Car 54, Where Are You?

  • 1961-1963

Flimsy but fondly recalled Keystone Kops-like sitcom about hapless officers at a Bronx precinct. Its cast included Fred 'Herman Munster' Gwynne, and the show inspired a spectacularly unfunny 1994... More


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 The Curse of the Snitkins
Ep29 Puncher and Judy
Ep28 The Loves of Sylvia Schnauzer
Ep27 Lucille Is Forty
Ep26 Joan Crawford Didn't Say No
Ep25 I've Been Here Before
Ep24 See You at the Bar-Mitzvah
Ep23 Here Comes Charlie
Ep22 The Biggest Day of the Year
Ep21 The Star Boarder
Ep20 Here We Go Again
Ep19 Toody and Muldoon Meet the Russians
Ep18 The Presidential Itch
Ep17 Benny the Bookie's Last Chance
Ep16 The White Elephant
Ep15 Je T'Adore Muldoon
Ep14 Stop Thief
Ep13 142 Tickets on the Aisle
Ep12 Pretzel Mary
Ep11 A Star Is Born in the Bronx
Ep10 I Hate Captain Block
Ep9 Toody Undercover
Ep8 That's Show Business
Ep7 Remember St. Petersburg
Ep6 Occupancy, August First
Ep5 Toody and Muldoon Sing Along with Mitch
Ep4 Schnauzer's Last Ride
Ep3 A Man Is Not an Ox
Ep2 One Sleepy People
Ep1 Hail to the Chief

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 I Love Lucille
Ep29 Quiet! We're Thinking
Ep28 The Auction
Ep27 The Courtship of Sylvia Schnauzer
Ep26 The Beast Who Walked the Bronx
Ep25 No More Pick-Pockets
Ep24 Today I Am a Man
Ep23 How Smart Can You Get
Ep22 What Happened to Thursday
Ep21 Toody and the Art World
Ep20 How High Is Up
Ep19 Toody's Paradise
Ep18 Toody and Muldoon Crack Down
Ep17 Boom Boom Boom
Ep16 The Sacrifice
Ep15 Christmas at the 53rd
Ep14 Get Well Officer Schnauzer
Ep13 Put It in the Bank
Ep12 The Taming of Lucille
Ep11 Catch Me on the Paar Show
Ep10 Thirty Days Notice
Ep9 Gypsy Curse
Ep8 Love Finds Muldoon
Ep7 Paint Job
Ep6 Muldoon's Star
Ep5 I Won't Go
Ep4 Change Your Partners
Ep3 Home Sweet Sing Sing
Ep2 Something Nice for Sol
Ep1 Who's for Swordfish

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Car 54 Where Are You?
3 min 48 sec
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Car 54 Where Are You?

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Set in the Bronx's 53rd precinct, where the cops depicted are all great comedic characters, as are the residents of the neighborhood they patrol. The central figures of the show are the Mutt & Jeff squad car team of Toody and Muldoon, played by Joe E. Ross and Fred Gwynne.

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