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Two doctors try to help patients who underwent plastic surgery with undesirable results.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep9 Botched
Ep8 Botched
Ep7 Botched
Ep6 #1 Dolly'D Up
Ep5 #1 Mo' Steroids Mo' Problems
Ep4 #1 Four Leeches and a Funeral
Ep3 #1 The Bacon Bra
Ep2 #1 Boob-Watch
Ep1 Botched
Ep1 I Love New Work

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Reunion: Show & Tell (Part 2)
Ep9 Reunion: Show & Tell (Part 1)
Ep8 Silicone Valley
Ep7 Girls Gone Wildd
Ep6 Boob Freak!
Ep5 Like a Surgeon
Ep4 Making of a Belieber
Ep3 Vagina Bomb!
Ep2 Janice Dickinson Knows Breast
Ep1 Human Dolls

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Botched Presents: Perfect
First Look
Human Dolls
Botched Presents: Perfect
Botched Presents: Perfect

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Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
News Human Ken Doll Is the First to Get Back Implants
2 min 46 sec
News Ballerina With Bulbous Nose Wants Rhinoplasty
94 sec
News Dolly Parton Imitator Turns to Dr. Dubrow for a Remodel
2 min 38 sec
News Removing Breast Implants Does What to Nipples?!
2 min 22 sec
News Celebrity Impersonator's Excess Skin Surgery Goes Bad
3 min 14 sec
News "Botched" Patient Shows Off "Egg Butt" to Daughters
2 min 8 sec
News "Botched" Kim Kardashian Look-Alike Tours Hollywood
116 sec
News "Botched" Patient Twerks for Drs. Dubrow and Nassif
2 min 15 sec
News Can "Botched" Doctors Help Patient With Ginormous Lips?
2 min 34 sec
News "Botched" Patient Gives Terry Dubrow Super Cute Nickname
85 sec
News Reality Star Dwight Eubanks' Mom Flips Over Nose Job
113 sec
News Dr. Terry Dubrow's Hand Gets Crushed By Giant Breast
3 min 26 sec
News Blood Makes "Botched" Patient's Mom Pass Out
2 min 35 sec
News Human Blow Up Doll Gets Eyelash Extensions on "Botched"
3 min 57 sec
News "Botched" Patient Reveals Nose Job Plans to Friends
2 min 48 sec
News Bodybuilder "Muscle Goddess" Wants a Feminine Look
2 min 12 sec
News Can the "Botched" Doctors Create a Human Blow-Up Doll?
3 min 35 sec
News "Botched" Patient Uses What as Weights for Workout?!
98 sec
News Watch a "Botched" Patient Get a Gold Facial
109 sec
News Can the "Botched" Doctors Create a Real Peter Pan?
2 min 24 sec
News "Botched" Doctors Tackle an Alien Stomach!
2 min 57 sec
News Is Tiffany Pollard Ready to Risk It All for Plastic Surgery?
3 min 1 sec
News Tiffany "New York" Pollard Struggles With Oversized Breasts
2 min 13 sec
News Reality Star 'New York' Gets Ginormous Breasts and Suffers
2 min 17 sec
News "Botched" Patient Injected Cement in Face!
3 min 3 sec
News Human Ken Doll Does What for a Living?
92 sec
News Myesha's Surgery Goes Awry Post-Procedure
2 min 5 sec
News Monique Shakes Her Boobies in Music Video!
119 sec
News "Botched" Patient Monique Reveals Past Plastic Surgery
2 min 40 sec
News "Botched" Doctors Find Piece of Nose in Patient's Lip
2 min 41 sec
News Fans Get Handsy With Size Triple-L Breasts
106 sec
News Will Salina's Insecurities Sabotage Her Relationship?
104 sec
News Terrified Patient Stays Awake During Stomach Surgery
3 min 15 sec
News Lacey Shows Off Incredible LLL Boob Trick!
4 min 38 sec
News Watch Cynthia's Emotional Moment at Fundraiser
3 min 29 sec
News Breast Cancer Survivor Gets Implants Fixed
3 min 7 sec
News Shopping Like a Queen on "Botched"
2 min 52 sec
News Getting Tighter and Perkier on "Botched"
2 min 20 sec
News Terrified Patient Wakes Up During Surgery
3 min 29 sec
News Madonna Impersonator Has a Better Nose than Madonna
3 min 42 sec
News Tijuana Tummy Tuck Gone Bad
104 sec
News Meet Toby: A True Belieber on "Botched"
2 min 1 sec
News Bieber Look-Alike Channels Justin in Recording Studio
2 min 13 sec
News Is Tummy Tuck Repair Surgery Too Risky?
2 min 12 sec
News Porn Star Has Vay-Jay-Jay Problems
2 min 4 sec
News Jenn Makes Amends for Being a Bad Friend
2 min 11 sec
News Shocking Discovery in Transgender Breast Surgery
85 sec
News Butt Implants Gone Completely Wrong
2 min 18 sec
News Janice Dickinson Has Met Her Match!
3 min 5 sec
News Nose Procedure Shocks Patient's Wife
2 min 41 sec
News Shocking Discovery During Janice's Surgery on "Botched"
4 min 8 sec
News Janice Dickinson's '70s Boob Job Needs Help
11 min
News Janice Dickinson Makes Scary Drug Demands
2 min 36 sec
News "Human Ken Doll" Looks Fit, But Is He?
2 min 36 sec
News Scary News After Reconstructive Surgery
96 sec
News "Human Ken Doll" Shares Secret to Quick Recovery
84 sec
News Human Ken Doll Designs Leg Implants
3 min 39 sec
News "Botched" Doctors Tackle a Uniboob
78 sec
S2 | Ep6

Dolly'D Up

Air Date: 5/19/15
A celebrity impersonator wants to fix her saggy skin; Paul helps a woman with a potentially unfixable nose; and a patient requests a convertible implant for both a male and female option.

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