Beautiful Freestyle Oil Painting

An established artist shares oil-painting techniques.


Beautiful Freestyle Oil Painting

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
The Old Fishin' Hole
Emerald Lake
Changing Season
Aurora Borealis
Mountain Valley
The Tributory
Walking the Trail
New Season
Gentle Breeze
Gesso Glory
Grey Tones
Shades of Blue
Forest Beauty
Rain Country
Autumn Shades
Winter Day
Hidden Cabin
Wilderness Island
Peaceful Path
Desert Glory
Twin Diamonds
Through the Window
Snowbound Barn
Lightning Strike
Cold December
The Candle
Lighthouse at Sunset
Secret Cabin
Wild Fantasy Flowers
Island Retreat
Rugged Pines
Simulating Wood
High Country Peaks
Balmy Day
Wooden Bridge
Stump Lake
Clouds, Mountains, Water & Rocks
A Pretty Place
Blue Skies
Diamond Magic
Majestic Land
How To: Cabins, Fences, Trees, and Bushes
Rig at Sunset
Nite Lights
My Kind of Place
Snow Mountain
Ranch House
In the Pines
Twin Buttes
Twin Oval
My Home
Daisies N Such
Blue Mountain
Mountain Birch
Crashing Wave
Mesa Trail
Spring Time
Early Morning
Mother Nature @ Work
Early Thaw
Old Pump
Deserted Old Barn
Needs Fixin
Wagon Wheels N Weeds
The Lotus Leaf
Hay Bales
Oval Wonder
Summer Splendor
Sea Breeze
Lonely Post
Evening Silhoutte
Mountain Waterfall
Autumn Colours
The Big Trees
Chimney Rock
Tall Timber
Cabin by the Lake
The Old Swayback
Northern Reflections
Winter Solitude
Pillars in the Sky
Keeping Watch
Moonlight on the Lake
Collapsing Old Barn
Summer Reflections
Peaceful Waters
Safe Haven
Desert Cactus
Daimon Nocturn
Northern Splendor
High Lonesome
Secret Hideaway
The Old Barn
Twin Waterfalls
Sunlight Glory
The Clam Shell
Brown Mountain
Frosty Mornin'
Full Moon
Northern Lights
Ocean Action
Introduction: How To
Old Trees
Majestic Mountain
There Are No Mistakes
Ranching Country
Majestic Peaks
Deep Woods
Auroa Borealis
Red Skies
Hard Country
The Clam Shell
Scattered Pines
Hidden Waterfalls
Abandoned Barn
Sun Valley
Cosmic Dust
Moonlight Sonata
Splendid Winter
Painted Desert
For the Birds
Mountain Majesty
Diamond Beauty
Quiet Time
Lonesome Pine
Pastoral Pond
Summer Still
Sand Dune Palms
Nature's Beauty
Bend in the River
Desert Giants
High Mesa
Sweet Water Rim Line Creek
Ocean Breakers
Ice Scape
High Waterfalls
Free Fall
Rolling Hills
Weathered Wood
Ocean Breeze
Peace in the Valley
Tranquil Moments
Grey Shades
Winter Snow
Secret Places
Sweet Water Sequel
Cabin by the Brook
Winter Expressions
Cool Winter Night
Night Glow
Tall Timbers
Trappers Tea
Only Way In
Wheelbarrow and Wildflowers
Covered Bridge
Golden Sunset
Mountain Trail
Weekend Retreat
Mountain Cake
Country Road
Trade Winds
Three Waterfalls
Looking Out
Xmas Mailbox
Great Oak
Headin South
A Quiet Place
Dual Ranges
Here In Valley
Mono Chromatic
Blazin Lights
Simulating Panel Board
Cascade Range
Lazy Creek
Prairie Flowers
Tide Comin' In
Signs of Decay
Old Stumps
Crimson Lake
Where They Meet

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