Caught in the Act

What we don't often see that's raw and uninhibited about animals is recorded somehow and somewhere. These acts are not just from the wild but could even be from your own backyard.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 Life & Death
Ep17 Blood Battles
Ep16 Fight Clubs
Ep14 Strange and Savage
Ep12 Crocs vs. Lions
Ep11 Charge!
Ep10 When Prey Fights Back
Ep9 Lion Brawl
Ep8 Rhino Battle
Ep7 Elephant Battleground
Ep6 Leopard vs. Python
Ep5 Lizard War
Ep4 Cannibal Octopus
Ep3 Diving With Sharks
Ep2 Wild Dog Attack
Ep1 Clash of the Cheetahs
Caught in the Act
Caught in the Act
Caught in the Act
Animal Antics
Episode 0
Caught in the Act
Ep 4
Ep 3
Ep 8
Fire Starter
Ep 5
Ep 7
Ep 6
Caught in the Act
Dangerous Games
Caught On Camera
Unexpected Enemies
Caught in the Act
Ep 1
Life In The Wild
Raw Nature
Cannibal Shark
Monster Marlin
Giraffe Attack
Zombie Fish
There's a Bear in My Garage!
Elephant Rampage
Blood Battles
Life & Death
Fight Clubs
Psycho Deer
Pycho Deer
Tiger Showdown
Strange and Savage
Tiger Showdown
Crocs vs. Lions
When Prey Fights Back
Lion Brawl
Rhino Battle
Elephant Battleground
Leopard vs. Python
Lizard War
Cannibal Octopus
Diving With Sharks
Diving With Sharks
Wild Dog Attack
Ep 2
Clash of the Cheetahs

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