• 1968-1975

A `Dragnet' in uniform follows two L.A. street cops (Adam-12 is their patrol-car ID). This long-running Jack Webb-produced police drama debuted while the second incarnation of `Dragnet' was in its... More


Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Something Worth Dying For
Ep23 Something Worth Dying For
Ep22 Dana Hall
Ep21 Gus Corbin
Ep20 Operation Action
Ep19 Suicide
Ep18 Follow Up
Ep17 Citizen with a Gun
Ep16 Lady's Night
Ep15 Pressure Point
Ep14 Victim of the Crime
Ep13 G.T.A.
Ep12 Pot Shot
Ep11 Christmas
Ep10 Credit Risk
Ep9 Alcohol
Ep8 X-Force
Ep7 Lady Beware
Ep6 Point of View
Ep5 Suspect Number 1
Ep4 Roll Call
Ep3 Teamwork
Ep2 Camp
Ep1 Camp

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Clinic on Eighteenth Street
Ep23 L.A. International
Ep22 Skywatch
Ep21 Skywatch
Ep20 Sunburn
Ep19 Routine Patrol
Ep18 Krash
Ep17 Taking It Easy
Ep16 Hollywood Division
Ep15 Trouble in the Bank
Ep14 The Sweet Smell
Ep13 Southwest Division
Ep12 If the Shoe Fits
Ep11 Northwest Division
Ep10 North Hollywood Division
Ep9 Capture
Ep8 Training Division
Ep7 Van Nuys Division
Ep6 Hot Shot
Ep5 Venice Division
Ep4 West Valley Division
Ep3 Foothill Division
Ep2 Rampart Division
Ep1 Harbor Division

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Easy Rap
Ep23 Keeping Tabs
Ep22 Anatomy of a 415
Ep21 Fool and His Money
Ep20 Suspended
Ep19 Night Watch
Ep18 Killing Ground
Ep17 The Beast
Ep16 Citizen's Arrest---484
Ep15 Clear with a Civilian
Ep14 Clear with a Civilian
Ep13 O'Brien's Stand
Ep12 Gifts and Long Letters
Ep11 Hot Spell
Ep10 The Chaser
Ep9 The Surprise
Ep8 Harry Nobody
Ep7 Badge Heavy
Ep6 The Vendetta
Ep5 Training Wheels
Ep4 Lost and Found
Ep3 Airdrop
Ep2 The Late Baby
Ep1 Dirt Duel

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 #1 The Wednesday Warrior
Ep23 #1 Eyewitness
Ep22 #1 Who Won
Ep21 #1 Back-up 1L-20
Ep20 #1 Sub-Station
Ep19 #1 Mary Hong Loves Tommy Chen
Ep18 #1 The Adoption
Ep17 #1 The Parole Violator
Ep16 #1 The Tip
Ep15 #1 The Princess and the Pig
Ep14 #1 Citizens All
Ep13 #1 Pick-Up
Ep12 #1 The Dinosaur
Ep11 #1 Assassination
Ep10 #1 Day Watch
Ep9 #1 Anniversary
Ep8 #1 Ambush
Ep7 #1 Truant
Ep6 #1 The Ferret
Ep5 #1 The Search
Ep4 #1 The Radical
Ep3 #1 The Grandmother
Ep2 #1 Million Dollar Bluff
Ep1 Extortion

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 #1 Log 125---Safe Job
Ep25 #1 Log 86---Reason to Run
Ep24 #1 Log 106---Post Time
Ep23 #1 Log 56---Vice Versa
Ep22 #1 Log 16---Child in Danger
Ep21 #1 Log 164---The Poachers
Ep20 #1 Log 76---The Militants
Ep19 #1 Log 165---Once a Cop
Ep18 #1 Log 36---Man Between
Ep17 #1 Log 66---The Vandals
Ep16 #1 Log 155---I.A.D.
Ep15 Log 26---Lemras
Ep14 #1 Log 115---Gang War
Ep13 #1 Log 175---The Con Artists
Ep12 Sign of the Twins
Ep12 #1 Log 85---Sign of the Twins
Ep11 #1 Log 46---Pilgrimage
Ep10 #1 Log 135---Arson
Ep9 #1 Indians
Ep8 #1 Log 105---Elegy for a Pig
Ep7 #1 Log 75---Have a Nice Weekend
Ep6 #1 Log 55---Missing Child
Ep5 #1 Log 69---Cigarettes, Cars, and Wild, Wild Women
Ep4 #1 Log 45---Bright Boy
Ep3 #1 Log 95---Purse Snatcher
Ep2 #1 Log 35---Easy, Bare Rider
Ep1 #1 Log 174---Loan Sharks

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 #1 Log 173---Shoplift
Ep25 #1 Log 44---Attempted Bribe
Ep24 #1 Log 144---Bank Robbery
Ep23 #1 Log 134---Child Stealer
Ep22 #1 Log 114---The Hero
Ep21 #1 Log 74---Light Duty
Ep20 #1 Log 104---The Bomb
Ep19 #1 Log 94---Vengeance
Ep18 #1 Log 124---Airport
Ep17 #1 A Rare Occasion
Ep16 #1 Log 54---Impersonation
Ep15 #1 Log 64---Bottom of the Bottle
Ep14 #1 Log 14---S. W. A. T.
Ep13 #1 Log 34---Astro
Ep12 #1 Log 43 - Hostage
Ep11 #1 Log 142---As High as You Are
Ep10 #1 Log 143---Cave
Ep9 #1 Log 123---Courtroom
Ep8 #1 Log 93---Once a Junkie
Ep7 #1 Log 63---The Baby
Ep6 #1 Log 103---A Sound Like Thunder
Ep5 #1 Log 83---A Different Thing
Ep4 #1 Log 23---Pig Is a Three Letter Word
Ep3 #1 Log 52---Good Cop, Handle with Care
Ep2 #1 Log 153---Find Me a Needle
Ep1 #1 Log 15---Exactly One Hundred Yards

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 #1 ...So This Little Guy Goes Into This Bar, and...
Ep25 Log 92---Tell Him He Pushed a Little Too Hard
Ep24 #1 Log 172---Boy, the Things You Do for the Job
Ep23 Log 12---He Was Trying to Kill Me
Ep22 #1 Log 152---A Dead Cop Can't Help Anyone
Ep21 Log 102---We Just Can't Walk Away from It
Ep20 #1 Log 73---I'm Still a Cop
Ep19 Log 51---A Jumper, Code 2
Ep18 #1 Log 112---You Blew It
Ep17 Log 33---It All Happened So Fast
Ep16 #1 Log 62---Grand Theft Horse?
Ep15 Log 32---Jimmy Eisley's Dealing Smack
Ep14 Log 81
Ep13 #1 Log 122
Ep12 Log 61
Ep11 Log 111
Ep10 Log 132---Producer
Ep9 Log 101
Ep8 #1 Log 72---El Presidente
Ep7 Log 71---I Feel Like a Fool, Malloy
Ep6 #1 Log 161---And You Want Me to Get Married?
Ep5 Log 91---You're Not the First Guy's Had the Problem
Ep4 Log 131---Reed, the Dicks Have Their Job and We Have Ours
Ep3 Log 11---It's Just a Little Dent, Isn't It?
Ep2 Log 141-The Color TV Bandit
Ep1 #1 Log 1---The Impossible Mission

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Someone Stole My Lawn

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Preview Adam-12: Season 2
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Preview Adam-12: Season 1
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S4 | Ep24

The Wednesday Warrior

Air Date: 3/15/72
The Los Angeles Police Reserve, citizens trained and equipped as volunteer law officers. Off. Wells: Gary Crosby. Albert Porter: Steve Franken. Derek: Wink Roberts. Reed: Kent McCord. Malloy: Martin Milner. Manager: Bill Toomey.

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