American Muscle Car

  • 2003

A look at the best small cars with big engines, a style made most popular in the 1960s.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep49 #1 The Last Sting Ray: The Next Sting Ray
Ep48 The Last Sting Ray: Bill Mitchell's Baby
Ep47 The Last Sting Ray: Racing on Route 66
Ep46 #1 The Last Sting Ray: Picking Up Speed
Ep45 #1 The Last Sting Ray: Project Opel
Ep44 Fastest Musclecar Engines of All Time
Ep43 Thunder From Detroit
Ep42 Ram Air!
Ep41 Hooray for the Red, White and Blue
Ep40 Bonneville: The Genesis of Hot Rodding
Ep39 The History of Trans Am Racing
Ep38 The Ultras
Ep37 Chrysler 300
Ep36 The Last Sting Ray: America's Favorite Car
Ep35 Ford Thunderbolt
Ep34 The Man Who Invented the Small Block
Ep33 The Sign of the Cat
Ep32 The Economy Movers
Ep30 Smokey Yunick
Ep29 Small-Block Screamers
Ep28 Speed of Sound: Mach 1 Mustang
Ep27 Super Sport Impala 427: Top of the Line
Ep26 2004 GTO: The Muscle Car Is Back
Ep25 Carroll Shelby: Driven to Win
Ep24 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28
Ep23 Street Legal
Ep22 Dodge Dart GTS Hemi
Ep21 American Motors AMX
Ep20 Shelby 427 Cobra
Ep19 '55-'57 Chevrolet Bel Air
Ep18 Ford Ranchero / Chevrolet El Camino
Ep16 The Boss
Ep15 Dodge Viper
Ep14 Performance by Hurst
Ep12 Dodge Charger
Ep11 Mopar Super Stockers
Ep10 Pontiac Super Duty Cars
Ep9 Plymouth Superbird/Dodge Daytona
Ep8 Greatest Muscle Cars of All Time
Ep7 Chevy Impala 409
Ep6 Plymouth Roadrunner
Ep5 Here Comes the Judge
Ep4 #1 Super Sport
Ep3 Buick Gran Sport
Ep2 Barracuda
Ep1 1964 GTO
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
Ford Fairlane GT
Oldsmobile/Hurst 442
1963-'67 Corvette Stingray
Plymouth AAR 'Cuda; Dodge Challenger T/A
Buick Regal Grand National
'56 - '62 Corvette
Chevy Nova
Harley Earl
Supercars-The COPO Cars
America's "Other" Sports Car
Mercury Marauder
Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Rolling Thunder
Chrysler's 'Go Fast' Division
Century of Domination

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Buick GS & GSX
Oldsmobile 442
Plymouth Hemi Cuda & Dodge Hemi Challenger
Chevrolet Nova SS
Buick Gran Sport
Chevrolet Chevelle SS
Chevrolet Impala 409
Mopar's Winged Wonders
Copo cars
Slp cars
Dodge Daytona / Plymouth
Camaro Z-28
Shelby Mustang
Mustang Mach I
Chevelle ls6
Saleen Mustangs
Impala SS
Ford Talladega
1955-1958 Chevy
Olds Rocket 88
Hemi Cuda / Challenger
1968-2001 Corvette
Plymouth / Cuda / Challenger
Plymouth Duster / Dodge Demon
Boss Mustangs
Buick Grand Natl's / GNX
Super Stock Ram Air
Olds 442
Corvette Stingray
GTO Judge
Ford Galaxie 427
Cars From Hurst
Pontiac Trans-Am
Mercury Cougar
Les must
The Last Stingray: Picking up Speed
The Last Stingray: Bill Mitchell's Bad BA
The Last Stingray: Racing on Route 66
The Last Stingray: America's Favorite
The Last Stingray: Project Opel
The Fastest Musclecar Engines
The Mako Shark and Beyond
Oldsmobile Rocket 88
Ford Galaxie 500 XL

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Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip American Muscle Car: The Fat Rat
5 min 58 sec
S1 | Ep49

The Last Sting Ray: The Next Sting Ray

Air Date: 6/14/07
The redesigned 1969 Corvette, which reclaimed the unofficial title of “king of the hill” after a down year in 1968.

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