A Certain Magical Index

  • 2008-2011

A student with superhuman powers plunges into a world of adventure where magic and science collide.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Armed Group (Skill-Out)
Ep23 Before the War
Ep22 Divine Punishment Spell
Ep21 Teaching Device (Testament)
Ep20 Hunting Dog Unit (Hound Dog)
Ep19 Amata Kihara (Researcher)
Ep18 Specimen Number (Serial Number)
Ep17 Penalty Game
Ep16 Rosary of the Appointed Time
Ep15 The Queen Fleet
Ep14 City of Water
Ep13 Disciple's Cross (Croce di Pietro)
Ep12 Astronomical Observatory (Belvedere)
Ep11 Piercing Antisword (Stab Sword)
Ep10 Shorthand Original (Shorthand)
Ep9 Tracking Seal (Route Disturb)
Ep8 Grand Champion Star Festival
Ep7 #1 Coordinate Movement (Move Point)
Ep6 #1 Wreckage (Remnant)
Ep5 #1 Lotus Wand
Ep4 #1 Voice of the Demon Killer (Sheol Fear)
Ep3 Amakusa Style
Ep2 #1 The Book of the Law
Ep1 #1 August 31st (The Last Day)

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Sector i: Five Elements Institution
Ep23 #1 Hyoka Kazakiri (Friend)
Ep22 Statue (Golem)
Ep21 Unknown Entity (Counter Stop)
Ep20 Last Signal (Virus Code)
Ep19 The End (Last Order)
Ep18 Fake (Replica)
Ep17 #1 Archangel (Divine Power)
Ep16 #1 Father (Toya Kamijo)
Ep15 Angel Fall
Ep14 Strongest vs. Weakest
Ep13 #1 One-Way Road (Accelerator)
Ep12 Level 6
Ep11 Sisters
Ep10 Big Sister (Mikoto Misaka)
Ep9 Vampire Killer (Deep Blood)
Ep8 Alchemy of Gold (Ars Magna)
Ep7 Misawa Cram School (Cult of Science)
Ep6 #1 Imagine Breaker
Ep5 Midnight (Limit)
Ep4 #2 Perfect Memory Ability
Ep3 #1 The Church of Necessary Evil (Necessarius)
Ep2 #2 The Witch Hunting King (Innocentius)
Ep1 #2 Academy City

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Episode 10
#1 Limit (12 o'clock)
Perfect Memory Ability
#1 Necessarius (The Church of Necessary Evil)
A Certain Magical Index
Episode 1
Episode 3
(Sub) The Amakusa Church
Episode 9
Episode 13
Episode 2
Episode 11
(Sub) Hound Dog (Hound Squad)
(Sub) Testament (Learning Device)
Episode 3
(Sub) Croce Di Pierto (Apostolic Cross)
Episode 12
(Sub) The Daihasei Festival
Episode 3
Episode 4
(Sub) Stab Sword
(Sub) City of Water
Episode 6
Episode 5
(Sub) Rosary of the Appointed Time
(Sub) Prewar
Episode 6
Episode 2
(Sub) Route Disturb (Pursuit Inhibited)
(Sub) Shorthand (Stenographic Sourcebook)
(Sub) The Divine Retribution Spell
(Sub) The Researcher (Amata Kihara)
(Sub) Queen's Fleet
(Sub) Belvedere (The Observatory)
Episode 1
Episode 8
Episode 1
Episode 5
Imagine Breaker
#1 Mikoto Misaka (Sissy)
#1 The Science Cult (Misawa Cram School)
#1 Sisters (Sisters)
#1 Deep Blood (Vampire Killer)
#1 Ars Magna (Golden Transmutation)
#1 Level 6 (Absolute Ability)
#1 Virus Code (Final Signal)
#1 Replica (Impostor)
#1 Angel Fall (Angel Fall)
Toya Kamijo (Father)
#1 Weakest vs. Strongest (Strongest vs. Weakest)
#1 Counter Stop (Identity Unknown)
#1 Golem (Stone Figure)
Friends (Hyoka Kazakiri )
#1 Last Order (The End)
#1 Imaginary Number School District - Five-Element Agency
(Sub) Penalty Game
Episode 4
Episode 7
(Sub) Serial Number (Specimen Number)
(Sub) Skill Out (Armed Gang)

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S2 | Ep7

Coordinate Movement (Move Point)

Fecha al aire:
Mikoto's clones use their telepathic network to enlist Misaka 10032 to aid them in stopping Musujime from rebuilding the Tree Diagram in an effort to find out my humans are the only beings with esper powers.

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