3rd & Bird

  • 2008-2010
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Photo-puppetry animation accents this preschoolers' show, which revolves around three young birds and features lessons about diversity, tolerance and perseverance.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Jamaica
Ep25 Talent Show!
Ep24 Play Nicely!
Ep23 Night Hike!
Ep22 Prince!
Ep21 Aunt Esther!
Ep20 Muffin's Friend!
Ep19 Baby!
Ep18 Robot!
Ep17 Ahoy!
Ep16 Help Daddy!
Ep15 Balloon Ride!
Ep14 The Moon!
Ep13 Train!
Ep12 Race!
Ep11 Scooter!
Ep10 Storm!
Ep9 Paint Job!
Ep8 Road Trip!
Ep7 Down to Earth!
Ep6 Art Show!
Ep5 Elliot the Budgie!
Ep4 Beach Branch!
Ep3 Mariachi Muffin!
Ep2 Meow Kitty!
Ep1 Muffinland!

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 A Very Squooky Christmas
Ep24 Baby Jordan!
Ep23 Muffin's Plant
Ep22 Cowgirl!
Ep21 Playhouse!
Ep20 Ice Skating!
Ep19 Amazing Muffin!
Ep18 Starry Night!
Ep17 Go Camping!
Ep16 Dinosaur!
Ep15 Muffin's Shop!
Ep14 Pie Fair!
Ep13 Perfect Picnic!
Ep12 Rolling Along!
Ep11 Samuel's Dance!
Ep10 Pogo Nest!
Ep9 Meet Elliot!
Ep8 Costume Party!
Ep7 Super Slide!
Ep6 The Rudy Show
Ep5 Muffin Express!
Ep4 To Play or Not to Play!
Ep3 A Chorus for Us!
Ep2 Bird Theatre!
Ep1 Fly, Muffin!

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep47 Help Daddy!; Balloon Ride!
Ep46 Muffin's Friend!; Aunt Esther!
Ep45 Art Show!; Paint Job!
Ep44 Baby Jordan!; Baby!
Ep43 Go Camping!; Night Hike!
Ep42 Perfect Picnic!; Pie Fair!
Ep41 Rolling Along!; Playhouse!
Ep40 Dinosaur!; Robot!
Ep39 Costume Party!; Ahoy!
Ep38 The Amazing Muffin!; Talent Show!
Ep37 Superslide!; Pogo Nest!
Ep36 Cowgirl!; Road Trip!
Ep35 The Muffin Express!; Train!
Ep34 Meet Elliot!; Elliot the Budgie!
Ep33 To Play or Not to Play!; Play Nicely!
Ep32 A Chorus for Us!; Samuel's Dance!
Ep31 Bird Theatre!; The Rudy Show!
Ep30 Fly Muffin!; Muffinland!
Ep 8
Ice-Skating!; Storm!
Muffin Express
Ep 5
Ep 2
Ep 7
Ep 6
Ep 4
Beach Branch!; Jamaica!
Ice-Skating!; Storm!
Mariachi Muffin!; Prince!
Ep 3
Muffin's Shop!; Meow Kitty!
Muffin's Plant!; Down to Earth!
Ep 10
The Moon!; Starry Night!
Scooter!; Race!
Ep 9

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