• 1978-1991

Power, passion and duplicity drive this landmark saga set at the Southfork ranch, home of the oil-rich Ewing clan and ground zero for prime-time soaps in the late '70s and through the '80s. The most... More


Season 14

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Conundrum
Ep21 Decline and Fall of the Ewing Empire
Ep20 Some Leave, Some Get Carried Out
Ep19 Farewell My Lovely
Ep18 Those Darned Ewings
Ep17 When the Wind Blows
Ep16 Fathers and Sons and Fathers and Sons
Ep15 Win Some, Lose Some
Ep14 Smooth Operator
Ep13 90265
Ep12 Designing Women
Ep11 S Is for Seduction
Ep10 Lock, Stock and Jock
Ep9 Sail On
Ep8 Odessa File
Ep7 Fabulous Ewing Boys
Ep6 Heart and Soul
Ep5 Tunnel of Love
Ep4 Terminus
Ep3 One Last Kiss
Ep2 Charade
Ep1 April in Paris

Season 13

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep27 Three-Three-Three
Ep26 Three-Three-Three
Ep25 The Southfork Wedding Jinx
Ep24 Family Plot
Ep23 Jessica Redux
Ep22 The Smiling Cobra
Ep21 Will Power
Ep20 Paradise Lost
Ep19 Dear Hearts and Gentle People
Ep18 The Crucible
Ep17 After Midnight
Ep16 I Dream of Jeannie
Ep15 Unchain My Heart
Ep14 Judgment Day
Ep13 Tale of Two Cities
Ep12 Sex, Lies and Videotape
Ep11 Cally on a Hot Tin Roof
Ep10 Hell's Fury
Ep9 Daddy Dearest
Ep8 Black Tide
Ep7 Fathers and Other Strangers
Ep6 Pride and Prejudice
Ep5 Sunset, Sunrise
Ep4 Ka-Boom!
Ep3 Cry Me a River of Oil
Ep2 The Leopard's Spots
Ep1 Phantom of the Oil Rig

Season 12

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Reel Life
Ep25 Mission to Moscow
Ep24 The Great Texas Waltz
Ep23 The Sound of Money
Ep22 The Yellow Brick Road
Ep21 And Away We Go
Ep20 April Showers
Ep19 Three Hundred
Ep18 The Serpent's Tooth
Ep17 The Way We Were
Ep16 Wedding Bell Blues
Ep15 Country Girl
Ep14 Comings and Goings
Ep13 Here's Papa
Ep12 The Switch
Ep11 The Two Mrs. Ewings
Ep10 The Sting
Ep9 Counter Attack
Ep8 Deception
Ep7 Showdown at the Ewing Corral
Ep6 War and Love and the Whole Damned Thing
Ep5 Road Work
Ep4 Out of the Frying Pan
Ep3 The Call of the Wild
Ep2 No Greater Love
Ep1 Carousel

Season 11

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 The Fat Lady Singeth
Ep29 Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork, Again
Ep28 Pillow Talk
Ep27 Top Gun
Ep26 Last of the Good Guys
Ep25 Never Say Never
Ep24 Dead Reckoning
Ep23 To Have and to Hold
Ep22 Crime Story
Ep21 Malice in Dallas
Ep20 Farlow's Follies
Ep19 The Best Laid Plans
Ep18 Brotherly Love
Ep17 The Anniversary Waltz
Ep16 Marriage on the Rocks
Ep15 It's Me Again
Ep14 Daddy's Little Darlin'
Ep13 Brother, Can You Spare a Child
Ep12 Brothers and Sons
Ep11 Lovers and Other Liars
Ep10 Bedtime Story
Ep9 Hustling
Ep8 The Mummy's Revenge
Ep7 The Last Tango In Dallas
Ep6 Tough Love
Ep5 The Lady Vanishes
Ep4 Gone with the Wind
Ep3 The Son Also Rises
Ep2 After the Fall: Digger Redux
Ep1 After the Fall: Ewing Rise
Ep1 After the Fall

Season 10

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep29 The Fall of the House of Ewing
Ep28 Two-Fifty
Ep27 The Dark at the End of the Tunnel
Ep26 Ruthless People
Ep25 War and Peace
Ep24 Some Good, Some Bad
Ep23 Ten Percent Solution
Ep22 Revenge of the Nerd
Ep21 A Death in the Family
Ep20 Olio
Ep19 High Noon for Calhoun
Ep18 Cat and Mouse
Ep17 Night Visitor
Ep16 Tick Tock
Ep15 So Shall Ye Reap
Ep14 Fire Next Time
Ep13 Bar-B-Cued
Ep12 Something Old, Something New
Ep11 Proof Positive
Ep10 Who's Who at the Oil Barons' Ball
Ep9 Bells Are Ringing
Ep8 Second Time Around
Ep7 Territorial Imperative
Ep6 Trompe L'Oeil
Ep5 Enigma
Ep4 Once and Future King
Ep3 Pari Per Sue
Ep2 Return to Camelot

Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep31 Blast from the Past
Ep30 Hello...Goodbye...Hello
Ep29 Thrice in a Lifetime
Ep28 Serendipity
Ep27 J.R. Rising
Ep26 Nothing's Ever Perfect
Ep25 Just Desserts
Ep24 Masquerade
Ep23 Sitting Ducks
Ep22 Overture
Ep21 Dire Straits
Ep20 Missing
Ep19 Shadow Games
Ep18 Blame It on Bogota
Ep17 The Deadly Game
Ep16 Twenty-Four Hours
Ep15 The Missing Link
Ep14 Curiosity Killed the Cat
Ep13 Goodbye, Farewell and Amen
Ep12 En Passant
Ep11 The Prize
Ep10 Suffer the Little Children
Ep9 Close Encounters
Ep8 Quandary
Ep7 The Winds of Change
Ep6 Mothers
Ep5 Saving Grace
Ep4 Resurrection
Ep3 Those Eyes
Ep2 Rock Bottom
Ep1 The Family Ewing

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 Swan Song
Ep29 Deliverance
Ep28 Deeds and Misdeeds
Ep27 The Ewing Connection
Ep26 Terms of Estrangement
Ep25 Sentences
Ep24 The Verdict
Ep23 Trial and Error
Ep22 Dead Ends
Ep21 Shattered Dreams
Ep20 The Brothers Ewing
Ep19 Sins of the Fathers
Ep18 Legacy of Hate
Ep17 Bail Out
Ep16 Winds of War
Ep15 Lock Up in Laredo
Ep14 Odd Man Out
Ep13 Deja Vu
Ep12 Do You Take This Woman?
Ep11 Barbecue Five
Ep10 Charlie
Ep9 Shadows
Ep8 Oil Baron's Ball III
Ep7 Homecoming
Ep6 Shadow of a Doubt
Ep5 Family
Ep4 Jamie
Ep3 If at First You Don't Succeed
Ep2 Battle Lines
Ep1 Killer at Large

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 End Game
Ep29 Hush, Hush, Sweet Jessie
Ep28 Love Stories
Ep27 Turning Points
Ep26 Blow Up
Ep25 Strange Alliances
Ep24 The Unexpected
Ep23 Fools Rush In
Ep22 And the Winner Is
Ep21 True Confessions
Ep20 When the Bough Breaks
Ep19 Where Is Poppa
Ep18 12 Mile Limit
Ep17 Eye of the Beholder
Ep16 Some Do, Some Don't
Ep15 Offshore Crude
Ep14 Peter's Principles
Ep13 Past Imperfect
Ep12 Barbecue Four
Ep11 To Catch a Sly
Ep10 The Buck Stops Here
Ep9 Morning After
Ep8 The Oil Baron's Ball
Ep7 Ray's Trial
Ep6 Check and Mate
Ep5 The Quality of Mercy
Ep4 My Brother's Keeper
Ep3 The Letter
Ep2 The Long Goodbye
Ep1 The Road Back

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 Ewing's Inferno
Ep27 Penultimate
Ep26 Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork
Ep25 Tangled Webb
Ep24 Cuba Libra
Ep23 Hell Hath No Fury
Ep22 The Sting
Ep21 Caribbean Connection
Ep20 Brothers and Sisters
Ep19 Legacy
Ep18 Requiem
Ep17 Crash of '83
Ep16 A Ewing Is a Ewing
Ep15 The Reckoning
Ep14 The Ewing Blues
Ep13 Momma Dearest
Ep12 Barbecue Three
Ep11 Post-Nuptial
Ep10 The Wedding
Ep9 Fringe Benefits
Ep8 The Ewing Touch
Ep7 Hit and Run
Ep6 Aftermath
Ep5 Jock's Will
Ep4 The Big Ball
Ep3 Billion Dollar Question
Ep2 Where There's a Will
Ep1 Changing of the Guard

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Goodbye, Cliff Barnes?
Ep25 Acceptance
Ep24 The Investigation
Ep23 Blackmail
Ep22 Vengeance
Ep21 The Prodigal
Ep20 The Maelstrom
Ep19 Adoption
Ep18 Anniversary
Ep17 My Father, My Son
Ep16 The Phoenix
Ep15 Head of the Family
Ep14 Denial
Ep13 The Search
Ep12 Barbecue Two
Ep11 Waterloo at Southfork
Ep10 Starting Over
Ep9 Five Dollars a Barrel
Ep8 The Split
Ep7 Blocked
Ep6 The Big Shutdown
Ep5 The Sweet Smell of Revenge
Ep4 Little Boy Lost
Ep3 Showdown at San Angelo
Ep2 Gone but Not Forgotten
Ep1 Missing Heir

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 Ewing-Gate
Ep22 Full Circle
Ep21 New Beginnings
Ep20 Ewing vs. Ewing
Ep19 The Gathering Storm
Ep18 Mark of Cain
Ep17 The New Mrs. Ewing
Ep16 Lover Come Back
Ep15 The Quest
Ep14 Start the Revolution with Me
Ep13 Making of a President
Ep12 End of the Road
Ep11 End of the Road
Ep10 Executive Wife
Ep9 The Prodigal Mother
Ep8 Trouble at Ewing 23
Ep7 The Fourth Son
Ep6 The Venezuelan Connection
Ep5 Taste of Success
Ep4 Who Done It?
Ep3 Nightmare
Ep2 No More Mr. Nice Guy
Ep1 No More Mr. Nice Guy

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 A House Divided
Ep24 Wheeler Dealer
Ep23 Jock's Trial
Ep22 Jock's Trial
Ep21 Divorce---Ewing Style
Ep20 Second Thoughts
Ep19 Sue Ellen's Choice
Ep18 Jenna's Return
Ep17 Paternity Suit
Ep16 Power Play
Ep15 Love and Marriage
Ep14 Return Engagements
Ep13 Mother of the Year
Ep12 Ellie Saves the Day
Ep11 The Heiress
Ep10 Mastectomy
Ep9 Mastectomy
Ep8 Rodeo
Ep7 The Lost Child
Ep6 The Dove Hunt
Ep5 The Kristin Affair
Ep4 Secrets
Ep3 The Silent Killer
Ep2 Whatever Happened to Baby John?
Ep1 Whatever Happened to Baby John?

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 John Ewing III
Ep23 John Ewing III
Ep22 The Outsiders
Ep21 Royal Marriage
Ep20 Call Girl
Ep19 Sue Ellen's Sister
Ep18 Red File
Ep17 Red File
Ep16 Julie's Return
Ep15 For Love or Money
Ep14 Home Again
Ep13 Kidnapped
Ep12 Fallen Idol
Ep11 Triangle
Ep10 Acts of Love
Ep9 Survival
Ep8 Election
Ep7 Runaway
Ep6 Double Wedding
Ep5 Black Market Baby
Ep4 Bypass
Ep3 Old Acquaintance
Ep2 Reunion
Ep1 Reunion

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep5 Barbecue
Ep4 Winds of Vengeance
Ep3 Spy in the House
Ep2 Lessons
Ep1 Digger's Daughter

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Jock's Trial
No More Mr. Nice Guy
No More Mr. Nice Guy
The Family Ewing; Rock Bottom
Country Girl; Wedding Bell Blues
Phantom of the Oil Rig; Leopard's Spots
War of the Ewings
Digger's Daughter
Hedging Your Bets
No Greater Life
The Leopard's Song
J.R. Returns
Who Shot JR?
The Changing Of The Guard

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Preview Dallas: Season 13
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Preview Dallas: Season 12
92 sec
Clip Dallas: Picked Your Lock
93 sec
Preview Dallas: Season 11
2 min 28 sec
Clip Dallas: How It Was Intended
101 sec
Clip Dallas: Take It Easy
91 sec
Clip Dallas: In The Book
119 sec
Clip Dallas: What's Best
120 sec
Clip Dallas: Smart Enough
2 min 25 sec
Clip Dallas: Long Before Your Mama
77 sec
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Dallas: Season 13

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For J.R. Ewing, Season 13 is as unlucky as a steer at a Texas barbecue. He starts by lying and cheating Ewing Oil to the brink of destruction and ends by kicking and screaming in a psychiatric hospital. In between he tires of his pretty young wife, seethes while Cliff Barnes's political star rises and bumps into a past he didn't know he had. Meanwhile, Clayton and Miss Ellie investigate a multiple-murder mystery, folks from seasons past unexpectedly return to stir up trouble and Bobby stays busy removing J.R.'s knives from his back, chasing after a Pam look-alike, and bringing a new Mrs. Ewing to Southfork. Y'all come 'round and meet the happy couple!

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