Air Disasters

  • 2011

A look at history's worst air disasters.


Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep6 Panic Over the Pacific
Ep5 Hidden Danger
Ep4 Missed Approach
Ep3 Fire Fight
Ep2 Falling From the Sky
Ep1 Miracle Escape

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 Ocean Landing
Ep10 Kid in the Cockpit
Ep9 Death and Denial
Ep8 Helicopter Down
Ep7 Titanic in the Sky
Ep6 Hanging by a Thread
Ep5 Attack Over Baghdad
Ep4 Out of Control
Ep3 Fight for Your Life
Ep2 Bomb on Board
Ep1 Mistaken Identity

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Terror in Paradise
Ep9 Getting Out Alive
Ep8 Imperfect Pitch
Ep7 Massacre Over the Mediterranean
Ep6 Into the Eye of the Storm
Ep5 Queens Catastrophe
Ep4 Tragedy on the Potomac
Ep3 Lost in Translation
Ep2 Speed Trap
Ep1 Fight to the Death

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Vanished
Ep12 Seconds to Survive
Ep11 Subtle Incapacitation
Ep10 Death of the President
Ep9 Hockey Team Tragedy
Ep8 Focused on Failure
Ep7 Catastrophe at O'Hare
Ep6 Grand Canyon
Ep5 Blind Landing
Ep4 Pushed to the Limit
Ep3 Caution to the Wind
Ep2 Fire in the Hold
Ep1 Fight for Control

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 Nowhere to Land
Ep10 Split Decision
Ep9 Bad Attitude
Ep8 The Invisible Plane
Ep7 Under Pressure
Ep6 Break Up Over Texas
Ep5 Turning Point
Ep4 Impossible Landing
Ep3 I'm the Problem
Ep2 Mayday Munich
Ep1 Blind Spot

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Deadly Reputation
Ep11 The Plane That Flew Too High
Ep10 Cleared for Disaster
Ep9 The Final Blow
Ep8 System Breakdown
Ep7 Pilot vs. Plane
Ep6 Cold Case
Ep5 Alarming Silence
Ep4 Panic on the Runway
Ep3 Cruel Skies
Ep2 Target Is Destroyed
Ep1 Cracks in the System

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Phantom Strike
Ep9 Fatal Distraction
Ep8 Mixed Signals
Ep7 Explosive Evidence
Ep6 Southern Storm
Ep5 Dead Weight
Ep4 Fanning the Flames
Ep3 Behind Closed Doors
Ep2 Gimli Glider
Ep1 Invisible Killer

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip An Icy Disaster
4 min 1 sec
Clip Without Warning
86 sec
Clip Crashing off the Radar
88 sec
Clip Is Heavy Baggage or High Altitude to Blame?
3 min 31 sec
Clip Seconds Matter in a Death Trap
112 sec
Clip Catastrophe or Cover-Up?
4 min 6 sec
Clip Fire on Board
2 min 34 sec
Clip Overworked, Unfocused and Underpaid Pilots
3 min 56 sec
Clip A Flyover Ends in Flames
4 min 2 sec
Clip The Black Box in the Soviet Safe
3 min 58 sec
Clip The Brink of World War Three
3 min 38 sec
Clip A Deadly Mistake
118 sec
Clip An Experienced Pilot Makes a Bad Call
3 min 54 sec
Clip Sabotaged by Autopilot
120 sec
Clip Crashlanding at LAX
2 min 5 sec
Clip How to Conquer Your Fear of Flying
112 sec
Clip What Caused One of the Safest Planes to Crash?
3 min 0 sec
Clip This Survivor Is Determined to Improve Aircraft Safety
2 min 29 sec
Clip This Plane Was about to Crash. Why Didn't It?
4 min 1 sec
Clip One of the Worst Situations a Plane Crew Could Face
4 min 0 sec
Clip Collision over California
3 min 53 sec
Clip Was This Plane Engulfed in St. Elmo's Fire?
4 min 1 sec
Clip One of the Worst Situations a Plane Crew Could Face
4 min 0 sec
Clip How 12 Seconds Could Have Prevented This Plane Crash
3 min 42 sec
Clip One of the Deadliest Airplane Hijackings
3 min 24 sec
Clip Fire in the Air
3 min 58 sec
Clip Miraculous Plane Landing on New Orleans Levee
3 min 55 sec
Clip Did This Helicopter Cause Its Own Lightning Strike?
3 min 27 sec
Clip An Emergency Crash Landing with No Controls
3 min 52 sec
Clip Cultural Norms Cloud Cockpit Communications
3 min 59 sec
Clip Fatal Combination for Arrow Air Flight 1285
4 min 2 sec
Clip How a Minor Detail Caused This Plane's Roof to Detach
2 min 57 sec
Clip Are Terrorists Targeting Civilian Planes with Stolen Arms?
2 min 9 sec
Clip How These Pilots Landed a Roofless Plane
2 min 30 sec
Clip Surviving a Surface-to-Air Missile Attack in Iraq
3 min 49 sec
Clip How the First WTC Bomber Defended Himself in Court
2 min 30 sec
Clip How a Terrorist's Homemade Bomb Made it Past Security
3 min 12 sec
Clip Why Did BEA Flight 548 Stall in Mid-Air?
120 sec
Clip Why Did the U.S. Navy Shoot Down a Civilian Airliner?
3 min 28 sec
Clip Attempted Murder at 19,000 Feet in the Air
4 min 4 sec
Clip Why Would a Flight Engineer Attack His Own Crew?
2 min 19 sec
Clip Was This U.S. Naval Captain Looking for a Fight?
3 min 43 sec
Clip Surviving One of History's Worst Plane Crashes
2 min 33 sec
Clip Why a Small Detail Caused This Huge Plane Crash
3 min 37 sec
Clip Miraculous: A Giant Plane's Tense Crash Landing
4 min 2 sec
Clip This Tiny Pipe Brought Down This Massive Plane
3 min 48 sec
Clip How All Passengers Survived the Miracle on the Hudson
3 min 53 sec
Clip The First Rule of Air Emergencies: Breathe
3 min 51 sec
Clip A 30-Day Time Limit for Crash Inspectors
3 min 20 sec
Clip A Plane's Deadly Pacific Plunge
3 min 26 sec
Clip When a Flight Crew Trusts a Plane Too Much
3 min 58 sec
Clip A Toilet Bomb Sends Flight 870 Down
2 min 38 sec
Clip At 32,000 Feet, This Plane's Sensors Froze
4 min 2 sec
Clip How to Find a Plane in the Ocean
2 min 7 sec
Clip Did a Poorly Trained Pilot Cause Flight 587's Crash?
4 min 5 sec
Clip A Plane Crash Reignites 9/11 Anxiety
2 min 53 sec
Clip A Plane Seeks Safety Inside a Storm
94 sec
Clip A Stormy Escape at 6,000 Feet
3 min 40 sec
Clip Collision Course: Two Planes on One Path
3 min 30 sec
Clip This Pilot Didn't Know Left from Right
2 min 28 sec
Clip A Cockpit Designed to Crash
3 min 26 sec
Clip Why Did This Flight Crash? Listen to Its Engine...
4 min 2 sec
Clip Plummeting Over 12,000 Feet Per Minute
3 min 48 sec
Clip How a Flight Recording Can Reveal a Pilot's Mental State
2 min 43 sec
Clip Caught Between a Thunderstorm and Something Much, Much Worse
3 min 16 sec
Clip Why You Should Always Take the Pre-Flight Check Seriously
4 min 3 sec
Clip Why Did This Plane Slam Into the Face of a Mountain?
3 min 8 sec
Clip Escaping a Plane Crash in the Jungle
2 min 37 sec
Clip Never Leave a Trainee Alone in the Cockpit
90 sec
Clip Houston, We Have a Problem
3 min 59 sec
Clip Signs You Can't Ignore
2 min 59 sec
Clip Air Disasters - Southern Storm: Sneak Peek
64 sec
Clip Air Disasters - Sneak Peek
40 sec
Clip Air Disasters - Invisible Killer: Sneak Peek
46 sec
Clip Air Disasters - Gimli Glider: Sneak Peek
57 sec
Clip Air Disasters - Saved by Nerves of Steel
2 min 10 sec
Clip Air Disasters - An Avoidable Disaster
2 min 33 sec
Clip Air Disasters - Behind Closed Doors: Sneak Peek
49 sec
Clip Air Disasters - Fanning the Flames: Sneak Peek
66 sec
Clip Air Disasters - Sinister Plot or Technical Glitch
2 min 17 sec
Clip Air Disasters - A Cracked Windshield and Two Engines Down
106 sec
Clip Air Disasters - Fatal Distraction: Sneak Peek
63 sec
Clip Air Disasters - People Make Mistakes
81 sec
Clip Air Disasters - See and Be Seen
111 sec
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An Icy Disaster

Fecha al aire:
When an Air Ontario flight crashes off the end of the runway, Justice Moshansky - a trial judge and top-notch investigator - gets called in to lead the inquiry. From: AIR DISASTERS: Cold Case

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