A Gardener's Diary

  • 1994-2009

Gardeners discuss what they plant in their gardens and what they get out of them.


Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Citrus Trees, Orchids and Other Flowers
Ep11 European Style in Texas
Ep10 Organized Chaos
Ep9 Mini Forest
Ep8 Camellia Crazy
Ep7 Beautiful Bulbs
Ep6 Mad About Moss
Ep5 A Quirky Garden in Austin
Ep4 Over the Top Topiaries
Ep3 A Traveler's Garden
Ep2 Organic Delights
Ep1 Fall Colors

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep16 The Hobbit Garden
Ep15 Garden Fiesta!
Ep14 Old and Young Garden
Ep13 Welcoming Wildlife
Ep12 Wildlife Welcome
Ep11 Colorful Mountainside
Ep10 From the Terraces
Ep9 Family Heirloom Garden
Ep8 A Gardening Legend
Ep7 Thai Garden
Ep6 Horse Lover's Garden
Ep5 Mad About Maples
Ep4 A Tennessee Garden Changes
Ep3 Hillside Makeover
Ep2 Mondo Man
Ep1 Man on a Mission

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep44 South Carolina Low Country Garden
Ep43 Rare and Unusual Plants
Ep42 Lakeside Garden
Ep41 A Colorado Garden
Ep40 Daylilies
Ep39 Private Zoo Garden
Ep38 A Michigan Garden
Ep37 Garden in the Wilderness
Ep36 An Exotic Miami Garden
Ep35 A Plant Paradise
Ep34 An English Cottage Garden
Ep33 Pike's Peak
Ep32 Mother and Son Garden
Ep31 A Garden for All Time
Ep30 Octogenerian Wildflower Expert
Ep29 Alabama Hydrangea Haven
Ep28 Decorator's Garden Rooms
Ep27 Decorator's Garden Room
Ep26 Playful Fantasy Garden
Ep25 A Perfect Blend
Ep24 Party Garden
Ep23 Daffodils
Ep22 A Self-Taught Gardener
Ep21 Colorful Shade Garden
Ep20 Napa Country Garden
Ep19 A Landscaper's Natural Garden
Ep18 A Rose Lover's Four Acres
Ep17 Napa Designer Garden
Ep16 Large Eclectic Garden
Ep15 A Garden for All Times
Ep14 Octogenarian Wildflower Expert
Ep13 Moveable Gardens
Ep12 Rescued From Ruin
Ep11 Designed with the Scenery in Mind
Ep10 A Picturesque Labor of Love
Ep9 A Vigorous Shade Garden
Ep8 Movable Gardens
Ep7 A Healing Sanctuary
Ep6 An Artist's Garden
Ep5 Turf Wars in Coastal Virginia
Ep4 A Designing Couple's Cottage Garden
Ep3 An Opera Singer's Composition
Ep2 A Garden Writer's Garden
Ep1 New Life for a Farm

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep17 Hosta Guru Rethinks His Garden
Ep16 Garden Office Spaces
Ep15 Stone Lovers
Ep14 Thousands of Daylilies
Ep13 Concrete Art in Tropical Seattle Garden
Ep12 Water Gardens
Ep11 Tiny Landscape Looks Large
Ep10 Old Buildings and New Gardens in Maryland
Ep9 Gardens Around Oldest Trees in Seattle
Ep8 Cottage Garden Named Cloverleaf
Ep7 European Style Garden in Illinois
Ep6 Award-Winning Iris
Ep5 Magnificent Tropical Garden in Seattle
Ep4 Creator of Instant Color in Gardening
Ep3 Prize Winning Rose Grower's Secrets
Ep2 Plant Combinations
Ep1 Classic Cottage Garden

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 New Plants for the American Gardener
Ep23 Collector of Rare and Unusual Plants
Ep22 Lush Woodland and Sunny Gravel Garden
Ep21 Vertical Driveway Garden
Ep20 Topographical Variations on a Small Scale
Ep19 Clematis Lover
Ep18 Interior Designers' Tampa Garden
Ep17 Italian Sculptor in Her North Carolina Garden
Ep16 Organic Vegetable Farming
Ep15 1/2 Acre Filled with Garden Rooms
Ep14 Two Thousand Dahlias
Ep13 Canadian Natural Pond
Ep12 Garden Rooms
Ep11 Bamboo Artist
Ep10 Connoisseur's Foliage Garden
Ep9 Hillside Hydrangeas
Ep8 Canadian Theraputic Garden
Ep7 Heirloom Vegetables
Ep6 Japanese Maples
Ep5 Shade Lovers and Hydrangeas
Ep4 Urban English Garden
Ep3 Canadian Monet Garden
Ep2 A Renovated Mill Garden
Ep1 A Garden Designer's Ideas

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep6 Woodland Gardens
Ep5 Passalong Plants
Ep4 Garden Rooms for Entertaining
Ep3 Gardening by the Road
Ep2 Garden Themes
Ep1 Two Hidden Gardens in Savannah

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Alabama Sculptor's Colorful Garden
Ep13 Designer's Addiction to Gardening
Ep12 A Journalist's Urban Garden
Ep11 An Arkansas Plantsman's Hodgepodge
Ep10 An Amateur Botanist's Woodland
Ep9 Taming a New Hampshire Hillside
Ep8 Historic Southern Garden
Ep7 Texas Garden Retreat
Ep6 Distinctive Garden Rooms
Ep5 Mary Martha Blalock Garden
Ep4 Charleston Garden
Ep3 Sara Draney's Garden
Ep2 Magnolia Gardens
Ep1 Harp Farm's Second Generation Farmer

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep19 Pony Lover's Garden
Ep18 From CIA to Gardening
Ep17 Extensive Borders
Ep16 Antique Roses
Ep15 Plant Explorer's Garden
Ep14 Coach Vince Dooley
Ep13 Tatroe and Arborgast
Ep12 Alan Amitage
Ep11 Henry Ross
Ep10 Rosie Ferrin
Ep9 Leslie Breland
Ep8 Sandy Mush Nursery
Ep7 Organic Life
Ep6 Past and Present
Ep5 Ben and Libby Page
Ep4 Adam and Sue Turtle
Ep3 Ruth and Dennis Mitchell
Ep2 Harold Hatcher
Ep1 Jesse and Donny Sims

More to Watch

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Rose History; Rose Garden Tour; Pruning
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Gourd Museum and Gift Shop
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Love of Gardening
Japanese Garden Design
Hobo's Organic Ideas
Buck & Tyler Mizzell
Ed Skrocki
Turnip Seed Nursery
Amazing Graces

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