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A popular documentary series profiling an eclectic range of notables, with each episode focusing on one figure. Based on a half-hour syndicated program that ran from 1961-64 and in 1979, the concept... More


Season 25

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep4 Warren Jeffs
Ep3 Glee: Keep on Believin'
Ep2 The Cast of Glee
Ep1 Porfirio Rubirosa
Jodie Foster

Season 24

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Under 21 and Filthy Rich
Ep19 Natalie Portman
Ep18 Scarlett Johansson
Ep17 Hollywood: From Homely to Hot
Ep16 Fallen Centerfolds
Ep15 Hollywood's Baddest Breakups
Ep14 America's 10 Most Hated
Ep13 Celebrity Mistresses
Ep12 Pippa Middleton
Ep11 Chelsea Handler
Ep10 Drew Carey
Ep9 Hot, Famous, and Forty
Ep8 Tawny Kitaen
Ep7 The Barefoot Bandit
Ep6 Steve-O
Ep5 Ted Williams: Homeless to Hollywood
Ep4 Kate Middleton: Uncommon Bride
Ep2 Gordon Ramsay
Ep1 Drew Peterson

Season 23

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 Jennifer Aniston
Ep31 The Jackson 5
Ep30 John Belushi
Ep29 Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child
Ep28 Jesse James
Ep27 Blondie
Ep26 Fallen Beauty Queens
Ep25 Brad Pitt
Ep24 Mariah Carey
Ep23 Megan Fox
Ep22 Billy Joel
Ep20 The Captains of the Final Frontier
Ep19 Ellen DeGeneres
Ep18 Jim Carrey
Ep17 Pink
Ep16 Marilyn Manson
Ep15 Tyra Banks
Ep14 Danny DeVito
Ep13 Nancy McKeon
Ep12 Jimi Hendrix: My Story
Ep11 Marisa Tomei
Ep10 Rosie O'Donnell
Ep9 Black Sabbath
Ep8 Married With Children
Ep7 Vanessa Williams
Ep6 Mark Harmon
Ep5 Ed O'Neill
Ep4 The Monster of Florence
Ep2 The Bee Gees
Ep1 Morgan Freeman
Criss Angel

Season 22

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep55 Adolfo Constanzo
Ep54 Hollywood Home Movies
Ep53 Joaquin Phoenix
Ep52 Jennifer Love Hewitt
Ep51 Sarah Jessica Parker
Ep50 Ogre of the Ardennes: Michel Fourniret
Ep49 The Wahlberg Brothers
Ep48 The Pig Farmer Killer, Robert Pickton
Ep47 Bill Murray
Ep46 John Candy
Ep44 Woody Harrelson
Ep43 Carrie Underwood
Ep42 Eminem
Ep41 Larry the Cable Guy
Ep40 Kirstie Alley
Ep39 Green Day
Ep38 MillionHeirs
Ep37 George Clooney
Ep36 Reba McEntire
Ep35 Teri Hatcher
Ep34 Beverly Hills 90210
Ep33 Boyz II Men
Ep32 Kevin James
Ep31 Three's Company
Ep30 Family Ties
Ep29 Kurt Cobain
Ep28 Beverly Hills, 90210
Ep27 David Letterman
Ep26 Robert De Niro
Ep25 Keith Urban
Ep24 Full House
Ep23 Chevy Chase
Ep22 Billy Crystal
Ep21 Vanilla Ice
Ep20 Aerosmith
Ep19 Metallica
Ep18 Emma Thompson
Ep17 Child Stars: Their Story
Ep16 The Mamas and the Papas
Ep15 Pope Benedict XVI
Ep14 Bruce Springsteen
Ep13 Child Star Heart-throbs
Ep12 Diff'rent Strokes
Ep11 Genesis
Ep10 Elizabeth Hurley
Ep9 Heath Ledger
Ep8 Buffy Sainte-Marie: A Multimedia Life
Ep7 Freddie Mercury
Ep6 Sam Kinison
Ep5 Baader-Meinhof Gang
Ep4 Clive Owen
Ep3 McLuhan Way
Ep2 Cat Stevens
Ep1 Richard Nixon

Season 21

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep99 Christian Bale
Ep98 Nicole Kidman
Ep97 Mr. T
Ep96 Pink Floyd
Ep95 The Sex Pistols
Ep94 Oasis
Ep93 Genesis
Ep92 The Co-ed Killer: Edmund Kemper
Ep91 Jet Li
Ep90 John & Yoko: Give Peace a Chance
Ep89 The Rolling Stones
Ep88 Amy Winehouse
Ep87 Ricky Martin
Ep86 The Iglesias Family
Ep85 Meryl Streep
Ep84 Julia Roberts
Ep83 Salma Hayek
Ep82 Kylie Minogue
Ep81 Jerry Brudos: The Lust Killer
Ep80 The Kinks
Ep79 Rowan Atkinson
Ep78 Shannen Doherty
Ep77 Tom Cruise
Ep76 Stevie Wonder
Ep75 The Wahlberg Brothers
Ep74 Motley Crue
Ep73 The Who
Ep72 Selena
Ep71 Clive Owen
Ep70 Ty Pennington
Ep69 Shaun Cassidy
Ep68 The Chessboard Killer: Alexander Pichushkin
Ep67 Red Hot Chili Peppers
Ep66 Mel Gibson
Ep65 Kate Moss
Ep64 Davy Jones
Ep63 Kate Winslet
Ep62 Witches
Ep61 Joe Biden
Ep60 Sarah Palin
Ep59 Michelle Yeoh
Ep58 Sienna Miller
Ep57 Samuel L. Jackson
Ep56 Hugh Jackman
Ep55 Adam Sandler
Ep54 Colin Farrell
Ep53 Hell's Angels
Ep52 Winona Ryder
Ep51 Christian Slater
Ep50 David Caruso
Ep49 Elvis: Return to Tupelo
Ep48 Catherine Zeta-Jones
Ep47 Tyler Perry
Ep46 Donny & Marie Osmond
Ep45 Leif Garrett
Ep44 Matt Dillon
Ep43 John Mellencamp
Ep42 Eddie Murphy
Ep41 Andy Gibb
Ep40 Don Johnson
Ep39 H. H. Holmes and the Murder Castle
Ep38 Jack Black
Ep37 Patrick Duffy
Ep36 Justin Timberlake
Ep35 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
Ep34 Pee Wee Herman
Ep33 Scott Baio
Ep32 Cate Blanchett
Ep31 Shia LaBeouf
Ep30 Pat Tillman
Ep29 Run-DMC
Ep28 Child Stars III: Teen Rockers
Ep27 The New Mickey Mouse Club
Ep26 Jude Law
Ep25 Matt Damon
Ep24 Leonardo DiCaprio
Ep23 Augusto Pinochet
Ep22 Billy Idol
Ep21 Sarah Silverman
Ep20 Bob Saget
Ep19 Jamie Foxx
Ep18 Salma Hayek
Ep17 Sacha Baron Cohen
Ep16 Bret Michaels
Ep15 Kenny Chesney
Ep14 Halle Berry
Ep13 Goldie Hawn
Ep12 Rothschild Family Dynasty
Ep11 Barry White
Ep10 Sharon Osbourne
Ep9 Raul Castro
Ep8 Hugh Laurie
Ep7 Lindsay Lohan
Ep6 Duran Duran
Ep5 The Spice Girls
Ep4 The Ken and Barbie Killers: Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka
Ep3 Matthew McConaughey
Ep2 Matthew Perry
Ep1 Gwyneth Paltrow

Season 20

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep75 Alyssa Milano
Ep74 Ashton Kutcher
Ep73 Dana Plato
Ep72 Erik Estrada
Ep71 Randy Couture: Ultimate Fighter
Ep70 Bono
Ep69 Kristy McNichol
Ep68 Jenny McCarthy
Ep67 Daniel Craig
Ep66 Hilary Swank
Ep65 Valerie Bertinelli
Ep64 Kiefer Sutherland
Ep63 Sheryl Crow
Ep62 Billy Ray Cyrus
Ep61 The Monkees
Ep60 The Harry Potter Kids
Ep59 Britney Spears
Ep58 Billy Bob Thornton
Ep57 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Ep56 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
Ep55 'N Sync
Ep53 Bob Geldof and Band Aid
Ep52 George Michael
Ep51 Guns n' Roses
Ep50 The Culkins
Ep48 Rachael Ray
Ep47 Jennifer Lopez
Ep46 Denis Leary
Ep45 Fleetwood Mac
Ep43 Patrick Dempsey
Ep42 Jon Stewart
Ep41 George Carlin
Ep40 Whitney Houston
Ep39 Weird Al Yankovic
Ep38 Boy George
Ep37 Diane: The True Story
Ep36 The Brat Pack
Ep35 LL Cool J
Ep34 Mickey Rourke
Ep33 Queen Latifah
Ep32 Queen Latifah
Ep31 Georgia O'Keeffe
Ep30 Howard Schultz and Starbucks
Ep29 Diana: Tragic Love
Ep28 Demi Moore
Ep26 Aretha Franklin
Ep25 Rob Lowe
Ep22 Tina Turner
Ep21 The Beatles' Women
Ep20 Robert Downey Jr.
Ep19 The Coreys
Ep18 Howie Mandel
Ep17 Prince Harry
Ep16 Reese Witherspoon
Ep15 20 on 20
Ep14 Sean Connery
Ep13 Theodore J. Kaczynski: Unabomber
Ep12 James Woods
Ep11 Cameron Diaz
Ep10 Meredith Vieira
Ep8 John F. Kennedy
Ep7 KISS (Gene Simmons)
Ep6 Christopher Walken
Ep5 Beyonce
Ep4 Michael J. Fox
Ep3 Meat Loaf
Ep2 Kelsey Grammer
Ep1 Anthony Hopkins

Season 19

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep47 Olivia Newton-John
Ep46 Ozzy Osbourne
Ep45 Tiger Woods
Ep44 Martin Short
Ep43 Twiggy
Ep42 Jeane Dixon
Ep41 Aaron Spelling
Ep40 Biography of the Year 2006
Ep39 Bobby Flay
Ep38 Mike Tyson
Ep37 Mary Kay
Ep36 Warren Buffett
Ep35 Caroline Kennedy
Ep34 Marjorie Merriweather Post
Ep33 Elmore Leonard
Ep32 Mackenzie Phillips
Ep31 Jason Priestley
Ep30 Bea Arthur
Ep29 Bill Cosby
Ep28 Grace Slick
Ep27 Danny Bonaduce: Tabloids' Bad Boy
Ep26 LeAnn Rimes
Ep25 Mary Tyler Moore & George Lopez
Ep24 Elvis' Entourage
Ep23 The Michael Jackson Story
Ep22 Dave Chappelle
Ep21 Anna Nicole Smith
Ep20 TV Game Shows
Ep19 Robin Williams
Ep18 Johnny Depp
Ep16 Home Videos
Ep15 Dolly Parton
Ep14 William Shatner
Ep12 Jesus: Holy Child
Ep11 Don Knotts
Ep10 Hairdos and Heartache: The Women of Country Music
Ep9 Final Days: The Fame and Fate of Princess Diana
Ep8 Final Days: The Fame and Fate of Marilyn Monroe
Ep7 NASCAR: Countdown to Sunday
Ep6 William Shatner
Ep5 Jane Fonda
Ep4 Russell Crowe
Ep3 John Travolta
Ep2 Steve Martin
Ep1 The Rockefellers

Season 18

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep83 Sean Penn
Ep82 Solomon
Ep81 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Ep79 James Van Praagh
Ep78 Heroes of Katrina
Ep77 Randy Jackson
Ep75 The Apostles
Ep74 Martina McBride
Ep73 Barack Obama
Ep72 Russell Simmons
Ep71 Catherine the Great
Ep70 Barbie
Ep69 Ron Popeil
Ep68 Barry Manilow
Ep67 The Real Pirates of the Caribbean
Ep66 Biography of the Year 2005
Ep65 Pontius Pilate
Ep64 Tom Jones
Ep63 Jerry Garcia
Ep62 George Lopez
Ep61 Peter
Ep60 Calamity Jane
Ep59 Angelina Jolie
Ep58 Buddy Ebsen
Ep57 Toby Keith
Ep56 Travis Tritt
Ep55 The Onassis Dynasty
Ep54 Harley-Davidson
Ep53 Paul
Ep52 Tim LaHaye
Ep51 Shirley Muldowney
Ep50 Ben & Jerry
Ep49 Hank Williams Jr.
Ep48 Brooks and Dunn
Ep47 Jamie Oliver
Ep46 Nigella Lawson
Ep45 The Grimaldi Dynasty
Ep44 Danielle Steel
Ep43 Thomas Watson, Jr.
Ep41 The Hilton Family
Ep40 The Perdue Family
Ep39 Paris Hilton
Ep37 Julie Newmar
Ep36 Whoopi Goldberg
Ep35 Pretty Boy Floyd
Ep34 Yvonne DeCarlo
Ep33 Fred Gwynne
Ep32 Chuck Norris
Ep31 Gary Coleman
Ep30 Marlon Brando
Ep28 Richard Speck
Ep27 Child Stars II: Growing Up Hollywood
Ep26 Tommy Lee
Ep25 David Hasselhoff
Ep24 Arthur Shawcross
Ep23 Al Qaeda
Ep22 The Brady Bunch
Ep21 Shania Twain
Ep20 Heather Locklear
Ep19 Fathers & Sons in Hollywood
Ep18 Life After Baywatch
Ep17 Pamela Anderson
Ep16 Sandra Bullock
Ep15 Ray Romano
Ep14 Brooke Shields
Ep13 Celine Dion
Ep12 Paula Abdul
Ep11 Lisa Marie Presley
Ep10 Elton John
Ep9 Bruce Willis
Ep7 Taco Bell
Ep6 Lesra Martin
Ep5 Kevin Spacey
Ep4 Dorothy Stratten
Ep3 Walter Payton
Ep2 Joe Namath
Ep1 The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Jackie Robinson

Season 17

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep163 Yo-Yo Ma
Ep162 Dr. Robert Atkins
Ep161 Stanford White
Ep160 Times Square
Ep159 David Blaine
Ep158 Fred Rogers
Ep157 Edith Piaf
Ep156 Silvio Berlusconi
Ep155 The Redgraves
Ep154 Harold Shipman
Ep153 Steven Seagal
Ep152 Donna Karan
Ep151 Tatum O'Neal
Ep150 David Ben-Gurion
Ep149 Joseph 'The Rat' Valachi
Ep148 Dian Fossey
Ep147 Jack Nicklaus
Ep146 The Google Boys
Ep145 Vinnie 'The Chin' Gigante
Ep144 Ringling Brothers
Ep143 Mario Andretti
Ep142 Federico Fellini
Ep141 Biography of the Year 2004
Ep140 Diego Rivera
Ep139 Rudyard Kipling
Ep138 Wall Street
Ep137 Louis B. Mayer
Ep136 Mikhail Baryshnikov
Ep135 Bram Stoker
Ep134 Poet of Death: Jack Unterweger
Ep133 Rembrandt
Ep132 Boss Tweed
Ep131 Gene Simmons
Ep130 Brad Pitt
Ep129 Alan Bates
Ep128 MillionHeirs
Ep127 Jimmy Connors
Ep126 Richard Harris
Ep125 Ian Fleming
Ep124 Lord Byron
Ep123 Monster of the Andes
Ep122 Rob Reiner
Ep121 Salman Rushdie
Ep120 Led Zeppelin
Ep119 Jeopardy!
Ep118 Pete Townshend
Ep117 Sylvia Plath
Ep116 Steffi Graf
Ep115 Bobby Fischer
Ep114 Ottis Toole
Ep113 Joel Rifkin
Ep112 Abbie Hoffman
Ep111 Arthur Ashe
Ep110 Fyodor Dostoevsky
Ep109 Leo Tolstoy
Ep108 Scott Peterson
Ep107 Jean-Marie Le Pen
Ep106 Val Kilmer
Ep105 Jeffrey Archer
Ep104 Charles Ng and Leonard Lake
Ep103 Neil Young
Ep102 Frida Kahlo
Ep101 St. Francis of Assisi
Ep100 Tchaikovsky
Ep99 Samuel Goldwyn
Ep98 Johnny Depp
Ep97 South African Strangler: Moses Sithole
Ep96 Henry Lee Lucas
Ep95 Robert Maxwell
Ep94 Hunter S. Thompson
Ep93 Melanie Griffith
Ep92 Andrei Chikatilo: Beast of the Ukraine
Ep91 Jacques Chirac
Ep90 Martina Navratilova
Ep89 Doc Holliday
Ep88 Steve McQueen: Life in the Fast Lane
Ep87 John Kerry
Ep86 Yorkshire Ripper
Ep85 Rod Stewart
Ep84 Vladimir Putin
Ep83 Hillside Stranglers
Ep82 Lech Walesa
Ep81 Chris Evert
Ep80 Katarina Witt
Ep79 Jackson Pollock
Ep78 The Bronte Sisters
Ep77 Tony Danza
Ep76 The Night Stalker: Richard Ramirez
Ep75 Jane Austen
Ep74 Anwar Sadat
Ep73 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Ep72 James Joyce
Ep71 Richard Gere
Ep70 Bob Marley
Ep69 Muhammad
Ep68 Salvador Dali
Ep67 Robert Mugabe
Ep66 Pervez Musharraf
Ep65 Sandra Day O'Connor
Ep64 Cecil B. DeMille
Ep63 Michelle Kwan
Ep62 Jimmy Fallon
Ep61 The Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty
Ep60 Don Adams
Ep59 Charles Whitman
Ep58 The Kray Twins
Ep57 Pete Sampras
Ep56 Ben Johnson
Ep55 Florence Nightingale
Ep54 Playing Vegas
Ep53 Kobe Bryant
Ep52 Cheech Marin
Ep51 Laura Bush
Ep50 Blake Edwards
Ep49 Jack Nicholson
Ep48 Andre Agassi
Ep47 Debbie Harry
Ep46 Ariel Sharon
Ep45 Tippi Hedren
Ep44 Strom Thurmond
Ep43 Carmen Electra
Ep42 Christine Jorgensen
Ep41 Las Vegas Strip
Ep40 David Cassidy
Ep39 Uri Geller
Ep38 The Facts of Life
Ep37 Catwoman
Ep36 Ed Gein
Ep35 Condoleezza Rice
Ep34 Larry Hagman
Ep33 George Bush: A Sense of Duty
Ep32 The O.J. Story: Ten Years Later
Ep31 Mary-Kate & Ashley
Ep30 Ray Charles
Ep29 Liza Minnelli
Ep28 Bette Midler
Ep27 Smarty Jones
Ep25 Mothers and Daughters in Hollywood
Ep24 Friends
Ep23 Julianne Moore
Ep22 Pierce Brosnan
Ep21 Reality Stars: Uncensored
Ep20 Traci Lords
Ep19 Courtney Love
Ep18 Phil Hartman
Ep17 The Popes: The Legacy of Peter
Ep16 The Rock
Ep15 The Hussein Family
Ep13 Alec Baldwin
Ep12 Oscar
Ep11 The Princesses of Monaco
Ep9 Jayne Mansfield
Ep8 Cybill Shepherd
Ep7 John Stamos
Ep6 The Fondas
Ep5 John Waters
Ep4 Simon Cowell
Ep3 Lynda Carter
Ep2 Pete Rose

Season 16

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep86 Elizabeth Smart: The Long Way Home
Ep85 Aileen Wuornos
Ep84 Santa Claus
Ep83 Patty Duke
Ep82 The Green River Killer
Ep81 Biography of the Year 2003
Ep80 Top 10 Survivors
Ep79 Top 10 Most Notorious
Ep78 Top 10 to Watch
Ep77 Top 10 Hitched & Ditched
Ep76 Dr. Seuss: Rhymes and Reasons
Ep75 Batman
Ep74 Home Depot
Ep73 Sears
Ep72 Andy Williams
Ep71 James Brolin
Ep70 Keanu Reeves
Ep69 Jack Ruby
Ep67 Cher
Ep66 Ava Gardner
Ep65 Harrison Ford
Ep64 The Munsters
Ep63 Linda Blair
Ep62 Janet Leigh
Ep61 Siegfried & Roy
Ep60 Dick Van Dyke: Put On a Happy Face
Ep59 Clint Eastwood
Ep58 Jane Withers
Ep57 Natalie Wood
Ep56 Pat Benatar
Ep55 Mama Cass
Ep54 Sharon Stone
Ep53 Phil Spector
Ep52 All the Presidents' Kids
Ep51 Tom Ridge: Assignment---Mission Impossible
Ep50 All My Children
Ep49 Kim Jong Il
Ep48 The Dixie Chicks
Ep47 Jane Pauley
Ep46 Tom Clancy
Ep45 Kevin Costner
Ep44 Paul Newman
Ep43 Will Smith
Ep42 Doris Roberts
Ep41 Betty White
Ep40 Brigitte Bardot
Ep39 M*A*S*H
Ep38 Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ep37 Bernie Mac
Ep36 Nazi Officer's Wife
Ep35 James Coburn
Ep34 Post-Impressionists: Van Gogh and Gauguin
Ep33 Alec Guinness: A Class Act
Ep32 Clark Gable
Ep30 Humphrey Bogart
Ep29 Bo Derek: The Perfect 10
Ep28 Mary Martin
Ep27 Patrick Stewart: Make It So
Ep26 Working for Charles and Diana
Ep25 Helen Gurley Brown: The Original Cosmo Girl
Ep24 The Versace Family
Ep23 Marie Antoinette
Ep22 Barbara Eden and Elizabeth Montgomery
Ep21 Marg Helgenberger: Don't Call Me Marg
Ep20 Patricia Heaton
Ep19 Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Ep18 Robert Duvall
Ep17 Faye Dunaway: Master Class
Ep16 Diane Keaton: On Her Own
Ep15 Elizabeth Taylor: Facets
Ep14 Oksana Baiul: After the Glory
Ep13 Eva Braun: Love and Death
Ep12 Prince Albert
Ep11 Witness James Baldwin
Ep10 Ricardo Montalban: Pride and Passion
Ep9 The Saudi Royal Family
Ep8 Peter Boyle
Ep7 Jane Seymour
Ep6 Elvis and June: A Love Story
Ep5 Bill O'Reilly: The Attitude Factor
Ep4 Chuck Barris: Dangerous Imagination
Ep3 Ray Liotta: Hollywood Goodfella
Ep2 Tom Selleck: More than Magnum
Ep1 John Travolta

Season 15

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep88 The Wonder Years
Ep87 Charlie's Angels
Ep85 The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Making It After All
Ep84 Pablo Escobar
Ep83 Biography of the Year 2002
Ep82 Billy Barty: Always Think Big
Ep81 Tom Hanks
Ep80 The Partridge Family
Ep79 Donald Rumsfeld
Ep78 Jonathan Harris: Never Fear, Smith Is Here
Ep77 Dr. Phil: Getting Real
Ep76 Neil Sedaka: The Show Goes On
Ep75 Peter Fonda: Fortunate Son
Ep74 David Bowie
Ep73 Home Improvement
Ep72 John Ritter: In Good Company
Ep71 Sharon Tate: Murdered Innocence
Ep69 Carlos Santana: Supernatural Journey
Ep68 James Dean: Outside the Lines
Ep67 James Dean: Outside the Lines
Ep66 Bio's 15 Sexiest
Ep65 Jon Bon Jovi: It's His Life
Ep64 Prince Harry at 18
Ep63 Malcolm in the Middle: A Stroke of Genius
Ep62 The Barrymores
Ep61 Priscilla Presley: Keeper of a Dream
Ep60 The Best and Worst U.S. Presidents
Ep59 Charles Bronson
Ep58 Antonio Banderas: Hollywood Conquistador
Ep57 Lee Majors: Hollywood's Bionic Hero
Ep56 Pele: World Cup Hero
Ep55 Martin Lawrence: Comic Trip
Ep54 Graham Nash: A Life in Harmony
Ep53 Gracie Allen
Ep52 Chris Farley: Reckless Laughter
Ep51 The Manson Women: An American Nightmare
Ep50 Bill Graham: Rock Impresario
Ep49 Jan & Dean
Ep48 Robby Benson
Ep47 Clara Bow: Hollywood's Silent Sexpot
Ep46 John and Abigail Adams: Love and Liberty
Ep45 James Beard
Ep44 Paul Prudhomme
Ep43 The Zagats
Ep42 Suzanne Somers: Mastering Success
Ep41 Robert Mitchum: Poet with an Ax
Ep40 Tim Robbins
Ep39 Madonna's Liquid Assets
Ep38 Eureka!: The 20th Century's Top 15 Inventors
Ep37 Pat Boone
Ep36 Noah Wyle: Prescription for Success
Ep35 Carrie Fisher: Princess with a Pen
Ep34 Mark Hamill
Ep33 Bio '86
Ep32 James Arness
Ep31 Paul Anka: Times of His Life
Ep30 Carolyn Jones: Morticia and More
Ep29 Bio '75
Ep28 Marlo Thomas
Ep27 Yasser Arafat: Terrorist to Peacemaker
Ep26 Ernest Shackleton: Looking South
Ep25 Salome: Behind the Veils
Ep24 Jezebel: Queen of Infamy
Ep23 Dustin Hoffman: First in His Class
Ep22 John Walsh: Fighting Back
Ep21 Eugene O'Neill: A Haunted Life
Ep20 Eclipsed by Death: The Life of River Phoenix
Ep19 Sunset Strip
Ep18 15 Years and Counting
Ep17 Billie Holiday
Ep16 RFK: His Many Sides
Ep15 Johnnie Cochran
Ep14 Wayne Gretzky: The Great One
Ep13 Broadway Joe: The Joe Namath Story
Ep12 Vince Lombardi
Ep11 Sweetness: The Walter Payton Story
Ep10 Joe Montana
Ep9 Frank Gifford
Ep8 George Lucas: Creating an Empire
Ep7 Richard Burton: Taylor-Made for Stardom
Ep6 Marvin Gaye: The Things We Hear
Ep5 Laugh Out Loud: TV's 15 Greatest Comedians
Ep4 J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and Me
Ep3 Jeff Bridges: Building Bridges
Ep2 Sante and Kenneth Kimes
Ep1 Kevin Bacon: Am I Me?

Season 14

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep142 Genovese: Portrait of a Crime Family
Ep141 Happy Days
Ep140 Gladys Knight: A Knight's Tale
Ep139 Tony Blair
Ep138 Andy Garcia: Latin Rhythms and American Dreams
Ep137 Biography of the Year 2001
Ep136 Lesley Gore: It's Her Party
Ep135 Bobby Rydell: Wild About Bobby
Ep134 Bobby Vinton: A Melody of Love
Ep133 Brenda Lee: Little Miss Dynamite
Ep132 Buddy Holly: Rave On
Ep131 Carnie Wilson
Ep130 Jessica Lange: On Her Own Terms
Ep129 Rudy Giuliani: America's Mayor
Ep128 The Lost Generation
Ep127 Ferdinand Porsche
Ep126 Enzo Ferrari
Ep125 Jerry Falwell: Minister of Morals
Ep124 The Impressionists
Ep123 Fred Gwynne & Al Lewis
Ep122 Imelda Marcos: Steel Buterfly
Ep121 Edward & Sophie: A Very British Marriage
Ep120 Gloria and Emilio Estefan: Made for Each Other
Ep119 John Wayne: An American Legend
Ep118 Kim Fields
Ep117 Tracey Gold
Ep116 Melissa Gilbert
Ep115 Diana: Portrait of a Princess
Ep114 Cal Ripken Jr.
Ep113 Princess Anne
Ep112 Andrew: The Playboy Prince
Ep111 Charles & Camilla: 30 Years in Love
Ep110 Viewer's Choice: Favorite Rock Legend
Ep109 Dick Cheney: Quiet Authority
Ep108 Ben Stiller
Ep107 Jackie Gleason: The Great One
Ep106 Viewer's Choice: Favorite Wiseguy
Ep105 Mahatma Gandhi: Pilgrim of Peace
Ep104 Mario Puzo: Father of the Godfather
Ep102 Viewer's Choice: Favorite Country Singer
Ep101 Carole Lombard: Hollywood's Profane Angel
Ep100 Gary Condit
Ep99 Viewer's Choice: Scandals
Ep98 That Girl
Ep97 Laverne & Shirley
Ep96 Love Boat
Ep95 Cheers
Ep94 Burt Bacharach
Ep93 Words and Music by Leiber & Stoller
Ep92 Bobby Darin: I Want to Be a Legend
Ep91 Dionne Warwick: Don't Make Me Over
Ep90 Hitmakers: The Teens Who Stole Pop Music
Ep89 Jean Simmons: Picture Perfect
Ep88 Sandra Bernhard
Ep87 Jennifer Jones: Portrait of a Lady
Ep86 Lee Marvin: Hollywood's Straight Shooter
Ep85 Helena Bonham Carter
Ep84 Tim Burton
Ep83 Charlton Heston
Ep82 Sonny Liston
Ep81 Oscar De La Hoya: Body and Soul
Ep80 Osama Bin Laden: In the Name of Allah
Ep79 Robert Blake: Dark Passage
Ep78 Madame Tussaud
Ep77 Liberace: Too Much of a Good Thing Is Wonderful
Ep76 Dame Edna
Ep75 RuPaul: Fairest of Them All
Ep74 Margot Kidder
Ep73 Gary Busey
Ep72 Carroll O'Connor: All in a Lifetime
Ep71 Dick Van Patten: The Sure Bet
Ep70 Reginald VelJohnson
Ep69 Bill Bixby: Chasing Perfection
Ep68 Robert Reed
Ep67 Henry Hill
Ep66 The Impressionists: Capturing the Moment
Ep65 The Impressionists: The Road to Impressionism
Ep64 Rosemary Clooney: Girl Singer
Ep63 Richard Branson
Ep62 Tim McGraw
Ep61 Sean 'Puffy' Combs: From Rap to Riches
Ep60 Janet Gaynor: A Star Was Born
Ep58 Tony Curtis: Tony of the Movies
Ep57 John McEnroe: Game, Set, Match
Ep55 Oscar Wilde: Wit's End
Ep54 Dizzy: The Life and Music of John Birks Gillespie
Ep52 James Caan: Making a Scene
Ep51 Mitzi Gaynor: Hollywood's Cockeyed Optimist
Ep50 Teri Garr
Ep49 Dominick Dunne: Murder He Wrote
Ep48 Peter Frampton: Alive Again
Ep47 Cheryl Tiegs
Ep45 Al Pacino: Inside Out
Ep44 Bruce Lee
Ep43 Eddie Albert: A Passion for Life
Ep42 Florence Henderson: Here's the Story
Ep41 Carlos the Jackal
Ep40 Jimmy Swaggart: Fire and Brimstone
Ep39 Barbara Bush: First Mom
Ep38 Karen Silkwood: A Life on the Line
Ep37 Charlie Sheen
Ep36 Martha Stewart: The Best of Everything
Ep35 Jack Palance: From Grit to Grace
Ep34 Dennis Franz: Out of the Blue
Ep33 Matthew Broderick
Ep32 Graham Kerr: The Galloping Gourmet
Ep31 The Famous Wally Amos: The Cookie King
Ep30 Wolfgang Puck: Recipe for Success
Ep29 Emeril Lagasse: BAM!
Ep28 Greg Louganis: The Biggest Challenge
Ep27 The Cadbury Family: The Sweet Smell of Success
Ep26 Hugh Hefner: American Playboy Revisited
Ep25 Eric Clapton
Ep24 Jeff Foxworthy
Ep22 Giorgio Armani
Ep21 Vera Wang
Ep20 Shelley Winters: Full Disclosure
Ep19 Civil Rights Heroes
Ep18 Scott Hamilton
Ep17 Ted Nugent: The Motor City Madman
Ep16 Patti LaBelle
Ep15 Rick Springfield
Ep13 Mary Kay Letourneau
Ep12 Ethel Kennedy: Carrying On
Ep9 Glen Campbell: Still on the Line
Ep8 Lance Armstrong: Racing for His Life
Ep7 Benny Hill: Laughter and Controversy
Ep6 Paul Lynde: Off Center
Ep5 Ben Stein's Brain
Ep4 Ivana Trump
Ep3 Bob Newhart: The Last Sane Man
Ep2 Marilu Henner: Perpetual Motion
Ep1 Richard Simmons

Season 13

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep115 Charles Lindbergh: Against the Wind
Ep114 Perry Como: The Singing Barber
Ep113 Jeff Bezos: Boy Billionaire
Ep111 The Bee Gees: This Is Where I Came In
Ep110 General Douglas MacArthur: Return of the Legend
Ep109 Al Lewis: Forever Grandpa
Ep107 Buck Owens: Acting Naturally
Ep106 Merle Haggard: The Real Deal
Ep105 Alan Jackson: The Real World
Ep104 Randy Travis: Keeping the Tradition
Ep103 John J. Pershing: The Iron General
Ep101 George Foreman: Blow by Blow
Ep100 The Presidential Candidates: George W. Bush & Al Gore
Ep99 The Next First Lady
Ep98 John Forsythe
Ep97 Jaclyn Smith
Ep96 Cheryl Ladd
Ep94 Edith Head
Ep93 Sally Hemings: Redefining History
Ep91 Anne Rice: Vampires, Witches and Best Sellers
Ep89 Frances Farmer: Paradise Lost
Ep86 Barbara Walters: A Driving Force
Ep85 Mary, Queen of Scots: Heroine or Harlot?
Ep84 Ronnie Milsap: Almost Like a Song
Ep83 Ben Vereen: The Hard Way
Ep82 Cathy Rigby: Finding the Balance
Ep81 Jack Webb
Ep80 Jerry Orbach: The Singing Detective
Ep79 James Garner: Hollywood Maverick
Ep78 Jimmy Hoffa: The Man Behind the Mystery
Ep76 Olga Korbut
Ep75 Mary Hart
Ep73 Cesar Romero: In a Class by Himself
Ep72 Adam West: Behind the Cowl
Ep71 The Gabors
Ep70 Janis Joplin
Ep69 Jimi Hendrix: The Man They Made God
Ep68 David Crosby
Ep67 Bob Dylan
Ep66 Roman Polanski
Ep65 Tammy Faye: Faith and Flamboyance
Ep64 Queen Mother
Ep63 Pat Robertson: Preaching Politics
Ep62 Art Linkletter: Made for TV
Ep61 Diahann Carroll
Ep60 Roseanne: Tabloids, Trash and Truth
Ep58 Meredith Baxter
Ep57 Shirley Jones: Hollywood's Musical Mom
Ep56 Shirley Jones
Ep55 Robert Goulet: Beyond Camelot
Ep54 Billy Graham: A Personal Crusade
Ep53 Billy Graham
Ep52 Richard Widmark: Strength of Characters
Ep51 Peter the Great: Reformer and Tyrant
Ep50 Ed McMahon
Ep49 Sandra Dee
Ep48 William S. Paley: The Eye of CBS
Ep47 Wernher von Braun: From the Nazis to NASA
Ep46 Mary Magdalene
Ep45 Henry Winkler: Hollywood's Coolest Character
Ep44 George VI: The Reluctant King
Ep43 Deborah Kerr: Getting to Know Her
Ep42 Hulk Hogan: American Made
Ep41 Sally Field: Defying Gravity
Ep40 Lowell Thomas: Man About the World
Ep39 Gerald Ford: Healing the Presidency
Ep38 Dick Powell: Thanks a Million
Ep37 Clint Black: A Better Man
Ep36 Morgan Fairchild
Ep34 Princess Margaret: The Rebel Princess
Ep33 George Hamilton: Playing the Movie Star
Ep32 Shirley MacLaine: This Time Around
Ep31 Ted Danson
Ep30 Ho Chi Minh
Ep29 Life of Python
Ep28 Charles and Anne Lindbergh: Alone Together
Ep27 Raymond Burr: The Case of the TV Legend
Ep26 Telly Savalas: Who Loves Ya, Baby?
Ep23 Peter Falk: Just One More Thing
Ep22 Forever Ella
Ep20 Bill Clinton
Ep19 Bob Crane: A Double Life
Ep18 George Reeves: Perils of a Superhero
Ep17 Vivien Leigh: A Delicate Balance
Ep16 Ernest Borgnine: Hollywood's Uncommon Character
Ep12 Sidney Sheldon: Storyteller
Ep10 Jacqueline Susann: The Writing Machine
Ep8 Stephen King: Fear, Fame and Fortune
Ep6 Oprah Winfrey: Heart of the Matter
Ep4 Ann Miller: I'm Still Here
Ep3 Redd Foxx: Say It Like It Is
Ep2 Anne Frank: The Life of a Young Girl
Ep1 George Washington: American Revolutionary

Season 12

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep54 Donald O'Connor: Make 'Em Laugh
Ep53 Andy Kaufman's Really Big Show
Ep52 Irving Berlin: An American Song
Ep51 John F. Kennedy Jr.: Making His Own Way
Ep49 Anna and the King: The True Story of Anna Leonowens
Ep48 Monty Hall
Ep47 Bob Barker: Master of Ceremonies
Ep46 Vanna White: Game Show Goddess
Ep45 Reba McEntire
Ep44 Mick Foley: Madman Unmasked
Ep43 Jimmy Doolittle: King of the Sky
Ep42 Queen Noor: Between Two Realms
Ep41 Angie Dickinson: Tinseltown's Classiest Broad
Ep40 Ray Walston: No Antennae, Please
Ep39 Barbara Eden: Out of the Bottle
Ep38 Pablo Picasso: A Primitive Soul
Ep36 Martha Raye: In Love and War
Ep35 Peter O'Toole: Acting Out Loud
Ep34 Sal Mineo
Ep33 Don Ameche: Hollywood's Class Act
Ep32 Charles Atlas: Modern Day Hercules
Ep31 Ricki Lake
Ep30 Sally Jessy Raphael: Behind the Red Glasses
Ep29 Jenny Jones
Ep28 Brian Epstein
Ep27 The Osmonds: Pure and Simple
Ep26 Drew Barrymore: Beating the Odds
Ep25 Kurt Russell: Hollywood's Heavy Hitter
Ep24 Ron Howard: Hollywood's Favorite Son
Ep23 John Ford: An American Vision
Ep22 Linda Darnell: Hollywood's Fallen Angel
Ep21 Bob Fosse: Dancing on the Edge
Ep20 Dorothy Dandridge: Little Girl Lost
Ep19 The Everly Brothers
Ep17 Susan Sarandon: Rebel with a Cause
Ep16 Nicolas Cage: Wild at Heart
Ep15 Bill Bradley: In the Game
Ep14 Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows
Ep13 Ethel Merman: There's No Business Like Show Business
Ep12 Nelson Rockefeller: Passionate Millionaire
Ep10 Lesley Ann Warren
Ep9 The Nicholas Brothers: Flying High
Ep8 Tony Randall: Center Stage
Ep6 Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie
Ep5 Dr. Joyce Brothers
Ep4 Tony Robbins: The Secret of His Success
Ep3 Ann Landers: America's Confidante
Ep2 Dr. Laura Schlessinger: Tough Talker
Ep1 Kenny Rogers: A Gambler's Tale
J. Edgar Hoover: Personal and Confidential

Season 11

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep83 Mikhail Gorbachev
Ep82 Neil Simon: The People's Playwright
Ep81 Evel Knievel: Hell on Wheels
Ep79 The Von Trapp Family: Harmony and Discord
Ep78 Dave Thomas: Made to Order
Ep77 Ray Kroc: Fast Food McMillionaire
Ep76 Colonel Sanders: America's Chicken King
Ep75 Norman Vincent Peale: The Power of Positive Preaching
Ep74 Susan Hayward: The Brooklyn Bombshell
Ep72 Robert Schuller: The Possibility Preacher
Ep71 Joe Bonanno: The Last Godfather
Ep70 The Hustons: Hollywood's Maverick Dynasty
Ep69 Halston: All-American Chic
Ep68 Eleanor Roosevelt: The Restless Spirit
Ep66 Chesty Puller: The Marine's Marine
Ep65 John Wayne: The Unquiet American
Ep64 Connie Francis: Sweetheart of Song
Ep63 Dinah Shore: Sealed with a Kiss
Ep62 Doris Day: It's Magic
Ep60 Pamela Harriman: Passion and Power
Ep59 Hedda Hopper: Hollywood's Gossip Queen
Ep58 Grace Kelly: Hollywood Princess
Ep57 Hedda Hopper
Ep56 Enrico Caruso: Voice of the Century
Ep54 Betty Ford: One Day at a Time
Ep52 Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling with Life
Ep51 Jacques Cousteau: Bold Man and the Sea
Ep50 Angela Lansbury: A Balancing Act
Ep48 Geraldo Rivera
Ep47 Merv Griffin: Master of the Game
Ep46 Regis Philbin: Made for TV
Ep45 Steve Rubell: Lord of the Disco
Ep44 Prince Philip: A Step Behind the Queen
Ep43 Mike Wallace: TV's Grand Inquisitor
Ep42 Walter Cronkite: Eyewitness to History
Ep41 Rex Harrison
Ep40 Elizabeth: The Reluctant Monarch
Ep39 Myrna Loy: A Class by Herself
Ep37 Ernie Kovacs: Please Stand by
Ep36 Donna Reed: I'll Take the Moon
Ep35 Della Reese: Outspoken Angel
Ep33 Frank Sinatra: The Voice
Ep32 Karl Malden: Workingman's Actor
Ep31 Camilla Parker-Bowles: The Other Woman
Ep29 Lee Strasberg: The Method Man
Ep28 Jonathan Winters: Without a Net
Ep27 Jerry Seinfeld: Master of His Domain
Ep26 Ma Barker: Crime Family Values
Ep24 Johnny Cash
Ep23 Greta Garbo: The Mysterious Lady
Ep22 Elizabeth II
Ep21 Prince Charles: Born to Be King
Ep20 Fatty Arbuckle: Betrayed by Hollywood
Ep19 Lady Bird Johnson: The Texas Wildflower
Ep18 Confucius: Words of Wisdom
Ep17 Ida Lupino: Through the Lens
Ep16 David Berkowitz, Son of Sam
Ep15 Gary Cooper: The Face of a Hero
Ep14 John Wayne: American Legend
Ep13 Bill Robinson: Mr. Bojangles
Ep12 Loretta Young: Hollywood's Heavenly Beauty
Ep11 Peggy Fleming
Ep10 Rodney Dangerfield: Respect at Last
Ep9 Art Buchwald: The Wit of Washington
Ep7 Lawrence Welk: A Wunnerful, Wunnerful Life
Ep5 The Carpenters: Harmony and Heartbreak
Ep3 Mick Jagger: Rolling Stone
Ep1 Bob Hope: America's Entertainer

Season 10

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep64 Molly Brown: An American Original
Ep63 Charles Kuralt: A Life on the Road
Ep62 Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Psychic
Ep59 Vincent Van Gogh: A Stroke of Genius
Ep57 Anastasia
Ep56 Edward R. Murrow: Voice of America
Ep54 Oliver North: Beyond the Call of Duty
Ep53 Mia Farrow: A Life of Drama
Ep49 Julia Child: An Appetite for Life
Ep48 Vincent Price: The Versatile Villain
Ep47 Julius Caesar: Master of the Roman World