America's Election HQ

  • 2008

The latest news from the presidential campaign trail.


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Election Night

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Preview Tax Policies
5 min 45 sec
Preview Program Adjustments for Financial Recovery
4 min 30 sec
Preview On Talking to Rogue Regimes
7 min 50 sec
Preview How They Will Rule Under the Financial Crisis
4 min 22 sec
Preview Their Lessons From The Iraq War
3 min 48 sec
Preview The Financial Recovery
4 min 45 sec
Preview Favoring the Economic Recovery Plan
5 min 41 sec
Preview Terrorism: Is There Much To Be Done
3 min 31 sec
Clip Inauguration: Bill Clinton's Address
3 min 33 sec
Clip Inauguration: H.W. Bush's Address
2 min 22 sec
Preview Saying it to their Face
16 min
Preview Education
11 min
Preview Health Care
11 min
Preview Presidential Debate Preshow: October 15, 2008
94 sec
Preview Balancing the Budget
4 min 21 sec
Preview Assigning Judges and Abortion
9 min 39 sec
Preview Their Economic Plans
4 min 51 sec
Preview Energy and Climate
9 min 49 sec
Preview Their Running Mates
6 min 15 sec
Preview Presidential Debate Post Show Analysis: October 15, 2008
104 sec
Preview Program Cut Backs
6 min 56 sec
Preview Closing Statements
3 min 57 sec
Preview Joe the Plumber and his Taxes
5 min 51 sec
Preview Fastest Economic Solution for Retired Individuals
4 min 34 sec
Preview Defending Israel
4 min 57 sec
Preview Their Priorities
4 min 23 sec
Preview Moving Fast On Environment Issues
4 min 39 sec
Preview Pressure on Russia
4 min 29 sec
Preview Follow-up to Pakistan
3 min 0 sec
Preview Breaking Bad Habits
4 min 16 sec
Preview Presidential Debate Post Show Analysis: October 07, 2008
5 min 43 sec
Preview On Social Security and Medicare
5 min 26 sec
Preview Re-Organizing Afghanistan
2 min 56 sec
Preview How Can We Trust You With Our Money
5 min 8 sec
Preview On Pakistan
4 min 29 sec
Preview America's Ability to Act as Peacemaker
4 min 51 sec
Preview Their Doctine on Using Force
4 min 26 sec
Preview Health Care as a Commodity
5 min 33 sec
Preview What Sacrifices Should Every American Make
5 min 0 sec
Preview Privilege, Right or Responsibility?
3 min 39 sec
Preview Closing Statements
4 min 20 sec
Preview How Will The Bail Out Help Individuals
5 min 4 sec
Preview Presidential Debate Preshow: October 07, 2008
94 sec
Preview On Same Sex Couples
2 min 58 sec
Preview On Interventionism
5 min 46 sec
Preview On Vice Presidential Policy
5 min 54 sec
Preview On Changing One's View
2 min 18 sec
Preview Vice Presidential Post Debate Analysis: October 2, 2008
6 min 18 sec
Preview On Iraq
5 min 49 sec
Preview Can I Call You Joe?
26 sec
Preview On Reaching Across the Aisle
2 min 28 sec
Preview On the Role of the Vice President
4 min 52 sec
Preview On Climate Change and Clean Energy
5 min 42 sec
Preview On Israel
4 min 51 sec
Preview Bankruptcy Legislation and Energy Policy
4 min 19 sec
Preview On Taxes
5 min 48 sec
Preview On International Diplomacy
2 min 39 sec
Preview On Lacking Experience and Lacking Discipline
6 min 15 sec
Preview On Campaign Promises
5 min 9 sec
Preview On Iran and Pakistan
3 min 24 sec
Preview On Bipartisanship and the Strength of the Economy
2 min 34 sec
Preview On Economic Policy
3 min 30 sec
Preview Post Debate Analysis: Sep 26, 2008
5 min 54 sec
Preview Debate Preshow: Sep 26, 2008
94 sec
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Presidential Debate: October 15, 2008

Fecha al aire:
John McCain and Barack Obama Debate

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