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Weather Center

An in-depth examination of the day's top weather stories.

America's Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum

The day's news.


CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello

The latest news from around the world with host Carol Costello.

Morning Express With Robin Meade

The news of the day, including weather and segments on sports, entertainment, money and travel. Also: viewer e-mails, video messages and weather reports.


The Place for Politics 2016

Analysis of events leading up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Ali Velshi on Target

Global economic and political issues of importance to Americans are covered. Included: actionable solutions.


Squawk on the Street

Business and stock-market news from Wall Street and around the world, featuring interviews with policymakers from Asia, Europe and Washington, D.C.

Varney & Company

Market coverage, featuring interviews and commentary from Wall Street experts.


World news, business and sports.


Washington Journal


A forum for leading journalists and public policy makers to discuss key events and legislatio

Book Discussion on The Evolution of Everything

Matt Ridley investigates whether the theory of evolution applies to human society, particularly in terms of morality, religion, technology, marriage, economy, education, and more

Battle of Chancellorsville

A panel of historians discusses the Civil War Battle of Chancellorsville in 1863, considered by many to be General Robert E. Lee's greatest victory


Super Bowl coverage from the San Francisco Bay Area is featured.


ESPN First Take

Head-to-head debates on the hottest topics in sports, with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless as featured commentators alongside host Molly Qerim. A rotation of sportswriters and athletes also weigh in with their opinions.


Fox Sports Live

A nightly presentation of sports news, highlights and opinion.

Identity Theft

Are you at risk for identity theft? Get the facts from experts, and hear stories from victims. Discover how LifeLock can help protect you – with proprietary technology, and U.S.-based agents who help set things right if your identity is ever stolen.





Golf Central

The latest links news, highlights, features and interviews with players and industry top guns from around the globe.

Big Ten Basketball & Beyond

A weekly preview of Big Ten and national college basketball.

Women's Basketball

Auburn at Alabama.

One on One

John Elway

Former Stanford QB John Elway discusses his personal and professional success since leaving Palo Alto. Host: Mike Yam.

The Express Xtra

Sports news and highlights from around the world, plus in-depth analysis from an in-studio panel.

SC Featured

Central High

A look at Central High School in Tuscaloosa, Ala., and football coach Dennis Conner's role in rebuilding academically and athletically after a 2003 re-zoning created a student population from the largely impoverished West Tuscaloosa. Jemele Hill reports.


Las últimas noticias del mundo deportivo internacional con comentarios y entrevistas.

Programación pagada

Se emitirá programación pagada.

The Express Xtra - Weekend

Programa informativo de deportes Internacionales, incluyendo análisis e informes especiales.

Somos LMX

Programa que destaca lo mejor de la liga.

Béisbol Puertorriqueño

Equipos por Confirmar. (Diferido)

Crunch Time

A detailed look at the deciding minutes of the previous week's top college games.


Gold Fever

Stanislaus River Bottom

With the drought in California, Tom and his daughter Kia sail down the Stanislaus River, in search of gold that would otherwise be too deep to find underwater.

Classic College Football

From 2011: Missouri at Arizona State. The Sun Devils won 37-30 in overtime, with Brock Osweiler throwing for 353 yards and 3 TDs.

College Rugby

British Columbia at California.

Swimming and Diving

California at Southern California.

College Basketball

Colorado at Oregon State.

Classic College Football

From 2007: Arizona State vs. Oregon. The host Ducks won 35-23 behind QB Dennis Dixon's 4 passing TDs. Sun Devils QB Rudy Carpenter threw for 379 yards.

Varsity Days

1982 Rose Bowl: Iowa vs Washington

Highlighting the 1982 Rose Bowl, in which Huskies RB Jacques Robinson became the first-ever freshman MVP as Washington clubbed Iowa 28-0.

T20 Cricket Highlights

Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe.


S4 Back Up Brewster; Chief Wilson

Brewster learns to use the mega-chug crane; Wilson takes a test to assess his new Chug Patrol skills.


The adventures of a crew of space animals that oversees an intergalactic club house.

Miles From Tomorrowland

S1 Lunar New Year; The Hoverbike Diaries

Miles' grandparents join the family to celebrate Lunar New Year; Miles is invited to go on his first hoverbike road trip with Leo and Captain Joe.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

S1 Lobsterclaws; Sleep Spells

Ludo fires Lobster Claws, one of his monster minions, so Marco and Star help him adjust to life on Earth; Marco uses psychology to help Star when she "sleep spells."

George Lopez

S4 | Ep20 George Needs Anchor Management

George's imagination runs wild when Angie has lunch with an old boyfriend, who's now a local anchorman. Vogel: Hayden Adams. Maitre D': Jim Lau. Ernie: Valente Rodriguez. Angie: Constance Marie. Benny: Belita Moreno.

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

S9 | Ep9 19 Down...

Grissom announces he is leaving CSI and it stuns his staff, but a murder that may be linked to an infamous serial killer commands everyone's attention. The latest victim's body is found dismembered in a trash bag along a creek. Evidence suggests the murder is connected to the so-called Dick and Jane Killer, who is now in jail. Grissom then attends a class taught by criminal pathologist Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne), hoping to gain insight into the case.


S5 | Ep8 A Witch in Time

Phoebe foresees the death of her new beau and saves his life, only to get another premonition that he will die; Cole is visited by a warlock claiming to be from the future who's on a mission to kill Phoebe's new love---per Cole's orders. Miles: Ken Marino. Bacarra: Jason Brooks. Cole: Julian McMahon. Phoebe: Alyssa Milano. Piper: Holly Marie Combs.

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The Magicians

S1 | Ep3 Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting

Quentin and Julia have an unexpected, and somewhat volatile, reunion; Penny is overwhelmed by the power of his own psychic abilities; and Alice is willing to do anything to find out what happened to her missing brother.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation

S1 | Ep8 Justice

Plans for a vacation on the paradisiacal Rubicam Three are disrupted when Wesley breaks a planet law; meanwhile, a hostile vessel objecting to human colonization confronts the Enterprise. Liator: Jay Louden. Picard: Patrick Stewart. Data: Brent Spiner. Riker: Jonathan Frakes. Worf: Michael Dorn.


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Married...With Children

S8 | Ep2 Hood 'n' the Boyz

Al is thrilled when his childhood love (Debra Engle) asks his help against a young tough who's targeting her convenience store. Matt Borlenghi. Jackie: Kimberly Paige. Ray Ray's Girlfriend: Skye Bassett. Jefferson: Ted McGinley. Marcy: Amanda Bearse. Al: Ed O'Neill. Peggy: Katey Sagal.

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Comedy Bang! Bang!

S4 | Ep2 Maya Rudolph Wears a Black Skirt and a Strappy Sandals

Maya Rudolph is game for Skirmish of the Sexes, while Scott goes undercover to bag a bank-robbing Reggie.

On the Case With Paula Zahn

S9 | Ep10 Evidence of Deception

The murder of a college student is investigated.

Tai Chi Master!

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Garage Squad

S1 | Ep7 Camaro in Crisis

A 1968 Chevy Camaro 327 convertible is overhauled.

Larry King Special Report

Larry King investigates Omega XL, the ultimate all natural solution for pain and inflammation.

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Rachael Ray's Week in a Day

S3 | Ep5 Double Take

Pork-tenderloin posole; spaghetti with meat sauce; Mexican chorizo strata; French-onion-soup-topped French-bread pizzas; and Reuben-style shepherd's pie.

Tai Chi Master!

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Elbow Room

S3 | Ep2 Ground Control to Kitchen Command Center, Chip Wade Designs a Great Room with Reclaimed Wood Accents

An open floor plan for a mother of four who wants to keep a better eye on her children from her "command center," which is the kitchen. Included: Chip installs a custom pizza oven and uses reclaimed wood from an old barn.


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I Love Lucy

S1 | Ep8 Men Are Messy

Ricky's a slob, Lucy moans. So she divides their apartment in two (her half is tidy; his half isn't). Then a magazine photographer arrives and Lucy, thinking that he's only from a music magazine, clowns around amid the mess. Kenny: Kenny Morgan. Photographer: Harry Shannon.

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Our Little Family

S2 | Ep7 Hamill Hustle and Bustle

Jack turns 7 with a pirate-theme party, while Michelle prepares for a visit from old friends who have eight children, but with such a busy schedule Dan has second thoughts about taking on a project for a neighbor.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

S6 | Ep11 Gators and Haters

A trip to Florida continues, with friction involving Jim, Bobby and Dina reaching the breaking point. Meanwhile, Teresa explores how to respond to Jacqueline's texts, and Rosie's love life hits obstacles.

Dr. Phil

S8 | Ep157 Bully Moms

Mothers who bully their children are discussed.

My Wife and Kids

S4 | Ep28 What Do You Know?

It's “game night” at the Kyle house, but it isn't exactly fun and games when the couples play “What Do You Know?” “What You Don't Know” would be more like it. “There's this weird energy here,” moans Michael. Vanessa: Brooklyn Sudano. Jasmine: Ella Joyce. Calvin: Rasta. Tony: Andrew McFarlane. Franklin: Noah Gray-Cabey.


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Scent of a Woman (1992)

Al Pacino won an Oscar for his role as a blind retired military officer spending a fateful weekend in New York. Chris O'Donnell. Trask: James Rebhorn. Donna: Gabrielle Anwar. Directed by Martin Brest.

Music Feed

Music, news and celebrities are discussed.

My Wife and Kids

S1 | Ep10 A Little Romance

Michael's single brother Ken (Keenen Ivory Wayans) shows up for dinner with his 21-year-old girlfriend, Tiara (Daphne Duplaix), sparking Michael's fears that his marriage (or at least his sex life) has lost its spark. Meanwhile, Claire's getting her hopes up (a bit too much) about an upcoming dance contest. Rosa: Marlene Forte.

Debra Morton

Matters of faith are discussed.


HD music videos are featured.

Universo: Now

Un espacio dedicado a los éxitos musicales del momento.

Corky Romano (2001)

A bumbling veterinarian joins the FBI so he can destroy evidence against his mob-boss father.

Mister Roberts

A restless Navy officer (Henry Fonda, reprising his Broadway role) aboard a rust-bucket World War II cargo ship butts heads with his martinet captain (James Cagney) in this Best Picture nominee that garnered Jack Lemmon an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, and marked the final film appearance of William Powell. A sequel, "Ensign Pulver," was released in 1964, with Robert Walker Jr. as the title character played by Lemmon in the original.

Annie (2014)

A New York City tycoon adopts a vivacious orphan as a PR stunt in his bid to become mayor, but the little girl becomes his saving grace by teaching him what's truly important in life.


A New Mexico border-patrol officer's (Cuba Gooding Jr.) dark past comes back to haunt him when his old gang leader threatens his family to force him to smuggle drugs across the border. Omari Hardwick, Sharon Leal, Dean Norris, Chris Browning. Directed by Kevin Bray.

Snow Dogs (2002)

A Miami dentist (Cuba Gooding Jr.) inherits a team of frisky Alaska sled dogs from his deceased mother. A harmless comedy that's all bark and no bite. James Coburn. Brian Levant directed.

Tropical Heat

An insurance investigator (Rick Rossovich) travels to India to probe a maharajah's death. Maryam d'Abo, Lee Anne Beaman, Asha Siewkumar. Directed by Jag Mundhra.

Paper Soldiers

A group of comically inept thieves mentor an even less capable newcomer during a string of attempted robberies. Stu: Beanie Sigel. Shawn: Kevin Hart. Mike E: Michael Rapaport. Tamika: Stacey Dash. Mike O: Jason Cerbone. Co-written and co-directed by Damon Dash.

28 Days (2000)

An alcoholic journalist enters rehab with a group of eccentrics who help put her on the road to recovery.

Music and Lyrics (2007)

A has-been 1980s rocker teams with an unlikely collaborator to pen a winning tune for a pop diva.

An American Haunting (2006)

Routine ghost story based on the case of an alleged haunting of a family in early 19th-century rural Tennessee. Donald Sutherland, Sissy Spacek, James D'Arcy, Rachel Hurd-Wood. Directed by Courtney Solomon.

Wicker Park (2004)

Convoluted thriller that shifts perspectives and skips around in time to tell the story of a man's obsessive search for his missing lover. Josh Hartnett, Rose Byrne, Matthew Lillard, Diane Kruger. Directed by Paul McGuigan.

I Am Giant: Victor Cruz

The life of New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is the focus. His rags-to-riches story follows his being a Super Bowl champion to suffering a devastating knee injury to his courageous attempt to make a comeback.

Frequencies (2014)

In a fantastical alternate universe, only people with the same innate frequency can be together. Despite this, a young man falls for a woman with a different frequency, and must defy the very rules of reality for his love.

The One I Wrote for You

A singer/songwriter enters into a reality TV songwriting contest. But after losing two rounds, he takes on a win-at-all-costs attitude. Cheyenne Jackson, Kevin Pollak.

The Three Musketeers (1993)

Alexandre Dumas' classic about four young swashbucklers in 17th-century France.

Evita (1997)

Madonna gives a fine performance in this adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice musical based on the life of Eva Peron (1919-52), the popular and beloved wife of Argentine president Juan Peron. Antonio Banderas. Juan Peron: Jonathan Pryce. Alan Parker directed.

Paper Planes

A young boy living in a small country town dreams of making it to the World Paper Plane Championships in Japan despite having no funds to get there and a disapproving father.

Wish You Well

After her father is killed in a car accident, a young girl and her family move to her great-grandmother's farm in Virgina. In time, she learns more about her dad and follows in his footsteps as a writer.

Pearl Harbor (2001)

A restaging of the surprise Japanese attack against the backdrop of a love triangle involving a nurse and two fighter pilots. The film was nominated for three Oscars and won one for Best Sound Effects Editing.

Maleficent (2014)

Maleficent transforms from virtuous to villainous after humans pillage her serene forest kingdom. She curses the infant daughter of the family who invaded her home, but later discovers that the child possesses the power to restore peace to the land.

Give Us This Day

A moving story of poor Italian immigrants in New York before and during the Depression. Sam Wanamaker, Lea Padovani, Charles Goldner. Kathleen: Kathleen Ryan. Giovanni: Bill Sylvester. Julio: Bonar Colleano. Beautifully directed by Edward Dymtryk. Fine performances. Filmed in England.

Feast (2014)

In this Oscar-winning animated short, a dog gorges on junk food with his owner until the latter gets a health-conscious girlfriend.

The Raid 2 (2014)

Police officer Rama works to dismantle a major criminal empire by befriending a gangster's son, who is currently serving time in jail. Later, Rama's quest leads him straight to the corrupt politicians and vicious crime lords who have taken over his city.

Everybody Wants to Be Italian (2008)

Romantic comedy, set in Boston, in which a Polish-American fishmonger (Jay Jablonski) pretends to be Italian to woo a veterinarian (Cerina Vincent) whom he mistakenly believes to be of that ethnicity. Penny Marshall costars as a florist. Written and directed by Jason Todd Ipson.