• 2004-2013

A reality series that follows high-maintenance brides-to-be.


Season 10

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Willaura & Megan
Ep22 Willaura & Megan
Ep21 Adrianne & Willaura
Ep21 Adrianne & Willaura
Ep20 Angela & Adrianne
Ep20 Angela & Adrianne
Ep19 Mai-Lee & Angela
Ep18 Roxy & Mai Lee
Ep17 Ariane & Roxy
Ep17 Ariane & Roxy
Ep16 Ashley & Ariane
Ep15 Sophia & Ashley
Ep15 Sofia & Ashley
Ep14 Aleshia & Sophia
Ep14 Aleshia & Sofia
Ep13 Yovanna & Aleshia
Ep12 Evelina & Yovanna
Ep11 Krystal & Evelina
Ep11 Krystal and Evelina
Ep10 Stephanie & Krystal
Ep9 Stephanie and Taneema
Ep9 Stephanie & Taneema
Ep8 Miyesha & Stephanie
Ep8 Miyesha and Stephanie
Ep7 Amanda & Miyesha
Ep7 Amanda & Miyesha
Ep6 Joraine & Amanda
Ep6 Joraine & Amanda
Ep5 Dekeydra and Joraine
Ep5 Dekeydra & Joraine
Ep4 Amanda and Dekeydra
Ep4 Amanda & Dekeydra
Ep3 Dezjuan & Amanda
Ep3 Dezjuan and Amanda
Ep2 Dezjuan & Ariel
Ep2 Dezjuan and Ariel
Ep1 Haley & Ariel
Ep1 Haley and Ariel

Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Natalie and Raquel
Ep22 Natalie/Raquel
Ep21 Natalie and Danielle
Ep21 Natalie/Danielle
Ep20 Natalie and Cristal
Ep20 Natalie/Cristal
Ep19 Cristal and Janelle
Ep19 Cristal/Janelle
Ep18 Cristal and Davina
Ep18 Cristal/Davina
Ep17 Davina/Tabby
Ep17 Davina & Tabby
Ep16 Tabby/Christine
Ep16 Tabby & Christine
Ep15 Christine/Minyon
Ep15 Christine & Minyon
Ep14 Minyon/Jennifer
Ep14 Jennifer & Lance
Ep13 Jennifer & Blanca
Ep13 Jennifer/Blanca
Ep12 Remy/Blanca
Ep12 Remy & Blanca
Ep11 Tasha/Remy
Ep11 Tasha & Remy
Ep10 Tasha/Tracy
Ep10 Tasha & Tracy
Ep9 Michelle & Tasha
Ep9 Michelle/Tasha
Ep8 Brittany & Michelle
Ep8 Brittany/Michelle
Ep7 Liza/Brittany
Ep7 Liza & Brittany
Ep6 Ashanti/Liza
Ep6 Ashanti & Liza
Ep5 Rochelle & Ashanti
Ep5 Rochelle/Ashanti
Ep4 Jeanine/Rochelle
Ep4 Jeanine & Rochelle
Ep3 Jeanine & Callie
Ep2 Marlene & Jeanine
Ep1 Shederyl/Marlene
Ep1 Shederyl & Marlene

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Biggest Bridezilla Meltdowns
Ep24 Attack of the Momzillas
Ep22 Johanne & Cristal
Ep21 Johanne & Daphne
Ep20 Tifani & Johanne
Ep19 Kera & Tifani
Ep18 Kim & Kera
Ep17 Ruby & Kim
Ep16 Frankie & Ruby
Ep15 Frankie & Marissa
Ep14 Kim & Frankie
Ep13 Kim & Danielle
Ep12 Brittany & Kim
Ep11 Suzy & Brittany
Ep10 Suzy & Nicole
Ep9 Danni & Suzy
Ep8 Tricia & Danni
Ep7 Tricia & Danyelle
Ep6 Gloria & Tricia
Ep5 Porsha & Gloria
Ep4 Kym & Porsha
Ep3 Gabrielle & Kym
Ep2 Krystal & Gabrielle
Ep2 Where Are They Now? 2.0
Ep1 Erica & Krystal

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 Molly, Tasanna & Angel
Ep22 Tasha & Molly
Ep21 Delilah & Tasha
Ep20 Erica & Delilah
Ep19 Carley & Erica
Ep18 Katie & Carley
Ep17 Gloria & Katie
Ep16 Jenny & Gloria
Ep15 Ayanna & Jenny
Ep14 Melissa & Ayanna
Ep13 Alex & Melissa
Ep12 Stephanie & Alex
Ep12 Stephanie & Alex
Ep11 Kendall & Stephanie
Ep11 Kendall & Stephanie
Ep10 Regina & Kendall
Ep9 Maria & Regina
Ep8 Mia & Maria
Ep7 Michelle & Mia
Ep6 Martina & Michelle
Ep5 Natalie & Martina
Ep4 Sara & Natalie
Ep3 Shandra & Sara
Ep2 Ivy & Shandra
Ep1 Andrea and Ivy
Ep1 Andrea & Ivy

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Kelli/Karen
Ep22 Kelli & Karen
Ep21 Karen & Natasha
Ep20 LaDrienna & Karen
Ep20 LaDrienna/Karen
Ep19 LaDrienna/Lacey
Ep19 LaDrienna & Lacey
Ep18 LaJune & Lacey
Ep18 LaJune/Lacey
Ep17 LaJune/Kirsten
Ep17 LaJune & Kirsten
Ep16 Nicole & Kirsten
Ep15 Debra & Nicole
Ep14 Adrienne & Debra
Ep13 Melissa B. & Adrienne
Ep12 Jessica & Melissa B.
Ep11 Melissa G. & Jessica
Ep10 Valique & Melissa G.
Ep9 Melissa C. & Valique
Ep8 Karee & Melissa C.
Ep7 Josaine & Karee
Ep6 Bernadette & Josaine
Ep5 Bernadette & Angela
Ep4 Levitriss & Angela
Ep3 Levitriss & Valerie
Ep2 Valerie & Christina
Ep1 Courtney & Valerie

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 Top 10 Bridezilla Moments
Ep22 Cari & Rebecca
Ep21 DeShawn & Cari
Ep20 Amanda & DeShawn
Ep19 Shanteca & Amanda
Ep18 Dona & Shanteca
Ep17 Vanessa & Dona
Ep16 Jennifer & Vanessa
Ep15 Misty & Jennifer
Ep14 Megan & Misty
Ep13 Celinda & Megan
Ep12 Tanesha & Megan
Ep11 Kristen & Tanesha
Ep10 Brandi & Kristen
Ep9 Brandi & Dawn
Ep8 Dawn & Monica
Ep7 Monica & Lisa
Ep6 Lisa & Youmika
Ep5 Katrina & Lisa
Ep4 Katrina & Janelle
Ep3 Kenya & Katrina
Ep2 Jennifer & Kenya
Ep1 Ayesha & Jennifer

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 Athena; Phebie
Ep17 Michelle; Athena
Ep16 Candice; Michelle
Ep15 Chris; Candice
Ep15 Gina; Candice
Ep14 Gina; Chris
Ep13 Suzanne;Chris
Ep13 Karen/Natasha
Ep12 Melishia; Suzanne
Ep11 Stephanie; Melisha
Ep10 Stephanie; Danika
Ep9 Tasha; Stephanie
Ep8 Tasha; Denise
Ep7 Monica; Tasha
Ep6 Maria; Monica
Ep5 Sharon; Maria
Ep4 Alicia; Sharon
Ep3 Kaileema; Alicia
Ep2 Anita; Alicia
Ep1 Andrea & Anita

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 Bessa/Jon
Ep18 Bessa & Jon
Ep17 Charlene & Jon
Ep17 Charlene & Jon
Ep16 Karyn & Jon
Ep16 Karyn/Jon
Ep15 Melody & Karyn
Ep15 Melody/Karyn
Ep14 Dana/Melody
Ep14 Dana & Melody
Ep13 Malia/Dana
Ep13 Malia & Dana
Ep12 Rhyan/Malia
Ep12 Rhyan & Malia
Ep11 Calisse & Malia
Ep11 Calisse/Malia
Ep10 Kristina/Calisse
Ep10 Kristina & Calisse
Ep9 Milena
Ep8 Shelayna & Milena
Ep8 Shelayna/Milena
Ep7 Shelayna & Ladessia
Ep7 Shelayna/Ladessia
Ep6 Best of Bridezillas Season 2
Ep6 Angela/Shelayna
Ep6 Angela & Shelayna
Ep5 Bridezillas
Ep5 Regina/Angela
Ep5 Regina & Angela
Ep4 Bridezillas
Ep4 Regina/Lydee
Ep4 Regina & Lydee
Ep3 Marathon
Ep3 Marsha/Regina
Ep3 Marsha & Regina
Ep2 Bridezillas
Ep2 Marsha & Yoshie
Ep2 Marsha/Yoshie
Ep1 Best of Bridezillas Season 3
Ep1 Marsha & Nikki
Ep1 Marsha/Nikki
Ep1 Best of Bridezillas

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 Korliss and Noelle
Ep7 Magdalena, Korliss and Noelle
Ep6 Antonella, Magdalena and Korliss
Ep5 Antonella, Patricia and Magdalena
Ep4 Jada, Antonella and Gretchen
Ep3 Adrianna, Jada and Antonella
Ep2 Thuy, Adrianna and Jada
Ep1 Antonella, Gretchen and Patricia

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 Cynthia and Karen
Ep8 Bridezillas
Ep7 Kathleen and Cynthia
Ep7 Bridezillas
Ep6 Bridezillas
Ep6 Michelle and Karen
Ep5 Bridezillas
Ep5 Miho and Amy
Ep4 Bridezillas
Ep4 Karen and Tricia
Ep3 Amy and Tricia
Ep3 Bridezillas
Ep2 Karen and Miho II
Ep2 Bridezillas
Ep1 Karen and Miho
Ep1 Bridezillas

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Best of Season 4
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Where Are They Now? 3.0
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Top Ten Bridezilla Moments

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