Casper and Friends

The animated adventures of Casper, Ritchie Rich, Baby Huey and Little Lulu.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep33 Fright From Wrong
Ep32 Zero Hour; Cat Choo
Ep31 A Haunting We Will go
Ep30 Spooking About Africa
Ep29 Clown on the Farm; Hide & Shriek; Popcorn & Politics; Snooze Reel
Ep28 Good Scream Fun; Mouseum; Fine Feathered Friend; Forest Fantasy
Ep27 Boo Kind to Animals; Surf Bored; Okey Dokey Donkey; Fun at the Fair
Ep26 One Funny Knight; Red, White & Boo; Silly Science; Dizzy Dinosaurs
Ep25 Mice Capades; Fright From Wrong; Crazytown; Hound About That
Ep24 Do or Diet; You Said a Mouseful; The Voice of the Turkey; Hysterical History
Ep23 Of Mice and Menace; Ghost of the Town; TV Fuddlehead; Law & Audrey
Ep22 Boos & Arrows; Huey's Ducky Daddy; Land of the Lost Watches; Fishing Tackler
Ep21 Swab the Duck; The Deep Boo Sea; Ship-a-Hooey; Drippy Mississippi
Ep20 Cat in the Act; Ghost Writers; Top Cat; Starting From Hatch
Ep19 Casper Takes a Bow Wow; Dawg Gone; Fido Beta Kappa; By Leaps & Hounds
Ep18 Boos & Saddles; Git Along Little Ducky; Shootin' Stars; Cat Carson Rides Again
Ep17 Mice Meeting You; True Boo; Jumping With Toy; Ice Scream
Ep16 Herman the Cartoonist; Ghost of Honor; Rabbit Punch; Tweet Music
Ep15 Huey's Ducky Daddy; The Seapreame Court; Feast & Furious
Ep14 Moustro Herman; Boo Bop; Animal Fair; Philharmonics
Ep13 Once Upon a Rhyme; Little Audrey Riding Hood; Dante Dreamer
Ep12 Cat Tamale; Bull Fright; Pedro & Lorenzo; Fiesta Time
Ep11 Scout Fellow; Boo Scout; Scouting for Trouble; Northwest Mousie
Ep10 Mouse Trapeze; Casper Comes to Clown; Jolly the Clown
Ep9 Boo Moon; Dizzy Dishes; Out of This Whirl; Invention Convention
Ep8 Little Lost Ghost; The Love Potion: Mt. Richie; Nothing to Hiccup At
Ep7 Kings of Toyland; Wendy's Wish; Richie's Circus; Turning the Fables
Ep6 Heart of Gold; Weather or Not; Roughing It; Chew Chew Baby
Ep5 Growing Up; Wandering Ghosts; One of a Kind; Trigger Treat
Ep4 Greedy Giants; Twin Trouble; Richie's Great Race
Ep3 The Enchanted Prince; Timid Knight; Rich & Chocolatey; Slip Us Some
Ep2 Boo Scout; Crazy Town; Small Spooks; Peck Your Own Home
Ep1 City Snicker; Red Robbing Hood; Dognapped; Northern Mites

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep51 Dutch Treat/ Scout Fellow/ Galaxia/ Surf and Sound
Ep50 Greedy Giants/ Cape Kidnaveral/ Huey's Duckey Daddy/ Disguise the Limit
Ep49 Spree Under the Sea/ Li'l Audrey Ridinghood/ Bobin Hood/ Ship a Hooey
Ep48 Wendy's Fish/ Sir Irving & Jeames/ Sock a Bye Kitty/ Turtle Scoop
Ep48 Bedtime Troubles; Back in the Saddle; Mother Goose Land
Ep47 Friday Day the 13th/ Off Mice and Menace/ from Mad to Worse/ Audrey the Rainmaker
Ep47 The Absent Minded Robot; Bugged Out; The Magic Touch
Ep46 Cold Wave/ Counter Attack/ Hide and Peak/ Will Do Mousework
Ep46 A Visit From Mars; Abner the Baseball; Hide and Shriek
Ep45 Spook No Evil/ Peck Your Own Home/ Dizzy Dishes/ Git Along Lil' Duckie
Ep45 Dutch Treat; Swab the Duck; Fiddle Faddle
Ep44 Hide and Shriek/ As the Crow Lies/ TV or No TV/ Cat Carson Rides Again
Ep44 Fright From Wrong; Surf Bored: Cool Cat Blues
Ep43 The Enchanted Prince/ Lion Busy/ You Said a Mouseful/ Crumbley Cogwell
Ep43 Casper Genie; Goodie the Gremlin; Monkey Doodles
Ep42 Kings of Toyland/ Trouble Date/ Jumping With Toy/ Frighty Cat
Ep42 Boo Hoo Baby; Herman the Cartoonist; Trouble Date
Ep41 Penguin for Your Thoughts/ Mousier the Herman/ Funderful Suburbia/ Huey's Father's Day
Ep41 Doing What's Fright; Audrey the Rainmaker; La Petite Parade
Ep40 Boo Kind to Animals/ Dante Dreamer/ Case..Cockeyed Canary/ Northwest Mousie
Ep40 Katnip's Big Day; Which Is Witch; Sir Irving & Jeames
Ep39 A Visit from Mars/ Mighty Termite/ Hold the Lion Please/ Mousetro Herman
Ep39 Fun on Furlough; Boo Moon; L'Amour the Merrier
Ep38 Boo Ribbon Winner/ the Animal Fair/ Cat Choo/ Owly to Bed
Ep38 Quack a Doodle Doo; Red, White & Boo; Grateful Gus
Ep37 Heart of Gold/ Possum Pearl/ Felineous Assault/ Bicep Built for Two
Ep37 Puss N' Felineous Assault; Kitty Cornered; Git Along Little Duckie
Ep36 Bull Fright/ Better Bait Than Never/ One Funny Knight/ Feast and Furious
Ep36 Line of Screammage; Winner by a Hare; Sportickles
Ep35 Cat Carson Rides Again; Boos & Saddles; Cane & Able
Ep35 Fright from Wrong/ Robin Rodenthood/ Giddy Gadgets/ One Quack Mind
Ep34 To Boo or Not to Boo; Mousier Herman; Good & Guilty
Ep34 Keep Your Grin Up/ Herman the Cartoonist/ Fiesta Time/ Clown On the Farm
Ep33 Frightday the 13th; Frighty Cat; Spooking of Ghosts
Ep33 Spooking With a Brouge/ By Leaps and Hounds/ Drinks On the Mouse /Okey Dokey Donkey
Ep32 Spooking With a Brogue; Will Do Mousework; Be Mice to Cats
Ep32 Hooky Spooky/ Katnip's Big Day/ City Kitty/ Party Smarty
Ep31 Ghost of a Town; As the Crow Lies; The Lion's Busy
Ep31 Ground Hog Play/ Hair Today Gone Tomorrow/ of Mice and Magic/ Surf Bored
Ep30 Surf & Sound; Spunky Skunky; The Phantom Moustacher
Ep30 Boo Moon/ Dawg Gone/ Mice Capades/ Sky Scrappers
Ep29 Little Boo Peep/ Cat in the Act/The Seapreme Court/ Pest Pupil
Ep29 Ghost of Honor; The Awful Tooth; Planet Mouseola
Ep28 Which Is Witch/ the Awful Tooth/ Swab the Duck/ Miceniks
Ep28 Of Mice & Magic; Puss 'n' Boos; Funderful Suburbia
Ep27 Boos and Arrows/ Starting from Hatch/ Mice Paradise/ Law and Audrey
Ep27 Rail Rodents; Spook No Evil; Mike the Masquerader
Ep26 Spook and Span/ Terry the Terror/ Invention Convention/ Wandering Ghost
Ep26 Boo Bop; Better Bait Than Never; Hound About That
Ep25 Good Scream Fun/ Cat Tamale/ Mouse Trapeze/ Weather or Not
Ep25 Northwest Mousie; Dutch Treat; Fit to Be Toyed
Ep24 Casper Genie/ Perry Popgun/ Trick or Tree/ the Absent Minded Robot
Ep24 City Kitty; Spooking About Africa; Travelaffs
Ep23 Do or Diet/ Scouting for Trouble/ Electronica/ Bedtime Troubles
Ep23 Bored Billionaire; Professor's Problem; Girls Only
Ep22 Boos and Saddles/ Phantom Moustacher/ Planet Mouseola/ Thin Trouble
Ep22 The Enchanted Horse; Invasion of Cadbury Robot; Super Spooks
Ep21 Not Ghostly/ Bouncing Benny/ Right of the Bat/ The Enchanted Horse
Ep21 Which Is Witch; Case of the Cockeyed Canary; Perry Pop Gun
Ep20 Boo Bop; Fido Beta Kappa; Poop Goes the Weasel; Small Spooks
Ep20 Spook & Span; Mice Paradise; Cock a Doodle Dino; Little Audrey Riding Hood
Ep19 Boo Scout/ Mr. Money Gags/ Kitty Kornered/ Line of Screamage
Ep19 Penguin for Your Thoughts; Mr. Money Gags; Electronica; Disguise
Ep18 Casper's Birthday Party/ Crazy Town/ Without Time or Reason/ Boo Hoo Baby
Ep18 Not Ghoulty; Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow; Galaxia; Trick or Tree
Ep17 To Boo Not to Boo/ the Voice of the Turkey/ News Hound/ Growing Ups
Ep17 Party Smarty; Casper's Birthday Party; Micenicks; Mighty Termite
Ep16 Ghost of Honour/ Kozmo Goes to School/ Spooking of Ghosts/ Mothergoose Land
Ep16 Keep Your Grin Up; Sleuth But Sure; Possum Pearl; Disguise the Limit
Ep15 Ice Scream/ Oily Bird/ Grateful Gus/ Super Spook
Ep15 Ground Hog Play; Sock-a-Bye-Kitty; Talking Horse
Ep14 Peek a Boo/ Sleuth But Sure/ Hound About That/ Bored Billionaire
Ep14 Down to Mirth Turtle Scoop; The Inquisit Visit; Cat in the Act
Ep13 Down to Mirth/ Good and Guilty/ Mouseum/ Ghost Writers
Ep13 Hide & Peak; Ice Scream; The Oily Bird; Scout Fellow
Ep12 Doing What's Fright/ Popcorn & Politics/ Hound About/ Professor's Problem
Ep12 From Mad to Worse; Doing What's Fright; Stork Raving Mad
Ep11 Puss 'N' Boos/ The Shoe Must Go On/ Fine Feathered Friend/ The Witching Hour
Ep11 Starting From Hatch; Casper Genie; Right Off the Bat; TV or No TV
Ep10 Zero the Hero/ Monkey Doodles/ L'Amour the Merrier/ City Snicker
Ep10 Sky Scrappers; By the Old Mill Scream; Poop Goes the Weasel
Ep9 True Boo/ Kid from Mars/ Shooting Stars/ Heir Restorer
Ep9 Owly to Bed; Boo Hoo Baby; Bouncing Benny; Hound About the Town
Ep8 North Pal/ Winner by a Hare/ Slip Us Some Red Skin/ The Magic Touch
Ep8 Huey's Father's Day; Peek-a-Boo; Lion in the Roar; Dizzy
Ep7 Pig a Boo/ Busy Buddies/Fit to Be Toyed/ By the Old Mill Scream
Ep7 Boo Ribbon Winner; Law & Audrey; Cape Kidnaveral; Candy Cabaret
Ep6 Cage Fright/ Boss Is Always Right /TV Fuddlehead/ Timid Knight
Ep6 Drinks on the Mouse; Pig-a-Boo; News Hound; Trick or Treat
Ep5 Ghost of the Town/Mike the Masquerade/Talking Horse Sense/Red Robbing Hood
Ep5 One Quack Mind; Heir Restorer; By Leaps & Hounds; Surf & Sound
Ep4 Spunky Skunky/ Goodie the Gremlin/ Land of Lost Watches/ Lonesome Giant
Ep4 Bicep Built for Two; North Pal; The Kid From Mars; Seapreme Court
Ep3 Deep Boo Sea/Trigger Treat/ Petite Parade/ Little Lost Ghost
Ep3 Pest Pupil; Hooky Spooky; Kozmo Goes to School; Fishing Tackler
Ep2 Casper Takes a Bow Wow; From Dime to Dime; Cock a Doodle Dino; Spooking About Africa
Ep2 Little Boo Beep; Fishing Tackler; The Shoe Must Go On; Gag & Baggage
Ep1 Casper Comes to Clown/ Lion in a Roar/ Mouseum/ Red White and Boo
Ep1 Robin Rodenthood; Cage Fright; Bopin Hood; Hold the Lion Please

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ghost of the Town; As the Crow Flies
Spooking With a Brogue; Will Do Mousework
Not Ghoulty; Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Look and Span; Mice Paradise
Zro the Hero; Cat Choo; Buzzy and Katnip

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S0 |

Friday Day the 13th / Off Mice and Menace / from Mad to Worse / Audrey the Rainmaker

Air Date:
Casper plays with a black kitten on Friday the 13th/ Herman takes kids to a penny arcade in the city/ Katnip, chases the mice in the toy department of Stacy’s Department Store./ Audrey imagines she is responsible for a huge drought

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