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A morning show that features weather updates, storm coverage and meteorological expertise.

FOX & Friends

A morning show that highlights the latest headlines in news, weather, sports and entertainment, and is known for the cohosts' casual and spontaneous discussions.


New Day

Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota report the latest news and top stories.


Morning Express With Robin Meade

The news of the day, including weather and segments on sports, entertainment, money and travel. Also: viewer e-mails, video messages and weather reports.

Morning Joe

Former GOP representative Joe Scarborough interviews newsmakers, politicians and pundits about the issues of the day.


Squawk Box

A morning news-and-talk program, featuring newsmaker interviews.

Mornings With Maria Bartiromo

The major news and themes driving the business day are discussed with a roundtable of rotating industry leaders and economic experts.

BBC World News

International news from the British Broadcasting Corporation.


Washington Journal

A forum for leading journalists and public policy makers to discuss key events and legislation.

Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association Oral Argument

The Supreme Court hears oral argument in "Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association". A group of California teachers argue that their First Amendment free speech rights are violated when they are forced to pay dues to the state teacher's union

Politics and Public Policy Today


ESPN's flagship program provides a thorough presentation of sports news, highlights and analysis. The Emmy-winning show revolutionized the sports-news genre by deftly mixing information with irreverence in a hip, daily scrapbook of homers, touchdowns and slam dunks, the perfect clips-and-controversies fix for sports junkies. Staple features besides game scores and highlights include expert breakdowns, `Top Ten Plays', Web polls and trivia.


Mike & Mike

A simulcast of ESPN Radio's morning-drive show, featuring interviews, commentary on current sports issues and a Did You Know? segment.


WPT Alpha8

S3 | Ep5 Las Vegas Part 5

Part 5 from Las Vegas.

Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection

Are you at risk for identity theft? Get the facts from experts, and hear stories from victims. Discover how LifeLock can help protect you – with proprietary technology, and U.S.-based agents who help set things right if your identity is ever stolen.

Golf Central

The latest links news, highlights, features and interviews with players and industry top guns from around the globe.

BTN Live

Fans interact with network personalities via e-mail and social media.


Daily studio discussion of all the latest Southeastern Conference news and newsmakers.

Pac-12 Football Training Camp

Washington Huskies

Pac-12 Football Training Camp: Washington (2015): Pac-12 Networks previews the 2015 Washington Huskies season with Football Training Camp from Seattle, Wash.

The Express Xtra

Sports news and highlights from around the world, plus in-depth analysis from an in-studio panel.


Offbeat discussion of current sports issues featuring fan polls, web videos and celebrity guests.

Fútbol Picante

Se analiza el fútbol mexicano en un formato interactivo con invitados especiales y comentarios de expertos.

Programación pagada

Se emitirá programación pagada.

The Xtra

Espacio que ofrece análisis y los momentos destacados de los partidos de fin de semana.

Contacto Deportivo

Entrevistas y discusiones sobre los diferentes deportes del momento.

Body Makers

Programa sobre el mundo del fitness.

College Football Live

A daily dose of college football news, features, analysis, game previews and studio discussion, plus on-campus reports.


Gold Fever

Daylight and Gold

It's summertime in Alaska so Tom and Kia are making the most of the 24 hours of daylight.

Pac-12 Football Training Camp

Arizona State Sun Devils

Pac-12 Football Training Camp: Arizona State (2015): Pac-12 Networks takes the show on the road with Football Training Camp, a dynamic season preview of Arizona State for the 2014 season.

Classic College Football

From 1982: Stanford at California in the "Big Game." Cal's five-lateral, 57-yard kickoff return for a TD on the game's final play resulted in a famous 25-20 win in John Elway's last game as a collegian.

Classic College Football

From 1982: USC at UCLA in the first game at the Rose Bowl for this crosstown rivalry. Head coaches John Robinson and Terry Donahue matched up for the seventh and final time.

Classic College Football

From 2009: Louisville at Utah.

Pac-12 Football Training Camp

Oregon Ducks

Pac-12 Football Training Camp: Oregon (2015): Pac-12 Networks previews the 2015 Oregon Ducks season with Football Training Camp from Eugene, Ore.

College Football

Washington State at UCLA.

Willow Plus Cricket Programming


S4 Chuggineers Ready to Build

Tracks, bridges and tunnels are built and repaired.

Blue's Clues

S1 | Ep19 Magenta Comes Over!

Magenta comes over for a play date with Blue. Later, she identifies different footprints and learns about opposites with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper.


Zou and the Magic Carpet

Grandma is throwing out an old rug, which gives Zou an idea. What if it's a magic carpet?

Momento de los Buenos Días

Actividades para niños pequeños.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

S2 | Ep13 Mickey's Art Show

Goofy learns to sculpt, paint and draw so he can compete in an arts-and-crafts show sponsored by Mickey.

Phineas and Ferb

S1 Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!; Tree to Get Ready

Candace and the boys visit their grandparents at a lake house, where the guys try to scare Candace with a fake Bigfoot; the guys engage in a tree-house fight after they remodel their own and one for Candace; Doofenshmirtz goes on a date and attempts to sabotage a ceremony in which his brother is awarded the key to the city.

Disfraces de Dougie

Serie de dibujos animados sobre un chico que tiene aventuras imaginarias por sus álbumes de pegatinas. En su mundo de la fantasía, vence dilemas y hace descubrimientos con su perro pequeñito.

Bananas en pijama

S2 | Ep2 Morgan el oso; Rata el golfista

Una mañana, Moncho sorprende a los Bananas con un rugido. / El Señor Rata está encantado de hallar sus palos de golf mientras limpia la tienda.

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

S2 | Ep6 Monster Hunt; Jimmy for President

Jimmy goes fishing for a gigantic sea monster; and Carl has the deciding vote when there is a tie in the race for class president.

George Lopez

S2 | Ep16 George vs. George

Lou Diamond Phillips plays George Lopez, a man the Lopezes encounter via a credit snag. And there's another link between the two Georges: their father. Brenda: Miriam Flynn. Bartender: Kate Orsini. Ernie: Valente Rodriguez. Benny: Belita Moreno. Angie: Constance Marie.

Joyce Meyer, Enjoy Everyday Life

A daily broadcast provided by Joyce Meyer Ministries.


S4 | Ep4 iLove You

Sam and Freddie explore each other's interests; Spencer dates his former babysitter.

Identity theft: learn about it and how to get LifeLock protection

Are you at risk for identity theft? Get the facts from experts, and hear stories from victims. Discover how LifeLock can help protect you – with proprietary technology, and U.S.-based agents who help set things right if your identity is ever stolen.


S6 | Ep6 Spain

Harvey defends Sutter from Cahill; Mike's past threatens to derail his mission; Rachel and Jessica search for evidence to re-open Bailey's case; and Louis woos Tara with a trip to the Hamptons.


S8 | Ep1 Still Charmed & Kicking

The sisters disguise themselves with new faces to fool their enemies into thinking that they're dead. Meanwhile, a demon plans to kill their father and buy the Halliwell mansion from the estate. Janice Dickinson guest stars. Billie: Kaley Cuoco. Dex: Jason Lewis.

Tai Chi Master!

Discover the Beachbody breakthrough behind Tai Cheng, that teaches you to master the 18 fundamental moves of Tai Chi in just 90 days!

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Paranormal Witness

S4 | Ep10 The Real Conjuring

The parents of five girls claim that malevolent forces terrorized them physically and even put a life-threatening curse on the family, which resulted in a near-fatal incident.

Larry King Special Report Update

Planet Earth: Frozen Planet

S1 | Ep3 Summer

A look at summer when the sun never sets and life speeds up. Included: polar bear cubs getting their first swimming lesson; beluga whales receiving spa treatments; and male musk oxen slamming into each other with the force of a 30 mph car crash.

Paid Programming

Paid Programming.

Married...With Children

S11 | Ep7 The Juggs Have Left the Building

In Branson, Mo., contest winners Peggy and Kelly get to open for Tammy Wynette. But Peg wants them billed as a sister act. Desk Clerk: Brent Hinkley. Emcee: Ritchie Montgomery. Peggy: Katey Sagal.

Paid Programming

Paid Programming.

Babylon A.D. (2008)

Vin Diesel stars in this sci-fi thriller about a mercenary who escorts a mysterious young woman with a deadly secret from post-apocalyptic Eastern Europe to New York City.

On the Case With Paula Zahn

S6 | Ep23 Desperate Cry

A woman's cry for help results in a terrifying discovery.

Body Beast

Get completely ripped and chiseled in just 90 days with superstar trainer and champion bodybuilder, Sagi Kalev. Brought to you by Beachbody!

All Girls Garage

S4 | Ep1 Rare Chevelle

A engine is updated in a '72 Chevelle.

Tai Cheng

Join Joy and Regis Philbin as they explore Tai Cheng, a revolutionary program by Dr. Mark Cheng shown to relieve pain, increase strength and improve range of motion. Your body can feel younger in just 90 days!

¿Dónde está el error?

S1 | Ep5 La canoa de concreto

Kevin y Grant intentan alcanzar los 300 km/h sobre una patineta espacial. Usan una catapulta hecha con chatarra para una competencia de basquetbol: el hombre contra la máquina. Kevin cree que una canoa de concreto de 180 kg puede flotar.

How the Universe Works

S1 | Ep5 Supernovas

A look at supernovas. Included: how stars die.

Big Cat Diary

Family Drama

Amber the cheetah hops on the car to get a better look across Kenya's Masai Mara; and Sofi the leopard cub leaves her mother Shadow to strike out on her own.

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VICE Essentials

S1 | Ep46 Samburu: Land of No Men

Michelle De Swarte travels to a village in Kenya that is soley inhabited by women. Also: a skeptic who works to disprove paranormal sightings.

Myth Hunters

S1 | Ep5 The Quest for the True Cross

A Christian relic called the Titulus Crucis, or Title of the Cross, a piece of wood that may have hung on Jesus' cross when he was crucified, is examined.

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Paid Programming

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Paid Programming

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BBQ Pit Wars

S1 | Ep2 Georgia Harvest Fest & BBQ Championship

The teams travel to Georgia for the Hawkinsville Harvest Fest and BBQ Championship.

TAI Cheng

Join Regis and Dr. Mark Cheng as they explore Tai Cheng, a new program shown to relieve pain, increase strength and improve range of motion. Your body can feel younger in just 90 days!

Tai Chi Master!

Discover the Beachbody breakthrough behind Tai Cheng, that teaches you to master the 18 fundamental moves of Tai Chi in just 90 days!

Paid Programming

Paid Programming.


A woman returns from her tour in Iraq with PTSD and finds herself accused of killing two Americans in a friendly-fire incident by an obsessed soldier seeking revenge for their deaths.

I Love Lucy

S6 | Ep25 Country Club Dance

A suburban siren (Barbara Eden) makes the gals jealous. So they decide to fight fire with fire. Betty Ramsey: Mary Jane Croft. Ralph Ramsey: Frank Nelson. Harry Munson: Tristram Coffin. Grace Munson: Ruth Brady.

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Androzene promotes male sexual health and nourishes the body.

Larry King Special Report

Larry King investigates Omega XL, the ultimate all natural solution for pain and inflammation.

King of Greens

Learn why the "superfood" kale has become so popular as one of the world's healthiest vegetables and how fujiKale is the easiest way to get superfood nutrition into your daily diet.

Toddlers & Tiaras

S2 | Ep15 Southern Majestic Pageants

Young hopefuls compete for the title of grand supreme at a Southern Majestic Pageant in Charlotte.

Suffering From Lower Back Pain?

The Teeter Hang Ups allows you to achieve a relaxing stretch that decompresses your back and joints in just minutes a day!

Before They Were Housewives

S1 | Ep1 Luann

Countess Luann de Lesseps traces her life prior to becoming a cast member on "The Real Housewives of New York City." Luann visits her childhood home, looks back at her move to New York as a model, and reflects on her marriage and divorce.

Super Soul Sunday

S9 | Ep12 Christiane Northrup

Dr. Christiane Northrup on trusting one's inner wisdom, following the heart's desire and flourishing in life at every age.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004)

In 1958 Cuba, an American teen (Romola Garai) has the time of her life when she meets a hot Cuban dancer (Diego Luna). Sizzling dance scenes spice up a routine plot in this follow-up to 1987's “Dirty Dancing.” Patrick Swayze, star of the original film, has a cameo. Filmed in Puerto Rico. Guy Ferland directed.

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The Dead Pool (1988)

Dirty Harry pursues a killer who's murdering celebrities in a dead pool---and Harry's on the list.

Music Feed

Music, news and celebrities are discussed.

My Wife and Kids

S2 | Ep23 Jr. Kyle, Boy Genius

Jr. takes an IQ test, whose results are a surprise. Meanwhile, Michael isn't smart enough to assemble Kady's new jungle gym, and Kady announces what she wants to be when she grows up: a hall monitor. So she practices at school (and learns she likes bossing people around).

The Breakfast Club

A daily radio program featuring entertainment news and spotlighting hip-hop and R&B music.

BET Inspiration

Religious news, and profiles of black ministers.

Centric Hits

A block of R&B and hip-hop music videos.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

S6 | Ep9 Smashed

Spike (James Marsters) gets a headache that renews his primal impulses when Buffy rejects his amorous advances; Willow reverts a former classmate to her old self; Jonathan, Warren and Andrew pull a heist with the help of a new weapon. Amy: Elizabeth Anne Allen. Jonathan: Danny Strong. Warren: Adam Busch. Andrew: Tom Lenk. Willow: Alyson Hannigan. Tara: Amber Benson. Buffy: Sarah Michelle Gellar.


HD music videos are featured.

Universo: Now

Un espacio dedicado a los éxitos musicales del momento.

A Simple Wish (1997)

The first fairy godfather (Martin Short) tries to test his wings when a little girl wishes for her struggling-actor father to get his dream part. Mara Wilson. Oliver: Robert Pastorelli. Boots: Amanda Plummer. Charlie: Francis Capra.

Traveling Husbands

A salesman (Frank Albertson) falls in love with the daughter (Constance Cummings) of a prospective customer. Hymie: Hugh Herbert. Vera: Rita La Roy. Ruby: Evelyn Brent. Ben: Carl Miller. Pinkie: Frank McHugh. Paul Sloane directed.

Doctor Dolittle (1998)

A successful physician discovers his long-suppressed ability to talk to animals. As word of his healing prowess spreads, a steady stream of ailing beasts start flocking to his door.

The Double O Kid

A teen transports a package coveted by computer-virus creators.

The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family

Continuing tale of survival in the Rockies. Robert F. Logan. Pat: Susan Damante Shaw. Jenny: Heather Rattray. Toby: Ham Larsen. Boomer: George "Buck" Flower. Also known as "The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family, Part 2" and "Wilderness Family Part 2." Directed by Frank Zuniga.


Thriller about a girl who can set fires with her mind being hunted by a maniacal researcher and a clandestine government agency.

The Organization

A detective (Sidney Poitier) investigates the heist of a shipment of heroin valued at $4 million. Filmed in San Francisco. Barbara McNair, Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Sheree North, Raul Julia, Ron O'Neal, Allen Garfield, Bernie Hamilton, Demond Wilson. Don Medford directed.

Doctor Dolittle (1998)

A successful physician discovers his long-suppressed ability to talk to animals. As word of his healing prowess spreads, a steady stream of ailing beasts start flocking to his door.

It's Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise

A profile of illustrator Hilary Knight, who collaborated on the "Eloise" children's books with author Kay Thompson, features home movies and interviews with fans of his animation, including executive producer Lena Dunham, Mindy Kaling and Fran Lebowitz.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 (2012)

An aged Batman emerges from retirement to fight Harvey Dent and a powerful mutant army attempting to take over Gotham City in this animated adaptation of the seminal graphic novel 'The Dark Knight Returns'.

Judgment Day

When a religious cult abducts the only scientist who can save Earth from outer-space debris headed its way, an FBI agent (Suzy Amis) and a convicted murderer (Ice-T) team up to rescue him. Mario Van Peebles.

Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in Pyongyang

Chronicling Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea for a basketball tournament, and his interactions with Kim Jong-un.

Willow Creek (2014)

A young couple search for Bigfoot in California's Six Rivers National Forest, where a series of disturbing events leave them deeply shaken. Uncertain if they've stumbled onto Sasquatch or simply roused hostile locals, they decide to flee.

Sneakers (1992)

The Government blackmails the leader of a high-tech security group into finding a decoder, and will drop criminal charges against him if he is successful.

Bloodsport (1988)

A portrait of Frank Dux, the first Westerner to win the Kumite, a deadly martial-arts contest. Based on actual events.

One Direction 'Where We Are' Live From San Siro Stadium

Boy band One Direction perform at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy.

The Hunters

Two siblings search for their missing parents after they discover they're descendants of a group of protectors who safeguard special objects, such as a fairy-tale mirror their parents were looking for when they vanished.

Inside Comedy

S1 | Ep2 Chris Rock

Chris Rock is the guest.

Into the Grizzly Maze (2015)

Two brothers trek into the Alaskan wilderness to pay their respects to their late father, but things go awry when grizzly bears begin mysteriously fleeing their nearby habitat. Joined by a tracker, the siblings realize their safety is in jeopardy and they are being hunted by a large bear.

Side Effects (2013)

A New York woman commits a horrific act while taking an antianxiety drug, which leads to a criminal investigation of her therapist that digs up possible evidence of past indiscretions.

Everyday Black Man

A small-town grocer (Henry Brown) who's overcome a violent past steps up to protect his daughter (Tessa Thompson) and the community from a charismatic young Muslim leader (Omari Hardwick), whom he suspects of being more than what he appears. Produced, directed and written by Carmen Madden.

The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue

When the son of a rodent hero wants to follow in his father's shoe steps he gets involved in liberating fellow creatures from an inhumane mental-health institute.

McFarland, USA (2015)

A California track coach shapes an Hispanic team into state champions in the 1980s. Inspired by actual events.

Cookie's Fortune

Robert Altman's witty character study about how the suicide of a wealthy old Southern woman (Patricia Neal) forces her pretentious niece (Glenn Close) to cover up the incident. Emma: Liv Tyler. Brown: Chris O'Donnell. Willis: Charles S. Dutton. Boyle: Ned Beatty. Otis: Courtney B. Vance. Palmer: Donald Moffat. Manny: Lyle Lovett.