Dateline on ID

  • 2008

Criminal investigations are detailed.


Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep36 Friends Until Death
Ep35 Without a Trace
Ep34 The Collector
Ep33 The House on Badger Lane
Ep32 Deadly Devotion
Ep31 One Spring Night
Ep30 Obsession in the Lone Star State
Ep29 One Small Dose
Ep28 A Perfect Spot
Ep27 Something Sweet
Ep26 Tipping Point
Ep25 Mystery on Sunrise Drive - Part 2
Ep24 Mystery on Sunrise Drive - Part 1
Ep23 Secrets at the Sunshine Motel
Ep22 Secrets on Shalimar Way
Ep21 The Evil to Come
Ep20 The Long Road
Ep19 Finding Savanna
Ep18 The Wire - Part 2
Ep17 The Wire - Part 1
Ep16 A Teacher's Message
Ep15 True Lies
Ep14 Indiscretion
Ep13 Someone Was Out There
Ep12 After Midnight
Ep11 Miami Heat
Ep10 Secret Lives
Ep9 Fatal Attraction
Ep8 Lethal Weapon
Ep7 What Lies Beneath
Ep6 The Queen of County
Ep5 The Root of All Evil
Ep4 Shining Star
Ep3 While He Was Sleeping
Ep2 Deadly Betrayal
Ep1 The Devil in Disguise

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 The Mystery Man
Ep21 The Unusual Suspect
Ep20 Secrets on the Snake River
Ep19 Deception
Ep18 Mystery on the Early Shift
Ep17 Death in the Driveway
Ep16 Toxic Relations
Ep15 Shattered Bonds
Ep14 A Killing in Cottonwood
Ep13 Comic Book Murder
Ep12 Fugitive Millionaire
Ep11 Mystery in South Beach
Ep10 Deadly Denial
Ep9 A Bronx Tale
Ep8 Deadly Intent
Ep7 Bad Blood
Ep6 Danger on Diamond Mountain
Ep5 Missing Marie
Ep4 In the Middle of the Night
Ep3 The House on Sumac Drive
Ep2 12 Minutes on Elm Street
Ep1 Vanished

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Return to Poplar River
Ep21 Under a Halloween Moon
Ep20 At Close Range
Ep19 A Sister's Search
Ep18 The Killing in Cobb County
Ep17 Secrets in Pleasant Grove
Ep16 Fatal Attraction
Ep15 Deadly Deceit
Ep14 Toxic
Ep13 Secrets and Lies
Ep12 Graduation Night
Ep11 Suspicion
Ep10 What Happened to the Beauty Queen?
Ep9 The Wrong Man
Ep8 Mystery in Mustang
Ep7 The Fugitive
Ep6 Secrets in the Desert
Ep5 Behind Closed Doors
Ep4 Mystery at Ascot Estates
Ep3 Betrayal
Ep2 Shattered
Ep1 Deadly Desire

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep159 Deadly Retreat Part 2
Ep158 Deadly Retreat Part 1
Ep157 Mystery on Blood Mountain Part 1
Ep156 Mystery on Blood Mountain Part 2
Ep155 Strangers on a Train Part 2
Ep154 Strangers on a Train Part 1
Ep153 The Secret Part 1
Ep152 Deadly Triangle
Ep151 Mystery at Heath Bar Farm
Ep150 Mystery on the Catawba River
Ep149 The Edge
Ep148 Crossing the Line
Ep147 The Goldfinger Mystery
Ep146 Secrets in a Small Town
Ep145 The Ballad of Mike and Dalia
Ep144 Someone's Daughter - Part 2
Ep143 Someone's Daughter - Part 1
Ep142 Someone was Watching
Ep141 Something Wicked
Ep140 The Mystery of the Murdered Major
Ep139 Taken
Ep138 Something About Susan
Ep137 Lost and Found
Ep136 Over the Edge
Ep135 The Detective's Daughter
Ep134 Burning Suspicion
Ep133 Mystery in Effingham County
Ep132 Mystery in Effingham County
Ep131 Deadly Exposure
Ep130 The Beauty and the Beast
Ep129 As Darkness Fell
Ep128 The Night Brianna Vanished
Ep127 The Killing at Poplar River
Ep126 The Killing at Poplar River
Ep125 In Broad Daylight
Ep124 In Broad Daylight
Ep123 Haunting Images
Ep122 The Mystery on Albion Road
Ep121 Ransom - Part 2
Ep120 Ransom - Part 1
Ep119 The Friday the 13th Murder
Ep118 The Night Before Halloween
Ep117 Conduct Unbecoming
Ep116 Conduct Unbecoming
Ep115 Obsession
Ep114 Mystery at Empire Lake
Ep113 To Catch a Con Man
Ep112 The Mystery on Reminisce Road
Ep111 The Night Mary Jane Disappeared
Ep110 Behind the Badge
Ep109 The Mystery at Lost Dog Road
Ep108 Family Portrait
Ep107 Bitter Pill
Ep106 Murder in the Moonlight
Ep105 Murder in the Moonlight
Ep104 A Long Dark Stretch of Road
Ep103 A Long Dark Stretch of Road
Ep102 The Girl in the Blue Mustang
Ep101 The Girl in the Blue Mustang
Ep98 Mean Girls
Ep97 Valentine's Day Mystery
Ep96 Twisted Faith
Ep95 Appointment for Murder
Ep94 Down by the River
Ep93 Bad Chemistry
Ep92 Flying High at Cocktail Cove
Ep91 Prime Suspect
Ep90 Through the Rain
Ep89 A Stranger in the House
Ep88 In the Bedroom
Ep87 Trouble on the Hill
Ep86 Love Lay Dying
Ep85 The Mystery of the Lost Weekend
Ep84 The Year of Living Dangerously
Ep83 Fatal Visions
Ep82 Fatal Visions
Ep81 Along Came a Spider
Ep80 Where There's Smoke
Ep79 The Girl in the Little Blue Dress
Ep78 Death of a Heartsong
Ep77 To Catch a Baby Broker
Ep76 Deadly Sanctuary
Ep75 Deadly Deception
Ep74 Murder by the Sea
Ep73 Justice for Sparkle
Ep72 Murder in the Family
Ep71 Murder on the Mind
Ep70 Mystery of the Boston Strangler
Ep69 The Return of Jesse James Hollywood
Ep68 The Grifters
Ep67 The Party's Over
Ep66 Innocence Lost
Ep65 Diagnosis Murder
Ep64 Change of Heart
Ep63 Fatal Face Off; That's the Ticket
Ep62 Blood Brothers
Ep61 Blood Brothers
Ep60 Murder at Morse's Pond
Ep59 Murder at Morse's Pond
Ep58 Casino Sin City
Ep57 Casino Sin City
Ep56 Fatal Attraction
Ep55 Coroner's Jury
Ep54 Dead Reckoning
Ep53 Deadly Mission
Ep52 Dressed to Kill
Ep51 The Man Who Knew Too Much
Ep50 Sins of the Father
Ep49 'Til Death Do Us Part
Ep48 Crimes of the Heart
Ep47 Disappearance in a Small Town
Ep46 Trail of Evidence
Ep45 Crossing the Line
Ep44 A Deadly Triangle
Ep43 Salem Hostages
Ep42 The Fugitive
Ep41 Body of Evidence
Ep40 True Lies
Ep39 Searching for Allen
Ep38 In the Shadow of Justice - Part 2
Ep37 In the Shadow of Justice - Part 1
Ep36 Fatal Attraction
Ep35 Thief of Hearts
Ep34 On the Trail of the Bike Path Rapist
Ep33 The Plot Thickens
Ep32 The Man Behind the Mask - Part 2
Ep31 The Man Behind the Mask - Part 1
Ep30 Young Lords of Chaos - Part 2
Ep29 Young Lords of Chaos - Part 1
Ep28 Anatomy of a Murder - Part 2
Ep27 Anatomy of a Murder - Part 1
Ep26 Dangerous Liaisons - Part 2
Ep25 Dangerous Liaisons - Part 1
Ep24 Vegas Homicide - Four Shots Fired
Ep23 Vegas Homicide - Father of the Year
Ep22 Sleeping With the Enemy
Ep21 Trail of Suspicion
Ep20 Facing the Music
Ep19 Brianna's Nightmare
Ep18 Blood Ties
Ep17 Vanished
Ep16 Shadows of Suspicion
Ep15 Justice for Julie
Ep14 Cliffhanger
Ep13 Suspicion
Ep12 The Deadly Case of Mr. Hyde
Ep11 Dangerous Minds
Ep10 Bodies of Evidence
Ep9 Murder on Maple Street
Ep8 Secrets to Tell
Ep7 What Lies Beneath
Ep6 Killer Instinct
Ep5 A Killing in Carrollton
Ep4 Circle of Friends
Ep3 Murder in Memphis
Ep2 Flesh and Blood
Ep1 Flesh and Blood
The Secret Part 2
Deadly Connection - Part 2
The Last Dance
Mystery in Rock Hill
Deadly Connection - Part 1
The Last Dance
Mystery in Rock Hill
A Question of Faith
Suspicion - Playing with Fire
The Wrong Man
Obsession: The Jodi Arias Story
Secrets in the Mist
The Night Hannah Hill Disappeared
Buried Secrets
Under a Killing Moon
Family Affair
Secrets in the Snow
The Devil and Bobbi Parker
The Inside Man
The Confession
Written in Blood
The Night Lynsie Disappeared
In an Instant
Who Killed the Radio Star
The Day She Disappeared
The Player
While They Were Sleeping
Day of Reckoning
Silent Witness
Deadly Conspiracy

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