Body of Evidence

  • 2001-2008

Cases from the files of a former profiler with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Poetic Justice
Ep12 The Tamiami Trail
Ep11 Congress Avenue Case
Ep10 Rolling Case
Ep9 Body of Evidence
Ep8 Body of Evidence
Ep7 Body of Evidence
Ep6 Immogene Rogers Case
Ep5 Body of Evidence
Ep4 Tressa Pettibone
Ep3 Spotless
Ep2 The Watcher
Ep1 Body of Evidence

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep118 Home Deadly Home
Ep117 Deadly Knowledge: Anderson
Ep116 Deadly Knowledge: Anderson
Ep115 The Coin Shop Killer: Sinclair Case
Ep114 Godley: To Trap a Killer
Ep113 Cowards Come Calling
Ep112 Washington
Ep111 Small Town Terror: Howard
Ep110 Robert Grantham
Ep109 Death Comes Knocking
Ep108 Mystery in Florida
Ep107 Body of Evidence
Ep106 A Killer Among Us
Ep105 Hiding in Plain Sight
Ep104 Body of Evidence
Ep103 Bolden
Ep102 A Tragic Turn
Ep101 Friends Forever
Ep100 Deadly Dream
Ep99 Soldier of Fortune
Ep98 One of Their Own
Ep97 The Waitress
Ep96 Final Confessions: David Nemeth Case
Ep95 A Walk in the Woods
Ep94 A Trip into the Dark
Ep93 Murdering Hearts
Ep92 Blood Lust
Ep91 Deadly Habit
Ep90 Casualty of War
Ep89 Fatal Abduction
Ep88 Dead of Night
Ep87 Murder in Lakeland
Ep86 Deadly Triangle
Ep85 Deadly Delivery
Ep84 Hyde Park Predator
Ep83 Cause of Death: Absalom Webber
Ep82 Hypnotic
Ep81 The Girlfriend: Nakia Gilbreath
Ep80 Clean Break
Ep79 Misty-Misty Morse
Ep78 Freezeout O'Sullivan
Ep77 Hurricane: Rita Bado
Ep76 Hannibal
Ep75 Dead End
Ep74 Firestarter
Ep73 Shades of Truth
Ep72 Thanksgiving Murder
Ep71 Church Lady
Ep70 The Joyce Czuba Case
Ep69 A Fatal Attraction
Ep68 Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Ep67 A Deadly Affair
Ep66 Ragtime
Ep65 One Year Later
Ep64 A Chilling Discovery
Ep63 Smokescreen
Ep62 Open Door
Ep61 Thread of Evidence
Ep60 Bean Park Mystery
Ep59 Mystery on Highway 93
Ep58 Dangerous Waters
Ep57 Boroski
Ep56 The Ronnie Ray Brown Case
Ep55 Payton
Ep54 The Congress Avenue Case
Ep53 The Rolling Case
Ep52 The Brannon Case
Ep51 A Lethal Pose
Ep50 The Bracco Case
Ep49 The Backer Case
Ep48 DNA Diary
Ep47 The Ates Case
Ep46 Embry
Ep45 Taylor
Ep44 Polk Company
Ep43 Walls
Ep42 Day at the Beach
Ep41 McGrath
Ep40 Reed, Thelma
Ep39 Lucie Pate Case
Ep38 The Charmer: Gloria Ogles
Ep37 The Long Road Home
Ep36 Last Night Out
Ep35 Road Rage
Ep34 Fiery Night
Ep33 Frank Walls Case
Ep32 Francisco del Junco
Ep31 Thy Neighbor's Keeper
Ep30 Floating Evidence
Ep29 The Phantom
Ep28 Double Trouble
Ep27 Bob Grantham Case
Ep26 Marguerite Holley Case
Ep25 Road to Nowhere
Ep24 Bull's Eye
Ep23 A Halloween Mystery
Ep22 The Last Birthday
Ep21 Callahan
Ep20 Cox
Ep19 Parker Booth
Ep18 Miller
Ep17 Danger Prowls at Night
Ep16 The Bad Seed
Ep15 Body of Evidence
Ep14 Body of Evidence
Ep13 Bradford
Ep4 Dayle Hinman
A Lethal Pose
Mystery in Travernier Key
Pettibone Case
Shauna Card Case
Jane Doe Case
The Bradford County Abduction
The Dead of Night
Mystery in Tavernier Key
Mystery on Highway 98
Mystery In the Orlando Woods
Fire Starter
The Ford Case
The Brannon Case
The Congress Avenue Case
Danger Prowls At Night
To Live Another Day
Immogene Rogers Case
Ep 1
Mad Hatter
Cowards Come Calling
Death Comes Knocking
Slain by a Secret
Letters From the Grave
Clues From the Grave
Vero Beach/Okeechobee Murders
Bullseye (Silk, Silk, Silk)
Trial By Fire

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