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Secrets of the Earth

S1 | Ep9 Strangest Places

A look at Earth's unusual places, including underwater ecosystems, subterranean spaces and igneous rock formations.

On the Record With Greta Van Susteren

The host and lawyer conducts interviews and covers breaking news. Van Susteren joined Fox News in February 2002 after a stint at CNN.


Erin Burnett OutFront

Erin Burnett stays ahead of the headlines, delivering a show that is in-depth and informative.

Forensic Files

S14 | Ep5 As Fault

A missing-person case turns into a homicide investigation.

Hardball With Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews debates hot political issues with politicians, newsmakers and Washington leaders.

Undercover Boss

S3 | Ep12 Fastsigns International

Fastsigns International CEO Catherine Monson works undercover at her company.

Lou Dobbs Tonight

The veteran newsman breaks down the day's top stories and how they impact American taxpayers. Also: emerging financial trends and top market moves are highlighted in a "Moneyline" segment.

BBC World News America

News from around the world is presented.

Key Capitol Hill Hearings

Key Capitol Hill Hearings.

Key Capitol Hill Hearings

Key Capitol Hill Hearings.

Key Capitol Hill Hearings

Key Capitol Hill Hearings.


NBA Countdown

Lively studio discussion of top NBA storylines, with Jalen Rose, Doug Collins and Chauncey Billups as regular contributors.


Women's Softball

Louisiana (Lafayette) at Oklahoma in an NCAA super-regional playoff.



MLB Whiparound

Major League Baseball highlights, news and analysis, with updates on games currently in progress.


Mecum Auto Auctions: Muscle Cars & More

Kansas City

Auction from Kansas City.

LPGA Tour Golf

Second-round play in the inaugural Volvik Championship in Ann Arbor, Mich.

University Showcase: Playing Americas' Game


College Baseball

Florida vs. Mississippi State in an SEC Tournament elimination game in Hoover, Ala.


College Baseball

UCLA at Oregon State.


Club Friendly Soccer

New York Cosmos vs. Eibar in a meeting of NASL and La Liga squads in Las Vegas.


Hot topics in worldwide soccer/football are discussed, with a look at recent match highlights, plus regular segments on the English Premier League and Americans playing abroad.


Se debaten los temas más importantes del mundo deportivo al corriente.

UEFA Champions League

Real Madrid vs. Atlético de Madrid en un partido de cuartos de final. (Diferido)

Fútbol francés

Copa de Francia - Final: Marseille vs. Paris Saint-Germain. (Diferido)


Fútbol de la MLS

Kansas City vs. DC United, en un partido del campeonato de la MLS. (En vivo)


Hoy en el béisbol

La actualidad del circuito de verano de la Liga Mexicana de Béisbol.


NCAA Studio Update

College softball and baseball highlights and analysis.


Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine

Parker Family Picnic

Hank and Martha Parker host their annual family picnic.

The Drive: Pac-12 Football

S1 | Ep2

In a pair of Big Ten/Pac-12 showdowns, Cal welcomes Ohio State to Memorial Stadium while Arizona State hosts Wisconsin.


College Baseball

California at Washington State.


College Baseball

UCLA at Oregon State.

Track and Field

The Pac-12 outdoor championships in Seattle.


College Baseball

UCLA at Oregon State.


College Baseball

California at Washington State.

ICC World Twenty20 Cricket Highlights

Australia vs. Pakistan.

Sofia the First

S3 | Ep18 Her Royal Spyness

Amber and Sofia use a magic telescope to spy on others and it deceives them into believing that their mother is in danger.

Blaze and the Monster Machines

S2 | Ep12 Treasure Track

Blaze goes on a treasure hunt with AJ, Gabby and Pegwheel the Pirate-Truck.

Jungle Bunch

S1 | Ep1 The Boulder of Fear

Elephants are bullied by a so-called ghost. Hidden behind a rock, the ghost asks them to give him all their fruits as an offering.


A high school student struggles to adjust to the demands of her new school and step family until she downloads an app that comes with the ability to give commands to human males.


S1 | Ep6 One Bot Rules Them All: The Championship

The champion is determined as Season 1 ends with scheduled matchups that include Tombstone vs. Bronco; and Bite Force vs. Ghost Raptor.

Henry Danger

S1 | Ep13 Spoiler Alert

An annoying villain called the Spoiler surfaces. Elsewhere, Piper attempts to join a Captain Man fan club.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)

In the second film in the series, boy wizard Harry Potter is disturbed to learn that some of his fellow Hogwarts students are literally being turned to stone. When Harry's pal Hermione becomes one of the victims, he and Ron decide to investigate.

The First 48

S13 | Ep9 The Cover Up; Bad Seed

A Cleveland man is shot to death in an empty courtyard; a 72-year-old grandmother is murdered inside her Dallas home.

Modern Family

S4 | Ep23 Games People Play

Phil hopes his new RV will be the perfect vehicle for a family road trip, but Claire lets her husband find out for himself why it might not be such a good idea. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria help Manny look for his misplaced backpack, which gives them a chance to snoop around in Claire's and Mitchell's houses; and Lily's gymnastics meet gets Mitchell and Cameron's competitive juices flowing.


S4 | Ep12 Double Trouble in the Panhandle

Brennan and Booth go undercover to join the circus as a knife-throwing act to determine who might be responsible for the deaths of conjoined twins, and the list of colorful suspects includes the ringmaster (Andy Richter), a strong man and clowns.

Marvel's The Avengers (2012)

Superheroes Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk and Thor are forced to overcome their differences and work together in order to save the world from Thor's brother Loki, who has obtained a mystical artifact of tremendous power.

The Simpsons

S8 | Ep22 In Marge We Trust

Reverend Lovejoy puts Marge in charge of counseling parishioners; Homer finds his likeness is popular in Japan as the symbol for a cleaning product. Voices: Julie Kavner, Harry Shearer, Sab Shimono, Gedde Watanabe.

WWE Monday Night Raw

The stars of World Wrestling Entertainment unleash their mayhem on one of cable television's highest-rated programs. The show debuted in 1993 on the USA Network.


Real-life officers are followed by a camera crew, cinéma-vérité style, in a gritty up-close look at police work and the consequences of crime. The result: one of Fox's longest-running series (it premiered in March 1989). It also spawned a number of police-reality imitators. Initially filmed only in Broward County, Fla., the series went on to show officers in locations across the country.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

S4 | Ep19 The Nth Degree

A shy, introspective crewman (Dwight Schultz) is transformed into a superbeing who interfaces with the ship's computer---taking the Enterprise into an uncharted realm of space. Albert Einstein: Jim Norton. Alien: Kay E. Kuter. Ens. Anaya: Page Leong. Ens. Brower: David Coburn. Picard: Patrick Stewart.

The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

In the second chapter of this science-fiction trilogy, Neo and his allies must save the human city of Zion from total destruction at the hands of the machines. During their quest, Neo grapples with a nightmare involving his lover Trinity, and faces off against a resurrected Agent Smith, who is now spreading through the Matrix like a virus.


S9 | Ep13 The Cartoon

An actress turns Jerry's criticism into a one-woman show; Kramer stops talking after offending George; Elaine struggles to understand a cartoon in The New Yorker. Sally: Kathy Griffin. Janet: Tracy Nelson.


S5 | Ep12 Spanish Fry

Fry's nose is taken by aliens who consider the "human horn" to be an aphrodisiac. But the pair it's to benefit has deeper relationship problems. Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, David Herman.

Scarface (1983)

A Cuban refugee becomes a drug lord in Miami. Inspired by actual events.

Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda

S5 | Ep13 Point of No Return

An investigation into an explosion in a sleepy suburb that took a life; and a search for the murderer of a young mother.

truTV Top Funniest

S1 | Ep3 Hurts so Good

Life's painful moments are counted down. The collection includes snippets from the World Shin-Kicking Championships, martial arts mess-ups and skateboard crashes.

Chasing Classic Cars

S2 | Ep4 Jaguars at Greenwich

Examining two Jaguars Wayne plans to sell at the Bonhams auction in Greenwich, Conn.

Alaskan Bush People

S4 | Ep2 Driving Miss Rainy

Noah stays behind to continue repairs while the others take on a risky haul.

The Unexplained Files

S1 | Ep1 Valentich

The search for a pilot and his light aircraft that disappeared in Australia in 1978; the hunt for blue-eyed hunchback creatures in Texas that mutilate livestock.


Killer Hornet Invasion

Swarms of giant hornets in Japan and China could signal a global insect invasion.

Brain Games

S1 | Ep3 Remember This!

A look at how the memory works. Included: moving things from short-term to long-term storage.

United States of Animals

S1 | Ep8 The Other Jersey Shore

Horseshoe crabs in New Jersey and Monarch butterflies on the California coast.

Ancient Aliens

S3 | Ep4 Aliens and Temples of Gold

A possible link between gold and aliens is explored. Included: a theory regarding lost gold in Peru; and a legend regarding the Sphinx.


S1 | Ep3 Canada: The Missing First Nations

An investigation into the disappearances and murders of the First Nations women of Canada.

World War II in Color

S1 | Ep2 Lightning War

Germany's use of the blitzkrieg, which caught Poland, France and Britain unprepared. Included: Germany's defeat of France; the British escape from Dunkirk.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

S9 | Ep11 Burgers 'N More

Unique burgers are spotlighted. Included: tempura burgers; lamb burgers; burgers topped with cold cuts and chili.

Cutthroat Kitchen

S7 | Ep9 Evilicious: Canoe Jack City

Part 1 of 5. Fish stew is cooked in a canoe; preparing pasta carbonara in a moving mine cart proves challenging; and during the final round, pound cake is made using a chemistry set.

Mysteries at the Museum

S10 | Ep3 Italian UFO; Doomsday Survivor; Birth of Geocaching

Host Don Wildman inspects a bizarre spider, a circus attraction, and a can of beans.

Island Life

S4 | Ep10 Married Couple From Louisiana Makes Move to Dauphin Island, Alabama

A pastor and his wife search Alabama's Dauphin Island for a home.

Texas Flip and Move

S3 | Ep4 Young Guns Garage Reboot vs. Randy's Modern Makeover

The Lone Wolf wins a house that has major problems and the Young Guns grab a small service building and create a studio suite.

Friends With Benefits (2011)

A New York headhunter enters into a no-strings-attached relationship with her latest client, but finds things getting unexpectedly complicated when emotions enter the picture.

Marriage of Lies

A woman accused of being responsible for her husband's disappearance begins to uncover secrets about the man she married as she attempts to prove her innocence.

Last Man Standing

S3 | Ep12 All About Eve

Eve posts Mike's video blog on her social-media page and her classmates balk at his views, but she stands by her dad. Meanwhile, the Baxters land in hot water when a local cop patrols the area.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

S3 | Ep12 Diamonds Aren't Forever

The couples consider the results of a lie detector test as they decide whether to stay together or call it quits in the Season 3 finale, which finds one participant shocked by their partner at the final ring ceremony.

The Andy Griffith Show

S5 | Ep30 Opie Flunks Arithmetic

Andy overreacts when Opie starts doing poorly in math and begins constantly pressuring the boy to study. But Helen comes to Ope's rescue. Opie: Ronny Howard. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier. Helen: Aneta Corsaut.

Family Feud

Two families of five try to guess what the 'survey said' in polls conducted with 100 people in this durable game show. It premiered in 1976 and has had several versions since then, including an hourlong network edition titled 'The Family Feud Challenge.'

Say Yes to the Dress

S10 | Ep7 Better Than the First

A bride goes over her budget with one dress, so she looks for a less expensive one; a bride hunts for a third dress to replace two she already has; a bride who bought a lace mermaid dress is having second thoughts.

The Real Housewives of New York City

The Social Edition

An episode featuring social-media content.

Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse

S7 | Ep5 Addicted

An employee's suspicious online behavior is flagged.

America's Next Top Model

S20 | Ep15 Finale Part 2: The Guy or Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

The 20th season concludes with the final two models walking their last runway and participating in a photo shoot shot by Tyra. Later, the judges announce the winner.

E! News

Nightly reports on breaking entertainment news. Among the first studio shows to be produced by E! Entertainment Television, the weekday series was launched in 1991 as 'E! News Daily.' The show features a mix of gossip and previews of films and TV programs, along with behind-the-scenes segments and red-carpet coverage at premieres and award events.

Law & Order

S11 | Ep21 Brother's Keeper

The investigation of a killing is complicated by FBI agents and the involvement of a suspect's sibling. Cally Lonegan/Donald Lonegan: Michael O'Keefe. Ron Innes: Robert John Burke. Scott Tobias: Bryan Scott Johnson. Jeff Washington: LeLand Gantt. Buddha: John Joseph Gallagher. Briscoe: Jerry Orbach. Green: Jesse L. Martin. McCoy: Sam Waterston.


S2 | Ep4 Quinton Rampage Jackson

MMA fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson helps the crew break down outrageous viral videos.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

A study of adolescent obsession with sex, drugs, and rock and roll has a girl seeking romance advice from an upperclassman on how to get a boy to notice her; and a stoner feuding with a teacher.

BET Awards 2015

Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross host the 15th annual awards gala, which features Chris Brown, Kevin Hart, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Janelle Monae, Meek Mill and Jidenna. Special honorees include Smokey Robinson and Tom Joyner. Brown and Minaj each have six nods while Beyonce and Lil Wayne both have four. From the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

Bonnaroo Backtracks

Performance highlights from the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival are featured. Included: Pearl Jam; Arcade Fire; the White Stripes; My Morning Jacket; Paul McCartney; Metallica; Alabama Shakes; Macklemore and Ryan Lewis; and Lionel Richie.

12 Corazones

Doce concursantes en busca del amor reciben consejos de la presentadora desinhibida y un astrólogo.

The Fourth Kind (2009)

An Alaskan psychotherapist uncovers irrefutable evidence that aliens are abducting humans during sessions with her patients.

Nothing but Trouble

Laurel and Hardy mixed up in a plot against a boy king. Mrs. Hawkley: Mary Boland. King: David Leland. Saul: Philip Merivale. Hawkley: Henry O'Neill. Sam Taylor directed.

22 Jump Street (2014)

Schmidt and Jenko go undercover on a college campus, posing as students to bust criminal activity amid the undergrads.

Village of the Damned

John Carpenter's remake of the 1960 classic about the takeover of a town by telepathic children. Christopher Reeve, Kirstie Alley. Jill: Linda Kozlowski. Frank: Michael Pare. Melanie: Meredith Salenger. Rev. George: Mark Hamill. From the novel "The Midwich Cuckoos."

Mr. Mom

A laid-off auto engineer runs the household while his wife takes the role of breadwinner, and he ends up playing poker with the neighborhood housewives and considering infidelity with a dedicated homewrecker.

Interview with the Vampire (1994)

A somber vampire mesmerizes a young reporter with the story of his ghastly transformation from grieving aristocrat to immortal monster, beginning in 18th-century New Orleans with his first encounters with the charismatic and decadent bloodsucker Lestat. The two vamps remain deeply, if reluctantly, connected over the years, while becoming intimately involved with others of their kind, including a mature immortal in a young child's body.

Diff'rent Strokes

S3 | Ep21 Room for One More

A classmate who fears he's about to lose his foster home cons Arnold into persuading Drummond to adopt him. Drummond: Conrad Bain. Willis: Todd Bridges. Dudley: Shavar Ross.

Talk to Her (2002)

Two men (Javier Camara, Dario Grandinetti) bond while caring for their comatose girlfriends. Rich, offbeat character study from Spanish writer-director Pedro Almodovar, whose script won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Game of Thrones

S6 | Ep4 Book of the Stranger

A disillusioned Jon is resolved to leave Castle Black, but a surprise reunion could give him a noble and urgent purpose following his reincarnation. Meanwhile, Tyrion pursues a deal with the masters of Slaver's Bay as he stalls for Daenerys' return; Theon tries to make amends for the past; Jorah and Daario realize the difficulty of their next move; and Cersei discusses Margaery's future with Olenna.

28 Weeks Later... (2007)

Ripping sequel to the apocalyptic thriller "28 Days Later" (2002) finds Londoners returning after the killer virus has been eradicated—or has it? Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who co-wrote the script with Jesús Olmo, Rowan Joffe and E.L. Lavigne.

Shooter (2007)

An ex-Marine sniper is recruited for a special op and finds himself involved in a presidential assassination attempt.

Along Came a Spider (2001)

Forensics expert Alex Cross investigates the disappearance of a senator's daughter, a student at a prestigious private academy.

Star Kid

A tale of a lonely 12-year-old who stumbles upon a robot from outer space and discovers that he has superhuman strength when he climbs inside the machine. Joseph Mazzello, Joey Simmrin. Cyborsuit: Alex Daniels. Voice: Arthur Burghardt. Written and directed by Manny Coto.

Life of a King (2014)

A repentant ex-convict establishes a chess club at a Washington, D.C., high school as a means of encouraging at-risk youths to avoid a life of crime. Based on a true story.

Zodiac: Director's Cut (2007)

Fact-based film about a relentless serial killer stalking the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970s, leaving citizens locked into a constant state of panic and baffled authorities scrambling for clues. As two detectives remain steadfast in their devotion to bringing the elusive killer to justice, they soon find that the madman has control not only over their careers, but their very lives as well.

Clouds of Sils Maria (2015)

An aging actress returns to the play that made her famous, performing opposite a troubled starlet who is playing her old role. The deeper the veteran actress dives into her new character, the more she learns about her notorious costar.

Mr. Holland's Opus (1995)

A frustrated composer finds his calling in teaching while raising a hearing-impaired son.

April Rain

Terrorists plan an internal attack on the United States, and a special investigative unit is tasked with tracking them down before they can strike.

Ant-Man (2015)

A con artist gets a shot at redemption when his mentor asks him to protect a superpowered suit. Donning the stunning technology, which shrinks him down to minuscule size, he fights off villains seeking to steal the invention.


S2 | Ep7 Faith

Doctors at L'Hopital Des Anges try to save Claire's life and that of her unborn child; and King Louis accuses two men of practicing the dark arts.

Taxi (2004)

After losing his driver's license, a bumbling cop teams up with a brassy cabbie so he can pursue a team of female bank robbers who are led by a beautiful Brazilian.

Monsters, Inc. (2001)

A little girl accidentally enters the land of monsters, where she befriends two creatures who work at a “scare factory.” Billy Crystal and John Goodman lend their voices to this computer-animated comedy from the creators of “Toy Story.”

Edward Scissorhands (1990)

A family takes in a young man with scissors for hands. He is the unfinished experiment of a local eccentric who died before completing his creation. Dubbed Edward, he quickly falls in love with the family's oldest daughter, and becomes something of a sensation in the humdrum suburban neighborhood. Soon, however, his inability to fit in causes problems.

Something to Talk About (1995)

In a small Southern town, a woman discovers that her husband is cheating on her; she takes her daughter and moves in with her sister to reevaluate her marriage. Then she begins to question all of the relationships in her life, including that of her parents, which upsets the family applecart.