48 Hours

  • 1988

A newsmagazine that focuses on a single story per episode, told from a number of perspectives by a group of correspondents.


Season 29

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Killer App

Season 28

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep29 Death and the Dentist
Ep28 The Preppy Killer
Ep27 #1 Bringing a Nation Together
Ep26 Cal Harris: The Final Verdict
Ep25 The Spymasters – CIA in the Crosshairs
Ep24 Death of an Olympian
Ep23 The Soldier's Wife
Ep22 Blood in the Sand
Ep21 Obsessed
Ep20 Breaking Point
Ep19 A Mother Accused
Ep18 What Happened in Apt. 1601?
Ep17 Eliminating the Threat
Ep16 Playing by the Rules?
Ep15 Trail of Tears
Ep14 A Student of Murder
Ep13 What Did the Children See?
Ep12 Target Justice
Ep11 Murder 90210
Ep10 Live to Tell: My Name Is Victoria
Ep9 Dear Savanna
Ep8 Road to Redemption
Ep7 The Strange Case of Kurt Sonnenfeld
Ep6 The Bugs Bunny Defense
Ep6 The Bugs Bunny Defense
Ep5 The Hunter
Ep5 The Hunter
Ep4 Vengeance in Vegas
Ep4 Vengeance in Vegas
Ep3 Shadow of Death
Ep2 #1 The Doctor's Daughter
Ep1 Hannah Graham: Deadly Connections
Ep1 Hannah Graham: Deadly Connections
Ep1 Hannah Graham: Deadly Connections Pt. 1
Ep1 Hannah Graham: Deadly Connections
48 Hours
Paris Under Attack

Season 27

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep33 Death on the Hudson
Ep32 Last Chance for Freedom
Ep31 Cal Harris: Deadlocked
Ep30 Janet's Secret
Ep29 Father and Son
Ep28 A Vision of Murder
Ep27 The Verdict
Ep26 #1 To Catch a Genius
Ep25 Death After Midnight
Ep24 The Accidental Husband
Ep23 The Bizarre Saga of Robert Durst
Ep22 Bruce Beresford-Redman: The Verdict
Ep22 Bruce Beresford-Redman: The Verdict
Ep21 Murder in Aspen
Ep21 Murder in Aspen
Ep20 Blaming Melissa
Ep19 Fall From Grace
Ep18 Dangerous Games
Ep17 Gone
Ep17 Gone
Ep16 The Millionaire, the Model and the Hitman
Ep15 Kiss of Death and the Google Exec
Ep14 Murder in Pinyon Pines
Ep13 The Ultimatum
Ep12 Live to Tell: Soul Survivor
Ep11 The Two Faces of Todd Winkler
Ep10 The Sober Truth
Ep9 The Girl Next Door
Ep8 Devil's Island
Ep7 Prison Diaries
Ep6 Live to Tell: I Remember Everything
Ep5 The Pact
Ep4 Kristen's Secret
Ep3 The Hit
Ep2 Mommy Dearest
Ep1 Paradise Lost

Season 26

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep37 48 Hours Mystery
Ep34 Blade Runner: The Verdict
Ep34 Name, Rank and Serial Killer?
Ep33 Oscar Pistorius: Shots in the Dark
Ep33 48 Hours
Ep32 The Trials of Cal Harris
Ep31 The Lost Daughter
Ep30 Live to Tell: One Last Hug
Ep29 End of the Trail
Ep28 A Daughter, a Mortgage and Two Murders
Ep28 48 Hours
Ep27 A Raging Son
Ep26 Temptation in Texas
Ep25 Dangerous Beauty
Ep24 Decades of Deceit
Ep23 Sins of the Father
Ep22 Wounded by Love
Ep21 Last Chance
Ep20 Ryan Ferguson: Wrongfully Convicted
Ep19 Fateful Connection
Ep18 The Blue River Murder
Ep17 The Last Confession
Ep16 Whole Gritty City
Ep15 Death at Soho House
Ep14 A Bad Bet
Ep13 Perilous Journey
Ep12 Death at the Parsonage
Ep12 48 Hours
Ep11 Love, Hate & Obsession
Ep10 Walking Free
Ep9 Hollywood Secrets
Ep8 The Devil's Twin
Ep7 Relentless
Ep6 Loved to Death
Ep5 The Ghosts of Greenwich
Ep4 AKA Rockefeller
Ep3 Death at Cottonwood Creek
Ep3 The One Who Got Away
Ep2 Spies, Lies and Secrets
Ep2 48 Hours Mystery
Ep1 The Sweeheart Murders
Ep1 48 Hours Mystery
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Season 25

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep29 The War in Chicago
Ep28 #1 Unraveling the Lies of Jodi Arias
Ep27 Murder at Sea?
Ep26 Over the Edge
Ep25 Pain and Gain
Ep24 Captured
Ep23 Power and Passion
Ep23 Grave Injustice
Ep22 Ambushed
Ep22 Only Casey Knows
Ep21 Cold as Ice
Ep21 Name, Rank and Serial Killer?
Ep20 The Usual Suspect
Ep20 Dream Killer
Ep19 The Accuser
Ep19 Live to Tell: Hunting Humans
Ep18 Honor and Dishonor
Ep18 Playing With Fire
Ep17 The Dog Trainer, the Heiress and the Bodyguard
Ep17 Desperate Measures
Ep16 The Dog Trainer, the Heiress and the Bodyguard
Ep16 Live to Tell: The Stranger You Know
Ep15 Crazy Love
Ep15 Every Picture Tells a Story
Ep14 Picture Perfect: The Trial of Jodi Arias
Ep14 Temptation
Ep13 The Perfect Family
Ep13 Body of Lies
Ep12 Shattered Dreams
Ep12 Fatal Choice
Ep11 Newtown
Ep11 Their Father, the Godfather
Ep10 #1 Everything to Lose
Ep10 #1 Live To Tell: The Railroad Killer
Ep9 The Hunt for Mr. Wright
Ep9 #1 Live to Tell: Full Moon
Ep8 Presumed Guilty
Ep8 #1 Shootout at the Hills
Ep7 Highway of Tears
Ep7 #1 Secrets, Lies and Alibis
Ep6 #1 Secrets of the River
Ep6 #2 Chasing the Barefoot Bandit
Ep5 Lina's Heart
Ep5 #2 Taken: The Amber DuBois Story
Ep4 #1 The Preacher's Passion
Ep3 Collision Course
Ep3 #1 The Whole Truth
Ep2 #1 Friends for Life
Ep2 Fugitive@hotmail
Ep1 My Dad's Killer
Ep1 The Killing Game

Season 24

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep41 48 Hours Mystery
Ep40 48 Hours Mystery
Ep39 48 Hours Mystery
Ep38 48 Hours Mystery
Ep37 48 Hours Mystery
Ep36 48 Hours Mystery
Ep35 Private Needham's War
Ep35 One of Their Own
Ep33 Murder at the Manor
Ep33 Redemption Song
Ep32 Long Island Serial Killer
Ep32 House of Secrets
Ep32 Secrets of a Marriage
Ep32 #1 Dirty Little Secrets
Ep31 Murder in the O.C.
Ep31 Love and Death in Alaska
Ep30 Live to Tell: An Officer and a Hero
Ep30 Seven Days of Rage
Ep29 Ransom
Ep29 Daddy's Girl
Ep28 The Writing on the Wall
Ep28 One of Their Own
Ep27 Death Wish
Ep27 Betting Her Life
Ep26 Mystery on Twin Peaks Drive
Ep26 Shelley's Last Breath
Ep25 The Stranger Beside Me
Ep25 A Killer Defense
Ep24 Honor Killing
Ep24 Hannibal Unmasked
Ep23 Arturo Gatti's Last Fight (Update)
Ep23 My Mother's Murder
Ep22 Grave Injustice
Ep22 In Too Deep
Ep21 The Boy Next Door
Ep21 The Girl Who Knew Too Much
Ep20 The Country Club Murders
Ep20 Lady in the Pool
Ep19 Fatal Episode, the Producer's Story
Ep19 A Cry For Innocence
Ep18 Soccer Moms Confidential
Ep18 A Cry for Innocence
Ep17 #1 Screenplay for Murder
Ep17 Lies and Whispers
Ep16 Dark Side of Paradise
Ep16 A Time to Kill
Ep15 A Fatal Attraction
Ep15 Thou Shalt Not Kill
Ep14 Showdown in the Bedroom
Ep14 The Secret
Ep13 Family Affair
Ep13 Buried Secrets of Las Vegas
Ep12 Drawn to Murder
Ep12 Innocence Lost
Ep11 Long Island Serial Killer
Ep11 Live to Tell: Kidnap on Highway 1
Ep10 Live to Tell: Three Days Before Christmas
Ep10 Live to Tell: The Birthday Party
Ep9 Secrets of a Marriage
Ep9 The Lost Children
Ep8 Murder at the Manor
Ep8 Justice in the Heartland
Ep7 Vanity Fair: Hollywood Scandal
Ep7 Diary of a Showgirl
Ep6 Private Needham's War
Ep6 A Case for Murder
Ep5 Murder in the O.C.
Ep5 Deadly Prophecy
Ep4 The Killing Fields
Ep4 Haunted
Ep3 Redemption Song
Ep3 The Untold Story of Caylee Anthony
Ep2 Amanda Knox: The Untold Story
Ep2 Show Me the Money
Ep1 Arturo Gatti's Last Fight
Ep1 Our Father...The Godfather

Season 23

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep17 48 Hours Mystery
Ep17 The Dog Trainer of Anacortes
Ep16 Seven Days of Rage
Ep16 Seven Days of Rage
Ep15 Kidnapped
Ep14 The Temptation of Tausha Fields
Ep13 Lady in the Harbor
Ep12 48 Hours Mystery
Ep11 Catch Her if You Can
Ep10 Dark Voyage
Ep9 The Curious Case of Col. Shue
Ep8 48 Hours Mystery
Ep7 Toxic
Ep6 Picture Perfect
Ep5 Live to Tell: River's Edge
Ep4 Live to Tell: The Year We Disappeared
Ep3 Conspiracy to Kill
Ep2 Lady in the Harbor
Ep1 Who Killed Toni Heartsong?

Season 22

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep41 Peace, Love and Murder
Ep40 Power, Passion and Poison
Ep39 Deadline for Justice
Ep38 The Guessing Game
Ep37 The Mortgage and the Murder
Ep36 Truth on Trial
Ep35 #1 Vegas Heat
Ep34 Blood and Money on Horseshoe Bay
Ep33 Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor?
Ep32 Into Thin Air
Ep31 Shawn Hornbeck: Kidnapped
Ep30 The Letter
Ep29 The Ghosts of Greenwich
Ep28 Storm of Murder
Ep27 Stolen Beauty
Ep26 The Secret Life of Paige Birgfeld
Ep25 Betrayal
Ep24 Polygamy
Ep23 Point Blank
Ep22 #1 The Preacher's Wife
Ep21 Courting Disaster
Ep20 The Last Take
Ep19 Cold Case
Ep18 The Letter
Ep17 A Long Way From Home
Ep16 Stolen Dreams
Ep15 Love and Death in Alaska
Ep14 The Long Road
Ep13 #1 Addicted to Love
Ep12 Who Killed the Beauty Queen?
Ep11 No Way Out
Ep10 Lost in Paradise
Ep9 In Too Deep
Ep8 Secrets of Palm Beach
Ep7 Death Without Mercy
Ep6 Capture the Queen
Ep5 Where's Maddie?
Ep4 Capture the Queen
Ep3 The Sugar Land Conspiracy
Ep2 Storm of Murder
Ep1 The McGuire Diaries

Season 21

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Beyond the Boardwalk
Ep19 Death of a Dream
Ep18 Politics, Passion and Poison
Ep17 Nightmare in Napa
Ep16 Virginia Tech: Anatomy of a Rampage
Ep15 The Puppet Master
Ep14 The Ghost of David Coffin
Ep13 Jeffrey MacDonald: Time for Truth
Ep12 Dangerous Reunion
Ep11 Murder on the Cape
Ep10 To Catch a Killer
Ep9 Caught in the Crossfire
Ep8 The Biggest Gamble
Ep7 Murder Comes Knocking
Ep6 Love and Lies
Ep5 Secrets in the Sand
Ep4 The Sweetheart Murders
Ep3 Searching for Secrets
Ep2 Murder on His Mind
Ep1 Endgame

Season 20

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep27 Walking Free
Ep26 Decade of Mystery
Ep25 Blood and Money
Ep24 Exposed
Ep23 Memory of Murder
Ep22 Scientology: A Question of Faith
Ep21 Dangerous Liaisons
Ep20 Millionaire Manhunt
Ep19 The Informer
Ep18 Dark Voyage
Ep17 Deadly Secrets
Ep16 Duty, Death and Dishonor
Ep15 Nashville Blues
Ep14 Shattered Dreams
Ep13 Deadly Proposal
Ep12 The Marilyn Tapes
Ep11 A Knock on the Door
Ep10 Love Lost
Ep9 Natalee Holloway: New Clues
Ep8 Texas Confidential
Ep7 Christie's Biggest Gamble
Ep6 What They Did for Love
Ep5 Dream Killer
Ep4 Blaming the Babysitter
Ep3 Rage on the Run
Ep2 The Phone Call
Ep1 The Girl Next Door

Season 19

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep34 The Mystery of Christmas
Ep33 Who Killed the Newlyweds?
Ep32 The Mystery of Janet March
Ep31 Deadly Ride
Ep30 Nightmare in Napa
Ep29 Sex, Lies and the Doctor's Wife
Ep28 Blind Justice
Ep27 Scared to Death
Ep26 Secrets and Lies on Grapevine Lake
Ep25 Defending Your Life
Ep24 Strange Truth
Ep23 Out of the Shadows
Ep22 Back from the Dead
Ep21 Disaster in the Delta
Ep20 Katrina's Fury
Ep19 Michael Jackson Verdict
Ep18 The Pretender
Ep17 Two Wigs, a Gun and a Murder
Ep16 A Mind for Murder
Ep15 Secrets from the Grave
Ep14 The Man Who Knew Too Much
Ep13 Terror at the Morgue
Ep12 A Prescription for Murder?
Ep11 Blood Feud
Ep10 Prime Suspect
Ep9 Secrets of the Well
Ep8 Rescued From the Shadows
Ep7 Chamber of Secrets
Ep6 Postmarked for Murder
Ep5 Murder in the Hamptons
Ep4 Michael Jackson: Critical Stage
Ep3 Hostage
Ep2 Where's Our Baby?
Ep1 Who Killed the Rock Star?

Season 18

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 Six Miracles for Christmas
Ep7 Prime Suspects
Ep6 Black Dahlia Confidential
Ep5 The Right to Kill
Ep4 Dark Side of the Mesa
Ep3 The Ghosts of El Segundo
Ep2 Right or Wrong
Ep1 Forced Confession

Season 16

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep2 Burden of Proof
Ep1 Where is Mrs. March?

Season 14

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep293 The West Memphis 3 - Free
Ep292 Bullying: Words Can Kill
Ep291 Hannibal Unmasked
Ep290 #1 The Dog Trainer, the Heiress and the Bodyguard
Ep289 48 Hours Mystery
Ep288 Long Island Serial Killer
Ep287 Temptation
Ep286 Casey Anthony: Judgment Day
Ep285 Follow the Money
Ep284 House of Secrets
Ep283 The Boy Next Door
Ep282 The Facebook Detectives
Ep281 #1 Last Chance for Justice
Ep280 Vegas Heat
Ep279 Live to Tell: Black Wave
Ep278 American Girl, Italian Murder: The Verdict
Ep277 Live to Tell: Krystal's Courage
Ep276 48 Hours Mystery
Ep275 48 Hours Mystery
Ep274 48 Hours Mystery
Ep273 Michael Jackson: The Last Dance
Ep272 48 Hours Mystery
Ep271 Michael Jackson: Picking Up the Pieces
Ep270 48 Hours Mystery
Ep269 Deep Secret
Ep268 The Mortgage and the Murder
Ep267 48 Hours Mystery
Ep266 48 Hours Mystery
Ep265 The Lord's Boot Camp
Ep264 Drawn to Murder
Ep263 Drawn to Murder
Ep262 Drawn to Murder
Ep261 Hard Evidence: Murder in Las Vegas
Ep260 Hard Evidence: Secrets and Lies on Grapevine Lake
Ep259 Secrets of Palm Beach
Ep258 Fight for the Truth
Ep257 48 Hours Mystery
Ep256 48 Hours Mystery
Ep255 Trigger Point
Ep254 An Invisible Enemy
Ep253 A Time to Kill
Ep252 An Eye for an Eye
Ep251 Perfectly Executed
Ep250 Murder in the Fast Lane
Ep249 Hard Evidence: Bad Girls
Ep248 Deadly Obsession
Ep247 48 Hours Mystery
Ep246 48 Hours Mystery
Ep245 Deadly Proposal
Ep244 Written in Blood
Ep243 The Confession
Ep242 A Question of Murder
Ep241 48 Hours
Ep240 48 Hours
Ep239 A Shot in the Dark
Ep238 48 Hours
Ep237 The Kennedys: Privilege and Pressure
Ep236 The Alibi
Ep235 Eye of the Beholder
Ep234 Vanished
Ep233 The Canal Street Brothel
Ep232 On the Verge of a Verdict
Ep231 Hard Evidence: Lost in Paradise
Ep230 American Taboo
Ep229 Who Killed Stephanie Crowe?
Ep228 The Mystery of Robert Durst
Ep227 Extremely Perfect
Ep226 48 Hours
Ep225 Invitation to a Murder
Ep224 Missing Molly
Ep223 Who Killed the Prosecutor?
Ep222 Going to Extremes
Ep221 Searching for Angela Shelton
Ep220 Heavy Burden
Ep219 Cold Cases Get Hot
Ep218 It's Just Sex
Ep217 The Secret Life of Eric Wright
Ep216 It's a Big Country
Ep215 The Other Woman
Ep214 Web of Seduction
Ep213 The Law & Mrs. Shelton
Ep212 Twist of Fate
Ep211 The Canal Street Brothel
Ep210 A Nation's Farewell
Ep209 Young, Rich and Powerful
Ep208 Highly Charged
Ep207 The Homecoming
Ep206 Party of Six
Ep205 48 Hours Mystery
Ep204 48 Hours Investigates
Ep203 Driven to Extremes
Ep202 Diana's Secrets
Ep201 48 Hours Investigates
Ep200 True Confessions
Ep199 Caged Kids
Ep198 Sons of Camelot
Ep197 Robert Durst
Ep196 Mystery in Paradise
Ep195 48 Hours Investigates
Ep194 Extremely Perfect
Ep193 Trapped
Ep192 The Road to Oscar
Ep191 Who Killed the Prosecutor?
Ep190 It's Just Sex
Ep189 Prime Suspect
Ep188 The Other Woman
Ep187 The Bookie's Wife
Ep186 Rich Kids
Ep185 Without Warning
Ep184 48 Hours Investigates
Ep183 Missing Molly
Ep182 48 Hours Investigates
Ep181 Michael Jackson
Ep180 Twist of Fate
Ep179 48 Hours Investigates
Ep178 The Secret Life of Eric Wright
Ep177 It's a Big Country
Ep176 What's Love Got to Do with It?
Ep175 Full-Court Press
Ep174 Tacoma Confidential
Ep173 Deadly Truth
Ep172 Star Witness
Ep171 Ghosts of Greenwich
Ep170 To Hell and Back
Ep169 A Perfect 10
Ep168 Mystery in Room 813
Ep167 Weighty Matters
Ep166 Femme Fatale
Ep165 48 Hours Investigates
Ep164 Murder Among Friends
Ep163 Clues
Ep162 A Father Accused
Ep161 The Will to Live
Ep160 Deadly Hero
Ep159 Rich Kids
Ep158 Daddy Dearest?
Ep157 The Canal Street Brothel
Ep156 The Bone Collector
Ep155 Vanished
Ep154 48 Hours Investigates
Ep153 For Love or Money
Ep152 The Babysitter
Ep151 Extremely Perfect
Ep150 To Catch a Killer
Ep149 RFK Jr. A Family's Defense
Ep148 The Hunt for Saddam
Ep147 48 Hours Investigates
Ep146 48 Hours Investigates
Ep145 48 Hours Investigates
Ep144 The Road to Baghdad
Ep143 Elizabeth Smart
Ep142 The Investigators
Ep141 Desperate Call
Ep140 American Beauty
Ep139 The Preppy Killer
Ep138 48 Hours Investigates
Ep137 Mystery in Room 813
Ep136 Murder in Monaco
Ep135 Reasonable Doubt
Ep134 48 Hours Investigates
Ep133 Network Exclusive
Ep132 Kids for Sale
Ep131 Trained to Kill
Ep130 Discipline or Murder
Ep129 Legends
Ep128 Greed and Murder
Ep127 Tracking a Killer
Ep126 Family Secrets
Ep125 48 Hours Investigates
Ep124 Witness
Ep123 Scammed
Ep122 The Investigators
Ep121 Addicted
Ep120 The Alibi
Ep119 In Search of a Killer
Ep118 Crime of the Mind
Ep117 Silent Killers
Ep116 Perfect
Ep115 Seduced
Ep114 Wild Child
Ep113 A Husband Accused
Ep112 Hooked
Ep111 Middletown, USA
Ep110 Krystal's Courage
Ep109 Krystal's Courage
Ep108 Miracle Babies
Ep107 Over the Edge
Ep106 Favorite Daughter
Ep105 Unjustly Accused
Ep104 A Question of Guilt
Ep103 Deadly Risk
Ep102 Deadly Dose
Ep101 Fatal Mistake
Ep100 48 Hours
Ep99 Idol Maker
Ep98 Incredible Families
Ep97 Death Benefits
Ep96 Who's My Mommy?
Ep95 Desperate Measures
Ep94 Twins of Fate
Ep93 Stroke of Luck
Ep92 End of the Road
Ep91 It's All in Your Head
Ep90 Bet on Murder
Ep89 Against All Odds
Ep88 Murder in the Desert
Ep87 Truth and Consequences
Ep86 48 Hours
Ep85 Legends
Ep84 The Millionaire Boy's Club
Ep83 Perfect
Ep82 Teen Idol
Ep81 Trouble Next Door
Ep80 Good Cop, Bad Cop
Ep79 Spring Break
Ep78 Never Forget
Ep77 Spencer's Journey
Ep76 Under Suspicion
Ep75 Living with the Enemy
Ep74 Abducted
Ep73 Animal Magnetism
Ep72 Reasonable Doubt
Ep71 The Mystery of Slide Mountain
Ep70 48 Hours
Ep69 Sleep Tight
Ep68 A Lot to Lose
Ep67 Prisoners in Paradise
Ep66 Bookies Wife
Ep65 Web of Seduction
Ep64 Everybody Has a Story
Ep63 Your Wildest Dreams
Ep62 All in the Family
Ep61 A Company of Heroes
Ep60 Addicted
Ep59 Twin Miracles
Ep58 The Fight to Forgive
Ep57 A Family Torn Apart
Ep56 Parent Trap
Ep55 The Rookies
Ep54 Double Life
Ep53 48 Hours
Ep52 Untold Story of Flight 11
Ep51 Safe at Home?
Ep50 At Ground Zero
Ep49 48 Hours
Ep48 48 Hours
Ep47 Tug of Love
Ep46 Living with the Enemy
Ep45 A Mother Accused
Ep44 48 Hours
Ep43 48 Hours
Ep42 Everybody Has a Story
Ep41 Survival of the Fittest
Ep40 Dad's Double Life
Ep39 48 Hours
Ep38 Cyber Crime
Ep37 Krystal's Courage
Ep36 Krystal's Courage
Ep35 48 Hours
Ep34 48 Hours
Ep33 The End of the Dream
Ep32 48 Hours
Ep31 48 Hours
Ep30 While Innocents Slept
Ep29 48 Hours
Ep28 48 Hours
Ep27 Perfect Match?
Ep26 Accused
Ep25 48 Hours
Ep24 48 Hours
Ep23 48 Hours
Ep22 48 Hours
Ep21 Young Justice
Ep20 Jane's Justice
Ep19 48 Hours
Ep18 Day of Reckoning
Ep17 Cyber Stalker
Ep16 Bitter Pill
Ep15 Living Better Longer
Ep14 Heroes Under Fire
Ep13 Never Forget
Ep12 Tornadoes
Ep11 48 Hours
Ep10 48 Hours
Ep9 48 Hours
Ep8 48 Hours
Ep7 Judging Dr. Morgan
Ep6 Revenge
Ep5 Hard Evidence: Deadly Secret
Ep4 Hard Evidence: Mr. Wonderful
Ep3 1999 September 23
Ep2 Hard Evidence: A Time to Kill
Ep1 Hard Evidence: My Daughter's Killer
Is Your Food Safe?
Dead Men Tell No Tales
Is Your Food Safe?
Dead Men Tell No Tales
My Father's Killer
Bad Girls
Hard Evidence: Cop Behind Bars
Hard Evidence: Expert Witness
Hard Evidence: The Enemy Within
Hard Evidence: Murder in L.A.
Fatal Attraction
Daddy's Little Girl
The Journey Home
Kidnapped 1998
The Negotiators
Emergency USA
Hanging Tough
The Desperate Journey
On Hate Street
Cops on Trial
Get Rich Quick
To Catch a Crook
The Heroin Connection
The Opposite Sex
Serial Killer
Treasure Hunt
The Empire State Shooting
Don Imus
Stopping the Clock 2
The Circus
Ohio Prison Riot
Home Repair, Home Despair
David Helfgott
Perfect Match
Animal ER
Where There's Smoke
So You Want to Be President
Danny Palm
Men Feeling Better, Living Longer
The Journey Home
Fort Bragg Skinhead Murders
A Mother's Search
Prom Night
Testimony of Terror
Best of the Diet Shows
The San Francisco Vice
Dangerous Jobs
Indecent Proposals
Million Dollar Babies
I Can't Remember
Missing in Action
Throwaway Kids
Fathers Fight Back
Who Get the Kids?
Flood, Sweat and Tears
Tales of Times Square
Here Comes Mr. Clinton
The Drug Trail
Our Kids, Armed and Dangerous
Love in Black and White
Healing or Hype
On Hero Street
Treating Pain
All Night Long
Anything for a Cure
The Standoff at Waco
New York Underground
Marked for Life
Your Money or Your Life
The Spies Among Us
Teachers Touch
Search for a Cure
I Want My Baby
Who's Watching the Kids?
Choosing Sides
Better Sex
LA Ground Zero
Are We Having Fun Yet?
Free to Kill
The Drug Informer
Death by Midnight, Final Countdown
Phobias, Wonder Kids
Have You Seen Them?
How Safe Is Your Hospital?
Ready, Aim, Fire
Private Matters
On Route 66
Get Rich Quick, The Harder They Fall
Hoping for a Miracle
America's Big Gamble
The Best of 48 Hours
Bedlam on Bourbon Street
Kevin Costner
Child Hunter
A Season of Ups and Downs
An American Dream
Nothing but the Truth
Gimme a Break
Making News
Inside Scotland Yard
End of the Innocence
Young Justice
Behind the Blue Line
An American Tragedy
A Shred of Evidence
Whose Baby Is It?
Crazy About Elvis
The Perfect Specimen, LSD Return Trip
Are We Alone?
On Sunset Boulevard
One Last Chance
What's Your Gripe
What's Driving You Crazy?
Getting Even
Afraid of Our Children
Class of 2000
Down's Syndrome Drug
Just Do It or Else
Teachers Trust
Las Vegas
The Missing Girl in Texas
Medical Marvels
Generation X-tra Large
Who Killed Jane?
Protecting Mom
Talk to the Animals
If You Could See Them Now
Cosmetic Laser Surgery
Slamming the Door
The Coast Guard
Foster Killer
Free to Kill
The Running of the Bulls
An Interview with President Clinton
Fatal Encounter
Wenatchee Child Sex Abuse
Love and Marriage
Miller and Mize
The Making of a Bestseller, Neo Nazi Goes Straight
The Parent Trap
Without a Trace
State of Fear
Death by Midnight
Til Death Due Us Part
Ready for Love
Crimes of the Heart
Lost Behind Bars
Winning the Weight War, Indecent Proposals
Rocking the Boat
In the Danger Zone
Miracle Cure
Politically Correct
LSD Return Trip
The Rage over Welfare
Auto Defects
An American Tragedy
The Fear of Fat
Iraqi Cluster Bombs
Baltimore Fathers
Miller and Mize
A Parents Guide to Pot
Have You Seen Them?
Child Custody
Behind Closed Doors
A Reasonable Doubt
College Admissions
Spying on Your Teens
Against All Odds
Bad Neighbors
Road Rage
Survivor Stories
Who Killed Jane?
Umbilical Cord, Blood Transplant
The Class of 2000
Dead Man Talking
Kathy Bush
Kids Who Kill
Step by Step
Out of Bounds
Family Values
Olympics Special
Making It
Step by Step
Crazy About Elvis
Animal Magnetism
Last Call
Murder or Madness
Fatal Error
The Citadel2
McDuff: Free to Kill
The Smallest Survivors
Everybody's Talking
Real ER
Hard Time
An American Tragedy
Stopping the Clock
The Oklahoma City Bombing
Gambling Fever
Whose Country Is It?
The Devil on Main Street
Terror on the Job
Near Death Experiences
Bank Robbery
Isn't It Romantic
Princess Diana: InvestigatingTragedy
Whatever Happenend To?
Dead Tired
Diana Investigation
Porn in the USA
Bad Medicine
AIDS: Doctor in Africa
Missing Children
Dying to Be Thin
A Fatal Mistake
Bad Bosses
Who Killed Dr. Martin Luther King?
Surviving El Nino
Rough Justice
Winning the Weight War
Crime in the Dark
Till Christmas
Steal That Car
Pet Passion
Teen Smoking
Hard Evidence
The Boys of Harlem
Can Justin Be Saved?
Birth of the Militia
Not in My Army
Real 911
Teachers Touch
See You in Court
On the Edge
Julianne's Last Chance
Discipline: When Is It Too Much?
Survival of the Wildest
Behind the Seams
Is Flying Safe?
Family Secret
Hard Evidence
The Citadel
Thrill Seekers
Perfect Specimen
Behind Closed Doors
Mission Impossible
Road Rage
Born to Be Wild
Teacher's Pet
Lottery Fever
Out of Mind
In the Line of Fire
Khristine Is Missing
Cheating Death
Blood Relatives
On the Run
Grandmother's Mission
Who Killed Robert Adair?
Cyber Crime
Double Jeopardy
By Two and Two
Murder in Spokane
Precious Angels
Heavy Burden
What's Love Got to Do with It
The Law and Mrs. Sheldon
Twist of Fate
Without Warning
A Time to Kill
Why Did Eric Kill?
Caged Kids
Who Killed the Prosecutor?
The Other Woman
Great Dames
The Colonel's Wife
Ghosts of Mississippi
Citizen Jane
Who Killed These Girls?
Who Killed These Girls?
Getting Away with Murder
Gambling with Your Life
On the Edge of Your Seat
Shame of Rush Springs
Shame of Rush Springs
Second Hand Man
The Killer Next Door
A Killer Walks Free
A Killer Walks Free

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Why Did Eric Kill?

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 My Daughter's Killer

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Cop Behind Bars

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