tom

Ranger Tom and the Carrots of Doom

Tom plants carrot seeds from the big world.


S4 | Ep17 Katch Kipling

Mrs. Kipling becomes a celebrity and it puts a strain on her relationship with Ravi. Meanwhile, Bertram preps Emma for an audition; and Zuri tries to become more independent.

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister 6

Hydra Attacks

Season 4 begins with Peter Parker learning that Doctor Octopus has teamed with Arnim Zola and Hydra to attack the Tri-Carrier.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

S5 | Ep18 The Wedding Show

Will and Lisa's wedding plans get out of hand when Lisa's dad (John Amos) and Philip can't agree on the arrangements, so the couple heads for Las Vegas. Minister: Isaac Hayes. Samantha: Arnetia Walker-Francis. Angela: Cynthena Sanders. Lisa: Nia Long.

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The First 48: Deadly Misfortune

S1 | Ep4 Hot Ride; Debt Collector

A young father is carjacked and murdered outside his home in Harris County, Texas; a musician is shot to death in Miami.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

S1 | Ep3 Smothered

Goren and Eames investigate the killing of a recovering addict who was the fiancée of a wealthy family's problematic son. Priscilla Van Acker: Kathleen Chalfant. Dale Van Acker: Geoffrey Nauffts. Roger Jameson: Will Lyman. Becky Stark: Susan Misner. Larry Falls: James Hanlon. Billy Coffey: Stephen Beach. Carver: Courtney B. Vance. Eames: Kathryn Erbe. Goren: Vincent D'Onofrio.

TNT Network Preview

A backstage peek at TNT's original shows.


S1 | Ep8 Hard Out Here for a Pimp

Johnny sets Gigi up on a date with someone her own age; Bam and Rehab invent a new music genre.

In Living Color

S2 | Ep7 Funky Finger Productions

The Homeboy Shopping Network goes Hollywood; Iraqi women model new fashions; a grade-schooler tries to pad her part in the school play. James Carrey, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Kelly Coffield, Kim Wayans.

Wynonna Earp

S1 | Ep4 The Blade

Wyonna and Dolls have to act quickly to stop Purgatory residents from being attacked by a seemingly invisible assailant.


S1 | Ep6

A look inside lockups in Phoenix, Tampa and Las Vegas.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

S1 | Ep5 The Last Outpost

Picard suspects that the Ferengis are responsible for a sudden energy loss that immobilizes the Enterprise. Letek: Armin Shimerman. Mordoc: Jake Dengel. Kayron: Tracey Walter. Portal: Darryl Henriques. Riker: Jonathan Frakes. Geordi: LeVar Burton. Yar: Denise Crosby.

TURN: Washington's Spies

S3 | Ep1 Valediction

In the third-season premiere, Abe covers up a murder with an unlikely accomplice. Elsewhere, Benedict Arnold abuses his power as he settles into a new home in Philadelphia.

Married...With Children

S5 | Ep20 Top of the Heap

Al's pal (Joe Bologna) and the man's son (Matt LeBlanc) attend a high-society fund-raiser in this pilot for "Top of the Heap." Al: Ed O'Neill. Kathleen: Diana Bellamy. Tyler: Rebecca Cross. Rosie: Candice Azzara.

The Half Hour: Ron Funches

S3 | Ep8 Ron Funches

Comedian Ron Funches performs. Filmed at Royale in Boston.

Tremors 3: Back to Perfection

Second sequel about the town of Perfection, Nev., where the former worm-infested town has become a tourist trap, until a real attack takes place. Michael Gross, Bobby Jacoby. Nancy: Charlotte Stewart. Miguel: Tony Genaro. Mindy: Ariana Richards. Directed by Brent Maddock.

Unusual Suspects

S8 | Ep13 Stone Cold Fusion

The murder of a leading cold fusion advocate is investigated.

Hack My Life

S2 | Ep2 Dr. Hack to the Rescue

Included: hot dog electrocution; sock hack; and bra history.

Wheels That Fail

S1 | Ep6 Naked Wheels

Truck drifts end in disaster.

Chiseled Bodies!

Guaranteed to work, first night!

How It's Made

S3 | Ep17 Seatbelts, Windows, Wax Figurines, Hot Air Balloons

Windows; seat belts; wax figurines; hot-air balloons.

Untamed & Uncut

S1 | Ep14 Amazing Attacks

An elephant goes on a rampage; lions maul a zookeeper in New Zealand; a surfer tries to fend off two great-white sharks.

Underworld, Inc.

S1 | Ep2 Sex For Sale

Prostitution and the illegal sale of sex is examined.

Styx, Journey, Fleetwood Mac

These killer guitar riffs and arena anthems defined a generation of music. Hear the roar of the crowd and feel the raw energy of the songs, sounds, and stars of classic rock!

Top Gear

S7 | Ep1 Rubicon Trail

In the Season 7 premiere, the guys travel to California's Sierra Nevada Mountains to photo map the Rubicon Trail and present their images at Google headquarters.


S1 | Ep4 Chicago With Chief Keef, Vic Mensa

Zach Goldbaum travels to the South Side of Chicago, where he talks to Chief Keef and Common about how drill music was formed by violence and segregation within the city.

America: Facts vs. Fiction

S2 | Ep11 Conquering the Sky

Pioneers in aviation, including the Wright brothers and Amelia Earhart, are profiled.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Amazing Appetizers

Amazing appetizers are on the menu as Guy travels to Miami, Kansas and the Pacific Northwest in search of the best tater tots, jalapeño poppers, fritters and oysters. Also: grape leaves and wings in New England; atomic fried mac and cheese in New York.

Unique Sweets

S6 | Ep14 Morning Munchies

Morning munchies are highlighted, beginning with unique ways to add fruit and veggies to breakfast. Also: a dizzying array of donuts, including glazed, chocolate malasadas and apple fritters; and muesli toast with nuts, berries, honey and green-tea custard is featured as a lighter treat.

Ghost Adventures

S7 | Ep4 Palmer House Hotel

The guys try to communicate with a demonic spirit said to haunt the historic Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, Minn.

We Bought the Farm

S1 | Ep10 From Lake House to Farm House

A recently divorced mom looks to get back to her down-to-earth country roots when she searches for a farmhouse near Mooresville, N.C., spacious enough for horses and a motorbike track.

The Vanilla Ice Project

S5 | Ep4 Upstairs Upgrade

Rob gets to work rehabbing the outdated second floor of his beachfront mansion.

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S1 | Ep5 Here's Looking at You

Frasier buys Martin (John Mahoney) a telescope, which he uses to scope out a woman in an adjacent building. Aunt Patrice: Kathleen Noone. Martin: John Mahoney. Daphne: Jane Leeves. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer.

CSI: Miami

S8 | Ep2 Hostile Takeover

The lab is attacked and new CSI Jesse Cardoza is taken hostage along with four other people. Horatio must carry out the gunman's unique request in exchange for their lives.

Everybody Loves Raymond

S6 | Ep13 Tissues

Ray decides to become more involved with making decisions around the house, with disastrous results. Contractor: Mark Edward Smith. Debra: Patricia Heaton.


Contestants ask potential dates to come clean about their shortcomings.

Paid Programming

Paid Programming.

Below Deck Mediterranean

S1 Preview Special

A series preview of "Below Deck Mediterranean," about yacht crew members making waves around the Greek Isles aboard the luxury vessel Ionian Princess.

The Nate Berkus Show

S1 | Ep6 Design Takeover: Mother Daughter Decor War

Nate mediates a decor dispute between a mother and daughter. Also: attic organization, brightening up a sunroom; design tips on a budget.

Living With Funny

S1 | Ep3 Socialmediaritis

Michael takes his family on an adventure to take a break from social media. Meanwhile, Brandon tries to prove his worth as a serious fighter, so an MMA match is organized for him.

#RichKids of Beverly Hills

S3 | Ep6 #HatersGonnaHate

Brendan worries about the money Morgan is spending, while she searches for the perfect wedding dress; at the same time, Dorothy tries to change her voice in response to online criticism; and Roxy has a talk with Morgan about the problems in their friendship.

The Ledge (2011)

Devout Christian Joe forces atheist Gavin onto the ledge of a towering apartment building and threatens to cause the death of an innocent person unless he jumps within one hour. Meanwhile, a concerned cop attempts to talk Gavin down.

Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out

S7 | Ep7 Ty Dolla $ign

Ty Dolla $ign competes in "R&Beef," "Family Reunion," "Wildagram" and "Wildstyle."

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

S5 | Ep4 Blackmail

Joseline returns to Atlanta with a vengeance; Scrappy and Rasheeda talk through their issues; Karlie lets it all hang out with Lyfe Jennings; and K. Michelle shows up. Later, Scrapp DeLeon becomes angry with KK about her relationship with Tiarra.

The Jamie Foxx Show

The comedian plays an aspiring actor working in his family's hotel in one of WB's first sitcom successes, running for five seasons and 100 episodes.

Metal Evolution

S1 | Ep11 Progressive Metal

The focus is drawn to Rush, Queensryche, Fates Warning and Dream Theater in this exploration of progressive hard rock.

Fuerza especial de fugitivos

S2 | Ep15 Catch Me if You Can

Un fugitivo buscado por robo que fue deportado y luego regresó ilegalmente a los EE.UU. es buscado en Orlando por un oficial de ICE.

Race to Space

In 1961, the lonely young son (Alex D. Linz) of a NASA scientist (James Woods) gets a part-time job at the complex working with the chimps that will be sent on space flights. Annabeth Gish, William Devane, William Atherton, Mark Moses, Patrick Richwood, Wesley Mann, John O'Hurley.

It Lives Again

Sequel to "It's Alive," about three monstrous, murderous babies.

The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Remake of the Steve McQueen caper film with Pierce Brosnan as a billionaire art fancier who orchestrates the theft of a priceless masterpiece. Faye Dunaway, costar of the original film, appears as a psychiatrist.

Hatchet (2007)

Vacationers on a swampland tour near New Orleans become stranded in the wilderness. Joel Moore.

Dutch (1991)

A construction worker agrees to drive his girlfriend's snobby son home from boarding school.

Bride of Chucky (1998)

A woman gets more than she bargained for when she brings her boyfriend's spirit back to life in a doll.

Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark

A profile of singer Nat King Cole examines his time as the only black TV star on the air.

The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Remake of the Steve McQueen caper film with Pierce Brosnan as a billionaire art fancier who orchestrates the theft of a priceless masterpiece. Faye Dunaway, costar of the original film, appears as a psychiatrist.


S4 | Ep11 The Deal and City of Lost Children

Iran's nuclear program is examined. Also: profiling kids who live on the streets of Kolkata, India.


Dennis Quaid stars in this thriller about a hardened, recently widowed cop who makes a shocking discovery while investigating serial killings rooted in the biblical prophecy of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Ziyi Zhang, Lou Taylor Pucci, Clifton Collins Jr., Patrick Fugit. Directed by Jonas Akerlund.


S6 | Ep7

Brace gets nervous when the new lady in his life has jewels on her mind; Nick's date becomes a liability, so he takes the extra step to ensure there are no holes in his protection.

The Grifters (1990)

A trio of con artists become tangled in a dangerous power struggle when Roy Dillon's mother and girlfriend compete for his affection.

Fido (2007)

Black comedy about a boy and his "domesticated" pet zombie in 1950's suburbia. Carrie-Anne Moss. Directed by Andrew Currie, who co-wrote the script with Robert Chomiak and Dennis Heaton.

Catch Hell (2014)

Two men abduct a washed-up Hollywood star in Louisiana, and proceed to brutalize him in a secluded shack. Faced with certain death, the terrified actor struggles to break free and escape.

Inside Money

Topic: retirement planning. Rick DuPuis is the program host.

Knock Knock, It's Tig Notaro

Documentary that follows deadpan comedian Tig Notaro across the country as she puts on performances in the homes, backyards, barns and basements of her most loyal fans, with each show offering the potential for epiphany or disaster.

Kate & Leopold (2001)

The Duke of Albany (Hugh Jackman) is whisked through a portal in time from 1876 to modern-day Manhattan, where he woos a jaded executive (Meg Ryan). Fanciful but somewhat predictable. The fine supporting cast includes Liev Schreiber, Breckin Meyer and Natasha Lyonne. Directed by James Mangold ("Girl, Interrupted"). Originally developed as a project for Sandra Bullock.

Peaceful Warrior (2006)

A seriously injured college gymnast tries to make a comeback with help from a mystical mentor.

Planes: Fire & Rescue (2014)

Dusty begins a new career fighting forest fires at the famed Piston Peak Air Attack Base. With the guidance of some new friends, including a noble fire-and-rescue helicopter named Blade Ranger, he is soon soaring through the clouds and saving the day.

Hard Rain (1998)

An armored-car guard and a thief vie for a fortune in waterlogged cash when a flood threatens a Midwestern town.

The Fan (1996)

A psychotic San Francisco Giants fan (Robert De Niro) turns his worship of the team's newest slugger (Wesley Snipes) into a murderous obsession when the star hits a career slump. Jewel: Ellen Barkin. Manny: John Leguizamo. Primo: Benicio Del Toro. Tim: Chris Mulkey. Directed by Tony Scott.

Hail Caesar

Eager to win over his wealthy girlfriend's father, an aspiring rocker (Anthony Michael Hall, who also directed) tries to make it in the business world. Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Judd Nelson, Nicholas Pryor, Leslie Danon, Bobbie Phillips, Kane Picoy. Inspired by a Mark Twain story.

Jesus' Son (2000)

A tattered druggie (Billy Crudup) encounters a slew of colorful characters while taking a soul-searching voyage in the early 1970s. Michelle: Samantha Morton. Wayne: Denis Leary. Georgie: Frank Black. Mira: Holly Hunter. Bill: Dennis Hopper. John Smith: Will Patton. Alison Maclean directed.

Weird Science

A pair of high-school geeks who are hapless with members of the opposite sex create what they believe is the ideal woman using a computer, and then a lightning storm brings that woman to life.