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Weather Center

An in-depth examination of the day's top weather stories.

Happening Now

The day's headlines; news analysis.

At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan

Top news stories of the day are discussed.

The Daily Share

Social media news and lifestyle content are featured.


Coverage of national and international news, including breaking stories.


Squawk Alley

A news program focusing on the intersection of Wall Street and technology, with stories of innovation and disruption along with capital markets and the global economy.

Cavuto: Coast to Coast

Breaking news, market updates and insights from business leaders.

Global With Matthew Amroliwala

A global news report from London.

Key Capitol Hill Hearings

Key Capitol Hill Hearings.

Key Capitol Hill Hearings

Key Capitol Hill Hearings.


Bernie Sanders Campaigns in Ventura, California

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks to supporters at a campaign rally at Ventura College ahead of California's June 7 primary



ESPN's flagship program provides a thorough presentation of sports news, highlights and analysis. The Emmy-winning show revolutionized the sports-news genre by deftly mixing information with irreverence in a hip, daily scrapbook of homers, touchdowns and slam dunks, the perfect clips-and-controversies fix for sports junkies. Staple features besides game scores and highlights include expert breakdowns, 'Top Ten Plays', Web polls and trivia.

His & Hers

Sports discussions focusing on statistics, with input from athletes and others. Trivia, over-unders and key numbers tied to the day's top issues are featured.


TMZ Sports

The off-field lives and personalities of athletes are the focus.


Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series

2016 CBFC Cabela's Collegiate Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley, Kentucky Lake, Paris, TN- Day 1

Day 1 from Kentucky Lake.


Champions Tour Golf

First-round play in the Senior PGA Championship in Benton Harbor, Mich.

Big Ten Treasure Hunter

S1 | Ep7

Memorabilia from Iowa, Ohio State and Michigan State.


College Baseball

An SEC Tournament elimination game in Hoover, Ala.

College Football

Arizona at Southern California.

Toulon Tournament Soccer

Under-21: Mali vs. Bulgaria.


His & Hers

Sports discussions focusing on statistics, with input from athletes and others. Trivia, over-unders and key numbers tied to the day's top issues are featured.



Integración de las redes sociales con el mundo deportivo.


Central Fox

Noticias del deporte a nivel mundial.

Fútbol internacional

Sub-21 Esperanzas de Toulon: Mali vs. Bulgaria (Diferido)

Súper Estadio

Una repaso de la actividad futbolística en México.


AYM Fitness

College Lacrosse

Navy at Brown in an NCAA quarterfinal.


Drop Zone

Pre-Rut At Fox Creek

The Midwest Tour continues for Hal Shaffer as he winds up his hunt in Wisconsin and drives down to Fox Creek Outfitters in Illinois. The rut is about to be in full swing and Hal knows this spot has lots of big bucks.

Women's Softball

UCLA at Arizona.

Pac-12 All-Century: Football Team

A dream team of the 50 greatest football players in the conference's history. Also: selections for starters at each position and a head coach.

College Baseball

Arizona State at UCLA.

College Football

Michigan at Utah.

Women's Softball

UCLA at Oregon.

College Baseball

Washington State at Washington.

ICC World Twenty20 Cricket Highlights

India vs. Pakistan.

Kate and Mim-Mim

Lights, Camera, Mim-Mim!; The Sky Is Falling

The gang makes a movie; Kate sees a shooting star.

The Wonder Pets!

S2 Save the Goslings!; Ollie to the Rescue!

Geese in Canada learn to fly when the Wonder Pets convert their magic boat into a goose. Then, Ollie the Bunny sets up his own animal rescue operation to compete with the team.

Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave

S1 | Ep17 A Building Adventure

The pals build a playhouse for rabbits.

Sheriff Callie's Wild West

S2 A Fistful of Flowers; Peck's Deputy Drill

Priscilla makes flower bouquets to make everyone feel better; Peck stages a mock bank robbery to practice his deputy skills.

Pickle and Peanut

S1 Pigfoot; Tae Kwon Bro

Pickle and Peanut stumble upon a mythical monster named Pigfoot; Peanut reluctantly takes martial arts classes with Pickle.

Bubble Guppies

S4 | Ep7 Space Guppies!

Major Bummer wants to rid the galaxy of music, so Molly attempts to bring back peace and harmony by teaming up with sci-fi versions of her pals.

Last Man Standing

S2 | Ep10 The Help

The Baxters' hiring of a new housekeeper brings with it questions of immigration, which ultimately lead Ed to check the green-card status of employees at Outdoor Man. Meanwhile, Kristin comes up with a clever moneymaking plan.

60 Days In

S1 | Ep9 Alone for the Holidays

Thanksgiving approaches and Zac calls upon his Marine training to keep focus; Isaiah continues to bond with Treshawn; Tami tries to root out contraband in F-Pod; and Robert falls ill and debates checking out of the program to go to the hospital.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

S7 | Ep17 Class

The detectives investigate the murder of a Hudson University student (Tess Soltau), whose body was found in a seedy alley. A search of the victim's dorm room turns up a suspiciously large amount of cash, especially considering she was dependent on financial aid. Adam Halder: Will Estes. Gloria Culhane: Trieste Dunn. Roddy Franklin: Mathew St. Patrick. Walter Camp: Joey Slotnick.


S6 | Ep3 The Third Man

Sam and Dean investigate when several police officers seem to have been killed by the biblical plagues of Egypt. Castiel joins in the probe and reveals there is chaos in heaven and that some of its weapons were stolen.

Two and a Half Men

S7 | Ep8 Gorp. Fnark. Schmegle

Chelsea's gorgeous college roommate (Tricia Helfer) comes to live at the house temporarily after a bad breakup, testing Charlie's restraint.

Parks and Recreation

S4 | Ep22 Win, Lose, or Draw

Election Day arrives in Pawnee, and the race between Leslie and Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd) is neck-and-neck in the Season 4 finale. While waiting for the results, everyone reflects on what the future might bring.

Destination Truth

S5 | Ep6 Vampire Monsters; Island of the Damned

A vampire is sought in Transylvania. Also: A paranormal probe is conducted on a Swedish island.

The Rundown (2003)

A self-described mob "retrieval expert," or bounty hunter/debt collector, is eager to retire, but he has to complete just one more job: Find his boss' son, who is in the Amazon seeking a priceless artifact.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

S6 | Ep26 Descent, Part I

While investigating an outpost massacre, the Enterprise encounters the Borg, whose individual identities and viciousness trigger a change in Data (Brent Spiner). Part 1 of two. Stephen Hawking has a cameo. Isaac Newton: John Neville. Crosis: Brian Cousins.

We Were Soldiers (2002)

Lt. Col. Hal Moore leads the 7th Cavalry into the first major battle of the Vietnam War in 1965. Contained to an area the size of a football field and surrounded by 2,000 enemy troops, Moore and his men fight for survival in one of the bloodiest engagements of the war.

The Cleveland Show

S4 | Ep2 Menace II Secret Society

Cleveland has it out with superstar rapper Kenny West (guest voice Kanye West) over him hogging the credit for the megahit "Be-Cleve in Yourself," which they cowrote. Later, Cleveland discovers Kenny is involved in a secret hip-hop society with, ?uestLove, Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj (also providing their own voices). Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. is rejected by his school's marching band, so he forms a polka ensemble.

Saturday Night Live

S26 | Ep20 Christopher Walken; Weezer

Christopher Walken hosts, with music guest Weezer. Cast members include Rachel Dratch, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Ana Gasteyer, Darrell Hammond, Chris Kattan and Jerry Minor.

Parker (2013)

A righteous thief seeks revenge against the former partners who left him for dead, and gets some unexpected help from a sultry real-estate agent.

Deadly Sins

S4 | Ep1 Dancing on Her Grave

Two Vegas dancers land in hot water.

truTV Top Funniest

S1 | Ep16 TV Blunders 3

From outrageous outtakes to broadcast bloopers, these are the most hilarious blunders ever to hit the airwaves! See a reality show reveal go haywire on live TV! Watch game show contestants flub their way to cash and prizes.

Junkyard Empire

S1 | Ep6 Hot Wheelin? and Dealin?

Andy plans his annual Halloween party in the midst of the busy season.

Fast N' Loud

S2 | Ep1 Mashed Up Mustang

Richard trades a '58 Impala for a '67 Mustang in the second-season opener.

How It's Made

S1 | Ep15 Honey, Fiber Optics, Bricks, Pipe Organs

Honey; fiber optics; bricks; pipe organs.

River Monsters: Unhooked

S2 | Ep3 Hidden Predator

Jeremy seeks big bull sharks in South Africa. Included: behind-the-scenes footage.

Hell on the Highway

S1 | Ep2 A Cold Day in Hell

The first snowstorm of the season causes problems along the Donner Pass. Included: an accident leaves a rig sprawled across the highway; a tow-truck driver is almost severely injured while trying to clear a jackknifed truck; another towing employee tries to steal a truck while his own vehicle is being repaired.

Lion Ganglands

A study of male lions as they seek their own group to lead.

Pawn Stars

S4 | Ep35 Kings and McQueens

A 19th-century shotgun disguised as a cane; a 1940 motorcycle owned by Steve McQueen; and a book printed by Benjamin Franklin.

King of the Road

S1 | Ep3 Shirtless in Seattle

The teams get their first city challenges, leading to a handrail showdown. Mike Davis handles the makeouts, which goes great until he accidentally locks lips with a certain woman.

Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary

A profile of the teen diarist and Holocaust victim Anne Frank (1929-45) includes remarks by Eva Schloss, Frank's stepsister; Ronald Leopold, executive director of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam; and Gillian Walnes, cofounder of the Anne Frank Trust.

Cupcake Wars

S8 | Ep4 Tiffani Thiessen's Birthday Bash

Tiffani Thiessen acts as guest judge when four returning bakers compete to have their cupcakes served at her birthday party.

Brunch @ Bobby's

S2 | Ep9 Chocolate Lovers Delight

A brunch for chocolate lovers includes poached eggs and rice in a mole sauce; chocolate crepes with a filling made from cherries chocolate, ricotta and almonds; and hot white chocolate.

Uncommon Grounds

S1 | Ep8 A Man, A Plan...Panama

In Panama, Todd meets boxing legend Roberto Duran and finds coffee worth $600 per pound.

House Hunters International Renovation

S2 | Ep5 Much Coronado About Nothing

A couple leave Canada for a beach lifestyle in Coronado, Panama, where, under a tight budget and deadline, they work to make their dream of operating a bed-and-breakfast with a swimming pool a reality.

Rehab Addict

S6 | Ep4 Rebuild Below

Nicole rebuilds a basement using salvaged goods.

How I Met Your Mother

S8 | Ep2 The Pre-Nup

Barney's extensive and comprehensive prenup leads the guys to put forth their own relationship principles, which their significant others do not find agreeable. Meanwhile, an incensed Quinn responds with her own prenup.

Her Sister's Keeper

A woman determines that her sister's mysterious disappearance is connected to missing drug money.

Home & Family

S4 | Ep178

Jane Lynch and Kate Flannery discuss "See Jane Sing"; Joe Cross visits; a contest finalist appears; Fabio Viviani prepares vanilla fritters with prosecco cream. Also: travel items for moms; a homemade gift for a baby shower; clothing for tall women.


S6 | Ep4 The Tyrant

An ailing African dictator (James Earl Jones) charged with crimes against humanity arrives at the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, Wilson wants to end a feud with a neighbor, but a prying House gets in the way.

The Andy Griffith Show

S5 | Ep20 Goober and the Art of Love

Andy and Barney tire of Goober tagging along on their dates with the girls, so they fix him up with a date (Josie Lloyd) of his own and Barney gives him tips on romance by eavesdropping on Andy and Helen. Helen: Aneta Corsaut. Thelma Lou: Betty Lynn. Goober: George Lindsey.


Teams try to identify five-letter words and score five numbers in a row in a game similar to bingo.

Extreme Weight Loss

Nyla Gibson, Part II

Conclusion. A 27-year-old 435-lb. woman attempts to lose weight in order to regain control of her life.

Thicker Than Water: The Tankards

S3 | Ep8 The Ties That Bind

Marcus throws a fashion show for his bow-tie line with Brooklyn's help. Meanwhile, Cyrene reveals a startling secret, and a Tankard tug-of-war ensues when it's discovered that Benji and Shanira's baby is due the same day as Brooklyn's listening party.

Dr. Phil

S8 | Ep188 Can You Get Over Your Past?

Guests try to work through their pasts.

America's Next Top Model

S14 | Ep5 Smile and Pose

The models pose with comedian Ross Mathews in a sexy photo contest to win diamond earrings. Later, the ladies dress in fake designer clothes and accessories for the main photo shoot. At panel, one person is eliminated.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

S7 | Ep6 The Dominican Republic

Part 1 of 2. The family's Dominican Republic vacation gets off to a rocky start when Kourtney causes herself, Kim and Scott to miss their flight.

Arbitrage (2012)

A Wall Street hedge-fund tycoon does his best to maintain a picture-perfect facade as his empire crumbles and he attempts to hide evidence of his financial wrongdoings.

Are We Done Yet? (2007)

A family exchanges a cramped New York City apartment for a rural fixer-upper.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

S6 | Ep7 Not with My Cousin, You Don't

Will and Carlton "roam the intercom" system at home and overhear Ashley's private conversation---about sex. Jaleel White guests. Ashley: Tatyana M. Ali. Will: Will Smith. Carlton: Alfonso Ribeiro. Keesha: Yunoka Doyle. Janet: Nicole Bilderback.

The Game

S9 | Ep6 Get Up, Stand Up

The walkout crisis comes to a head; Kelly and Jason hold a meeting to rally supporters; and Keira and Malik encounter their past while out on a date.

Life Is Good Festival 2013

The 2013 Life Is Good Festival in Canton, Mass., is highlighted. Artists include Hall and Oates, Jack Johnson, Dawes, Trampled by Turtles, Amos Lee, Delta Rae and Good Old War.

Fugitivos de la Ley: Los Angeles

S3 | Ep4 Arms Dealer and Street Pursuit

El equipo de recuperación de fugitivos se pone a prueba cuando un vendedor de armas callejero pone a uno de los suyos en peligro.

Muppets From Space (1999)

Gonzo embarks on a quest with Rizzo to find his family—and discovers that his long-lost relatives are actually aliens from a distant planet.

The Man from Monterey

A U.S. Army captain in old California protects ranchers with Spanish land grants from a swindler who's seeking to gobble up the prime acreage.

Sgt. Bilko (1996)

A conniving army sergeant pulls numerous cons while feuding with one of his former victims who attempts to get him kicked out of the service.

F/X 2: The Deadly Art of Illusion (1991)

A corrupt police department is suspect when a special-effects wizard and a cop-turned-PI team up to catch a serial killer.

Winged Migration (2001)

Oscar-nominated documentary that tracks the seasonal flight patterns of dozens of different birds from all seven continents. A soaring achievement. Filmmaker Jacques Perrin's nature travelogue was shot over three years, and uses state-of-the-art video technology to record stunning sequences of avian adventure. Many of the birds were exposed to the sounds of man and machine (planes, movie cameras) while still in the shell, so they would be comfortable with the crew as they filmed.

Stealth (2005)

Navy pilots try to stop an experimental fighter plane rigged with advanced artificial intelligence from starting World War III.

Invincible (2006)

Fanciful, fact-laced football saga of Vince Papale (Mark Wahlberg), a 30-year-old sandlot player who earned a spot on the 1976 Philadelphia Eagles and became a special-teams star and fan favorite. Greg Kinnear is excellent as coach Dick Vermeil. Directed by Ericson Core.

Sgt. Bilko (1996)

A conniving army sergeant pulls numerous cons while feuding with one of his former victims who attempts to get him kicked out of the service.

2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

The 31st annual gala honors Cheap Trick, Chicago, Deep Purple, Steve Miller, N.W.A. and songwriter-producer Bert Berns. Taped April 8, 2016, in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center.

The Maze Runner (2014)

A group of amnesiac teens awaken in a deadly maze, and search desperately for an escape route while gathering clues that could reveal the reason for their imprisonment. Meanwhile, dreams of a shadowy organization hint at a sinister agenda.

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

A successful hit man reevaluates his profession while attending his high-school reunion.

Pete Correale: Let Me Tell Ya

Comedian Pete Correale delivers a stand-up routine.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

Remake of Tobe Hooper's 1974 horror classic about teens who encounter a family of psychopaths in a remote part of the Lone Star State. John Larroquette reprises his narrator role from the original. Feature debut for music-video director Marcus Nispel.

Angels of Darkness (1954)

A story of girls of the street, and how a series of events changes their lives.

April Rain

Terrorists plan an internal attack on the United States, and a special investigative unit is tasked with tracking them down before they can strike.

5 to 7 (2014)

A writer falls for a French diplomat's wife, whose unorthodox rules limit their affair to between the hours of 5 and 7pm. Unhappy with her time constraints, he must decide if the relationship is worth continuing.

The One I Wrote for You

A singer/songwriter enters into a reality TV songwriting contest. But after losing two rounds, he takes on a win-at-all-costs attitude.

Life of a King (2014)

A repentant ex-convict establishes a chess club at a Washington, D.C., high school as a means of encouraging at-risk youths to avoid a life of crime. Based on a true story.

Fever Pitch (2005)

A school teacher's obsession with the Boston Red Sox threatens his blossoming relationship with his workaholic girlfriend.

The Girlfriend Experience

S1 | Ep8 Provocation

A vengeful Christine goes on the attack at the firm.

Every Secret Thing (2015)

A detective desperately searches for a missing child, with the prime suspects being two teenage girls recently released from prison for committing a similar and unspeakable crime.

Big Hero 6 (2014)

A young tech whiz named Hiro must save his city from a nefarious villain with the help of his inflatable robot Baymax, as well as his friends Go Go Tomago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred.

Red Army (2014)

A look at the Soviet Union's national hockey team and their decades of success in the sport. The filmmakers also profile superstar player Slava Fetisov, who turned to politics after his hockey career.

My Bodyguard

Director Tony Bill won critical accolades for this film about friendship at a Chicago high school.