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Three Scientists Walk Into a Bar

S1 | Ep2 Cloud Simulator & Bobble Space Flight

Thunderstorms are examined. Included: what keeps a million-pound cloud from falling; and the secret behind a beautiful weather phenomenon.

Cashin' In

Tips on investing.


CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield

The latest news from around the world with host Fredricka Whitfield.

Forensic Files

S10 | Ep28 Signed, Sealed, & Delivered

A seemingly clear-cut case of murder on an Alaskan highway gets murky when someone seeks revenge.


The Place for Politics 2016

Analysis of events leading up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Sofia's Coffee Bar

Modern Family's Sofia Vergara introduces the all NEW Coffee Bar by Ninja! Now you can have the best coffeehouse in town, on your countertop!

Buy gold, at-cost!

Here's your chance to buy Government-issued Gold Coins from the U.S. Mint! If you're ready to make a gold purchase, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity: American Gold Eagles are being sold at-cost, for $145 per gold coin!

BBC World News

International news from the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Discussion on the Senate's Role in Judicial Nominations

Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT), who serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee speak about the Senate's role in the judicial nomination process, followed by a discussion with former Senate staffers Jeffrey Blattner and Martin Gold

Book Discussion on White Backlash

From the 4th annual San Antonio Book Festival, Marisa Abrajano talks about how immigration is affecting American politics

Gary Hart First Withdrawal

Gary Hart announces his withdrawal from the Democratic presidential campaign less than a month after he announced his candidacy


NFL Draft

Day 3 coverage in Chicago, featuring Rounds 4-7. Included: player bios, expert analysis and reports from team draft headquarters.


College Baseball

LSU at Mississippi.



Bundesliga Matchday

Highlights and analysis of Germany's top soccer division.


Premier League Live

News, highlights and analysis of English Premier League soccer.





Golf Central Pregame

A worldwide look at this weekend's tournaments.


College Lacrosse

Michigan at Penn State.

College Golf

The SEC Championship at the Sea Island Golf Course on St. Simons Island, Ga.

College Football

Oregon at Stanford.


The Express Preview

A preview of the upcoming match.

Jalen & Jacoby

NBA analyst Jalen Rose and ESPN producer David Jacoby discuss the latest in sports and pop culture in a collection of segments from their daily radio show.


ESPN Fútbol Center


Central Fox

Noticias del deporte a nivel mundial.


The Express Preview


Gillette World Sport

Lo más destacado del deporte a nivel mundial con entrevistas y resúmenes de competiciones.


Global Fitness

Programas de ejercicio con técnicas de expertos.

Gruden's QB Camp

S7 | Ep5 Christian Hackenberg

NFL quarterback prospect Christian Hackenberg from Penn State is interviewed and analyzed by Jon Gruden.


Hook 'N' Look

Booty & The Beasts

Pursuing big Lake St. Clair smallmouths; and an underwater look at the seasonal migration of the transitional fish.

College Baseball

Arizona at Southern California.

College Rugby

UCLA at California.

College Baseball

Arizona at Southern California.

Classic College Football

From 1996: Utah at Stanford in an early-season matchup featuring Utes RB Chris Fuamata-Ma'afala and Stanford QB Chad Hutchinson.

Classic College Football

From 2015: Florida State vs. Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

Women's Softball

Utah at Washington.

ICC World Twenty20 Cricket Highlights

The final.

Miles From Tomorrowland

S1 Unplugged; Junked

The StarJetter crashes on an uninhabited planet and the Callistos are forced to survive without the help of technology; the Callistos track a culprit responsible for dumping trash into the orbit around the planet Alarbus.

Blaze and the Monster Machines

S2 | Ep12 Treasure Track

Blaze goes on a treasure hunt with AJ, Gabby and Pegwheel the Pirate-Truck.

Jungle Bunch

The Prophecy; In the Eye of the Cyclone

A village fears the end of the world is near; and no one believes Gilbert when he warns of an impending cyclone.


S1 | Ep5 Take Me Out

Carly worries that emotions are getting in the way of her duet with Sasha; Kit and Denzel are paired with a singer with an attitude; Jax is forced out of his comfort zone.

Walk the Prank

S1 | Ep4 School Clubbing

The gang signs up for various after-school clubs. Bailey joins the "Friends of Animals Club," Dusty the "TV Club," Herman the "Wrestling Club" and Chance the "Journalism Club."

SpongeBob SquarePants

S9 Don't Look Now; Séance Schméance

SpongeBob and Patrick catch a horror flick, and then the film's bad guy appears to stalk them; SpongeBob conducts a séance in order to obtain an old recipe.

John Tucker Must Die (2006)

The good-looking star of a high-school basketball squad is in for a rude awakening when a trio of teen girls team up to bring him and his two-timing ways to justice.

Criminal Minds

S4 | Ep20 Conflicted

The team travels to South Padre Island, Texas, where a serial killer is targeting students on spring break. Adam: Jackson Rathbone. Det. Evans: Roma Maffia.


S5 | Ep17 About Face

Jimmy Palmer becomes the target of an assassin. Leon Vance: Rocky Carroll. Enis Watley: Frank John Hughes. Skip Harris: Christopher Darga. Richie: Tyler Jacob Moore.

Law & Order

S14 | Ep2 Bounty

The investigation of a bounty hunter's murder leads to a case involving a reporter (Reuben Jackson) and a defense based on affirmative-action pressures. Randy Dworkin: Peter Jacobson. Cosette: Colleen Clinton. Arnie Gleason: Richard Topol.

The Bourne Legacy (2012)

An agent engineered to be the ultimate CIA weapon goes on the run when the program that created him is compromised, and everyone involved is ordered eliminated. Along the way, he is joined by the brilliant research scientist who helped to create him.

Push (2009)

A group of young Americans in Hong Kong who have telekinetic and psychic abilities band together to battle a sinister U.S. government agency that wants to exploit their powers.

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004)

The story revolves around a group of eight adventurers who set out to Borneo in search of a flower called the Blood Orchid, known to grant longer life. Soon they realize that they are been stalked by gigantic snakes that feed on human flesh.


S28 | Ep5 That's My Grill

A handcuffed teen tries to run when deputies turn him over to paramedics; a suspect does his best to keep his lips sealed during a traffic stop; a woman attempts to evict her nephew and his pregnant girlfriend.

Kitchen Nightmares

S4 | Ep16 Chiarella's

Chef Ramsay visits Chiarella's, an Italian restaurant in Philadelphia, and uncovers a tired menu and poor service.

Fargo (1996)

The Coen brothers' sly drama about a policewoman (Frances McDormand) who's trying to determine how several murders and a kidnapping are linked to an unassuming car salesman (William H. Macy). Showalter: Steve Buscemi. Grimsrud: Peter Stormare.

A Walk to Remember (2002)

A romance blossoms between a popular high-school senior and a quiet preacher's daughter.

The World's End (2013)

Five old friends reunite to complete a historic pub crawl from their youth, and they find themselves fighting for the future of all mankind as they drink their way to their final destination—the fabled World's End tavern.

Tremors 3: Back to Perfection

Second sequel about the town of Perfection, Nev., where the former worm-infested town has become a tourist trap, until a real attack takes place. Michael Gross, Bobby Jacoby. Nancy: Charlotte Stewart. Miguel: Tony Genaro. Mindy: Ariana Richards. Directed by Brent Maddock.

Fear Thy Neighbor

S3 | Ep5 House of the Rising Gun

A single mom and her four children find a perfect home in New Orleans. A robbery at a neighbor's house, however, results in paranoia, conflict and horrible bloodshed.

truTV Top Funniest

S3 | Ep4 Worst Days Ever

Video clips from the Internet are presented. Included: baby prank; farming mishap.


All Girls Garage

S5 | Ep6 Vintage Race Cars

The team prepares a pair of vintage race cars for their next track day. Later, they learn the history of some of the cars at the Amelia Island Concours D' Elegance.


Alaskan Bush People: Best of the Bush

A Big Gamble

Following an Alaska family who live in the wilderness.

The Unexplained Files

S2 | Ep8 Lost Giants of Georgia; Bridge of Death

The remains of a human who was more than nine feet tall are discovered; an allegedly haunted bridge in Scotland is spotlighted.

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet

S1 | Ep2 Whatever It Takes

A miniature pig with an injured leg needs surgery, but it may not be able to handle anesthesia; a French bulldog has a routine dental exam that turns into a complex operation; the team ventures into the Rockies to help a couple who rescue sled dogs.

Drugs Inc.

S5 | Ep5 Memphis Mayhem

A inside look at the illegal drug trade in Memphis, Tenn. including the violent crime associated with it.

Animal Fight Night

S1 | Ep1 Savanna Smackdown

Animal brawls in the wild are spotlighted. First up: Africa's wild animals battle on the savanna.

Pawn Stars

S3 | Ep13 Moon Walking

A moon-mission flag autographed by the crew of Apollo 16; an 1861 Civil War Colt musket; and NFL pins from the first 20 Super Bowls.


S1 | Ep1 Bompton feat. Kendrick Lamar

In the series premiere, Zach Goldbaum discusses life in Compton, California, with rapper Kendrick Lamar and members of the Piru gang.

Against the Odds

S2 | Ep4 46 Days of Hell in Fallujah

Marines engage in hand-to-hand combat and urban warfare in the Anbar Province city of Fallujah in Iraq in 2004.

The Kitchen

S5 | Ep13 Spicy Favorites

Spicy dishes are featured, including hot chicken. Also: exploring the difference between Tex-Mex and Mexican tacos; chef Marc Murphy's recipe for skirt steak; and how to make a mouthwatering margarita.

Simply Laura

S2 | Ep1 Date Night

Host Laura Vitale makes a restaurant-quality meal to enjoy on a date night with her husband in the Season 2 premiere. On the menu: a beautiful cut of beef and steakhouse-worthy sides, including green beans with herbed butter, crispy ribollita and, for dessert, amaretto tiramisu for two.


Hungrytown, U.S.A.

S1 | Ep1 Building 3 Square Meals

Towns with food names are explored in this series, which begins with a look at the history, people and unique attributes of Hot Coffee, Miss., Weiner, Ariz., and Pietown, N.M.

Fixer Upper

S1 | Ep3 Nomadic Suburbanites Seek Unique Retro Residence

Chip and Jo work to take a retro residence and make it contemporary for a couple with a growing family and thriving business in Woodway, Texas.

Yard Crashers

S10 | Ep4 Floating Deck Party Yard

A neglected backyard gets a quirky new look perfect for entertaining guests.

Dirty Teacher

A high-school senior discovers that a teacher is seducing her boyfriend. The situation becomes deadly when the accused woman tries to cover up the relationship.

Two Wrongs

A single mother's 7-year-old daughter is abducted while walking home alone from school, and the mom is forced to do the unthinkable to find her.

Flower Girl

Idealistic florist Laurel (Marla Sokoloff) faces romantic woes when she's torn between two suitors (Terry Maratos and Kieren Hutchison). Her meddling grandmother (Marion Ross) is sure a handsome doctor is the perfect match for her granddaughter, but Laurel's not so sure. Brook Kerr also stars. Directed by Bradford May.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

S8 | Ep13 All In

After a big loss, a poker player is forced to collect money for a bookie and ends up killing someone accidentally. Goren and Eames enter the world of gambling to investigate.

Instant Mom

S1 | Ep17 Requiem for Mr. Floppity

The class rabbit dies while under Aaron's care, so Stephanie tries to explain death to her stepson, despite his teacher's objections.

Newlywed Game

A version of the classic game show featuring recently married couples who compete for prizes by predicting their spouses' answers to silly or suggestive questions.

My First Home

S6 | Ep19 Sweet Home Alabama

A couple in Birmingham find their path to buying a home blocked by finances, sellers and tenants.

Southern Charm

S3 | Ep2 Miss Domesticated

A realization hits Thomas that he and Kathryn need to be peaceful co-parents; Cameran displays her budding domestic skills by hosting a dinner party, but the guest list isn't as inclusive as some would like; and Shep continues to play the field.

Home Made Simple

S13 | Ep10 All-Star Room for #1 Dad

A sterile garage is turned into the ultimate play station and patio.


S8 | Ep33 Cynthia George

The complicated case of Cynthia George, a wealthy former beauty queen from Ohio whose life turned topsy-turvy in the wake of a 2001 murder.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

S10 | Ep12 Moons Over Montana

Kim tries to keep traditions alive by planning a family ski trip to Montana, but there's no mistaking that this year's vacation has a different vibe. On the slopes, Khloé risks life and limb to bond with Kylie.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

A study of adolescent obsession with sex, drugs, and rock and roll has a girl seeking romance advice from an upperclassman on how to get a boy to notice her; and a stoner feuding with a teacher.

Catfish: The TV Show

S5 | Ep4 Brendan & McKenna

Karrueche Tran helps track down the truth when a guy wonders whether his online love is real.

Ghostbusters II (1989)

A river of slime is feeding on the "negative energy" of New York City and a tyrant in a 16th-century portrait wants to take over the body of a little child, the son of an art restorer working on the picture. It's a job for the paranormal Ghostbusters, who must reunite to contain the despot in this sequel to the crowd-pleasing 1984 comedy.

Martin Mystery

Animated adventures featuring Martin and Diana, two teenagers who investigate paranormal mysteries for 'The Center' with the help of Java, a caveman lost in time.

Joe Bonamassa: Beacon Theatre - Live in New York

Blues-rock singer-guitarist Joe Bonamassa performs at the Beacon Theatre in New York City, where he's joined by John Hiatt for "Down Around My Place" and "I Know a Place"; and Bad Company's Paul Rodgers for "Fire and Water" and "Walk in My Shadows." Other songs include "Slow Train," "Cradle Rock," "When the Fire Hits the Sea," "Midnight Blues," "Dust Bowl," "The River," "You Better Watch Yourself," "Steal Your Heart Away," "Bird on a Wire," "Blue and Evil," "Mountain Time" and "Young Man Blues."


BPL World

Un resumen de todas las últimas noticias de la Barclays Premier League. Con entrevistas a jugadores y directivos, noticias de los equipos e información privilegiada.

Gentle Ben 2: Black Gold

In this sequel, the use of land abutting the wilderness sparks conflict for Fog (who owns the land) and Jack. Rather than drill for oil, Fog says he'll open a natural spring-water business, but Jack doesn't believe him, and ends up being jailed for sabotaging the operation.

The Fly

A scientist mutates into a grotesque fly creature after a teleportation experiment goes awry.

The Edge

A billionaire suspects his supermodel wife and a fashion photographer are having an affair and the two men get to work out their issues while stranded in the Alaskan wilderness.

Doom (2005)

This adaptation of the video game follows a crack group of marines on a mission to Mars, where a genetic experiment has produced mutant monsters that are wreaking havoc on a scientific facility.

Eight Below (2006)

Thrilling adventure yarn about eight sled dogs struggling to survive when bad weather leaves them marooned at an Antarctic research post. The fact-based film is similar to the 1983 Japanese film "Nankyoku Monogatari," which was released in the U.S. as "Antarctica."

The Parallax View

Warren Beatty as a reporter who sees unlikely coincidence in the deaths of witnesses to a political assassination. Rintels: Hume Cronyn. Tucker: William Daniels. Jack: Walter McGinn. Lee: Paula Prentiss. Sheriff: Kelly Thordsen. Taut direction by Alan J. Pakula.

Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark

A profile of singer Nat King Cole examines his time as the only black TV star on the air.

The Edge

A billionaire suspects his supermodel wife and a fashion photographer are having an affair and the two men get to work out their issues while stranded in the Alaskan wilderness.

Music and Lyrics (2007)

A has-been 1980s rocker teams with an unlikely collaborator to pen a winning tune for a pop diva.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

In the final chapter of "The Hobbit" series, Bilbo Baggins and his traveling companions get caught up in a war that threatens to destroy all of Middle Earth.

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

A slick reworking of the classic about brainwashed soldiers and a political assassination, from the time frame of the years following the Korean War to the present day. Directors Roger Corman and Sidney Lumet have cameos. Tina Sinatra, whose father Frank starred in the original, is a co-producer.

W. Kamau Bell: Semi-Prominent Negro

Comedy special featuring socio-political comedian W. Kamau Bell, who brings his characteristically biting take on the real issues of contemporary America from gentrification to raising his family in a post-Obama nation.

Jessabelle (2014)

A woman returns to her childhood home in Louisiana following a debilitating car accident, and explores the mysteries of her past while confronting a malevolent ghost.

The DUFF (2015)

A teen is devastated to learn that her classmates consider her the "designated ugly fat friend." In response, she enlists a jock's help in regaining her confidence, and plots to dethrone the school's queen bee.


Castro vs. Jackson

From 1994: Jorge Castro vs. John David Jackson in a middleweight title fight.

The Lovely Bones (2009)

After young teenager Susie Salmon is murdered, she watches over her grieving parents, as well as her unapprehended killer from a heaven of her own creation. Susie must come to terms with her own death, while sharing the pain her father and mother are working through.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)

Family comedy about youngsters who are miniaturized by a nutty professor's invention.

Wolves (2014)

High School senior Cayden Richards (Lucas Till) must flee his small town after the murder of his parents leaves him as a prime suspect. Lucas Till, Jason Momoa.


S2 | Ep3 Useful Occupations and Deceptions

Political machinations dominate most of Jamie's time, while Claire puts her healing skills to use. Their plan to stop Culloden moves along, but the forward momentum is jeopardized by past actions.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

An ice age is brought on by the effects of global warming and paleoclimatologist Jack Hall struggles through the masses fleeing south for warmer climate on his way north to reunite with his son.

The Wedding Ringer (2015)

A socially awkward guy hires a professional best man to make his wedding a success. In time, their arrangement turns into a real friendship.

The Princess Diaries (2001)

In this modern-day fable, a European queen travels to San Francisco to find her long-lost granddaughter and groom her for the throne.

Rudderless (2014)

A grieving father performs his late son's songs in order to keep his spirit alive. Later, the father and a young musician form a band that transforms their lives in ways neither dreamed possible.

Inside Out (2015)

Emotions run wild in the mind of a young girl who is uprooted from her peaceful life in the Midwest and forced to move to San Francisco. Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness each have their own ideas about how she should handle her new surroundings.