Caribbean Life

  • 2014

People look to buy homes in the Caribbean.


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Oklahoma Couple Needs a Large House for the Whole Family on St. Thomas
Ep13 New Yorker Dances Her Way Into a Fresh Start in the Dominican Republic
Ep12 Winter-Hating Couple Seeks Tropical Oasis on Aruba
Ep11 New Jersey Couple Looks for a Fixer Upper on St. John
Ep10 Soon-to-Be Empty Nesters Find Paradise on St. Maarten
Ep9 West Coast Newlyweds Make the Move to Aguada
Ep8 A Minnesota Couple Moves Their Family to Belize
Ep7 Boston Couple Leaves the Mainland for the Dominican Republic
Ep6 A Pittsburgh Woman Seeks a Warmer Climate in Puerto Rico
Ep5 Maryland Couple Is Ready for a New Beginning in Belize
Ep4 A Florida Family Looks for a More Relaxing Life in Vieques, Puerto Rico
Ep3 Goodbye Kansas, Hello St. Thomas
Ep2 Leaving Nebraska for a New Life on St. Thomas
Ep1 An Atlanta Couple Decides to Leave Their Busy Life Behind for Clean Living in Belize

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Single Woman From Atlanta Seeks a New Life on St. Croix
Ep12 Texas Family of Five Escapes to Negril, Jamaica
Ep11 Florida Couple Hunts for a Seaside Condo on St. Croix
Ep10 Michigan Couple Seeks Seafront Home in the Bahamas
Ep9 Couple Seeks Luxury Living on Grand Cayman
Ep8 A Doctor and Nurse Take the Plunge in St. Croix
Ep7 Canadian Couple Seek Great Diving in Utila
Ep6 Lawyer Trades City Life for Relaxing Beaches in Utila
Ep5 Los Angeles Family Goes Back Home to the Cayman Islands
Ep4 Leaving the Golden State Behind for Bocas del Toro
Ep4 Ditching the Hustle and Bustle of LA for a New Life in Bocas del Toro
Ep3 The Bahamas Beckons a Florida Couple
Ep2 Newlyweds Look for a New Home and Business in Jamaica
Ep1 West Virginian Family Trades Country Roads for Ocean Views
Leaving the Golden State Behind for Bocas del Toro

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 A Pilot and His Wife Relocate From the Heat of Texas to the Warm Breezes of the Dominican Republic
Ep13 A Texas Couple Finally Moves to Cozumel and Fulfills a Lifelong Dream of Caribbean Living
Ep12 A Couple Leaves the Hustle of NYC to Be Their Own Bosses of a Restaurant on St. John
Ep12 A Couple Leaves the Hustle of NYC to Be Their Own Bosses of a Restaurant on St. John
Ep11 A Denver Couple Are About to Get Married and Move to Playa Del Carmen
Ep10 D.C. Couple Returns to Their Roots on St. Maarten
Ep9 Successful Canada Couple Moves To The Dominican Republic And Opens An Event Photography Company.
Ep8 A New England Family Moves to St. John to Make Their Vacation Spot a Permanent Home
Ep7 Successful New Mexico Entrepreneurs Follow Their Dream and Move to Cozumel to Open a New Business
Ep6 A Canadian Couple Moves Themselves and Their Retiring Parents to the Bliss of Barbados
Ep5 A Texas Family Moves to the Dominican Republic, Lured by a Dad's Love of the Island From Years Ago
Ep4 A Dallas Couple Trade in Their Hectic Texas Lives to Move to St. Thomas and Start a Vineyard
Ep3 A Los Angeles TV Executive Returns to His Roots in the Cayman Islands
Ep2 A Canadian Family, Originally From the Caribbean, Escapes the Snow for Life in Barbados
Ep1 A Veterinarian and His Family Get the Chance of a Lifetime to Live and Work in the Cayman Islands

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Newlyweds Leave Their Ohio Home to Move to a Place They Have Only Seen in Photos, St. Croix
Ep13 A Los Angeles Family of Four Trades in Their Cars for Boats and Move to Bocas del Toro, Panama
Ep12 With the Job Transfer of Their Dreams, a Young Couple Moves to Puerto Rico
Ep11 A Couple Leaves Canada to Open a Catamaran Business in Roatan, Honduras
Ep10 A Pennsylvania Family Moves to Puerto Rico for Culture, Sun and Local Cuisine
Ep9 A Couple Leaves Landlocked Austin, Texas for a Dream Life in Roatan, Honduras
Ep8 A Mom, Dad and Their Four Kids Move From Michigan to St. Croix to Live the Caribbean Life
Ep7 From the Desert of Flagstaff, Arizona to the Tropics of Isabella, Puerto Rico
Ep6 A Couple Moves From Cold New England to the Island Tropics of Vieques, Puerto Rico
Ep5 A Colorado Family Leaves Snowy Fort Collins for the Caribbean Life in Bocas Del Toro, Panama
Ep4 A Couple Trades in Their Seattle Lives and Careers to Start Their Own Business in Bocas del Toro
Ep3 A Couple Leaves West Virginia to Open a Restaurant and Start a New Life in St. Croix
Ep2 A Family Leaves Dry Texas for Tropical Roatan, Honduras
Ep1 Busy New Yorkers Move to St. Croix to Open an Events and Catering Business

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 From Freezing Canada to the Dream of a Lifetime in Turks and Caicos
Ep13 A Family Says So Long to Illinois Winters and Hello to a Life of Sand and Sun in Turks and Caicos
Ep12 Moving Out of Nebraska, for Island Life of Turks and Caicos
Ep11 Husband and Wife Leave the Land Locked Life for Island Paradise of St. Lucia
Ep10 A Couple From Minnesota Looks for a Dream Home in Vieques
Ep9 A Family Throws Caution to the Wind and Makes the Move to the Dominican Republic
Ep8 Husband and Wife Leave the Snowy Mountains of West Virginia, for the Dominican Republic
Ep7 From the Cold of Chicago and the Crowds of San Juan, to the Countryside of Puerto Rico
Ep6 Two DJs Feel the Beat in Sunny Sint Maarten
Ep5 Husband and Wife Move From New York to Sun and Surf of Rincon, Puerto Rico
Ep4 A Family Leaves the Freezing Cold of Vermont, for the Tropical Climate of Vieques, Puerto Rico
Ep3 A Couple Moves From Cold Connecticut to Sunny Sint Maarten
Ep2 A Couple Is Looking to Settle Down by Buying Their First House Together in St. Croix
Ep1 A Family From St. Louis Looks for Their Dream Home on St. Croix

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Caribbean Life
Caribbean Life

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