Color Splash

  • 2007

Interior decor and painting tips are offered by the winner of HGTV's `Design Star' contest.


Season 11

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep4 Experiencing Buyer's Remorse
Ep3 A Masterful Surprise!
Ep2 Finding Their Forever Home
Ep2 Designing for the Sexes
Ep1 College Kitsch Goes Elegant
Ep1 Color Splash

Season 10

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Designer David Bromstad Creates a Stylishly Weathered and Traditional Living Room Inspired by a Winery
Ep13 Drawing Inspiration From Miami Beach's Skyline, designer David Bromstad Creates a Mediterranean and Asian Living and Dining Room
Ep12 Black and White Master Suite
Ep11 Designer David Bromstad Takes an Eclectic Contemporary Approach for Family Room Makeover Based on Miami Furniture Store
Ep10 ColorSplash Zen HD
Ep9 David Bromstad Translates the Striking Architecture of a Parking Garage Miami Beach to an Eclectic Living/Dining Room
Ep8 Contemporary Living/Dining
Ep7 David Bromstad Mixes Old Florida-Style and Contemporary Design in a Family Room Makeover
Ep6 Designer David Bromstad Models a Living Room Based on a Historic Mansion in Palm Beach
Ep5 Contemporary Living Room Inspired by the New World Symphony in Miami Beach
Ep4 Designer David Bromstad Surprises Some Color Splash Fans From a Former Makeover and Transform Their Home
Ep3 Contemporary French Country
Ep2 Designer David Bromstad Captures the Essence of the Miami Seaquarium in a Formal Living Dining Room Makeover
Ep1 Twilight Inspired Makeover

Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Disco Glam Living Room Inspired by a High End Wall Paper Factory in Brooklyn, New York
Ep12 Designer David Bromstad Creates an Old World Traditional Game Room Above a Garage
Ep11 Designer David Bromstad Adds Beachy Comforts to a Bland Living Room on Miami Beach's South Point Park
Ep10 Modern New York City Loft Master Bedroom Inspired by Dylan's Candy Bar
Ep9 Contemporary Basement Inspired by the Morristown Library in New Jersey
Ep8 New Jersey's Historic Blauvelt Mansion Inspires Traditional Family Room Makeover
Ep7 Modern Greek Living/Dining Room Inspired by the Color and Spirit of Miami's Espanola Way Neighborhood
Ep6 Traditional Masculine Living/Dining Room for Two Women
Ep5 Designer David Bromstad Takes an Empty Patio and Turns It Into Moroccan Paradise Inspired by Miami Restaurant Tantra
Ep4 Designer David Bromstad Incorporates the Homeowner's Heritage in a Cuban Colonial Living Room Makeover
Ep3 Americana Living-Dining Room Is Designed Using a Local Horse Ranch as Inspiration
Ep2 David Bromstad Blends Mid-Century Design With a Touch of Bollywood in a Living/Dining Room
Ep1 Designer David Bromstad Creates a Tranquil Spa-like Retreat in a Master Bedroom

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Inspires a Traditional Living Room and Sunroom With an Exciting Twist
Ep12 Designer David Bromstad Takes Cues From STK Miami Restaurant's Sleek Design in a Modern Masculine Bedroom Makeover
Ep11 Designer David Bromstad Draws Asian Contemporary Inspiration From Miami's Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Living/Dining Room Makeover
Ep10 Beach Cottage Living Room Inspired by Miami Boutique Restaurant and Hotel Casa Tua
Ep9 Designer David Bromstad Designs a Guest House/Home Office That's Inspired by Miami Steak House Prime One Twelve
Ep8 Designer David Bromstad Introduces the Drama From Fort Lauderdale's W Hotel to a Living, Dining Room, Kitchen Combo Makeover
Ep7 Designer David Bromstad Incorporates the Opulent Motif of Miami's Historic Olympia Theatre
Ep6 Updated Traditional Bedroom, Inspired by Miami's Historic Home, Villa Woodbine
Ep5 The Asian Motif of the Setai Hotel Serves as Inspiration to a Small Office Space
Ep4 Inspired by the Iconic Biltmore Hotel at Coral Gables, Designer David Bromstad Designs a Grand Traditional Living/Dining Room
Ep3 The Unique Modern Design of the Bacardi Building, a Miami Landmark, Serves as Inspiration
Ep2 Designer David Bromstad Gets Medieval in a Traditional Master Bedroom and Bath Makeover Inspired by an Ancient Spanish Monastery
Ep1 Influenced by Boutique Hotel, the Tides South Beach, David Bromstad Gives a Living/Dining Room a Breath of Fresh Air

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 Glamorous Mediterranean Home Makeover
Ep20 2011-06-04
Ep19 2011-05-28
Ep18 2011-05-21
Ep17 2011-05-16
Ep16 2011-05-12
Ep15 2011-05-07
Ep14 2011-04-30
Ep13 Nightclub Inspired Lounge Living Room/Office
Ep12 Mid Century Modern Patio/Dining Area Inspired by Grass Resturant and Lounge
Ep11 Inspired by Miami Boutique Luxury Hotel the Epic, Designer David Bromstad Brings a Sleek Contemporary Design to Loft Great Room
Ep10 Modern Deco Living/Dining Room, Inspired by Miami Beach's Iconic Ocean Drive
Ep9 Moroccan Zen Living/Dining Room Inspired by the David Barton Gym
Ep8 Miami's Outdoor Beach Club Nikki Beach Lends Inspiration to a Beach Chic Bedroom and Sporty Office
Ep7 Miami Hotel-Inspired Modern Master Bedroom
Ep6 Old World Design Meets Modern Living and Dining
Ep5 International Eclectic Living/Dining Room Inspired by Iconic Miami Pedestrian Mall Lincoln Road
Ep4 Traditional Outdoor Patio Inspired by Argentinian Restaurant Novecento
Ep3 Vibrant Miami Modern Kitchen/Living Room
Ep2 Beachy Traditional Living/Dining Room Inspired by Miami Boutique Hotel the Betsy
Ep1 Modern Master Bedroom With Old World Touches

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Mediterranean Great Room
Ep12 Eclectic and Modern Chic Loft
Ep11 Eclectic, Natural Dining Room
Ep10 Modern Hotel Master Bedroom
Ep9 Luxurious Yacht Club Den
Ep8 Eclectic Upscale Dining Room
Ep7 Traditional, Eclectic Master Bedroom
Ep6 Mediterranean Patio Makeover
Ep5 Upscale Beach-Cottage Style
Ep4 A Dash of Danish Modern
Ep3 Natural and Industrial Kitchen
Ep2 Contemporary Living/Dining Room
Ep1 Modern Eclectic Master

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 High End Italian on a Budget
Ep12 Fusing Contemporary and Tribal
Ep11 Modern Elements With a Little Funk Deliver a Master Bedroom That Pleases Both Husband and Wife
Ep10 A Multi-Functional Family Room With Exotic Influences
Ep9 Bold Industrial Forms and Graphic Designs in a Home Office
Ep8 A Light Palette and Rustic Elements Create a Seaside Feel in a Bedroom Makeover
Ep7 Hollywood Regency Re-Do
Ep6 Bold, Modern and Masculine
Ep5 Mission-Style Makeover
Ep4 Clubroom Conversion
Ep3 Jewel Tones Transform a Desolate Outdoor Space
Ep2 Elements of Nature Inspire This Dining Room Makeover
Ep1 California Casual

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 A Den With More Storage and Southwestern Style
Ep12 Asian-Inspired Kitchen With Eco-Friendly Materials
Ep11 Mid Century Modern Makeover
Ep10 Shaking Up a Den
Ep9 Red Hot Guest Room
Ep8 Living Room Update
Ep7 Tuscan Spa Den
Ep6 Mountain Guest House
Ep5 Balanced Living Room
Ep4 Multi-purpose Nursery
Ep3 Dramatic Dining Room
Ep2 Storage Galore!
Ep1 Basketball-themed Family Room

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 A Kitchen Challenge
Ep13 Outdoor Oasis
Ep12 Music Room Blues
Ep11 Surprise Entry Room
Ep10 Hello David, Goodbye 80's
Ep9 Bachelor Pad Redo
Ep8 Underwater Rec Room
Ep7 Winning Kitchen Makeover
Ep6 Underwater Rec Room
Ep6 Great Garage Makeover
Ep5 Modern Kitchen
Ep4 Dramatic Den Makeover
Ep3 Tuscan Getaway
Ep2 Colorful Work Out
Ep1 Romantic Surprise

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 A Colorful Holiday
Ep13 Ocean Oasis
Ep12 Zen Bedroom
Ep11 Contemporary Kitchen
Ep11 Contemporary Kitchen
Ep10 Arts and Crafts Style
Ep9 An Outdoor Oasis
Ep8 Farm Fresh and Fabulous
Ep7 May the Force Be With You
Ep6 Let the Games Begin!
Ep5 Color Splash, Take Me Away!
Ep4 South of the Border Family Room
Ep3 A Contemporary Make-Over
Ep2 Balinese Bedroom
Ep1 Spanish Mediterranean Makeover

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Contemporary Asian Bedroom
Ep12 Urban Contemporary Living Room
Ep11 French Country Bedroom
Ep10 Hip Retro Lounge
Ep9 Textured Neutral Bedroom
Ep8 Modern and Traditional Living Room
Ep7 Warm Orange Living Room/Dining Room
Ep6 Dramatic Dining Room
Ep5 Nature-Inspired Classic Bedroom
Ep4 Mountain Lodge Living Room
Ep3 Asian-Inspired Living Room
Ep2 Classic and Elegant Master Bedroom
Ep1 Bold Red Living Room

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