#RichKids of Beverly Hills

  • 2014
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A reality series following a group of young people born into wealthy families offers a glimpse of what they do with their privileged lives in Beverly Hills.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 #1 #PartyCrasher
Ep8 #PartyCrasher
Ep7 #1 #LooseInLondon
Ep6 #HatersGonnaHate
Ep6 #1 #HatersGonnaHate
Ep5 #1 #BattleOfTheBods
Ep4 #1 #NeverHaveIEver
Ep3 #RingOnIt
Ep2 #BahamaDrama
Ep1 #RichKids of Beverly Hills
Ep1 #1 #Textgate

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 #surgeryselfie
Ep9 #survivaloftherichest
Ep8 #troopbeverlyhills
Ep7 #Pride&Prada
Ep6 #BabyWhisperer
Ep5 #BaldEagle
Ep4 #Instadrama
Ep3 #ShanghaiShowdown
Ep2 #Chinabound
Ep1 #RichKidsReturn

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep9 #VegasVIP
Ep8 #selfiesinthecity
Ep7 #BHgoesNYC
Ep7 #BHgoesNYC
Ep6 #funemployed
Ep5 #INTERIORmotives
Ep4 #yachtlife
Ep3 #crazyincabo
Ep2 #mansionhunting
Ep1 #welcometoBH

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Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
News Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff and Jonny Drubel Squash Their Drama
120 sec
News The "#RichKids" Receive a Proper Etiquette Lesson
3 min 2 sec
News What's Next for Morgan Stewart & Roxy Sowlaty?
2 min 23 sec
News Instagram vs. Snapchat! "#RichKids" Breakdown Photo Apps
67 sec
News EJ Johnson and Jonny Drubel's Guide to Gay Dating, Pt. 3
70 sec
News Dorothy Wang Warns Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff About Bobby
101 sec
News Brendan Fitzpatrick Gets Caught at a Strip Club
3 min 18 sec
News The "#RichKids" Have Selfie Struggles in Paris!
2 min 37 sec
News What Would Morgan Stewart and Dorothy Wang Do? Pt. 1
65 sec
News EJ Johnson and Jonny Drubel's Guide to Gay Dating, Pt. 2
113 sec
News Dorothy's Date Gets Wild With Jet-Setting BF
2 min 22 sec
News Morgan Goes Wedding Dress Shopping
3 min 10 sec
News Dorothy Gets Voice Lessons
3 min 35 sec
News What's In Morgan Stewart's Stylish Suede Bag?
64 sec
News EJ Johnson and Jonny Drubel's Guide to Gay Dating, Pt. 1
99 sec
News Morgan Stewart & Dorothy Wang Get Lap Dances
94 sec
News Dorothy Wang Is Clueless About Car Customization
115 sec
News Jonny and Brendan Bond While Getting Waxed
3 min 7 sec
News Dorothy Wang & Morgan Stewart Try Out Cirque School
3 min 26 sec
News What's In Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff's Stylish Bag?
105 sec
News Morgan Stewart & EJ Johnson Dish on What's Cute!
77 sec
News Brendan Fitzpatrick Shares Engagement Deets With His Mom
3 min 17 sec
News Taylor Seeks Fatherly Advice From David Hasselhoff
2 min 32 sec
News Dorothy and EJ Try Speed Dating!
3 min 16 sec
News What's In Roxy Sowlaty's Vintage Bag?
106 sec
News Dorothy Wang Gets the Ultimate Cartoon Selfie
2 min 21 sec
News Dorothy Wang Stalks Taylor's Rich New Crush
2 min 28 sec
News Brendan Surprises Morgan for Romantic Proposal
2 min 58 sec
News What's in Dorothy Wang's Hermes Kelly Bag?
92 sec
News EJ Johnson and Morgan Stewart Define What's Cute
85 sec
News EJ Johnson and Dorothy Wang Squash Their Drama
112 sec
News Brendan Reveals Morgan Stewart's Surprising Middle Name!
103 sec
News Is Morgan Getting Ditched at New York Fashion Week?
3 min 1 sec
News EJ Johnson Goes on Shopping Spree for Slim Bod
2 min 48 sec
News Dorothy Wang's Birthday Party Blow Up
4 min 8 sec
News Brendan Fitzpatrick Goes Undercover Ring Shopping
2 min 11 sec
News Yikes! Brendan Shows Off Bloody Hair Transplant
2 min 42 sec
News Dorothy Unveils Fabuluxe Jewelry Line to "#RichKids"
97 sec
News Mosquito Attack! "#RichKids" Fight Off Buggy Intruders
2 min 3 sec
News "#RichKids" Get Some Home Cookin' in Wyoming
118 sec
News Jonny Gets Testy With the Wyoming Locals
2 min 32 sec
News A "#RichKids" Near-Death Experience
98 sec
News "#RichKids" Try to Build a Campfire
2 min 41 sec
News Is Jonny Tough Enough to Take the Icy Lake Plunge?
88 sec
News Where Do "#RichKids" Pee in the Wild?
106 sec
News These "#RichKids" Are Not Happy Campers
89 sec
News All Eyes on EJ at Blog Launch Party
2 min 14 sec
News What? Morgan Has Trouble Riding a Bike
3 min 29 sec
News Roxy and Dorothy's Post-Fight Shopping Trip
2 min 51 sec
News EJ Shares Exciting News With Morgan
96 sec
News Does Roxy Know Who's in Wu-Tang Clan?
2 min 58 sec
News Roxy Gets Revenge on Cheating BF
120 sec
News Dorothy Finalizes Design for Custom Jewelry Line
88 sec
News Roxy Confronts Jonny Over Embarrassing Drunk Date
2 min 15 sec
News "#RichKids" Go From Fashion to Baby Talk
2 min 18 sec
News Brendan Feels Twitter Heat Over Receding Hair Line
2 min 27 sec
News EJ Gets Involved in Dorothy's Fight with Roxy
2 min 19 sec
News Dorothy Searches for the Perfect Personal Assistant
2 min 57 sec
News Planning the Ultimate Three-Way Birthday Party!
2 min 4 sec
News EJ, Ezra and Dorothy Twerk It Out
2 min 40 sec
News Morgan Has a Serious Girl Talk With Dorothy
110 sec
News Roxy Is Grossed Out at the Great Wall!
63 sec
News Is Roxy's Facebook Fling a Real Guy?
2 min 33 sec
News Morgan Opens Up About Her Brother's Past Challenges
2 min 5 sec
News Roxy Lashes Out at Chinese Hotel Staff
2 min 39 sec
News Watch EJ's Luxe Photo Shoot for "AMMO" Magazine
87 sec
News Morgan Has Big Plans for her Bel Air Pad
2 min 57 sec
News Dorothy Shops Like a Real Princess in China
107 sec
News #RichKids Get a Taste of Chinese Hospitality
2 min 56 sec
News Morgan Gets Real With Dorothy About Her Boyfriend
2 min 50 sec
News "#RichKids of Beverly Hills" Hit the Stores--VIP Style
111 sec
News "#RichKids" Take the High Seas by Storm
2 min 21 sec
News Cooper Gets Nervous About Trip to China
119 sec
News Watch "#RichKids of Beverly Hills" Season 1 Recap
75 sec
News #RichKids Fight the Hangover Blues
96 sec
News Roxy Wants to Sparkle for New Year
2 min 17 sec
News How Will #RichKids Ring in the New Year?
110 sec
News #RichKids FABULUXE Guide to Hashtagging
110 sec
News #RichKids Have Instagram Drama - Extended
2 min 7 sec
News "RKOBH" Ladies Night Out in NYC
2 min 7 sec
News Roxy Gets a "Wu-Tang Clan" Lesson
2 min 27 sec
News #RichKids FABULUXE Guide to Instagram Posts
101 sec
News #RichKids Do Mr. Chow Takeout - Extended
88 sec
News Morgan Brings on the Water Works - Extended
2 min 2 sec
News Jonny Visits the Eyebrow King
108 sec
News #RichKids FABULUXE Guide to Group Photos
88 sec
News Is Dorothy Becoming a Mini Mogul? - Extended
85 sec
News Will Dorothy Be a Princess?
103 sec
News Roxy's Antique Shopping Spree - Extended
119 sec
News #RichKids FABULUXE Guide to #FilterRegret
81 sec
News Dorothy Is Crushing Hard
70 sec
News #RichKids Need to Make a Living Too
92 sec
News Living the #HighLife With Dorothy - Extended
100 sec
News Who has #ExorcismButt? - Extended
49 sec
News #RichKids FABULUXE Guide to Filters
93 sec
News Anniversary Dinner Fight Ends in Tears - Extended
2 min 25 sec
News Who Parties Harder Than the #RichKids?
2 min 16 sec
News Which #RichKids Have the Best Moves? - Extended
87 sec
News #RichKids FABULUXE Guide to Selfies
2 min 26 sec
News #RichKids Have Serious Phone Drama
2 min 30 sec
News #RichKids Know How to Travel in Style
2 min 9 sec
News #RichKids Potty Problems
2 min 26 sec
News #RichKids FABULUXE Guide to Instagram
89 sec
News A Fabuluxe Guide: Pets on Instagram
99 sec
News Pool Party Fashion Rules - Extended
94 sec
News Dorothy Talks L.A. Neighborhoods
2 min 18 sec
News Pool Party Fashion Rules
52 sec
News No More Free Ride for Roxy
93 sec
News Morgan and Dorothy Are Domestic Divas
74 sec
News Rich Kids Invade Glitzy Rodeo Drive
86 sec
News Charity With a Cup of Crazy
108 sec
News A Fabuluxe Guide: Social Media Sites
2 min 38 sec
News Dorothy and Johnny's Big Blow Out
2 min 38 sec
News Will Dorothy Find Mr. Right?
70 sec
S3 | Ep8


Fecha al aire: 7/12/15
In the Season 3 finale, Morgan debates whether or not she wants Roxy at her engagement celebration and if their friendship is too far gone to save. Meanwhile, EJ's continued weight loss gives him the confidence to look for a relationship; at the same time, Taylor films a music video and finds a new Prince Charming; and Bobby causes chaos by showing up to a party uninvited.

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