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Tornado Alley

S2 | Ep9 I Survived: The Spirit and the Storm

Strangers depend on one another to survive; and a family discovers a hard part of survival: separation.

Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace

Interviews with newsmakers and discussions of current affairs.


CNN Newsroom Live

The latest news from around the world.

Forensic Files

S11 | Ep17 Key Evidence

The slaying of an off-duty policeman is investigated, with clues coming from tiny fibers and an asthma inhaler.

Meet the Press

This Sunday-morning public-affairs institution is network TV's oldest program, but it's certainly no dinosaur as it continues to be a prime forum for newsmakers (domestic and foreign) wanting to make announcements or test political waters. The series, in which guests are questioned by the moderator and a panel of journalists, began its life in prime time in November 1947.

Kids Behind Bars: A Soledad O'Brien Special Report

Soledad O'Brien reports on a juvenile prison's experimental program providing mentoring and education to help turn criminal kids' lives around.

Hoover reinvents the vacuum

No more heavy corded vacuums! Enjoy the freedom of a powerful cordless vacuum with the convenience of a lift-off.

Paid Programming

BBC World News

Washington Journal

Roundtable on the 2016 Campaigns

"American Prospect" Senior Writer Paul Waldman and "Washington Examiner" Politics Editor James Antle discuss the 2016 presidential contest and how current events at home and abroad have altered the political campaigns

After Words

Carol Berkin

Carol Berkin talks about her book, "The Bill of Rights: The Fight to Secure America's Liberties". She is interviewed by Maeva Marcus, director of the Institute for Constitutional History

American Artifacts

Reconstructed French Ship Hermione

Events are shown surrounding the arrival from France of a replica of the 18th century sailing ship that brought General Marquis de Lafayette to the United States in 1780


ESPN's flagship program provides a thorough presentation of sports news, highlights and analysis. The Emmy-winning show revolutionized the sports-news genre by deftly mixing information with irreverence in a hip, daily scrapbook of homers, touchdowns and slam dunks, the perfect clips-and-controversies fix for sports junkies. Staple features besides game scores and highlights include expert breakdowns, `Top Ten Plays', Web polls and trivia.

Nine for IX

The '99ers

A look at the 1999 U.S. Women's World Cup champions and the event's lasting impact on soccer and women's sports. Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, Carla Overbeck, Brandi Chastain, Briana Scurry and producer Julie Foudy are featured. Directed by Erin Leyden.


Fox Sports Live

A nightly presentation of sports news, highlights and opinion.

Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye

Soul music of the '60s poured out power and passion like no one had ever heard before. It delivered hope and inspiration — you could dance to it,sing along with it, and fall in love to it.


Final-round play in the Nova Scotia Open, a Tour event in Halifax.

Big Ten Icons

S1 | Ep15 #7 Nile Kinnick

1939 Iowa Heisman Trophy winner Nile Kinnick is profiled.

Women's Softball

Florida at Mississippi State.

Conference of Champions

Students, faculty and alumni from Pac-12 schools are featured.

The Xtra Chile 2015

Copa América 2015 highlights, discussion and match previews.

SportsCenter Top Ten

Showcasing the best of SportsCenter's daily compilations of top plays and highlights.

Fútbol Picante

Se analiza el fútbol mexicano en un formato interactivo con invitados especiales y comentarios de expertos.

Central Fox

Noticias del deporte a nivel mundial.

The Xtra Chile 2015

Programa especial sobre la Copa América Chile 2015.

Contacto Deportivo

Entrevistas y discusiones sobre los diferentes deportes del momento.

Lucha Libre

Combates de lucha libre.

30 for 30

S4 | Ep12 Sole Man

The rise of sports-marketing pioneer Sonny Vaccaro, who was instrumental in launching Nike's "Air Jordan" empire in the '80s and ushered in a new era of high-school hoops in the '90s. Interviews include Larry Brown, Brandon Jennings and Tracy McGrady. Directed by Jon Weinbach and Dan Marks.


Buck Commander

Rough Starts

The Buckmen start the year off slow until Luke Bryan gets the ball rolling.

Conference of Champions

Students, faculty and alumni from Pac-12 schools are featured.

Conference of Champions

Students, faculty and alumni from Pac-12 schools are featured.

Conference of Champions

Students, faculty and alumni from Pac-12 schools are featured.

Conference of Champions

Students, faculty and alumni from Pac-12 schools are featured.

Conference of Champions

Students, faculty and alumni from Pac-12 schools are featured.

Conference of Champions

Students, faculty and alumni from Pac-12 schools are featured.

T20 Cricket Highlights

Bangladesh vs. South Africa.

The Octonauts

S2 Gulper Eels; Lionfish

Hungry gulper eels threaten Inkling and Kwazii; the Octonauts use the Octopod to transport a pair of invasive lionfish back to their native habitat.

Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave

A preschool game show built upon the adventures of three animated characters who ask multiple-choice questions.

Wizards of Waverly Place

S4 | Ep24 Wizards vs. Everything

Alex, Justin and Max combine their powers to save the Wizard World from the Angel of Darkness.

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero

S1 Defending the Earth; Number One Number Two

Boone participates against Rippen on a galactic game show that will determine the fate of Earth; Penn goes undercover as Rippen's minion to find a village's stolen gold.

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Duck Dynasty

S8 | Ep2 Induckpendence Day

A Fourth of July barbecue features a homemade fireworks display; and Uncle Si is honored for his military service.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

S11 | Ep14 Savior

Benson and Stabler investigate the murders of young prostitutes who are found with homemade prayer cards attached to their bodies. Benson then gets emotionally involved in the case after one victim (Mischa Barton) survives.

Law & Order

S16 | Ep1 Red Ball

A kidnapper (James LeGros) tells McCoy that he'll only reveal his 5-year-old victim's location if he serves no time. Graham: Adam Arkin. Judge: Lindsay Crouse. Denise Clark: Wendy Hoopes. Lois Kurland: Brooke Smith.

Roll It Up

This set includes: one (1) our choice dragon sword, Bush Master Elite Machette w/ sheath, Two (2) 9" Stone Washed blade bowies w/ sheaths, Ten (10) dealer dozen tacticals, 21 piece kitchen set and a BONUS nylon knife roll that holds up to 60 pieces.

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Solaris (2002)

A counselor (George Clooney) reunites with his dead wife on a space station orbiting a mysterious planet. Steven Soderbergh's atmospheric and mind-bending, albeit slow, remake of Andrei Tarkovsky's acclaimed 1972 science-fiction film. Natascha McElhone. Adapted from Stanislaw Lem's novel.

Top Gear

Best of Australia

The hosts of the Australian version of "Top Gear" are challenged by the hosts of the original "Top Gear" to experience the wildlife of a British Safari Park in cars of questionable quality.

Halt and Catch Fire

S2 | Ep6 10BROAD36

Gordon returns to California to reconnect with his brother, Henry, as Joe uses his newfound leverage to change Wheeler's thinking about computing.

The Change-Up (2011)

Family man Dave and bachelor Mitch swap bodies after a night on the town. At first both men enjoy getting a reprieve from their regular routines, but soon they want their old lives back. Things get complicated when Dave's stunning legal associate Sabrina drops a bombshell, and Mitch gets a surprise visit from his estranged father.

Predator 2 (1990)

An L.A. detective is swamped with cases of gruesome drug-dealer murders that appear to have no evidence at the scenes.

Dateline on ID

Deadly Denial

A woman learns the truth about the man she married.

How to Be a Grown Up

S2 | Ep1 Splurging, Politics and Getting High

Topics include: splurging; getting high; breaking bad news; being a tourist; and talking politics.

Drugs Inc.

S6 | Ep10 Sin-dependence Day

A look at the cocaine trade during Fourth of July celebrations in Chicago, Il.

World's Deadliest Sharks

Various shark species are examined. Included: their hunting grounds.

Shark Attack: Jaws in Illinois

To Be Announced

Cake Wars

S1 | Ep1 The Simpsons

Bakers compete to have their cakes showcased at a major party or special event in this series, which begins with a battle to see whose creation is worthy to appear at a bash in honor of "The Simpsons."

Dinner at Tiffani's

S1 | Ep10 That Girl Grills

Tiffani lights up the grill when she invites Jonathan Silverman and Jennifer Finnigan over for a meal featuring trout stuffed with lemon and herbs. Also on the menu: corn with spicy mayo; a gazpacho made with cucumber, watermelon and mint; s'mores in a jar; and bourbon-strawberry lemonade.

Xtreme Waterparks

S3 | Ep4 Getting Wet in Malaysia

The Cliffhanger in Austell, Ga.; King Cone in Switzerland; and Malaysia's Waterplexx 5D. Also: a homemade cliff slide in Utah.

House Hunters

S101 | Ep10 Nashville Newlyweds Disagree on Stately or Casual Home

Nashville newlyweds have totally different visions of a home together, and so they have to find a compromise between stately and casual styles.

Salvage Dawgs

S3 | Ep9 Hylton Victorian

Salvaging a Victorian-style farmhouse in Laurel Forks, VA.

CSI: Miami

S2 | Ep1 Blood Brothers

Horatio investigates the murder of a model intentionally run down outside of a Miami hotel by a driver who fled the scene. When the evidence leads to a suspect, governmental red tape puts an unexpected twist on the proceedings. Also: Horatio and Yelina begin to confront their feelings for one another. Heidi Klum makes a cameo appearance. Mandeville: Chad Lowe. Ramon: Yancey Arias. Clavo: Gonzalo Menendez. Hunter: Jennifer Diaz. Stetler: David Lee Smith.

Married to Medicine

S3 | Ep4 Friends Don't Do Background Checks on Friends

Quad tries to teach a lesson to Lisa Nicole about friendship. Meanwhile, Heavenly prepares for a date with her husband; Jackie launches a fitness program; and gossip spreads about Quad and Lisa.

The Prancing Elites Project

S1 | Ep10 Prancing With the Stars

The Elites go to Los Angeles to audition for a music video. They also meet with a media coach in anticipation of a radio interview, but Kareem is hesitant to speak out.


S2 | Ep10 Attack of the 3,000cc Implants

Dr. Dubrow takes on the biggest breast case of his career, while Dr. Nassif tackles a soldier's botched nose. Also: Both doctors meet with a man whose life goal is to look like a superhero.

Behind the Story With the Paley Center

S1 | Ep5 Orange Is the New Black

"Orange Is the New Black" is discussed.

Universo: Rex

Music videos featuring regional Mexican artists.

At First Sight (1999)

A fact-based tale about a man (Val Kilmer), blind since birth, who is able to see after undergoing experimental surgery. Mira Sorvino, Steven Weber. Jenny: Kelly McGillis. Dr. Webster: Nathan Lane.

Petticoat Camp

A number of married couples take a vacation trip into the wild and it doesn't proceed very swimmingly as the wives realize that something fishy is up in that the husbands expect them to handle all the chores.

Quigley Down Under (1990)

An Australian cattle baron hires an American cowboy to shoot dingoes, but really wants the sharpshooter to assassinate Aborigines. The employee refuses, and attacks the baron. In response, the wealthy man decides to hunt down the principled cowboy.

The Gene Generation

In a dystopian future society in which DNA scans are needed to enter cities, a world-class assassin (Bai Ling) is hired to eliminate rogue DNA hackers. Faye Dunaway, Alec Newman.

First Knight (1995)

In this retelling of the Camelot legend, Sir Lancelot threatens to supersede the aging King Arthur by winning the love of his young wife Guinevere, but renegade knight Malagant kidnaps Guinevere and lays siege to Arthur's kingdom.

The Dark Half (1993)

Stephen King's novel about a writer (Timothy Hutton) plagued by his homicidal alter ego. Amy Madigan. Pangborn: Michael Rooker. Reggie: Julie Harris. Fred: Robert Joy. Miriam: Rutanya Alda. Rick: Tom Mardirosian. Hilary: Molly Renfroe. Written and directed by George A. Romero.

A Raisin in the Sun

TV adaptation of the Broadway revival of Lorraine Hansberry's 1959 play about a black clan's struggles on Chicago's South Side in the wake of the death of the family patriarch. Phylicia Rashad, Audra McDonald, Sanaa Lathan, Sean Combs. Film directorial debut for Kenny Leon, who also helmed the Broadway revival.

Quigley Down Under (1990)

An Australian cattle baron hires an American cowboy to shoot dingoes, but really wants the sharpshooter to assassinate Aborigines. The employee refuses, and attacks the baron. In response, the wealthy man decides to hunt down the principled cowboy.

True Detective

S2 | Ep3 Maybe Tomorrow

Ani lets Ray know she's in charge after he goes rogue on the investigation, even though he stumbles on crucial evidence that takes the case in a new direction. Meanwhile, Frank meets with his former associates in the criminal underworld, but they make it clear they're not taking orders from him anymore; and Paul hits the streets to see if Caspar's face rings a bell.

The Girl's Guide to Depravity

S2 | Ep8 The Basic Instincts Rule

Megan feels guilty about the new man in her life; Tyler may be deported if he can't find a wife; Ben issues a confession; and Sam won't define her relationship with Ryan.


S1 | Ep6 You Have to Find Your Own Resolution

A bizarre peek into the late-night world of New York City.

Sugar & Spice (2001)

In this satire, a head cheerleader (Marley Shelton) and her high-school cheersquad orchestrate a bank robbery. Lisa: Marla Sokoloff. Kansas: Mena Suvari. Cleo: Melissa George. Hannah: Rachel Blanchard. Jack Bartlett: James Marsden. Mrs. Hill: Sean Young.

Small Time (2014)

A teenager decides to skip college and become a used-car salesman like his divorced father.

American Violet (2009)

Nicole Beharie headlines this fact-based drama about an innocent Texas mother accused of dealing drugs. Dee Roberts is a single mother of four from Texas. Arrested during a drug raid, Dee rejects a plea bargain that would brand her as a felon. Later, Dee decides to take on powerful district attorney Calvin Beckett and enlists the aid of ACLU attorney David Cohen and former narcotics officer Sam Conroy in overcoming the obstacles that now threaten to destroy her life.

The Holiday (2006)

An American and a Brit vacation in each other's homes and find romance.

Children of a Lesser God (1986)

Marlee Matlin won an Oscar as a deaf woman who enters a stormy relationship with a teacher (William Hurt) at a school for the deaf. Mrs. Norman: Piper Laurie. Dr. Franklin: Philip Bosco. Lydia: Alison Gompf. Johnny: John F. Cleary. Glen: Philip Holmes. Cheryl: Georgia Ann Cline. Danny: William D. Byrd. Tony: Frank Carter Jr. William: John Limnidis. Directed by Randa Haines.

But I'm a Cheerleader (2000)

When her parents suspect that she's a lesbian, a high-school student (Natasha Lyonne) is sent to a sexual-rehabilitation camp. Graham: Clea DuVall. Mike: RuPaul Charles. Mary: Cathy Moriarty. Williams: Bud Cort. Nancy: Mink Stole. Dolph: Dante Basco. Brown: Eddie Cibrian. Hilary: Melanie Lynskey. Lloyd: Wesley Mann. Larry: Richard Moll. Goldberg: Joel Michaely. Jan: Katrina Phillips. Andre: Douglas Spain. Sinead: Katharine Towne. Kimberly: Michelle Williams. Lipstick Lesbian: Julie Delpy.