Deep Sea Detectives

  • 2003-2006

Shipwrecks are explored.


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 Captain's Last Stand
Ep7 Caught in a Killer Storm
Ep6 Disaster of Napoleon's Fleet
Ep5 Great Lakes Ghost Ship
Ep4 Blackbeard's Mystery Ship
Ep3 Mystery of the Channel Collision
Ep2 Train Wreck in Lake Michigan
Ep1 Pharaoh's Lost Treasure

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Damn the Torpedoes
Ep12 USS Perry
Ep11 Sub War
Ep10 Secret Allied Trap
Ep9 U-Boat Mystery
Ep8 More Secret Underwater Caves
Ep7 Another Atlantis?
Ep6 D-Day Troops: Lost at Sea
Ep5 Mysterious Loss of the German Fleet
Ep4 #1 Winter of Disaster
Ep3 D-Day Destroyer
Ep2 Forgotten Sub of WWII
Ep1 Loch Ness: Great Monster Mystery

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep21 #1 Sinking by Sabotage
Ep20 Ship of Doom
Ep19 #1 Cruiser Under Siege
Ep18 Tugboat Down!
Ep17 #1 Mystery U-boat of World War I
Ep16 Mystery Sinking in Bermuda
Ep15 Pearl Harbor's Revenge
Ep14 The Confederacy's Secret Weapon
Ep13 #1 Death in the Mediterranean
Ep12 #1 Underwater Train Wreck
Ep11 #1 Time Bomb of the Deep
Ep10 D-Day Minesweeper
Ep9 Secret Underwater Caves
Ep8 Explosion at Sea
Ep7 #1 Lost Tanks of D-Day
Ep6 #1 Destroyer Down!
Ep5 Death in the Pacific
Ep4 #1 Graveyard of Ships
Ep3 #1 Death by Human Torpedo
Ep2 Sinking on the St. Lawrence
Ep1 #1 U-Boats in the Gulf!

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 U-352: False Pride
Ep25 S-5: Doomed Sub
Ep24 Andrea Doria: Tragedy at Sea
Ep23 Japanese Sub at Pearl Harbor
Ep22 B-29
Ep21 Treasure Hunt: Search for the Atocha
Ep20 Gold Rush Disaster: The Frolic
Ep19 Mysteries of Devil's Triangles
Ep18 The Rohna Disaster: WWII's Secret Tragedy
Ep17 Lost Treasure Ship Found!
Ep16 Slave Ship Uncovered!
Ep15 Death on Lake Huron
Ep14 #1 Skeleton in the Sand: The Montana
Ep13 Death on the Baltic
Ep12 The Hunt for the Derbyshire
Ep11 The Ghost Ship of New England
Ep10 Death of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Ep10 The True Story of the K-19
Ep9 Silent Service: The Torpedoes of WWII
Ep9 Raise the Hunley
Ep8 Silent Service: The Captains of WWII
Ep7 The Scharnhorst Mystery
Ep6 USS Indianapolis Resurfaced
Ep5 Raise the Monitor!
Ep5 Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes
Ep4 Shipwrecks: Florida
Ep3 Shipwrecks: Cape Cod
Ep2 Shipwrecks: California
Ep1 Titanic: High Tech at Low Depth

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Silent Service: The Boats of WWII
S3 | Ep4

Winter of Disaster

Air Date: 5/16/05
Examining mysteries surrounding the sinkings of three boats off the Eastern seaboard in 1999: the Beth Dee Bob, Cape Fear and Adriatic.

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