Busytown Mysteries

  • 2009
  • |

Six friends solve mysteries in Busytown. Based on the books by Richard Scarry.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Admiral Hornblast's Nameplate Mystery; The Secret Spy Ring Mystery
The Sleepytown Mystery; Mystery of Switched Cars
Apple Orchard Spaceman Mystery; Pick and Run Mystery
The Whoop Whoop Whoop Mystery; Missing Mayor Mystery
The Mystery Invitation; A Spoon Full of Mystery
The Big 10 Mystery; the Whistle Blower Mystery
The No News Today Mystery; The Big Tooth Mystery
The Achoo Mystery; the Missing Laundry Mystery
Huckle Unlocks a Mystery; The Messy Car Mystery
The Mystery of the Lost Bag; The Flat Tire Mystery
The Delayed Delivery Mystery; The Busytown Fairies Mystery
The Numbered Papers Mystery; The Sour Milk Mystery
The Totally Fishy Mystery; The Radio Message Mystery

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Red Spot Painter Mystery, Teeny Weeny Piano Mystery
Lost Key Mystery, Door Knocker Mystery
Flattened Field Mystery, Flying Potatoes Mystery
Busytown Lake Monster; The Bad Driver Mystery
Vanishing Hopscotch Mystery; Hidden Treasure Mystery
Mystery of the Lost Camera, Jelly Bean List Mystery
Disappearing Dolly Mystery; Vanishing Vehicle Mystery
Now You See It, Now Don't Mystery; Mystery of the Missing Pirate Gold
Mysterious Color Changing T-Shirt; Metal Finger Mystery
Missing Coupon Cookie; Mystery of the Broken Boat
Mislaid Sketchbook Mystery; Hot & Cold Mystery
Sandcastle Squasher; Strange Ski Tracks Mystery
Borrowed Book Mystery; Missing Mystery Books
Mystery of the Mumbling Mummy; False Alarm Mystery
Mystery of the High Jumper; Mystery of the Summer Snowman
The Mystery of the Unpopular Pizzeria; The Silly Scarecrow Mystery
The Eight Shoes Mystery; The Something in the Woods Mystery
Huckle! Where's My Apple Car?; The Dirty Laundry Mystery
The Disappearing Home Mystery; The Slipping, Sliding, Flipping, Flying Mystery
The Falling Fruit Mystery; The Dragon Hunters
The Disappearing Swimming Hole; The Forgotten Fire Hose Mystery
The Mystery Present; The Smudged Letter Mystery
The Bank Note Mystery; the Flying Saucer Mystery
The Vanishing Tiara Mystery; The Postage Stamp Mystery
Chain of Mysteries; Mystery of Unfinished Painting
Mystery of the Unbreakable Bread; Twisty Line Mystery
Pretty Park Mystery; Missing Museum Statue Mystery
Where's Junior?; Secret Club Mystery
Cheese Car Chomp Mystery; Where's the Hero?
Playground Mystery; Crazy Clock Mix-Up Mystery
Invisible Cake Snatcher; On the Move
Litterbug Busters; There Might Be Giants
Six Little Muffins; Crashing Cans Mystery
Lighthouse Ghost Mystery; Cornfield Confusion
Sticky Stuff Mystery; Up, Up and Away
Trouble With Bubbles; Little Orphan Egg
Mystery Wheel; Busytown Blue Bottoms
Mystery of Lost Parrot; Monster Mystery
Big Apple Mystery; Missing Pickle Car Mystery

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