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S4 | Ep7 Blue Moon Mining

The prospectors work through the night under the light of a blue moon; the Busse family discovers their best aqua yet; the Cardwells open up an old pocket found by Craig's grandfather; and Rich is back at the Agnus Dei toiling for topaz.

Fox Report Sunday

An evening newscast reviewing and analyzing top stories of the day.

The Hunt With John Walsh

S1 | Ep6 Trafficking in Death

Chronicling the search for Guillermo Madrigal Ballesteros, who is suspected of involvement in a human-smuggling operation that resulted in 11 deaths.

Forensic Files

S13 | Ep8 Yes, In Deed

A mobile-home fire leads to an investigation of a man's murder.

Locked Up Abroad

We're the Kings

A nightclub promoter agrees to smuggle cocaine from Brazil to Hungary for some extra income, but he doesn't make it out of South America.


Weekend News

Coverage of breaking news and top stories.

Undercover Boss

S3 | Ep2 The Dwyer Group

Dwyer Group CEO Dina Dwyer-Owens works undercover at her service-industry company.

Lou Dobbs Tonight

The veteran newsman breaks down the day's top stories and how they impact American taxpayers. Also: emerging financial trends and top market moves are highlighted in a "Moneyline" segment.


Breaking news and reports on top stories.



Jesse Holland

Associated Press reporter Jesse Holland discusses his book, "The Invisibles: The Untold Story of African American Slaves in the White House"

Book Discussion on City of Thorns

Ben Rawlence, former researcher for Human Rights Watch, talks about life in Dadaab Refugee Camp in northern Kenya. The camp, the largest in the world, houses 350,000 refugees from Somalia

Presidential Elections in the Twentieth Century

University of Washington history professor Margaret O'Mara talks about her book, "Pivotal Tuesdays: Four Elections That Shaped the Twentieth Century"

30 for 30

S1 | Ep13 The 16th Man

Morgan Freeman and director Cliff Bestall tell the story of host South Africa's emotional run to the 1995 Rugby World Cup title shortly after the end of apartheid. Nelson Mandela's symbolic embrace of the Springboks' captain is highlighted for its significance as a turning point in unifying the country.

SEC Storied

S5 | Ep3 Coach Bernie

Chronicling former Kentucky assistant Bernadette Locke, who Rick Pitino made the second female coach in Division I men's basketball in 1990. The former star guard at Georgia earned the respect of fellow coaches like Billy Donovan and Tubby Smith, bringing knowledge, spirit and academic discipline to the undermanned Wildcats.



AMA Supercross in Glendale, Ariz.


Action from the U.S. Curling Grand Prix in Eveleth, Minn.





Champions Tour Golf

Allianz Championship final-round play in Boca Raton, Fla.

BTN Wrestling in 60

Highlights of conference wrestling matches.


Florida at Georgia.


Utah at UCLA.

Six Nations Rugby

Ireland vs. Wales.


ESPN's flagship program provides a thorough presentation of sports news, highlights and analysis. The Emmy-winning show revolutionized the sports-news genre by deftly mixing information with irreverence in a hip, daily scrapbook of homers, touchdowns and slam dunks, the perfect clips-and-controversies fix for sports junkies. Staple features besides game scores and highlights include expert breakdowns, 'Top Ten Plays', Web polls and trivia.


NFL Super Bowl - Post Show

Programa posterior al partido de la Super Bowl.

Boxeo Clásico

Del 2014: Saúl Ávarez vs. Erislandy Lara en un combate del peso mediano junior desde el MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fútbol Español

Levante vs. Barcelona. (Diferido)

Somos LMX

Programa que destaca lo mejor de la liga.

Baloncesto Mexicano

LNBP: Soles vs. Correcaminos UAT-Victoria. (Diferido)

Women's Soccer

Penn State vs. Duke in the NCAA College Cup final in Cary, N.C.


The Journey

Isaac Holaway Whitetail

Part 1. A trophy whitetail hunt in South Texas.


UCLA at Arizona.

College Rugby

British Columbia at California.


Utah at UCLA.


Utah at UCLA.


Oregon State at Utah.

College Basketball

Arizona State at Washington.

One Day International Cricket Highlights

South Africa vs. England.

The Lion Guard

S1 | Ep3 Bunga the Wise

Floodwaters threaten the Pride Lands, but Bunga comes up with a quick fix.

Nina's World

The adventures of a young Latina girl who lives in a multicultural neighborhood.

Girl Meets World

S2 | Ep27 Girl Meets Money

Farkle worries about his family when his dad makes a bad investment.

Gravity Falls

S1 | Ep11 Little Dipper

Dipper tries to magically increase his height.

ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks

Theozilla; Doggone It

Theodore becomes a giant thanks to his brothers and their science experiment; cell phones go missing at school and Alvin is blamed, so he tries to uncover the true thief.

Bring It On: All or Nothing

A popular cheerleader clashes with her cheer captain when she has to make a name for herself at a new school. Hayden Panettiere, Solange Knowles-Smith, Rihanna, Jennifer Blushi. Directed by Steve Rash.


S8 | Ep3 Jackie and Richard

A woman stuffs her house with $1 million worth of teddy bears, risking her home in the process, and a man gives in to his family's pleas for an emergency cleanup of his home.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

S16 | Ep16 December Solstice

A woman is accused of abusing her elderly husband, who's a famous author, and his health and his fortune become the focal points of a battle between his wife and his daughters from previous marriages. Meanwhile, Barba defies his grandmother's wishes.


S10 | Ep17 Inside Man

Sam and Castiel check out a lead about the Mark of Cain; Dean and Rowena meet.

Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Ex-supervillain Gru is adjusting to his new life as a suburban family man when he must come to the rescue and help to catch a fiendish criminal with the help of his new partner Lucy.

Kick Ass 2

Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark

The government unleashes a mechanical shark to combat a flesh and blood shark of epic proportions.


S19 | Ep15 Coast to Coast

A Wichita officer notices a concealed weapon during a traffic stop; a Riverside, Cal., sheriff handles a domestic-assault situation.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

S6 | Ep26 Descent, Part I

While investigating an outpost massacre, the Enterprise encounters the Borg, whose individual identities and viciousness trigger a change in Data (Brent Spiner). Part 1 of two. Stephen Hawking has a cameo. Isaac Newton: John Neville. Crosis: Brian Cousins.

The Walking Dead

S2 | Ep4 Cherokee Rose

Shane's deadly sacrifice leads to strange behavior, while the rest of the group contemplate the fine line between living and dying.

New Girl

S2 | Ep16 Table 34

Cece hopes to find a prospective husband at a dating convention for East Indians. Meanwhile, Jess and Nick find themselves in a compromising position in front of Sam; and Winston gets his groove back.

Pineapple Express (2008)

Stoner comedy about a pothead who witnesses a drug-related hit and goes on the lam with his dealer.

Saw III (2006)

In this sequel, the police continue their hunt for the torture master Jigsaw, who is now terminally ill but has a crazed female apprentice to continue his sadistic games.

Dateline on ID

S9 | Ep4 Shining Star

The murder of a female criminal defense attorney in Louisiana is investigated.

Impractical Jokers

S3 | Ep4 Nationals Disaster

The pranksters go shopping in a supermarket. Later, they regift bizarre items and attempt a needle-in-a-haystack challenge.

Wheels That Fail

S1 | Ep15 Under Construction

Construction disasters; sneaky drivers; oblivious pedestrians.

Alaska: The Last Frontier

S5 | Ep14 Recovery Road

Eivin and Jane fish for halibut on the sea; Eve and Otto struggle with the fall harvest; and Atz Lee recovers from his accident.


S2 | Ep5 First Timers

Profiling male inmates between the ages of 18 and 25, typically a prison's most difficult age group, in Iowa's Fort Dodge Correctional Facility.

Fish Bowl XXL

A Super Bowl alternative program featuring footage of a goldfish.

Counting Cars

S4 | Ep2 Count's Car Show

A 1973 boat-tail Buick Riviera is restored.

Guy's Grocery Games

S8 | Ep5 Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Tournament: Finale

Conclusion. Diner breakfast; drive-in burger; an elevated dive bar dish.

Carnival Eats

S1 | Ep1 89er Days; Pungo Strawberry Festival

Sampling the Giant Texas Tenderloin Sandwich in Oklahoma, as well as Strawberry Pizza in Virginia.

Mysteries at the Castle

S1 | Ep5 The Black Dinner; Voynich Manuscript; Seward Attack

The Black Dinner of 1440 is recalled while touring a giant fortress in Scotland; and the mystery of the Voynich manuscript is explored while visiting an Italian villa. Also: an Upstate New York mansion that once belonged to a close adviser to Abraham Lincoln.

Property Brothers

S8 | Ep8 Independent and Ambitious

A hardworking attorney is ready to move out of her cramped rental apartment and into a swanky home where she can entertain in style. But her budget won't allow for a turnkey property in her ideal neighborhood.

Barnwood Builders

S2 | Ep13 Blue Ridge Mountain Home

The guys build a huge log home in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Wrong Car

A woman who was raped by a NetCar driver takes a job with the company to exact her revenge on her attacker after she becomes frustrated with the slow pace of the criminal justice system.

Love on the Sidelines

A woman takes a job as a personal assistant to an injured football player, even though she knows nothing about the sport. As she tries to learn her new job and he attempts to protect his public image, a mutual attraction begins to develop.

CSI: Miami

S10 | Ep13 Terminal Velocity

A skydiver is murdered and the investigation reveals the victim has more than 100 children and all of them are suspects.

My 600-lb Life

S3 | Ep13 Chay's Story

A 23-year-old man who developed an eating disorder due to a troubled childhood weighs nearly 600 pounds, but must find the strength to take control of his life after losing his emotional support.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

S8 | Ep10 Trouble on the Family Tree

Kandi begins to slow down and prepares for her bundle of joy with help from Mama Joyce, who also pays a surprise visit to Phaedra. Meanwhile, Cynthia goes on a romantic getaway; Phaedra and Todd try to settle financial differences; Kenya goes to Detroit to reunite with family.

Undercover Boss

S3 | Ep13 MasTec

MasTec CEO Jose Mas works undercover at his infrastructure-construction company.


S16 | Ep8 Brenda Bratschi

The discovery of a dead body under a trailer is investigated.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

S11 | Ep10 Miscommunication

Kris signs herself and the girls up for communication therapy in hopes of putting an end to their continuous bickering, but her plan backfires when she misses one of the sessions. Meanwhile, Kylie feels her family's bossy ways are getting in the way of her new home celebration; and Khloé struggles to finish her book in the face of so many work commitments.

Law & Order

S11 | Ep3 Dissonance

After a violinist's murder, a case evolves in which Lewin and the presiding judge (Ron McLarty) exchange threats. Arthur Gold: George Grizzard. Reger: Ronald Guttman. Mrs. Reger: Jan Maxwell. Stern: Ritchie Coster. Brannigan: Terry Serpico. Lewin: Dianne Wiest. Carmichael: Angie Harmon. McCoy: Sam Waterston.


S7 | Ep6 Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly helps with "Wild Boys," "Fun Police" and "Sky Coffins."

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

S4 | Ep9 I Deserve

Mimi comes clean to Ariane; Joseline and Stevie perform at the opening of Tony and Kalenna's club; Margeaux drops a bombshell on Nikko; Khadiyah has news for Yung Joc; and Momma Dee gets the surprise of her life.

Tyler Perry's House of Payne

S1 | Ep20 And Justice for All

Curtis wheels, deals and spiels in order to get out of jury duty. Elsewhere, Malik designs his Internet profile and plunges into the computer-dating pool.

Best of Austin City Limits


Alt-rockers Radiohead take to the "Austin City Limits" stage. Songs include "Paranoid Android," "Idioteque" and selections from the album "The King of Limbs."

The Walking Dead

S1 | Ep1 Days Gone Bye

Esta serie sigue las vidas de los supervivientes de un mundo invadido por los zombies. En este primer episodio, un policía despierta de un coma y descubre que en lugar de personas, sólo hay zombies que deambulan por todas partes. Encuentra a otro ser humano que le cuenta que hay un centro de refugiados en Atlanta, al que se dirige con la esperanza de encontrar a su esposa y a su hijo.

Cool World (1992)

An artist is transported to an animated fantasy land called Cool World, where he is seduced by a cartoon beauty seeking to escape to reality. But succumbing to her charms means running afoul of the Cool World police, who forbid shenanigans between humans and "doodles."

The Harvey Girls

A group of refined waitresses for a chain of railroad-station restaurants in New Mexico are sent out to tame the wild and woolly West in the 19th century, but encounter some resistance in the form of a saloon owner, a corrupt judge and a local madam. Featuring the Oscar-winning song "On the Atcheson, Topeka and the Santa Fe."

Terms of Endearment

Oscar-winning examination of a mother-daughter relationship spanning 30 years. The story focuses on the tempestuous relationship between Aurora Greenway and her rebellious but devoted daughter, Emma. Against her mother's wishes, Emma marries a college professor with limited potential and then adds insult to injury by making the age-conscious Aurora a grandmother three times over.

Blind Fury (1990)

A Vietnam vet becomes a sightless samurai who helps rescue the son of another soldier.

An American Tail (1986)

Steven Spielberg produced this story about an immigrant mouse in search of his family in 1885 New York. Voices...Fievel: Phillip Glasser. Bridget: Cathianne Blore. Tiger: Dom DeLuise. Directed by Don Bluth.

The Pink Panther (1964)

The first film in the series introduced maladroit French police inspector Jacques Clouseau, who attempts to foil high-society thieves who have targeted a prize jewel called the Pink Panther. Henry Mancini's score was Oscar nominated.

Buck and the Preacher

A con-man preacher joins forces with a wagon master during the post Civil War era to help freed slaves in the chaotic American Southwest.

Terms of Endearment

Oscar-winning examination of a mother-daughter relationship spanning 30 years. The story focuses on the tempestuous relationship between Aurora Greenway and her rebellious but devoted daughter, Emma. Against her mother's wishes, Emma marries a college professor with limited potential and then adds insult to injury by making the age-conscious Aurora a grandmother three times over.

A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014)

A New York City heroin trafficker hires a haunted ex-cop to find the men who abducted and killed his wife. But as the sleuth gets closer to his targets, he realizes that they're much more sinister than he could have imagined.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

Quirky Coen brothers effort follows Depression-era convicts who escape a Mississippi chain gang and embark on an odyssey to find a hidden treasure.


S6 | Ep4 Going Once, Going Twice

Fiona confronts Patrick about the eviction notice, but her only choice is to get a mortgage from the bank and bid on the house at auction. Meanwhile, Ian bakes cookies for the firehouse and discovers he was saved by the shift of gay firemen.

Boyhood (2014)

This unique drama, shot over the course of 12 years with the same cast, follows a boy named Mason from age 7 to when he leaves for college. Along the way, he deals with his parents' divorce, adjusts to new stepfamilies and explores his own identity.

The Crow (1994)

A murdered rock star returns from the dead, seeking revenge against his killers.

The Trip (2011)

A food critic and his obnoxious best friend tour the English countryside in order to review several restaurants. The pair spend their time bickering, impersonating celebrities and making calls to their significant others back home.

Rampart (2011)

Dave Brown is an L.A. cop on the edge. He's constantly under suspicion (and with good reason) from internal affairs, and he's recently been caught on video assaulting a black man. As he pulls yet another unethical act in order to make some quick cash, he ends up digging himself an even bigger hole. Now he finds he can't keep his professional and personal life from continuing to slide out of control.

Kate & Leopold (2001)

The Duke of Albany (Hugh Jackman) is whisked through a portal in time from 1876 to modern-day Manhattan, where he woos a jaded executive (Meg Ryan). Fanciful but somewhat predictable. The fine supporting cast includes Liev Schreiber, Breckin Meyer and Natasha Lyonne. Directed by James Mangold ("Girl, Interrupted"). Originally developed as a project for Sandra Bullock.

Cool Runnings (1993)

Fact-based tale about the course traveled by Jamaica's bobsled team en route to the 1988 Olympics.

5 to 7 (2014)

A writer falls for a French diplomat's wife, whose unorthodox rules limit their affair to between the hours of 5 and 7pm. Unhappy with her time constraints, he must decide if the relationship is worth continuing.

Black Sails

S3 | Ep3 XXI

Flint pushes Silver to the limit while stranded at sea; Rackham seizes the reins as Nassau readies to repel an invasion and Max gets her house in order; Vane faces defeat and must make a difficult choice.

Into the Woods (2014)

In this adaptation of the Stephen Sondheim musical, a witch curses a baker and his wife, binding their fates to such fairy-tale characters as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Jack of "Jack and the Beanstalk."

The Fan (1996)

A psychotic San Francisco Giants fan (Robert De Niro) turns his worship of the team's newest slugger (Wesley Snipes) into a murderous obsession when the star hits a career slump. Jewel: Ellen Barkin. Manny: John Leguizamo. Primo: Benicio Del Toro. Tim: Chris Mulkey. Directed by Tony Scott.

Tomorrowland (2015)

An ambitious teenager discovers a pin that transports her to a futuristic world. She then teams up with a jaded genius, and they embark on an adventure through time and space to save the Earth.

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

A down-and-out alcoholic screenwriter decides to commit suicide by going on a final bender in Sin City. During his self-destructive final days, he falls in love with a prostitute.

Housesitter (1992)

A flaky waitress has a one-night stand with a lovelorn architect, and then she moves to his hometown and pretends to be his bride.