Designing Women

  • 1986-1993
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Savvy single women run Sugarbakers, an Atlanta decorating business, in this saucy sitcom with feminist sensibilities, which also endured its share of tabloid notoriety (thanks in some measure to Delta... More


Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Gone with the Whim
Ep21 Gone with the Whim
Ep20 The Lying Game
Ep19 The Woman Who Came to Sugarbaker's
Ep18 It's Not So Easy Being Green
Ep17 Shovel Off to Buffalo
Ep16 Sex, Lies and Bad Hair Days
Ep15 Nude Julia, New York Morning
Ep14 Wedding Redux
Ep13 Oh Dog, Poor Dog
Ep12 Odyssey
Ep11 Too Dumb to Date
Ep10 Trial and Error
Ep9 Vision Thing
Ep8 Love Letters
Ep7 Fools Rush In
Ep6 Viva Las Vegas
Ep5 Screaming Passage
Ep4 On the Road Again
Ep3 Mary Jo vs. The Terminator
Ep2 Sex and the Single Woman
Ep1 Of Human Bondage
Gone with the Whim

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 Shades of Vanessa
Ep22 A Little Night Music
Ep21 LA Story
Ep20 I Enjoy Being a Girl
Ep19 All About Odes to Atlanta
Ep18 Scene from a Mall
Ep17 Mamed
Ep16 Carlene's Apartment
Ep15 Payne Comes Home
Ep14 Driving My Mama Back Home
Ep13 Tales out of School
Ep12 Real, Scary Men
Ep11 Julia and Mary Jo Get Stuck Under a Bed
Ep10 Julia and Rusty Sittin' in a Tree
Ep9 Just Say Doe
Ep8 Strange Case of Clarence and Anita
Ep7 Last Tango in Atlanta
Ep6 Picking a Winner
Ep5 Marriage Most Foul
Ep4 Dwayne's World
Ep3 Toe in the Water
Ep2 The Big Desk
Ep1 The Big Desk
The Big Desk

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Pride of Sugarbakers
Ep23 Fore!
Ep22 Friends and Husbands
Ep21 The Big Circle
Ep20 I'll See You in Court
Ep19 Blame It on New Orleans
Ep18 This Is Art?
Ep17 Maybe Baby
Ep16 The Emperor's New Nose
Ep15 How Long Has This Been Going On
Ep14 High Noon in a Laundry Room
Ep13 Pearls of Wisdom
Ep12 And Now, Here's Bernice
Ep11 My Daughter, Myself
Ep10 Keep the Home Fires Burning
Ep9 Class Act
Ep8 Nowhere to Run to
Ep7 Old Rebels and Young Models
Ep6 Charlene Buys a House
Ep5 Bachelor Auction
Ep4 Miss Trial
Ep3 Working Mother
Ep2 Birthday Presents and Other Strangers
Ep1 A Blast from the Past

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep29 La Place Sans Souci
Ep28 Anthony's Graduation
Ep27 Their Finest Hour
Ep26 Their Finest Hour
Ep25 Their Finest Hour
Ep25 Have Faith
Ep24 Foreign Affairs
Ep23 Suzanne Goes Looking for a Friend
Ep22 It's a Wonderful Life
Ep21 Tough Enough
Ep20 Tornado Watch
Ep19 Payne Grows Up
Ep18 Anthony and Vanessa
Ep17 Oh, What a Feeling
Ep16 The Fur Flies
Ep15 The Mistress
Ep14 The First Day of the Last Decade of the 20th Century
Ep13 The First Day of the Last Decade of the 20th Century
Ep13 The First Day of the Last Decade of the 20th Century
Ep12 You Got to Have Friends
Ep11 They Shoot Fat Women, Don't They?
Ep10 Manhunt
Ep9 Julia and Suzanne's Big Adventure
Ep8 Julia Gets Her Head Stuck in a Fence
Ep7 Bernice's Sanity Hearing
Ep6 Rowdy Girls
Ep5 The Girlfriend
Ep4 Nightmare from Heehaw
Ep3 There She Is
Ep2 One Night with You
Ep1 Proxy Pig

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Julia Drives Over the First Amendment
Ep21 Last Humorously Dressed Bellboy in America
Ep20 Stand and Fight
Ep19 Women of Atlanta
Ep18 Come on and Marry Me, Bill
Ep17 Engagement
Ep16 Mr. Meal Ticket
Ep15 Full Moon
Ep14 Odell
Ep13 One Sees, the Other Doesn't
Ep12 Junies
Ep11 The Naked Truth
Ep10 Mr. Bailey
Ep9 Tyrone
Ep8 The Wilderness Experience
Ep7 Curtains
Ep6 Hard Hats and Lovers
Ep5 Big Haas and Little Falsies
Ep4 Getting Married and Eating Dirt
Ep3 EP Phone Home
Ep2 The Candidate
Ep1 Reservations for Twelve, Plus Ursula

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Reservations for Eight
Ep21 Ted Bare
Ep20 How Great Thou Art
Ep19 The Incredibly Elite Beaumont Driving Club
Ep18 High Rollers
Ep17 The Return of Ray Don
Ep16 There's Some Black People Coming to Dinner
Ep15 Oh, Brother
Ep14 Second Time Around
Ep13 Great Expectations
Ep12 I'll Be Home for Christmas
Ep11 Howard the Date
Ep10 Stranded
Ep9 I'll Be Seeing You
Ep8 Cruising
Ep7 Heart Attacks
Ep6 Dash Goff, the Writer
Ep5 Half an Air Bubble Off
Ep4 Killing All the Right People
Ep3 Anthony Jr.
Ep2 Ted & Tammy
Ep1 101 Ways to Decorate a Gas Station

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Bachelor Suite
Ep21 Grand Slam, Thank You Ma'am
Ep20 Seams from a Marriage
Ep19 Mary Jo's Dad Dates Charlene
Ep18 Oh, Suzannah
Ep17 Nashville Bound
Ep16 Reese's Friend
Ep15 And Justice for Paul
Ep14 Monette
Ep13 Old Spouses Never Die
Ep12 Old Spouses Never Die
Ep12 Old Spouses Never Die
Ep11 New Year's Daze
Ep10 The Slumber Party
Ep9 The 'IT' Men
Ep8 I Do, I Don't
Ep7 Perky's Visit
Ep6 Julia's Son
Ep5 Mary Jo's First Date
Ep4 A Big Affair
Ep3 Design House
Ep2 The Beauty Contest
Ep1 Pilot Episode

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Pilot Episode
Nashville Bound
Pilot Episode
Dream Girls and Great Escapes

Clips & More

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Preview The Best Of Designing Women
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The Best Of Designing Women

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Designing Women clip - starring Dixie Carter, Annie Potts, Delta Burke, Jean Smart, Meshach Taylor.

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