• 1996-2000

The comedian played an out-of-work airline exec turned crotchety homebody in this series, his first sitcom following the juggernaut 'Cosby Show' of the 1980s. Phylicia Rashad was again cast as his... More


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep21 The Song Remains the Same
Ep20 Long Night's Journey into Day
Ep19 Kids Eat the Darndest Things
Ep18 Thursday's Child
Ep17 A Pair of Threes Beats a Flush Every Time
Ep16 The Perfect Valentine
Ep15 It's a Wonderful Wife
Ep14 Raising Paranoia
Ep13 To Catch a Thief
Ep12 Chilly Scenes of Winter Golf
Ep11 Hilton Hilton
Ep10 Loving Madeline
Ep9 One for the Books
Ep8 Parent Trap
Ep7 Superstar
Ep6 There's Something About Hilton
Ep5 A Teacher's Life
Ep4 Lucas Apocalypse
Ep3 Book 'Em Griff O
Ep2 The Wedding
Ep1 My Spy

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 War Stories
Ep24 He Who Hesitates Is Lucas
Ep23 The Vesey Method
Ep22 The Party's Over
Ep21 Timerity
Ep20 Lucas Illuminus
Ep19 Will Power
Ep18 Afterschool Delight
Ep17 Ol' Betsy
Ep16 A Very Nice Dance
Ep15 False Alarm
Ep14 Lucas Absentia
Ep13 Refrigerator Logic
Ep12 The Awful Truth
Ep11 This Old Friend
Ep10 Turkey Day
Ep9 Judgment Day
Ep8 The Episode Episode
Ep7 Playground Scar
Ep6 Lucas Matriculus
Ep5 The Greatest Gift
Ep4 Lucas Discordia
Ep3 Chemistry
Ep2 Do Not Overheat
Ep1 'Now Is the Time' the Walrus Said

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 The First Gentleman
Ep23 Love Intervention
Ep22 On the Rocks
Ep21 Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Astoria
Ep20 1040 Not So EZ
Ep19 Enter Lucas
Ep18 Mud
Ep17 Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Ep16 Out to Launch
Ep15 Old Yeller
Ep14 Brazil
Ep13 A Team of His Own
Ep12 The Two Hilton Lucases
Ep11 Shall We Dance?
Ep10 Lucas Raymondicus
Ep9 The Pilot, Not the Pilot
Ep8 Dating Games
Ep7 Last Man Standing
Ep6 Lucas Smartypantsicus
Ep5 Older and Out
Ep4 Two Cents
Ep3 The Rules
Ep2 Wake Up and Smell the Coffeehouse
Ep1 About My Life

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Social Insecurity
Ep24 Hilton's Playland
Ep23 My Dinner with Methuselah
Ep22 The Return of the Charlites
Ep21 I'm OK, You're Hilton
Ep20 That Darn Cat
Ep19 Anniversary Waltz
Ep18 Florida
Ep17 Valentine's Day
Ep16 Lucas Platonicus
Ep15 Brave New Hilton
Ep14 Guess Whose President Is Coming to Dinner
Ep13 Tempus Lucas
Ep12 The Broken Reflection
Ep11 Guard Almighty
Ep10 Basketball Story
Ep9 No Nudes Is Good Nudes
Ep8 The Two Mr. Lucases
Ep7 Natural Born Debtors
Ep6 One Foot in Your Mouth
Ep5 The Best Little Antique Shop in Astoria
Ep4 Happily Ever Hilton
Ep3 Neighborhood Watch
Ep2 It's My Party
Ep1 Pilot Episode

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep2 Superstar
Ep1 Superstar
Pilot Episode
Colonel of Truth
Pilot Episode
The Infantry Has Landed And They've Fallen Off The Roof
Mr. Fish

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