Angry Birds Toons

  • 2013
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An animated series following the adventures of characters from the Angry Birds video game.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Brutal Vs Brutal
Ep19 Slow The Chuck Down
Ep18 Cold Justice
Ep17 Bearded Ambition
Ep16 Sir Bomb Of Hamelot
Ep15 Mona Litha
Ep14 Not Without My Helmet
Ep13 Chuckmania
Ep12 Boulder Bro
Ep11 Dogzilla
Ep10 Joy To The Pigs
Ep9 Cave Pig
Ep8 The Miracle of Life
Ep7 Just So
Ep6 Super Bomb
Ep5 Sink Or Swim
Ep4 Hide And Seek
Ep3 Party Ahoy
Ep2 Sweets Of Doom
Ep1 Treasure Hunt

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep52 Bombs Awake
Ep51 Chucked Out
Ep50 Operation Opera
Ep49 The Truce
Ep48 Shrub It In
Ep47 Oh Gnome!
Ep46 Piggies From the Deep
Ep45 Bird Flu
Ep44 Hambo
Ep43 The Butterfly Effect
Ep42 Hiccups
Ep41 El Porkador
Ep39 Slumber Mill
Ep38 A Pig's Best Friend
Ep37 Clash of Corns
Ep36 Fired Up
Ep35 Love Is in the Air
Ep34 King of the Castle
Ep33 Night of the Living Pork
Ep32 Tooth Royal
Ep31 Pig Plot Potion
Ep30 Piggywig
Ep29 Nighty Night Terence
Ep28 Catch of the Day
Ep27 Green Pig Soup
Ep26 Hamshank Redemption
Ep25 The Bird That Cried Pig
Ep24 Hog Roast
Ep23 Gate Crasher
Ep22 Egg's Day Out
Ep21 Hypno Pigs
Ep20 Run Chuck Run
Ep19 Sneezy Does It
Ep18 Slappy-Go-Lucky
Ep17 Crash Test Piggies
Ep16 Double Take
Ep15 Trojan Egg
Ep14 Dopeys on a Rope
Ep13 Gardening With Terence
Ep12 Thunder Chuck
Ep11 Slingshot 101
Ep10 Off Duty
Ep9 Do as I Say!
Ep8 True Blue?
Ep7 Cordon Bleugh!
Ep6 Pig Talent
Ep5 Egg Sounds
Ep4 Another Birthday
Ep3 Full Metal Chuck
Ep2 Where's My Crown?
Ep1 Chuck Time

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Wreck the Halls
Mighty Eagle
Green Fingers
Matilda in Love
Trick or Tweet
Year Of The Dragon
Bad Piggies
Original Trailer
Meet Stella
Toons Trailer
Space Trailer
Meet The Flock

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Angry Birds Toons: Terence
43 sec
Clip Angry Birds Toons: Bomb Bird
36 sec
Preview Angry Birds Toons: Chef Pig
45 sec
Preview Angry Birds Toons: Corporal Pig
41 sec
Clip Angry Birds Toons: Pig Talent
15 sec
Clip Angry Birds Toons: Corden Bleugh
15 sec
Clip Angry Birds Toons: Off Duty
15 sec
Clip Angry Birds Toons: Where's My Crown?
15 sec
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Ep 06 Push Button HD

Fecha al aire:
Put a big red button in front of a pig and he\\'ll push it! This little piggy just can\'t resist pressing it - even though he doesn\'t know what it does!

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