Blue Dragon

  • 2007-2009
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An anime series based on a video game that follows three friends as they fight an evil ruler and an ancient shadow power.


Blue Dragon

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep51 Blue Sky
Ep50 Memories
Ep49 Kaizer Suverto
Ep48 The Final Battle
Ep47 Rotta
Ep46 Castle Azure
Ep45 Legion of Elite Species
Ep44 To the Sky
Ep43 Battle of Zmey
Ep42 The Munchy-Bafoon
Ep41 Flower Garden
Ep40 The Lost Palace
Ep39 Resurrecting Powers
Ep38 A Beautiful World
Ep37 Vermillion
Ep36 The Deciding Moment
Ep35 The Final Tribulation
Ep34 False Smile
Ep33 Matilda Strikes
Ep32 The Town of Gourmets
Ep31 The Knight & the Girl
Ep30 A Divided World
Ep29 Power of the Oracle
Ep28 Soaring of the Sleipner
Ep27 The Battle Begins
Ep26 Her Wish
Ep25 Unheard Pleas
Ep24 A Ghost's Return
Ep23 Madam's Whisper
Ep22 Hipoman
Ep21 A New Dragon
Ep20 Rotta and Noe
Ep19 What Lies Underground
Ep18 City of Dragons
Ep17 Slurping Sigh
Ep16 Enter Nirvana
Ep15 Exhausted Collapse
Ep14 The Oracle
Ep13 The White Guardians
Ep12 Noe's Decision
Ep11 Mikhail
Ep10 Heart-Pinding Bliss
Ep9 Dance of Love
Ep8 Her Decision
Ep7 First Love
Ep6 Crossing Paths
Ep5 Wake of Pyramid
Ep4 Scales of Ambition
Ep3 A Manly Challenge
Ep2 Noi
Ep1 Red Dragon

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep51 Shu
Ep50 The Ties That Bind
Ep49 Zola
Ep48 The Gate
Ep47 Into the Darkness
Ep46 Dissension
Ep45 A New Plan
Ep44 Darkness' True Form
Ep43 The True World
Ep42 The Arrival of Odin
Ep41 Bird in the Cage
Ep40 Rosekstan
Ep39 Triumphant Return
Ep38 Dark Symphony
Ep37 Strength in Numbers
Ep36 Bouquet's New Power
Ep35 Bouquet's Ruins
Ep34 Gilliam's Revenge
Ep33 Homecoming
Ep32 The Shadow Wielder's Apprentice
Ep31 Jiro Takes a Stand
Ep30 The Dark Dragon
Ep29 Breaking the Code
Ep28 Face Off
Ep27 Next Stop: Logi's Battleship
Ep26 Cynthia's Madness
Ep25 Independent Army
Ep24 The Monster in the Woods
Ep23 Mission: Information
Ep22 Fading Beauty
Ep21 The Informant's Quest
Ep20 Decoy Mission!
Ep19 Cave of the Phoenix
Ep18 The Innkeeper's Secret
Ep17 The Informant
Ep16 The Extra Seven
Ep15 The Awakening
Ep14 Kluke's Wish
Ep13 Infiltrate
Ep12 An Honorable Opponent
Ep11 Ambush
Ep10 In Enemy Territory
Ep9 The Sinister Sea
Ep8 Castle Under Seige
Ep7 The Trouble With Ghosts
Ep6 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Ep5 Front-line Base Assault
Ep4 A Member of the Devee Clan
Ep3 Shu and Jiro: Rivals in Training
Ep2 A Fateful Decision
Ep1 The Shadow Comes Forth

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 The Shadow Comes Forth
The Mystery of the Ruins
The Noblewoman's Trap
Operation Marriage Proposal
Underwear Is The Trump Card
Panty Heaven
Escape Through The Enemy Front
Whisper Whisper Boom!
The Dark Dragon
The Extra Seven
Fluffy Fluffy Squeezy!
The Shadow Comes Forth
Versus the Independent Flying Squadron
Knight Master
The Seven Soldiers of Light
The Two Pledges
Into Logi's Ship
Towards the Great Blue Sky
Quiver Quiver Boing!
Aerial Fortress Showdown
The Captive Knight
Vanish Vanish Don't!
Sneaky Sneaky Shock!
The Truth
Gilliam Returns
A Path Towards Hope
The Shadow Wielder's Apprentice
Dear Shadow
Logi Strikes
The Shining Hippo
Kluke's Feelings
The Book Of The Beginning
Homeron Has Died
The Powerful One

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S0 |


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With Zola infused with Killer Bat, she has become even more powerful. While Jiro and the others are fighting off the Shadows of Darkness, Shu runs head-on into Zola.

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