A Little Curious

An animated series for preschoolers includes such characters as Bob the Ball, Doris the Door, the Shoe Family, Mop and Mr. String.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep43 Drop Loose Change
Ep42 Push Over Top
Ep41 Balance Skip Rock
Ep40 The Mop Show
Ep40 The Mop Show
Ep39 Work Hard Bump
Ep38 Jump Flat Squeeze
Ep37 A Little Curious About Life
Ep36 Push Pull Rock
Ep35 Win Lose Tie
Ep34 Lead Follow Act
Ep33 Old New Dance
Ep32 Hard Easy Change
Ep31 Work Play Skip
Ep30 Hit Miss Bump
Ep29 Tight Loose Squeeze
Ep28 Drop Lift Flat
Ep27 Over Under Balance
Ep26 Top Bottom Jump
Ep25 Side Turn Twist
Ep24 High Low Stretch
Ep23 Spring Fall Turn
Ep22 Still Move Train
Ep21 The Plush Show
Ep20 Warm Cool Heart
Ep19 Roll Spin Pop
Ep18 The Bob Show
Ep17 Long Short Roll
Ep16 Fast Slow Spin
Ep15 Same Different Beat
Ep14 Empty Full Pop
Ep13 Ring Twist Step
Ep12 First Step Last
Ep11 Thick Thin Twist
Ep10 Bubble Picture Mirror
Ep9 Open Close Ring
Ep8 Rough Smooth Picture
Ep7 Swing Cover Shake
Ep6 Front Back Side
Ep5 Above Below Cover
Ep4 Slippery Sticky Mirror
Ep3 Near Far Swing
Ep2 Light Dark Bubble
Ep1 Loud Soft Shake

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
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