• 1975-1978

`And that's the name of that tune.' So said (and often) the maverick title character in this drama, sometimes to his pet cockatoo, as he chased felons with whom he sometimes had more in common than he... More



Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 The Bundle
Ep23 The Snake Chaser
Ep22 The Dream
Ep21 Barney
Ep20 The Gadjo
Ep19 Woman Trouble
Ep18 The Appointment
Ep17 The Stone Conspiracy
Ep16 The Marker
Ep15 Just for Laughs
Ep14 It's a Boy
Ep13 I'll Take You to Lunch
Ep12 Why Me?
Ep11 Hot Horse
Ep10 It Goes With the Job
Ep9 All That Shatters
Ep8 Make the Sun Shine
Ep7 Por Nada
Ep6 Buddy
Ep5 It's Hard, but It's Fair
Ep4 The Sky Is Falling
Ep3 Lyman P. Doffer, Fed.
Ep2 Who Killed Cock Robin?
Ep1 New Girl in Town

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Playin' Police
Ep24 Guns and Brothers
Ep23 Big Bad Charlie
Ep22 Carla
Ep21 Think Mink
Ep20 Everybody Pays the Fare
Ep19 The Runaways
Ep18 Not on Our Block
Ep17 The Reunion
Ep16 Open Season
Ep15 That Sister Ain't No Cousin
Ep14 Don't Kill the Sparrows
Ep13 The Big Hand's on Trouble
Ep12 Look Back in Terror
Ep11 Can't Win for Losin'
Ep10 Nuthin' for Nuthin'
Ep9 Crazy Annie
Ep8 Dear Tony
Ep7 Under the City
Ep6 Shoes
Ep5 They Don't Make 'Em like They Used To
Ep4 Street Edition
Ep3 Runaway Cowboy
Ep2 Soldier in the Jungle
Ep1 The Ninja

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep21 Aggie
Ep20 Death on the Run
Ep19 Dead Man Out
Ep18 The Dippers
Ep17 The Blood Bond
Ep16 Pay or Die
Ep15 Murder for Me
Ep14 The Left Hand of the Devil
Ep13 Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
Ep12 Count the Days I'm Gone
Ep11 And Down Will Come Baby
Ep10 When Dues Come Down
Ep9 A Bite of the Apple
Ep8 Set Up City
Ep7 Photography by John Doe
Ep6 Double Image
Ep5 The Fire Man
Ep4 Nobody in a Nothing Place
Ep3 On the Road
Ep2 The Glory Game
Ep1 The Good-Bye Orphan Annie Blues

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 This Ain't My Bag
Ep11 The Secret of Terry Lake
Ep10 Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow
Ep9 The Mansion
Ep8 Walk Like You Talk
Ep7 The Coppelli Oath
Ep6 Ragtime Billy Peaches
Ep5 Half a Million Dollar Baby
Ep4 If You Can't Pay the Price
Ep3 Woman in the Harbor
Ep2 The Five and a Half Pound Junkie
Ep1 He'll Never See Daylight Again

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