Animal Mechanicals

  • 2008
  • |

Mechanical critters face challenges selected by viewers in this interactive children's series.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep17 Mechana Origami Owl Island; Mechana Cricket King Island
Ep16 Mechana Hide 'n Seek Hamster Island; Mechana Mini Golf Gopher Island
Ep15 Mechana Sand Castle Clams; Mechana Toucan Treasure Island
Ep14 Mechana Peeper Island; Mechana Cable Carp Island
Ep13 Mechana Coconut Island; Mechana Fireworks Fireflies Island
Ep12 Mechana Rhino Ring Toss Island; Mechana Copycat Island
Ep11 Mechana Maple Syrup Squirrel Island; Mechana Turkey Trotter Island
Ep10 Mechana Balloonosaurus Island; Mechana Race Rabbit Island
Ep9 Mechana Spider Sailor Island; Mechana Ski Sheep Island
Ep8 Mechana Pegosaurus Island; Mechana Buffalo Bus Island
Ep7 Mechana Koala Cake Day; Mechana Paint Parrot Island
Ep6 Tiger Knight Island; Mechana Hawk Rocket Island
Ep5 Mechana Mole Miner Island; Babble Bot Island
Ep4 Mechana Monkey Island; Mechana Puffin Prize Island
Ep3 Baboon Balloon Island; Mechana Matcher Island
Ep3 Baboon Balloon Island; Mechana Matcher Island
Ep2 Mechana Marching Ant Island; Beardozer Island
Ep1 Mechana Package Pigeon Island; Mechana Chicken Springing Island

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Mechana Jukebox Island; Mechana Circus Island
Ep9 Robo Ranch Island; Mechana Tortoise Island
Ep8 Turbo Tulip Island; Mechana Skate Park Island
Ep7 Mechana Racer Island; Mechana Kanga Bounce Ball Island
Ep6 Shimmer Wish Island; Mechana Snow Owl Island
Ep5 Mechana Skee Ball Island; Chugboat Island
Ep4 Mechana Buffalo Bus Island; Mechana Meteor Island
Ep3 Mechana Dancing Bear Island; Puffer Cloud Island
Ep3 Mechana Dancing Bear Island; Puffer Cloud Island
Ep2 Mechana Cuckoo Clock Island; Trash Masher Island
Ep1 Cobra Coaster Island; Pop Out Panda Island
Ep1 Cobra Coaster Island; Pop Out Panda Island

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Mechana-Parrot Island
Ep19 Mechana-Dragonfly Island
Ep18 Balloon Volcano Island
Ep17 Hippo Hovercraft Island
Ep16 Mechana-Bat Island
Ep15 Snail's Pace Race
Ep14 Flying Glitterfish Island
Ep13 Giraffe Crane Island
Ep12 Mechana-Pinball Island
Ep11 The Elephant Train
Ep10 Mechana-Dragonfly Island; Mechana-Parrot Island
Ep10 Bell Bot Island
Ep9 Hippo Hovercraft Island; Balloon Volcano Island
Ep9 Jigsaw-Shark Puzzle
Ep8 Snail's Pace Race; Mechana-Bat Island
Ep8 Pop-Apart Penguins
Ep7 Giraffe Crane Island; Flying Glitterfish Island
Ep7 Beetle Buggy Island
Ep6 The Elephant Train; Mechana-Pinball Island
Ep6 Chickadee Island
Ep5 Jigsaw-Shark Puzzle; Bell Bot Island
Ep5 Dino Mountain Island
Ep4 Beetle Buggy Island; Pop-Apart Penguins
Ep4 Whale Plane Island
Ep3 Dino Mountain Island; Chickadee Island
Ep3 Cow Castle Hassle
Ep2 Cow Castle Hassle; Whale Plane Island
Ep2 Bunny Boomer Island
Ep1 Turbo Bean Trouble
Ep1 Turbo-Bean Trouble; Bunny Boomer Island

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Cuckoo Clock Island
Cuckoo Clock Island
Dancing Bear Island
Dancing Bear Island
Trash Masher Island
Trash Masher Island
Pop-Out Panda Island
Pop-Out Panda Island
Robo Ranch Island
Mechana Baloonasaurus Island
Mechana Turkey Trotter Island
Mechana Koala Cake Island
Mechana Puffin Prize Island
Mechana Chicken Springing Island
Mechana Meteor Island
Mechana Package Pigeon Island
Babble Bot Island
Mechana Marching Ant Island
Mechana Hawk Rocket Island
Mechana Monkey Island
Mechana Buffalo Bus Island
Mechana Beardozer Island
Tiger Knight Island
Mechana Maple Syrup Squirrel Island
Mechana Race Rabbit Island
Mechana Peeper Island
Mechana Spider Sailor
Mechana Cricket King Island
Mechana Hide n Seek Hamster Island
Mechana Mini Golf Gopher Island
Mechana Copy Cat Island
Mechana Coconut Island
Mechana Fireworks Firefly Island
Mechana Origami Owl Island
Mechana Ski Sheep Island
Mechana Toucan Treasure Island
Mechana Cable Carp Island
Mechana Rhino Ring Toss Island
Mechana Pegosaurus Island
Mechana Sand Castle Clam Island
Mechana Paint Parrot Island
Bounce Ball Island
Turbo Tulip Island
Racer Island
Tortoise Island
Jukebox Island
Circus Island
Skate Park Island
Snow Owl Island
Mechana Mole Miners' Island
Chugboat Island
Shimmerwish Island
Baboon Balloon Island
Mechana Matcher Island
Mechana Circus Island
Mechana Jukebox Island
Mechana Tortoise Island
Robo Ranch Island
Turbo Tulip Island
Mechana Skate Park Island
Mechana Kanga Bounce Ball Island
Mechana Racer Island
Shimmer Wish Island
Mechana Snow Owl Island
Chugboat Island
Mechana Skee Ball Island
Puffer Cloud Island
Mechana Dancing Bear Island
Mechana Cuckoo Clock Island
Trash Masher Island
Cobra Coaster Island
Pop Out Panda Island
Cobra Coaster Island

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S0 |

Turbo Tulip Island

Air Date:
Lazy Mechana-Bees on Turbo Tulip Island are spending all their time playing.

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