Dennis the Menace

  • 1959-1963

Sitcom mischief with cartoonist Hank Ketcham's comic-strip terror who really didn't mean to do all those things that drove Mr. Wilson crazy. Joseph Kearns, who played Mr. Wilson, died midway through... More


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep38 Aunt Emma Visits the Wilson's
Ep37 A Man Among Men
Ep36 First Editions
Ep35 Listen to the Mockingbird
Ep34 The Lucky Rabbit's Foot
Ep33 Hawaiian Love Song
Ep32 Tuxedo Trouble
Ep31 The Lost Dog
Ep30 Never Say Dye
Ep29 The Three F's
Ep28 Dennis Plays Robin Hood
Ep27 The Uninvited Guest
Ep26 A Tax on Cats
Ep25 Dennis and the Homing Pigeons
Ep24 My Four Boys
Ep23 Baby Booties
Ep22 Mr. Wilson's Allergy
Ep21 The Big Basketball Game
Ep20 Dennis Goes to Washington
Ep19 Dennis, the Confused Cupid
Ep18 The Creature With Big Feet
Ep17 Dennis, the Rainmaker
Ep16 Mr. Wilson's Little White Lie
Ep15 Junior Astronaut
Ep14 My Uncle Ned
Ep13 Dennis and the Hermit
Ep12 Jane Butterfield Says
Ep11 Mr. Wilson's Second Childhood
Ep10 Henry's New Job
Ep9 Dennis at Boot Camp
Ep8 The San Diego Safari
Ep7 The New Principal
Ep6 Dennis in Gypsyland
Ep5 Poor Mr. Wilson
Ep4 The Little Judge
Ep3 Dennis and the Curious Circular Circumstances
Ep2 You Go Your Way
Ep1 Dennis and the Chinese Girl

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep38 Dennis and the Witch Doctor
Ep37 The Community Picnic
Ep36 The Club Initiation
Ep35 The Bully
Ep34 John Wilson Wins a Chicken
Ep33 John Wilson's Cushion
Ep32 Dennis' Lovesick Friend
Ep31 Dennis and the Dodger
Ep30 The Man Next Door
Ep29 Mr. Wilson Goes to the Dentist
Ep28 The Treasue Chest
Ep27 The Junior Pathfinders Ride Again
Ep26 The Horseless Carriage Club
Ep25 Dennis' Documentary Film
Ep24 A Dog's Life
Ep23 Mr. Wilson's Housekeeper
Ep22 The Private Eye
Ep21 A Quiet Evening
Ep20 Wilson's Uncle
Ep19 Where There's a Will
Ep18 The Frog Jumping Contest
Ep17 Dennis Has a Fling
Ep16 Silence Is Golden
Ep15 Calling All Bird Lovers
Ep14 Through Thick and Thin
Ep13 Dennis's Bank Account
Ep12 The 15-Foot Christmas Tree
Ep11 The Lucky Piece
Ep10 Dennis Is a Genius
Ep9 Mr. Wilson's Inheritance
Ep8 Dennis and the Pee Wee League
Ep7 The 50,000th Customer
Ep6 The School Play
Ep5 The Haunted House
Ep4 Wilson's Safe
Ep3 Keep off the Grass
Ep2 The Best Neighbor
Ep1 Trouble From Mars

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep38 Dennis and the Picnic
Ep37 A Father's Day for Mr. Wilson
Ep36 The Pioneers
Ep35 The Fortune Cookie
Ep34 Wilson's Paradise
Ep33 Dennis' Newspaper
Ep32 Dennis and the Miracle Plant Food
Ep31 Dennis and the Camera
Ep30 Soapbox Derby
Ep29 The Boy Wonder
Ep28 Woodman, Spare That Tree
Ep27 The Dog Trainer
Ep26 Dennis' Obligation
Ep25 Dennis and the Good Example
Ep24 Dennis and the Fishing Rod
Ep23 The Going Away Gift
Ep22 Dennis' Tool Chest
Ep21 Dennis Goes to Camp
Ep20 Dennis' Birthday
Ep19 Mr. Wilson's Sleeps Over
Ep18 Dennis and the Saxophone
Ep17 Pythias Was a Piker
Ep16 Miss Cathcart's Best Friend
Ep15 Dennis, the Campaign Manager
Ep14 Dennis' Penny Collection
Ep13 Dennis' Allowance
Ep12 The Christmas Horse
Ep11 The Raffle Tickets
Ep10 Dennis Learns to Whistle
Ep9 Paint Up, Clean Up Week
Ep8 Henry and Togetherness
Ep7 Dennis and the Rock Collection
Ep6 The Man of the House
Ep5 The Stock Certificate
Ep4 Dennis and the Ham-pher
Ep3 Dennis and the Radio Set
Ep2 Dennis and the Wedding
Ep1 Out of Retirement

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 Miss Cathcart's Sunsuit
Ep31 Dennis Runs Away
Ep30 Dennis by Proxy
Ep29 The Party Line
Ep28 Dennis and the Starlings
Ep27 Dennis Becomes a Baby Sitter
Ep26 Alice's Birthday
Ep25 Dennis and the Bees
Ep24 Dennis's Paper Drive
Ep23 Dennis Creates a Hero
Ep22 Dennis and the TV Set
Ep21 Mr. Wilson's Sister
Ep20 Dennis and the Dog
Ep19 Dennis and the Swing
Ep18 Dennis and the Duck
Ep17 Dennis and the Open House
Ep16 Dennis and the Bike
Ep15 Dennis and the Rare Coin
Ep14 Dennis' Tree House
Ep13 Dennis Haunts a House
Ep12 Dennis and the Cowboy
Ep11 Dennis and Christmas
Ep10 Mr. Wilson's Award
Ep9 Dennis Sells Bottles
Ep8 Tenting Tonight
Ep7 The New Neighbors
Ep6 Dennis' Garden
Ep5 Innocents in Space
Ep4 Grandpa and Miss Cathcart
Ep3 The Fishing Trip
Ep2 Dennis and the Signpost
Ep1 Dennis Goes to the Movies

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S0 |

Dennis and the Rare Coin

Air Date:
Mr. Wilson purchases a rare coin for $250, but Mrs. Wilson, without realizing what it is, lets Dennis take it to use in a wishing well.

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