Billy the Exterminator

  • 2009-2012
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A series following the goings-on at a family-run pest-control company in Louisiana.


Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep16 Traps and Snaps
Ep15 Gator Pool Party
Ep14 Snarl Slither Snap
Ep13 Monster Maze
Ep12 The Big Freeze
Ep11 Roach Riot
Ep10 Feathers & Fangs
Ep9 Razor Sharp & Angry
Ep8 Claws and Jaws
Ep7 #1 Catch 'Em If You Can
Ep6 Wasp Warfare
Ep5 #1 Fight or Flight
Ep4 #1 Raccoon Cage Match
Ep3 Monsters in the Closet
Ep2 Monster in the Gulf
Ep1 #1 Snake, Rattle and Roll

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 #1 Roadkill
Ep10 #1 Swamp Monster
Ep9 #1 Night of the Living Possums
Ep8 Vampires and Serpents
Ep7 #1 Backyard Swarm
Ep6 #1 Predator in the Pond
Ep5 Giant Rats in the City
Ep4 Swarm of the Angry Bees
Ep3 Mission Impossible
Ep2 Aggravated Assault
Ep1 Python Power

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Gators in Waiting
Ep11 #1 Hoarder House Rats
Ep10 #1 Skunks on a Plane
Ep9 Good Morning Gators
Ep8 #1 Dirty Rat
Ep7 Suck It Up
Ep6 #1 Bobcat Battle
Ep5 Aerial Attack
Ep4 Furry Infestation
Ep3 What Lurks Beneath
Ep2 Desert Destroyers
Ep1 #1 When Gators Attack

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep17 The Best of Billy
Ep17 The Best of Billy
Ep16 #1 Hole of Horror
Ep15 Hogs Gone Wild!
Ep14 #1 Monster Mice
Ep13 Battle of the Bees
Ep12 #1 Snake Bite!
Ep11 Raccoon Rampage
Ep10 Gator Bait
Ep9 Five Alarm Hive
Ep8 Wolf Attack
Ep7 #1 Donnie Gets Dirty
Ep6 #1 Bees From Hell
Ep5 #1 Snakes in a Pool
Ep4 #1 Fox Fight!
Ep3 #1 Invasion of the Giant Rats
Ep2 #1 Donnie's Snake Attack
Ep1 #1 Coffin of Deadly Reptiles

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Billy Goes to the Gulf
Ep20 #1 Python on the Prowl
Ep19 #1 Sprayed by a Skunk!
Ep18 #1 When Squirrels Attack!
Ep17 #1 9 Foot Gator
Ep16 #1 Deadly Snake on the Loose
Ep15 #1 Bat Attack
Ep14 #1 Rattlesnake Combat
Ep13 #1 Squirrels in the Attic
Ep12 #1 Attack of the 15 Foot Snake
Ep11 Spider Invasion
Ep10 Raccoon Rescue
Ep9 Bobcat and the Yellow Jacket
Ep8 #1 Bee Relocation
Ep7 Snakes in the Swamp
Ep6 Extreme Gator
Ep5 Nursery Room Raccoon
Ep4 Backyard Gator
Ep3 Snake Invader
Ep2 Attack of the Trash Can Raccoon
Ep1 Funeral Home Snake

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Skunks and Mice and Snakes Oh My
Ep12 Extreme Roaches; Busy Beaver
Ep11 Bobcat Invasion
Ep10 Tattoo Rattlesnake
Ep10 Tattoo Rattlesnake
Ep9 Raccoon Haunting
Ep8 Psycho Raccoon; Killer Spiders
Ep7 Llama-Eating Gators
Ep6 Possums in the Wall
Ep5 Gator Park Swarm
Ep4 Kitty Corpse Clean Up
Ep3 There's a Gator in My Boat
Ep2 Snake in the Closet
Ep1 #1 Goth Bees and Killer Coons

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Sink or Swim
Snakes In The Pool
Bobcat & YellowJacket
Golf Course Gator / Backyard Skunk
Yellow Jackets & Pythons
Once Bitten, Twice Stung
Summer Camp Gator
Gator Bite
Squirrel Gone Wild

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Best Gator Encounters Of Season 6
80 sec
Clip Dangerous Moments From Season 6
62 sec
Clip Funniest Moments Of Season 6
106 sec
Preview Billy The Exterminator: Season 1
64 sec
Preview Billy The Exterminator: Season 2
64 sec
Clip A Crew Member Gets Bit
68 sec
Clip Does Billy Get Overwhelmed
48 sec
Clip Billy Relocates A Bobcat
102 sec
Clip Billy Wrestles With A Gator
114 sec
Clip Billy Builds A Trap
88 sec
Clip Sergeant Bill
81 sec
Clip Billy's Soft Side
64 sec
Clip Billy Swims With A Snake
63 sec
Clip Mad Rattler
117 sec
Clip Scorpions
64 sec
Clip Possum Problem
2 min 18 sec
Clip Damsel In Distress
2 min 33 sec
Clip Sugar Rat
86 sec
Clip Funniest Job
75 sec
Clip Roach Frenzy
67 sec
Clip Toughest Job
64 sec
Clip Constrictor
111 sec
Clip Skunks In The Garden
2 min 25 sec
Clip Big Hats
75 sec
Clip Porcupines
79 sec
Clip Billy's B-Day
72 sec
Clip Gator on the Runway
51 sec
Clip Gator Haul
65 sec
Clip Red Wasps
112 sec
Clip Pine Beetles
63 sec
Clip The Insta-Gator
52 sec
Clip Vexing Vermin
93 sec
Clip Feisty Squirrel
79 sec
Clip Screaming Coon
113 sec
Clip Rattling
116 sec
Clip Baby Alligators
74 sec
Clip Style
66 sec
Clip Second Chance
104 sec
Clip Rattlesnake
2 min 7 sec
Clip Angry Bees
94 sec
Clip Bee Box
2 min 10 sec
Clip Python
2 min 6 sec
Clip The Real Javelina
2 min 1 sec
Clip Coyote Activity
87 sec
Clip Billy's Jewelry
95 sec
Clip Python Hunting
118 sec
Clip Gila Monster
2 min 24 sec
Clip Moving Gators
77 sec
Clip Catching Coyotes
102 sec
Clip Geese Job
109 sec
Preview Playing Possum
118 sec
Clip Catching Gators
2 min 13 sec
Clip Grossest TV Trailer Ever?
20 sec
Clip Bottle Traps & Vaseline
2 min 30 sec
Clip Mud Bug Festival
2 min 30 sec
Clip The Bee Bumbler
2 min 47 sec
Clip Entry Points
3 min 17 sec
Clip Big Jobs, Small Cameras
2 min 19 sec
Clip Billy's Clothing
2 min 24 sec
Clip Gutter & Light Bulbs
112 sec
Clip Sprinklers & Snakes
2 min 21 sec
Clip Soap Insecticide & Vacuum Spider
2 min 24 sec
Clip Wild Animals
2 min 9 sec
Clip Ricky's Surprise
2 min 21 sec
Clip Wolf Attack
2 min 48 sec
Clip Help, A Snake
3 min 1 sec
Clip The Maze
2 min 47 sec
Clip Venom Spray
110 sec
Clip Ricky and The Bee Suit
118 sec
Clip Line of Fire
2 min 26 sec
Clip Billy the Exterminator Q&A - Food
2 min 11 sec
Clip Billy the Exterminator Q&A - Gator
2 min 15 sec
S6 | Ep7

Catch 'Em If You Can

Air Date: 10/27/12
Billy hunts down donkeys with a tranquilizer gun; and he corrals a loose rooster.

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