Colin & Justin's Home Heist

Scottish designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan address home decor disasters and make the offending homeowners correct their own decorating mistakes during the makeover.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Design by Committee
Ep24 No Style, All Tile
Ep23 When Mom Doesn't Know Best
Ep22 Lost in Space
Ep21 Impulsive Repulsive
Ep20 Faux-get About It
Ep19 Style Down the Drain
Ep18 Color Me Crazy
Ep17 Bad Taste Blizzard
Ep16 Crime Scene Design
Ep15 Holy Smokes!
Ep14 Design No Show
Ep13 Retro Wreckage
Ep12 Surf's Up---Style's Down
Ep11 Arrivederci Style
Ep10 Help! Our Bedroom's Like a Jail
Ep9 Flashy Isn't Classy
Ep8 Lights, Camera, Chaos
Ep7 Too Many Clocks, Too Little Time
Ep6 A Pair of Mucky Pups
Ep5 Trash or Treasure?
Ep4 Temple of Gloom
Ep3 Bold vs. Bland
Ep2 Bargain Basement Botch
Ep1 Lights, Camera, Clutter

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Bad Design Guilty as Charged
Ep24 Perfect...But Ugly
Ep23 It's Trash Not Treasure
Ep22 Proud, Pink & Pitiful
Ep21 Bad Taste, No Taste
Ep20 Cool Rocker, House Shocker
Ep19 Pleather, Plastic & Panthers
Ep18 Style Bumpkins
Ep17 Little House on the Scary
Ep16 No Shagging in the Bathroom
Ep15 My House Sucks
Ep14 Global Bad Taste
Ep13 Beach Bummer
Ep12 Shabby Shabby
Ep11 Not So Pretty in Pink
Ep10 40 Year Old Grannies
Ep9 Home Wreckers
Ep8 Dated, Dusty & Disinterested
Ep7 Clutter Nutter
Ep6 Urban Suburban
Ep5 Missing the Design Gene
Ep4 Spit On My Floor
Ep3 Tartan Terror
Ep2 Not Easy Being Green

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Bad Rabbit Habit
In the Bathroom
Perfect... But Ugly
Trash not Treasure
Mucky Pups
Lights, Camera...Clutter!
Bad Taste, No Taste
Beach Bummer
Global Bad Taste
It's Not Easy Being Green
It's Trash, Not Treasure
Baby in the Laundry
Colin & Justin's Home Heist
Colin & Justin's Home Heist
Baby in the Laundry
Cool Rocker, House Shocker
Shabby Shabby
Trash or Treasure
Pair of Mucky Pups
My Crib Sucks
Little House on the Scary
Missing the Design Gene
Nutter About Clutter
Bad Design... Guilty As Charged
Baby in the Laundry
Home Wreckers
Not So Pretty In Pink
40 Year Old Grannies
Not Easy Being Green
Pleather, Plastic and Panther
Style Bumpkins
You Jane, Me Tarzan
Temple of Gloom

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