Digimon: Data Squad

A junior-high student battles digital monsters with help from his friends.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
The Norstein Family Secret
The Clash with Merukimon
Never Meet Your Heroes
Curse This Curse: Marcus's Bad Day
The Digi-egg That Fell to Earth
The Rise of RizeGreymon!
Father and Son Destiny
The Gorge of Deception
The Vile of Vilemon!
Falcomon: Friend or Foe?
Yoshi's Biggest Battle
The New Team of Marcus and Thomas
Digimon Army
The Ultimate Team No More?
The Singer's Secret
Digital World, Here We Come!
There are Monsters Among Us!
Marcus' Inner Strength!
The Final Bio-Hybrid Battle
Awaken Belphemon
Kurata's Real Plan
The Return of Thomas!
Digital Drive
The Past Revealed
The Beginning of the End
Kuata's Revenge
Memory Is the First Thing to Go
The Wild Boy of the Digital World
The Sacred City's Last Stand
Thomas vs. Nanami
How to Fix a Broken Digivice
Journey to the Sacred City
Digivice Meltdown
The Crier Family Reunion
A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget

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