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Caillou is an inquisitive 4-year-old who's constantly finding new things in the world around him. That's the premise of this series, which is aimed at kids ages 2 to 6 and boasts a pleasant,... More


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Surprise Caillou!
Ep25 Team Player Caillou
Ep24 Caillou's Favorite Things
Ep23 Caillou's Play Time
Ep22 Caillou the Brave
Ep21 Caillou in the Garden
Ep20 Caillou Shows Responsibility
Ep19 Thoughtful Caillou
Ep18 Good Friend Caillou
Ep17 Growing Up Caillou
Ep16 Caillou's Discoveries
Ep15 Big Brother Caillou
Ep14 Caillou Helps Out
Ep13 Creative Caillou
Ep12 Caillou Tells the Truth
Ep11 Considerate Caillou
Ep10 Caillou's Toy Trouble
Ep9 Safety First Caillou
Ep8 Rushing the Raspberry; Wait to Skate; Caillou's Hiccups
Ep8 Caillou Learns Patience
Ep7 Blast Off to Space Caillou
Ep6 Caillou Explores
Ep5 Big Time Caillou
Ep4 Cooking With Caillou
Ep3 Caillou Gets Active
Ep2 Can Do Caillou
Ep1 Caillou Cares

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Caillou Can Do It!
Ep19 Springtime for Caillou
Ep18 Caillou's Christmas
Ep17 Caillou the Helper
Ep16 Caillou's Surprise
Ep15 Caillou Outdoors!
Ep14 Caillou Loves the Fall
Ep13 Captain Caillou
Ep12 Caillou the Artiste
Ep11 Caillou the Bookworm
Ep10 Caillou the Scientist
Ep9 Caillou the Magnificent
Ep8 Caillou the Snowman
Ep7 Caillou the Builder
Ep6 Caillou the Detective
Ep5 Caillou to the Rescue
Ep4 Caillou the Musician
Ep3 Caillou the Sports Star
Ep2 Caillou the Explorer
Ep1 Caillou the Brave

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep16 Doing It Together!
Ep16 Doing It Together!
Ep15 All Around the Block!
Ep14 Outdoor Adventures
Ep13 Animals and Me!
Ep13 Animals and Me!
Ep12 All Wet!
Ep11 I Love to Pretend
Ep11 #1 I Love to Pretend
Ep10 Step by Step!
Ep9 New Places and New Things!
Ep9 New Places and New Things!
Ep8 It's Cold Outside! Brrr!
Ep7 Machines! Brrrrrmmm!
Ep6 The World Around Me!
Ep5 People I Love
Ep4 I'm Learning!
Ep3 Sounds and Music!
Ep2 Changing Plans!
Ep2 Changing Plans!
Ep1 Knowing How!

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 Fall Is in the Air
Ep10 Getting the Message
Ep9 Vacations
Ep8 Old and New
Ep7 Caillou's Neighborhood
Ep6 Getting Along
Ep5 Adventure
Ep4 Try, Try Again
Ep3 Grown-Ups and Me
Ep3 Grown-Ups and Me
Ep2 Games to Play
Ep1 Celebrations
Ep1 Celebrations
Caillou's Cross Word; Caillou Meets Robbie; The Pinata; Caillou's Promise
Caillou's Cross Word; Caillou Meets Robbie; The Pinata; Caillou's Promise
I'm All Better

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep65 Caillou's Picnic
Ep64 Caillou Loves Halloween
Ep63 The Caillou Show
Ep62 Caillou the Jungle Explorer
Ep61 Caillou's Big Kick
Ep60 Caillou Hurts Himself
Ep59 Caillou and the Doll
Ep58 Caillou Goes Birdwatching
Ep57 Rosie Brothers Caillou
Ep56 Caillou Flies on a Plane
Ep55 Caillou Plays Baby
Ep54 Caillou Sleeps Over
Ep53 Caillou's Phone Call (Getting the Message)
Ep53 Caillou's Phone Call
Ep52 Caillou is Sick
Ep51 Caillou Watches Rosie
Ep50 Caillou Walks a Dog
Ep49 Caillou's Big Slide
Ep48 Caillou's Getting Older!
Ep47 Caillou's Quarrel
Ep46 Caillou Goes to Work
Ep45 Caillou's Missing Sock
Ep44 Caillou's Surprise Breakfast
Ep43 Caillou Looks for Gilbert
Ep42 Caillou's School Bus
Ep41 Caillou Goes to a Theme Park
Ep40 Caillou Grows Carrots
Ep39 Caillou and Daddy
Ep38 Caillou Makes a New Friend
Ep37 Caillou Learns to Skate
Ep36 Caillou's New Babysitter
Ep35 Caillou Learns to Swim
Ep34 Caillou Goes Camping
Ep33 Caillou Mails a Letter
Ep32 Caillou's Colours
Ep31 Caillou's Big Friend
Ep30 Caillou Rakes the Leaves
Ep29 All in a Day
Ep29 All in a Day
Ep29 Caillou's Special Friend
Ep28 Springtime!
Ep28 Caillou is a Clown
Ep27 Friends
Ep26 Caillou Discovers
Ep26 Caillou's New Shoes
Ep25 All Kinds of Weather
Ep25 Caillou at the Beach
Ep24 Knowing I'm Growing
Ep24 Caillou's Rainy Day
Ep23 #1 Nature
Ep23 Caillou Goes to the Zoo
Ep22 After Dark!
Ep22 Caillou is Scared of Dogs
Ep21 Winter!
Ep21 Winter!
Ep21 Caillou's Summer Goodnight
Ep20 My Family
Ep20 Caillou and Gilbert
Ep19 I Can Do It
Ep19 Caillou's Birthday Present
Ep18 Words
Ep18 Caillou's Hiding Place
Ep17 Big Brother Caillou
Ep17 Caillou Goes Round the Block
Ep16 Imagine!
Ep16 Caillou's Teddy Shirt
Ep15 Caillou Helps Out
Ep15 Caillou Gets Dressed
Ep14 Just for Laughs
Ep14 Caillou in the Bathtub
Ep13 Lost and Found
Ep13 Caillou Goes Shopping
Ep12 Starry Night
Ep11 Best Behavior
Ep11 Caillou Visits the Doctor
Ep10 Puppy Love
Ep9 Traveling!
Ep9 Caillou is Afraid in the Dark
Ep9 Caillou is Afraid in the Dark
Ep8 Food-a-Licious
Ep8 Caillou Joins the Circus
Ep7 Caillou Cooks
Ep7 Caillou at Daycare
Ep6 Caillou Creates
Ep6 Caillou Learns to Drive
Ep5 My Sister Rosie
Ep5 Caillou Tidies His Toys
Ep4 Pets!
Ep4 Caillou's All Alone
Ep3 I'm All Better
Ep3 Caillou Hates Vegetables
Ep2 Summertime
Ep2 Caillou's Not Afraid Anymore
Ep1 When I Grow Up
Ep1 Caillou Makes Cookies

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Caillou's Grand Grandparent's Day
Good Friend Caillou
Good Friend Caillou
Caillou Cares
Caillou Cares
Rushing the Raspberry; Wait to Skate; Caillou's Hiccups
Where Is Mars; Emmas Extra Snacks; Lost and Found
Kitty Conundrum; Caillou's Favorite Sweater
Kitty Conundrum; Caillou's Favorite Sweater
Copycat Clementine
Blueberry Point; Class Pet
Blueberry Point; Class Pet
Caillou Makes a Meal; Caillou's New Groove
Caillou Makes a Meal; Caillou's New Groove
Borrowed Book; Fixing Mr. Bones
Borrowed Book; Fixing Mr. Bones
Caillou the Road Builder; Caillou's Building Adventure; A House in the Sky
Caillou's Surprise; A Surprise for Miss Martin; A Surprise Sleepover
Caillou the Patient / Caillou the Police Officer / Grandpa's Friend
Caillou's Gym Day; Our Rocket Ship; Caillou Helps Grandpa; Backyard Bowlers; Caillous Milk Run
Caillou's Favorite Plate, Fun in the Mud, All Aboard, Gilbert's House, I Scream for Ice Cream!
Something for Everyone; Skating Lessons; Caillou Becomes a Waiter; Sticking to It!; New Clothes
Everyone's Best; Stronger Every Day; No More Training Wheels
Caillou Plays the Drums; Caillou's Marching Band; Caillou Sings
Show and Tell; Caillou The Magician; Caillou's Castle
Caillou and the Slide; Caillou and the Sailor; Caillou and the Creepy Crawlies
Caillous Big Kick; Caillou the Jungle Explorer; Caillou Loves Halloween
Say Cheese; Finders Keepers; A Frog in Caillou's Throat
Dancing at Grandma's, Mystery Valentine, Play Ball!, Dogsled Ahead!
Caillous Sleepover Guest, Games in the Park, The Sugar Shack, Winter Mystery, Caillou's Snow Day
Can Do Caillou
Caillou's Cross Hop; Glitter Glitch; The Untidy Classroom
Caillou's Surprise Breakfast; Caillou's Missing Sock; Caillou Goes to Work
Downhill From Here; Next Stop Fun; Under Sail; Farmer Caillou
Sunday Brunch; Caillou to the Rescue; Caillou's Top Bunk; Recipe for Fun
Can Do Caillou
It's A Party
Caillou's Special Friend
Big Brother Caillou
Caillou's New Shoes
Caillou's Summer Goodnight
Caillou's Rainy Day
Caillou Goes Shopping
Caillou's Teddy Shirt
Caillou's Birthday Present
Caillou at the Beach
Caillou Goes Round the Block
Caillou Rakes the Leaves
Caillou Is Scared of Dogs
Caillou's Hiding Place
Caillou at Daycare
Caillou's Not Afraid Anymore
Caillou Afraid in the Dark
Caillou's All Alone
Caillou Visits the Doctor
Caillou Learns to Drive
Caillou Hates Vegetables
Caillou Tidies His Toys
Caillou Makes Cookies
Caillou Joins the Circus
Caillou Is a Clown
Caillou in the Bathtub
The Caillou Show
Caillou's Getting Older
Caillou Walks a Dog
Caillou's Quarrel
Caillou Is Sick
Caillou's Big Slide
Caillou Makes a New Friend
Caillou's School Bus
Caillou Mails a Letter
Caillou Goes Camping
Caillou's Colours
Caillou Learns to Skate
Caillou and Daddy
Caillou's Big Friend
Caillou's Surprise Breakfast
Caillou's New Babysitter
Caillou Goes to a Theme Park
Caillou Looks for Gilbert
Caillou Grows Carrots
Caillou Flies on a Plane
Caillou Sleeps Over
Caillou Goes Birdwatching
Caillou Watches Rosie
Caillou Goes to Work
Caillou the Jungle Explorer
Rosie Bothers Caillou
Caillou Hurts Himself
Caillou Plays a Baby
Caillou and the Doll
Caillou Loves Halloween
Caillou's Missing Sock
Caillou's Picnic
Caillous Big Kick
Caillou and Gilbert
Caillou the Scientist - Magnet/Dino/Astro
All Wet (Summer)
My Family
Caillou the Artist - Present/Chef/Paint
Caillou: My Sister Rosie
Everyone's Best; Stronger Every Day; No More Training Wheels
Captain Caillou; The Loudest Noise; Caillou's First Wedding
Caillou the Patient; Caillou the Police Officer; Grandpa's Friend
Present; Chef; Painter
Patient; Police; Friend
Magnet Madness; Caillou the Dinosaur Hunter; Caillou the Astronaut
Where's Gilbert; Where I Saw It Last; Lost in the Jungle
Caillou's Horn; The Mighty Oak; Get Well Mr. Hinkle; The Big Boat
Caillou's Water Park; Gone Fishing; The Water Goes Round; Caillou's Test Drive; A Very Good Swimmer
Where I Live; A Good Friend; Just Like Me; Just in Time; Mr. Fixit
Super Caillou; Trip on the Subway; Caillou's Race; As Good As New; I Robot; Robot 2
Kitty Conundrum; Caillou's Favourite Sweater; Caillou's Big Dig
Butterfly Surprise; Soccer Trouble; You're Not Miss Martin
Daddy's Puzzle; Play With Me; Caillou's Bad Luck
Blueberry Point; Class Pet; In the Garden
Caillou's Camel Ride; It's Not Too Big for Me; Caillou's Flying Saucer
Conducts; Captain Caillou; Caillou Roars
A Sweet and Sour Day; Caillou's Puppet Show; Caillou's Collection
Copycat Clementine; Caillous Poster; Playhouse Play Date
Helping Mrs Howard; Caillous Fun Run; The New Girl
Borrowed Book; Fixing Mr. Bones; Cailloodles
Goes Shopping; Apple Picking; Halloween Costume
Beats the Heat; Back Seat Driver; Lost and Found; Holiday Magic
The Road Builder; Caillou's Building Adventure; House in the Sky
Pumpkin Patch Kid; Caillou's Got Rhythm; Do It Myself; Caillou's Big Sale
Caillou's Surprise; A Surprise for Miss Martin; A Surprise Sleepover
Caillou Learns to Swim
Caillou Gets Dressed
Caillou Goes to the Zoo
Caillou Helps out; Caillou the Firefighter; Caillou to the Rescue
Olive Muddle; Caillou's Clay Play
Olive Muddle; Caillou's Clay Play
Favorite Things
Favorite Things
Caillou Play Time
Caillou Loves the Fall - Shop/Apple/Halloween Costume
Fall is in the Air
Caillou Play Time
Caillou Explores
Big Time Caillou
Blast Off
Toy Trouble
Tell the Truth
Caillou the Bookworm - Library/Book/Story
Big Brother
Lost and Found
Lost and Found
Just for Laughs
Just for Laughs
Doing it Together
Doing it Together
Caillou Tells the Truth
My Family
My Family
After Dark
After Dark
Caillou Tells the Truth
Considerate Caillou
Considerate Caillou
Around the Block
Around the Block
Caillous Mini Marathon; Smooth Sailing; Am I Big Yet
Daddy's Puzzle; Play With Me; Caillous Bad Luck
Caillous Shadow; High Flyers; Caillous Leaf Pile
Butterfly Surprise; Soccer Trouble; Youre Not Miss Martin
Super Caillou, Trip on the Subway
Where I Live, A Good Friend
Starry Night
Just for Laughs
Caillou Tries Karate, Just Like Daddy
Snowflakes, Caillou Shoots! He Scores!
Something for Everyone, Skating Lessons
I Love To Pretend
Animals And Me
After Dark
I Can Do It
Thoughtful Caillou
My Family
Springtime For Caillou -
Step By Step
Big Time Caillou
Caillou Explores
Good Friend Caillou
Caillou Tells The Truth
Surprise Caillou!
All In A Day
Blast Off To Space Caillou
Caillou In The Garden
Caillou's Discoveries
Can Do Caillou
Grown-Ups And Me
Caillou Cares
I'm Learning **Don't Air Next To 0435
Caillou Shows Responsibility
Safety First, Caillou
Knowing How
Caillou Gets Active
Machines! Brrrrrmmm
Growing Up Caillou
Getting The Message
Caillou Helps Out
Considerate Caillou
Creative Caillou
The World Around Me!
Games To Play
Caillou The Helper - Patient/Police/Grandpa's Friend
Cooking With Caillou
Old And New
Caillou's Toy Trouble
Sounds And Music
Big Brother Caillou
Caillou Learns Patience
Caillou's Play Time
Team Player Caillou
Caillou's Favorite Things
Caillou The Sport Star - Best/Strong/Wheels
Springtime for Caillou
Caillou Helps Out
Machines! Brrrrrmmm
Sounds and Music
All Kinds of Weather
Show and Tell; Caillou The Magician
Show and Tell; Caillou The Magician
Everyone's Best, Stronger Every Day
Step by Step
Team Player
Sports Star
Magnet Madness, Caillou the Dinosaur Hunter
Caillou of the Antarctic, Deep Sea Caillou
Sharing the Rocketship; Coach Grandpa; The Safety Helper
Shoo Shoo Bird; Caillou's Road Trip; Caillou and the Dragon
What's Ringette; Rainy Day at the Beach; Caillou Climbs
Big Kid Caillou; Caillou's Glasses; Caillou's Dance Party
Caillou's Present; Caillou the Chef; Caillou the Painter
Caillou Goes Shopping; Caillou in the Tub; Caillou Gets Dressed
Caillou's New Babysitter; Caillou's School Bus; Caillou Sleeps Over
Three's a Crowd; Get Well Soon; Shadow Play; A New Member of the Family
Caillou at Daycare; Caillou Joins the Circus; Caillou Afraid of the Dark
Disappearing Carrots; Caillou Marches On; Who's Mooing; Follow That Sound; Music Box
Caillou Tries Karate; Just Like Daddy; Caillou's Safari; Cowboy Caillou
One Two Boom; Out of the Woods; House Paint; Caillou's Thanksgiving
Star Light Star Bright; All in A Days Work ; The Cat's Meow
Caillou Goes Camping; Caillou Learns to Skate; Caillou & Daddy
Clowning Around; Read All About It; Mom For A Day; Caillou Plays Baseball
Big Brother Caillou; Caillou's Hiding Place; Caillou's Rainy Day
Caillou Makes Cookies; Caillou Isn't Afraid; Caillou Hates Vegatables
Caillou Learns to Drive; Caillou's Big Friend; Caillou's Colours
Surprise Party; Caillou's Bad Dream; Caillou Computes; Caillou's Big Discovery
Caillou Goes to the Car Wash; Far Away Home; All You Can Eat; Caillou Stays Up Late
Caillou at the Beach; Caillou's New Shoes; Caillou's Snowman
Caillou of the Antarctic; Deep Sea Caillou; Caillou in the Bayou
Caillou and the Tooth Fairy; I Want To Grow Up; Caillou's Big Chill; Leo's Hamster
Comic Caper; Hide And Seek; Caillou's Clouds; Caillou Cleans Up
The Treasure Chest; A Camping We Will Go; Chopstick; A Special Dog
Caillou's Big Slide; Caillou Walks a Dog; Caillou Gets Sick
The Little Bird; Lights Out; Caillou's Check Up; Calling Dr. Caillou
New Kids on the Block; Caillou Goes to School; Caillou's Kitchen; Caillou's Sea
Caillou Plays Baby; Caillou Flies on a Plane; Caillou and the Doll
Caillou's Coins; Caillou's Canoe Trip; Caillou and the Bulldozer; Caillou the Firefighter
Backyard Zoo; Scavenger Hunt; Too Many Cooks; The Berry Patch
A Surprise for Mommy; Caillou Misses Sarah; T-Shirt Trouble; A Helping Hand
Caillous Suitcase; Try Try Again; The New Leaf; Happy New Leaf
Elephants; Caillou and the Sheep; Caillou and the Puppies; The Duck Family; Clementine
In the Garden
Roller Skates; Say Lettuce; Caillou Tries to Whistle
Caillou's Mini Marathon; Smooth Sailing; Am I Big Yet?
Sarah's Kite; Caillou's New Game; Shiny Reminder
No Tradebacks; Shoe Story; Rollie Racers
Caillou's Song; Follow Me; Where's Caillou
Where Is Mars; Emma's Extra Snacks; Lost and Found
Olive Muddle; Caillou's Clay Play; The Lightning Ball Express
Can Compost; Caillou's Tree; Caillou Saves Water
Bunny Shumny; That's Mine; Raspberry Ruckus
Caillou's Shadow; High Flyers; Caillou's Leaf Pile
Makes a Meal; Caillou's New Groove; Caillou Goes Bowling
Snowflakes; Caillou Shoots! He Scores!; Tobogganing
Changing Plans
Caillou's Birthday Present; Caillou & Gilbert; Caillou Goes to the Zoo; Little Red Binoo
Caillou: Snow/Shoot/Tobog
Caillou Helps Out; Caillou the Firefighter; Caillou to the Rescue
Shoo, Shoo Bird, Fly Away!; Caillou's Road Trip; Caillou and the Dragon
A Present for Mommy; Caillou the Chef; Caillou the Painter
Caillou: I'm All Better
Caillou: Slide/Sailor/Creepy
Caillou's Valentines; Hello Spring!; Caillou's April Fool
Caillou's Cricket; Dog Dilemma; The Spider Issue
Knowing I'm Growing
Caillou's Snowman
It's Cold Outside! Brrr!
People I Love
Knowing How!
Old and New
Caillou's Phone Call
Try, Try Again
Games to Play
All in a Day
All Kinds of Weather
My Family
After Dark!
I Can Do It!
Caillou Helps Out
Starry Night
When I Grow Up

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Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Caillou: Captain Caillou
64 sec
Preview Caillou: Grandma's Neighborhood
60 sec
Preview Caillou: Caillou The Creative
47 sec
Preview Caillou: Caillou Loves The Fall
46 sec
Preview Caillou: It's A Party
66 sec
S3 | Ep11

I Love to Pretend

Air Date: 9/17/03
Caillou helps Dad around the house; he pretends to be a bulldozer; Caillou learns about karate; he and Rosie go on a "safari" to find his lost animal cards.

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