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Weather Center

An in-depth examination of the day's top weather stories.


Happening Now

The day's headlines; news analysis.


At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan

Top news stories of the day are discussed.

The Daily Share

Social media news and lifestyle content are featured.

News Nation

The day's headlines are dissected to explain how they impact people's everyday lives.



News reports from the U.S. and around the world.

Squawk Alley

A news program focusing on the intersection of Wall Street and technology, with stories of innovation and disruption along with capital markets and the global economy.


Varney & Company

Market coverage, featuring interviews and commentary from Wall Street experts.


BBC World News

International news from the British Broadcasting Corporation.


Forum on Lessons Learned from Baltimore

The Cato Institute holds a forum on lessons learned from the recent unrest in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody and whether Congress should spend money on jobs programs and more police body cameras

U.S. Senate

Coverage of the legislative body includes floor debates, as well as various Senate committees and subcommittees.

Politics and Public Policy Today



ESPN's flagship program provides a thorough presentation of sports news, highlights and analysis. The Emmy-winning show revolutionized the sports-news genre by deftly mixing information with irreverence in a hip, daily scrapbook of homers, touchdowns and slam dunks, the perfect clips-and-controversies fix for sports junkies. Staple features besides game scores and highlights include expert breakdowns, `Top Ten Plays', Web polls and trivia.


His & Hers

Sports discussions focusing on statistics, with input from athletes and others. Trivia, over-unders and key numbers tied to the day's top issues are featured.


NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

Sprint Cup qualifying at Charlotte Motor Speedway.


Auto Racing

Carb Day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Included: Indianapolis 500 practice; the Pit Stop Challenge.


Champions Tour Golf

Second-round play in the Senior PGA Championship in French Lick, Ind.

Big Ten Diamond Report

Baseball and softball news, analysis and highlights from around the Big Ten.


Daily studio discussion of all the latest Southeastern Conference news and newsmakers.

College Baseball

Southern California at California.

Judo Highlights

Grand Prix in Zagreb, Croatia.


SVP & Russillo

Simulcast of the ESPN Radio show, focusing on current sports topics.



Integración de las redes sociales con el mundo deportivo.

La Última Palabra

Discusiones sobre temas en el mundo del fútbol y el deporte en general, con un grupo de presentadores y comentaristas y la participación del público por teléfono, fax e internet.

This Is Paris

Material exclusivo de lo que acontece detrás de cámaras del Paris Saint-Germain.

Contacto Deportivo

Entrevistas y discusiones sobre los diferentes deportes del momento.

Global Fitness

Programas de ejercicio con técnicas de expertos.

SEC Storied

S3 | Ep4 Bo, Barkley & The Big Hurt

A look at Auburn's elite '80s athletic trio of Charles Barkley, Bo Jackson and Frank Thomas.



Winner's Circle

Bassmaster Classic champion Casey Ashley joins Tommy Sanders and Mark Zona to breakdown his classic 2015 win.

College Baseball

Arizona at UCLA.

College Baseball

Southern California at California.

College Baseball

Southern California at California.

College Baseball

Oregon at Utah.

College Football

The Oregon spring game.

Track and Field

The Oregon Twilight Meet at Hayward Field in Eugene.


T20 Cricket Review

Pakistan vs. Zimbabwe.

Doc McStuffins

S2 The Glider Brothers; Disco Dress Up Daisy

A toy glider plane accidentally crashes into a wall inside the house; Lambie gets jealous of Daisy's new outfit.

Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave

A preschool game show built upon the adventures of three animated characters who ask multiple-choice questions.

Sofia the First

S2 | Ep9 Gizmo Gwen

Sofia encourages a young kitchen maid to pursue her dream of becoming an inventor.


Wings of Love; Blackmailed!

Mr. Pluss catches Boyster and Rafik laughing over a photo of a sleeping Shelby dressed as a girl; Boyster is blackmailed by a nasty new neighbor.

Gilmore Girls

S1 | Ep3 Kill Me Now

Emily badgers Richard into taking Rory to their country club for golf lessons after the grandparents learn Rory's required to join a school sports team. Meanwhile, Lorelai oversees the double wedding of a set of spoiled twin brides. Babette: Sally Struthers. Arlene: Meagen Fay. Jackie: Kelly Cohen. Jessica: Ashley Cohen. Richard: Edward Herrmann. Emily: Kelly Bishop. Rory: Alexis Bledel.

Criminal Minds

S8 | Ep19 Pay It Forward

A gruesome discovery is made when a time capsule is opened 25 years after it was sealed in a small Colorado town. The unit investigates and the evidence suggests that the past crime may be linked to the present death of a local police officer.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

S8 | Ep3 Go to Hell

An entire family is murdered, except for a daughter who may be possessed by the devil.


S4 | Ep17 It's a Terrible Life

Sam and Dean live normal, separate lives but they don't seem to know each other, even though they work at the same company. However, when colleagues start committing suicide, they team up to investigate the situation.

Two and a Half Men

S4 | Ep11 Walnuts and Demerol

On Christmas Eve, Charlie's lusty plans for his date are thwarted by guests who keep stopping by, especially Evelyn, who is determined to keep them apart for some unexplained reason. Dorothy: Susan Sullivan. Gloria: Jessica Collins. Herb: Ryan Stiles.

Parks and Recreation

S2 | Ep9 The Camel

A mural depicting the "Spirit of Pawnee" is defaced at City Hall, prompting the Parks Department to come up with a new design. Elsewhere, Andy and Ron share an uncomfortable moment while getting their shoes shined.

Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus

A gigantic, immensely powerful shark does battle with a fierce primordial crocodile from Africa. Directed by Christopher Ray.

Doctor Who

S4 | Ep16 The Waters of Mars

The Doctor visits a base on Mars, where he helps Adelaide Brooke (Lindsay Duncan), the base's commander, combat a crisis from beneath the planet's surface that threatens both humanity and the Time Lord's beliefs.

Ladder 49 (2004)

A heroic firefighter (Joaquin Phoenix) reflects on his life and career while he's waiting to be rescued from a burning building. Slow and excruciatingly earnest. John Travolta, Morris Chestnut, Jacinda Barrett, Balthazar Getty. Jay Russell directed.


S4 | Ep18 The Old Man

Volunteering with seniors...Elaine is enthralled by hers, George gets fired and Jerry loses his. Edie McClurg, Bill Erwin. Ben: Robert Donley. Ron: Tobin Bell. Housekeeper: Lanei Chapman. Trish: Victoria Dillard. Tim: Jerry Hauck. Elaine: Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

U-571 (2000)

A doomed German submarine is carrying a special coding device and a U.S. sub crew is sent out to rescue the vessel, but German forces have picked up the distress call and are already en route to save their comrades.

Happily Never After

S2 | Ep10 Hunted by Love

A couple's hunting trip to celebrate their three-month anniversary ends in tragedy.

truTV Presents: World's Dumbest...

S11 | Ep3 World's Dumbest Thrillseekers 2

Daring and idiotic stunts are captured on video.


S1 | Ep2 Get Rich or Die Mining

In Fairbanks, John Reeves searches for gold on his land. Meanwhile, Creighton Lapp and Chuck Tillian finally start their season at Harrison Creek, but then permit problems shut them back down; and Doug Baker struggles to afford the rising cost of fuel.

Sloth Bears

Sloth bears in India are spotlighted.

The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved

S1 | Ep6 The Eye of God

Astrological mysteries are examined, including the odd hexagon at the pole of Saturn and the face on the Moon.

Save My Bakery

S1 | Ep4 Losing Dough

Kerry tries to help the financially strapped owners of a bakery in Flourtown, Pa., keep their business going by showing them how a revamped menu and exciting cake designs could bring in the dough.

Brunch @ Bobby's

S5 | Ep7 New Diner Favorites

Chef Bobby Flay puts an elegant spin on classic diner fare. Included: chocolate-hazelnut-s'more French toast; baked pumpkin oatmeal with a cinnamon crisp; and pasta scramble with breakfast sausage, eggs, kale and tomatoes.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

S8 | Ep13 Burgundy

A wine cave and an American-owned winery are among the highlights when chef Ludo Lefebvre joins Tony as he tours the Burgundy region of France. Also: a truck stop that serves crepes.

Fixer Upper

S2 | Ep9 Couple With Baby on the Way Looks for a Funky Fixer Upper

A blended family with a baby on the way hope to find a one-of-a-kind home.


S2 | Ep4 Trippy Tudor

Jake and Joel create a storybook-inspired backyard for a newlywed couple with a love for fantasy and adventure.


S9 | Ep6 Pampered to a Pulp

Roseanne and Jackie fight the battle of the bulge during their sojourn at a spa. Carol: Moon Zappa. Todd Oldham: Himself. Christy: Christy Martin. Yama: Ahmet Zappa. Jill: Colleen Camp. Make-up Artist: Tammy Faye Messner.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

S3 | Ep11 Here Comes the Bride

Season 3 closes with the housewives attending Lauri's nuptials.


Bring It On: Fight to the Finish

Feisty East Los Angeles high cheer-squad captain Lina Cruz (Christina Milan) and best friends Gloria (Vanessa Born) and Tryvonetta (Gabrielle Dennis) have their hopes set on winning the Spirit Championships with hot Latin and hip-hop moves and a little bit of luck. After her mother's remarriage, however, Lina is forced to relocate to a new school and is faced with the task of turning the far inferior Malibu Vista High Sea Lions into championship material.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

S10 | Ep11 About Bruce

Conclusion. Bruce and his family open up about his decision to live as a woman.

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Exhilarating and emotionally powerful Best Picture about an illiterate orphan from the slums of India who is on the verge of winning the ultimate prize on a popular TV quiz show.

Universo: Rex

Music videos featuring regional Mexican artists.

Midnight in Paris (2011)

A screenwriter (Owen Wilson) goes to France with his obnoxious fiancée (Rachel McAdams), and every night he travels back in time to 1920s Paris, where he mingles with such legendary artists as Salvador Dali, Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Written and directed by Woody Allen.

It Looks Like Rain

Weather-forecasting methods and instruments are examined. Included: the importance of meteorological predictions to farm communities. Narrated by John Nesbitt.

Elysium (2013)

In a future where the privileged reside on a space station called Elysium while the less fortunate live on the surface of a ruined Earth, one man seeks to access Elysium in a desperate bid to save his own life and bring balance to a divided society.

King Kong (2005)

Director Peter Jackson's rip-roaring remake of the tale of the lovestruck giant ape rampaging through New York City. Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody. The special-effects extravaganza won Oscars for Sound, Sound Editing and Visual Effects.

Hanging Up (2000)

A self-employed Los Angeles party planner cares for her dying father while her two sisters are too busy with their own careers to provide much assistance, sparking a series of smoldering sibling rivalries.

Last Vegas (2013)

Four geriatric friends head to Las Vegas for a bachelor party that recaptures the magic of their glory days. But Vegas has changed since the last time they prowled the Strip, and once the party gets started, there's no telling how it will end.

The Take

Featuring movie previews, celebrity interviews and entertainment-world news.

Planes (2013)

A humble crop duster dreams of becoming a great air racer, and competes against the fastest plane around with the help of a veteran aviator.


S1 | Ep15 Wentworth Prison

At Wentworth Prison, Jamie's execution day approaches, while Claire and the Highlanders contemplate a rescue plan. Later, Jamie receives an unsettling visit from Black Jack.

Sleepover (2004)

A 14-year-old's sleepover with her friends turns competitive when some popular girls challenge them to a scavenger hunt. Unfunny and contrived comedy. Alexa Vega, Mika Boorem. Joe Nussbaum directed.

Parkland (2013)

Chaos consumes Parkland Hospital in Dallas on the day that J.F.K. is assassinated in this historical drama, which also recounts the controversy surrounding whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

A clan's estranged patriarch loses his home and learns that his ex-wife plans to remarry, so he pretends to be dying to win back his family. Although his ex lets him move back in, his three adult children don't react well to their father's return.