Dan Rather Reports

The venerated TV journalist hosts this newsmagazine series featuring investigative stories, field reports and one-on-one interviews.


Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 The Best of Dan Rather Reports 2013
Ep23 American Soles
Ep22 Bones
Ep21 The Working Poor
Ep20 If It Ain't Broke
Ep19 Gone to Pot
Ep18 Only in America
Ep17 Great Barrier Grief
Ep16 For-Profit Colleges
Ep15 The San Miguel Gate
Ep14 Operation Streamline
Ep13 Kim vs. Kabul
Ep12 Suni in Space
Ep11 The Poor Women of Texas
Ep10 Buzzkill
Ep9 Just Hang Up the Phone
Ep8 PhDon't!
Ep7 The German Jobs Machine
Ep6 Teaching to the Test
Ep5 The Cutting Edge
Ep4 Grounded
Ep3 Sex Workers
Ep2 Iron Dome
Ep1 Firearm Fantasies

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep38 Best of Dan Rather Reports 2012
Ep37 In the Dark
Ep36 Pulling Rank
Ep35 Dan Rather Reports
Ep34 How Sweet It Was
Ep33 Qaddafi's Last Day
Ep32 Real Fast Rail
Ep31 As Ohio Goes
Ep30 El Presidente
Ep29 College on the Cheap
Ep28 Music 2.0
Ep27 A Fighting Chance
Ep26 Adopted or Abducted
Ep25 In the Running
Ep24 It's a Southern Thing
Ep23 Red Gold
Ep22 Inside the Revolution
Ep21 Running for Their Lives
Ep20 Divided They Stand
Ep19 Dan Rather Remembers Pearl Harbor
Ep18 Hunger That Never Ends
Ep17 The A List: A Conversation in Hollywood
Ep16 The Most Unconventional Conservative
Ep15 Adopted or Abducted?
Ep14 China in the Caribbean
Ep13 Panamanian Passageway
Ep12 The Queen of Green
Ep11 A Dire Strait
Ep10 Case of the Century
Ep9 Super Tuesday
Ep8 A Greek Tragedy
Ep7 Stealth Spy
Ep6 Top Doc
Ep5 A Fighting Chance
Ep4 From the Florida Primary
Ep3 All for a Bowl of Soup
Ep2 Finnish First
Ep1 The New Hampshire Primary

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep40 Best of Dan Rather Reports 2011
Ep39 Dan Rather Remembers Pearl Harbor
Ep38 Avoiding the Auction Block
Ep37 An American Nightmare
Ep36 Take a Lesson From Singapore
Ep35 The Un-Banked
Ep34 Angel in the Desert
Ep33 Taking It to the Street
Ep32 Internal Combustion
Ep31 Trouble on the Land
Ep30 Bad Score
Ep29 What Really Happened At Bari Alai
Ep28 Dan Rather Remembers 9/11
Ep27 A National Disgrace Revisited
Ep26 What Happened Next: Taking a Hit
Ep25 What Happened Next: The Dalits of India
Ep24 What Happened Next? The Mysterious Case of Kevin Xu
Ep23 The New Space Race
Ep22 All Is Not Forgiven
Ep21 No Thanks For Everything
Ep20 Mini-Meds
Ep19 No Easy Answers
Ep18 The App Bubble
Ep17 A National Disgrace
Ep16 The Best of the Best
Ep15 The Nuclear Option
Ep14 Gas Pains
Ep13 The Mother Lode
Ep12 The Dissident Disappeared
Ep11 Mexican Standoff
Ep10 Do Unto Others
Ep9 Betty vs. Goliath
Ep8 Power Play
Ep7 Just Plane Work
Ep6 A Precarious Peace
Ep5 Blood in the Name of Honor
Ep1 Addicted to Antibiotics

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep150 Haul or High Water
Ep40 The Best of 2010
Ep39 Home Loans From Hell
Ep38 True Believers
Ep37 Shell Game
Ep36 Here Comes the Cash
Ep35 Govt. 2.0
Ep34 Das Vote
Ep33 Field of Broken Dreams
Ep32 All I Want Is Work
Ep31 Goin' to Guam
Ep30 Take This Job and Love It
Ep29 A Family Secret
Ep28 The Mysterious Case of Kevin Xu
Ep27 What Happened Next: Wolfman
Ep26 What Happened Next: The Future of the Military
Ep25 What Happened Next: Concussions
Ep24 What Happened Next: Congressman Grayson
Ep23 Return to Base
Ep22 Spiritually Bankrupt
Ep21 A Gulf in Understanding
Ep4 Come Write-In, Senator
Ep3 One Feisty Fish
Ep2 Help Wanted! (Not Here)

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep40 The Best of 2009
Ep39 Mind Your Loan Business
Ep38 Afghanistan: One Last Chance
Ep37 Treasure Island
Ep36 Truck Talk
Ep35 Carbonomics
Ep34 Pill Mills
Ep33 Queen of the Road
Ep32 Tax cheats
Ep31 Half the Sky
Ep30 Taking On the Fed
Ep29 Iran's Manhattan Project
Ep28 Electric Cars
Ep27 The Most Dangerous Place To Join A Union
Ep26 The Trailers--4 Years Later
Ep25 Up on the Farm
Ep24 A Conversation With Frank Rich
Ep23 Knocking Heads
Ep22 Money Man to the World
Ep21 Private Prisons
Ep20 7 Years Inside Gitmo
Ep19 Rethinking Russia
Ep18 The Raid on Imam Sahib
Ep17 Power From the People
Ep16 Operation Helmet
Ep15 Revolt
Ep14 Busted
Ep13 Everyone's Covered
Ep12 Meat Market
Ep11 The Swedish Model
Ep10 A Border Runs Through It
Ep9 Meltdown
Ep8 Pollution in Paradise
Ep7 Sold!
Ep6 Yankee, Go Home!
Ep5 The Castle Doctrine
Ep4 Target: Philippines
Ep3 A Dream Fulfilled
Ep2 War Without End
Ep1 The Commander

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep42 The Most Wanted Man in Iran
Ep41 Whiz Kids
Ep40 Pollution in Paradise
Ep39 Coca, Si, Cocaine, No
Ep38 Conquering the Concrete
Ep37 To Never Forget
Ep36 Election Night 2008
Ep35 Election.com
Ep34 A Few Good Men, a Lot of Bad Water
Ep33 Out at Home
Ep32 Going, Going
Ep31 Dan Rather Reports
Ep30 All Mine
Ep29 Battleground
Ep28 A Sudden Explosion
Ep27 Serving America
Ep26 The Last Loophole
Ep25 The Real Iraq
Ep24 Eat to Live
Ep23 The High Price of Ransom
Ep22 Ocean View
Ep21 Scott McClellan
Ep20 Why So High? America & The Price Of Oil
Ep19 Stress Test: Getting Into College
Ep18 A Price to Print
Ep17 Charging Into a Recession
Ep16 North Carolina and Indiana Primaries
Ep15 Wal-Mart Goes to Washington
Ep14 Dan Rather Reports
Ep13 Mind Science
Ep12 Both Sides Of The Fence
Ep11 Dan Rather Reports
Ep10 Captain Gildroy's War
Ep9 Company Men
Ep8 Silencing the Scientist
Ep7 A Safe Place to Shoot Up
Ep6 Bombs Left Behind
Ep5 Super Tuesday
Ep4 The Florida Primary
Ep3 The Hollywood Influence
Ep2 South Carolina Primary
Ep1 New Hampshire Primary

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep42 Pressuring the Prosecutor
Ep41 Church and State: Separation Anxieties
Ep40 G.I. Gangs
Ep39 Pay Dirt: Subsidies and the American Farmer
Ep38 A Crack in the Ice
Ep37 The Dosage Dilemma
Ep36 The Passion of His Politics: A Candid Conversation with James Carville
Ep35 Into Africa
Ep34 One Man vs. China
Ep33 Christian Soldiers
Ep32 America Over There
Ep31 Plastic Planes
Ep30 Heroes at Home
Ep29 Did Texas Execute Innocent Men?
Ep28 The Prime Minister in Exile
Ep27 The Trouble With Touch Screens
Ep26 The State of the News
Ep25 Military Justice
Ep24 The Most Wanted Man in Iran
Ep23 Dan Rather Reports
Ep22 Going Behind the Mask
Ep21 West Point at War
Ep20 A Question of Rights
Ep19 Where are the Bees?
Ep18 Dan Rather Reports
Ep17 Civilians at War
Ep16 Toxic Trailers
Ep15 Exodus
Ep14 Dan Rather Reports
Ep13 Made in China
Ep12 New Rules of the Game
Ep11 Cooking With Clones
Ep10 Afghanistan: The Problem with Poppies
Ep9 Latino Invasions
Ep8 Combat Photographer
Ep7 Race to the White House: Talking Politics At Princeton University
Ep6 Medical Marijuana
Ep5 Dan Rather Reports
Ep4 The Heroes Are Dying
Ep3 Dan Rather Reports
Ep2 General John Batiste, Fallen Hero, Elite Search and Rescue
Ep1 The Bush Legacy

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep6 Contractors or Carpetbaggers?
Ep5 Dan Rather Reports
Ep4 Border War
Ep3 Survivors of the Storms
Ep2 The Best Congress Money Can Buy
Ep1 Coming Home

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep151 Face-off
Ep149 Up to Their Ashes
Ep148 Pornland, Oregon
Ep147 Voting With Their Feet
Ep146 Where There's Smoke...
Ep145 Mud Flap
Ep144 Fracking Gas
Ep143 The Big O
Ep142 Not If But When
Ep141 Over and Out
Ep140 The Price of an Afghan Bride
Ep139 Women and War
Ep138 Aftershock
Ep137 What's Happening Inside Reeves?
Ep136 Snapshot
Ep135 Taking A Hit
Ep134 Paging Doctor Fraud
Ep133 Kidney Pirates
Ep132 Talking Text
Ep2 Coming Home
The Big Interview 317: Rascal Flatts
The Big Interview 317: Rascal Flatts
The Big Interview 318: Dwight Yoakam
The Big Interview 319: Bob Weir
The Big Interview 308: Vince Gil
The Un-Banked

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