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  • 2002

The life strategist offers advice on a wide range of topics, including marital, financial and self-image issues. Phil McGraw began his own show after he became a popular recurring guest on `The Oprah... More


Season 14

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep161 A Hidden Pregnancy & a Faked Abortion; Is There Hope for My Relationship?
Ep160 Exclusive: Accused Freeway Sniper Speaks Out
Ep159 Ex Major League Baseball Player Now Facing Major Problems
Ep158 Jayson's Polygraph Results Revealed: Kristina's Decision
Ep157 A Mom's Dilemma: Her Infant or the Love of Her Life?
Ep156 Schoolyard Setup Exclusive: Drugs Planted in a PTA Mom's Car
Ep155 An Engaged Couple Divided: Will Kyle & Jordan Call off Their Wedding?
Ep154 My Fiance Admits to Putting His Hands on Me and Pouring Ice Water on Me, But It's Partially My Fault for Provoking Him
Ep153 Will Ashley Confess?
Ep152 I Believe a Stranger Is Obsessed With My Beautiful Twin Daughters & Has 'Cyber Hijacked' Them!
Ep151 I Sleep With a Gun Because I Am Terrified My 19-Year-Old Son Will Kill Me
Ep150 My Daughter is a Lazy, Lying, Mooch Who Neglects Her Kids
Ep149 Megan's Men: Who Is More Controlling, Her Dad or Her Husband?
Ep148 My Mom Is a Party Girl Who Traded in Her Children for the Single Life
Ep147 My Family Thinks I'm Crazy, but I Think They're Crazy!
Ep146 Guilty of Sexually Assaulting a Patient... Or Is He Innocent?
Ep145 The Investigation of "David Chris Jr." Continues: Is He Really a Catfish?
Ep144 I'm Convinced My Granny Is Being Catfished by a Man Who Is Posing as a Financial Planner & She Could Go to Jail!
Ep143 Exclusive: Nick Gordon on Bobbi Kristina's Final Moments
Ep142 Exclusive: Nick Gordon Finally Breaks His Silence About the Night Whitney's Daughter Was Found Unconscious
Ep141 My Daughter Is a Liar and Catfishing Boys Online
Ep140 Beautiful Mother Dead and Dismembered: The Ex-Girlfriend of the Man Accused Speaks Out
Ep139 Accusations of Bruises, Moldy Baby Bottles, & a Swat Team: I'm Not Giving My Grandson Back!
Ep138 Our Mooching Son is Ruining Our Lives
Ep137 Disowned By My Daughters After 35 Years of Drinking, 57 '911' Calls, 170 Days in Jail & 8 Rehabs
Ep136 Caught On Tape: Who's To Blame for Preston's Problems?!
Ep135 A Husband's Decision: His Marriage or His Mistress
Ep134 My Twins Are Complete Opposites: One Is a College Honors Student and the Other Might Be a Sugar Baby and Drop Out
Ep133 I Believe My Daughter Is Being Controlled by Her BFF
Ep132 Hoarding Ultimatum: Your Junk or Me
Ep131 What Happened to Baby Noah? An Accident or Abuse?
Ep130 I Believe My Ex-Boyfriend Kidnapped Our Daughter and Kept Her for 5 Years!
Ep129 Anorexic Mom: Torn Between Two Men
Ep128 The Ultimate Enabler
Ep127 My Childless Sister Is Trying to Steal My Grandchildren From My Son and Me
Ep126 Help! I Believe My Son Is a Lazy, Entitled, Mooching, MIA Dad!
Ep125 Beautiful and Out of Control
Ep124 My Husband Calls Me a Moron. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Ep123 Torn Between Her City Boy Husband and Country Boy Lover Plus Ten Girls Honored
Ep122 I Have 2 Years, 3 Months and 15 Days Left in This House. Can You Fix My Family?
Ep121 I Can't Pull My Husband Away From His Video Game!
Ep120 We're Terrified of Our Beautiful, Charismatic, Cunning, Explosively Violent, 12 Year Old Daughter
Ep119 The Disappearance of Christina Morris: A Mother's Obsession With Finding Her Daughter Is Destroying Her Marriage
Ep118 Cory Knows Best
Ep117 I Killed Mom: A Daughter's Confession and Shocking Picture She Texted Dad
Ep116 My Ex Is a Terrible Parent and a Danger to Our Children
Ep115 'Dr. Phil, You Saved Me Once, Can You Save Me Again? Now I'm Addicted to a Raging Husband and My Kids Are Paying the Price!'
Ep114 Our Handsome, Charismatic Son Is a Devil-Problem Child
Ep113 I'm Living in a Mancession! My Lazy, Underachieving Husband Refuses to Get a Job!
Ep112 First the "Mistress" in a Murder Case, Now Accused of Larceny. Help Me Clear My Name
Ep111 Torn Ligaments, Bruised Arms and a Busted Lip: A Mother Abused by Her Sons or Angry Antagonizer?
Ep110 A Bite Mark and Broken Ribs: A Mother Accused of Abusing Her 16-Week-Old Baby
Ep109 Mom vs. Dad: Why Lynsey Storms Off
Ep108 Accusations of Compulsive Lies, False Charges and Coaching; A Dad's Fears About His Daughter's Safety at Mom's House
Ep107 My Newlywed Husband Lost Our Business, Gambled Away $300K, and Is About to Lose His Family
Ep106 My Brother Thinks I'm Crazy but I Swear He's the One Having Me Followed
Ep105 Teacher Guilty of Sleeping With Student Is Now Suing Him!
Ep104 The Pastor, His Wife, the "Call Girl" and the Bounty Hunter
Ep103 Deadly Accident or Push? A Grieving Mom vs. the Girlfriend Accused
Ep102 Help Me Dr. Phil, I Believe My Husband is Poisoning My Food and Injecting Me With Needles!
Ep101 Young, Beautiful, Identical and Addicted
Ep100 Amanda's Secret: Lie Detector Results Revealed
Ep99 Amanda's Secret: Forbidden Love
Ep98 I Believe My Granddaughter Was Illegally Adopted. We Want Her Back!
Ep97 Virginia Tech Students Accused Of Murdering 13-Year-Old-Girl: The Victim's Father Speaks Out
Ep96 Neighbor Feud Erupts With Constant Calls to the Police, False Allegations, Trumped Up Charges and Threats of Violence
Ep95 Addicted to "Rock" but Now at Rock Bottom
Ep94 Wife Gets 25 Years for Pushing Husband Out of High Rise Window
Ep93 Newlywed Murder: The Bride Speaks Out Exclusively From Behind Bars
Ep92 Death By Salt: A Mom Accused
Ep91 Behind the Scenes of the O.J. Simpson Trial: What Really Happened?
Ep90 I Believe My Mother Turned a Blind Eye to My Grandfather Molesting Me
Ep89 Wife of Top Restaurant Executive Claims She Was Scammed Out of $3 Million by Famous Football Star: Victim or Co-Conspirator?
Ep88 Sisters at War Over a Will: I Want Her Out of Our Deceased Mom's House!
Ep87 A Blended Family on the Brink
Ep86 My Drug Addicted, Mooching, Ex-Marine Brother Needs to Get His Life Together & Our Parents Need to Stop Enabling Him!
Ep85 My Daughter Bullies Me With Beatings and Threats to My Life!
Ep84 My Future Mother-in-Law Is a Violent, Overbearing Bully
Ep83 I Am God's Prophet and My Family Is Trying to Destroy Me
Ep82 "Making a Murderer": New Details Revealed as the Sheriff's Dept. Speaks Out
Ep81 Investigating "Making a Murderer": Why Is Everyone Talking About Steven Avery?
Ep80 A Mysterious Stabbing, Calls to Cops, a Beautiful Daughter's Cry for Attention or a Mom out of Control?
Ep79 I'm Raising My Granddaughter Because I Think My Daughter Is Violent, Abusive, and Neglectful!
Ep78 My Kids Were Starved, Slapped & Locked in a Room: A One-Year Sentence Isn't Enough!
Ep77 I Believe My "Mooching" Nephew and His Alleged Six Alter Egos Are Duping My Sister
Ep76 Protective Mom or Jilted Lover?
Ep75 Facing Jail Time Because Step-Daughter is a Liar
Ep74 The Parents of Missing 15-Year-Old Found Alive React to Her Claims
Ep73 Exclusive: Missing 15-Year-Old Girl Found Alive After Allegedly Being Held Hostage
Ep72 We Believe Our Mother Blames Us for Our Sister's Death
Ep71 I Want a Divorce but My Obsessive and Controlling Husband Won't Let Me Go
Ep70 Should They Redo Their I'dos? Not Suitable For Daytime
Ep69 61-Year-Old Polygamous Pastor Marries 19-Year-Old Pregnant Girlfriend With His Wife's Blessing
Ep68 Death, Drugs, and Lies
Ep67 22 Days in a Coma, 5 Stints in Rehab, 2 DUI'S, 1 Wedding, and a Fed Up Wife!
Ep66 An In-Law Ultimatum: My Beauty Queen Daughter's Ex-Cop Husband Needs to Get a Job or Get Out of My House!
Ep65 We Think Our Mom Is Cheating, Lying and Choosing Men Over Us! Should We Cut Her Off or Cut Her Some Slack?
Ep64 My Daughter Is Obsessed With Being the Black Sheep: Is She Mentally Ill or a Drama Queen?
Ep63 The Pain of Marriage Remorse: I'm Ready to Leave My Husband Who Is 26 Years Older
Ep62 I'm Terrified My Son Could Become a Mass Murderer
Ep61 Animal Activist Under Attack
Ep60 Should I Give Up on Getting Hot?
Ep59 I Can't Say 'No' to Anything & It Could Literally Kill Me
Ep58 My Husband vs My Lying Ex: Time Is Running Out for This Wife Caught in the Middle
Ep57 Three Sisters Divided: Our Sister's Self-Destructive Behavior Is Killing Our Mother and Could Land Her Behind Bars
Ep56 Star Nicholas Brendon Update: The Real Man Behind the News Scandals and Arrests
Ep55 Mama's Little Boy or Daddy's Little Girl: Identity Confusion or Brainwashing?
Ep54 Out of Control, Out of Patience, Out of Time
Ep53 The Unbelievable Story of the Breast Pump Bandit: His Affairs, His Addictions, His Excuses
Ep52 My Crazy Childhood: My Dad Was the Breast Pump Bandit and His Mistress Lived in Our House
Ep51 Was This Teacher Drunk in Her Elementary School Classroom?
Ep50 Exclusive: Estranged Couple Michael and Kate Lohan Lose Custody of Their Children. What Really Happened?
Ep49 Our Wanna-Be Male Model Son Is Telling the World We Abused Him. It's All a Lie!
Ep48 Adopted Twin, Beaten, Strangled, Starved and Locked in a Room: The Exclusive Interview
Ep47 My Ex-Wife Claims I Molested Our Daughter Who Ran off With Her Boyfriend
Ep46 I'm Afraid My Daughter Was Kidnapped by Her Survivalist Boyfriend
Ep45 My Wife Is Divorcing Me Because She Is Obsessed With a Country Music Star
Ep44 Exclusive: The First Identified Victim of the Fogle Sex Scandal Comes Forward
Ep43 Surrogate Mother Convicted for Scamming Couple Out of Thousands With Fake Pregnancy
Ep42 A Bitter Custody Battle: Claims of Poison in Ice Cream, a Child Wrapped in a Garbage Bag and Inappropriate Touching
Ep41 Badmouthing, Bruises and a Bitter Custody Battle: What Does the Neighbor Say?
Ep40 My Husband Convinced Me to Sign a Postnup, but I Want It Thrown Out!
Ep39 A Dr. Phil Daytime Exclusive: The Woman Who Put Drain Cleaner in Her Eyes to Fulfill Her Dream of Being Blind
Ep38 My Son-in-Law Is Selfish, Angry, Disrespectful and Entitled
Ep37 Uncle Kevin Answers the Accusations
Ep36 I'm Worried My Brother-in-Law Is Having an Affair With My 16-Year-Old Daughter
Ep35 The Jared Fogle Audio Tapes: How He Planned to Target a Children's Party
Ep34 Subway Sandwich King to Child Sex Scandal: Jared Fogle's Secret Audio Tapes
Ep33 Love Triangle Troubles: Torn Between My "City Boy" Husband & My "Country Boy" Boyfriend
Ep32 Our Father Has a Secret Life South of the Border & Has Sent $1.5 Million to His Former Mistress
Ep31 A Baby on the Way: I Think My Daughter & Her Fiancé Are Unfit Parents & I Am Fighting for Custody of My Unborn Grandchild!
Ep30 Dr. Phil - I Need Your Help Again: My Daughter Is Hitchhiking and Train Hopping as a Portland Street Kid
Ep29 I'm Fighting for Custody of My Child With My Ex-Husband Who I Believe Is Stalking Me
Ep28 She Was a Model, a Marine, but Now She's a Mess
Ep27 My Gambling Addicted Mom Is $400,000 in the Hole, About to Lose Her Home and Possibly Her 14-Year-Old Son!
Ep26 "I Am Becoming a Trend Topic": Peeple App Creator Sets Record Straight
Ep25 Oprah's Big Project and Guilt, Grief, Forgiveness: Best Friends Connecting After Tragedy
Ep24 Exclusive: High School Hero Defends Blind Teen in Alleged Bully Attack Caught on Video
Ep23 How Did Our Son Go From College-Bound Star Athlete to a Homeless "Moocher" Sleeping in a Tool Shed?
Ep22 I Reunited With My Birth Mother & Now She Says She Wishes She Never Had Me
Ep21 Social Media Obsessed Teens: I Can't Breathe Without Wi-Fi
Ep20 Acquitted of Kidnapping but My Husband Still Thinks I'm Guilty
Ep19 The Clock Is Ticking and If Dr.Phil Can't Help Us, My Wife Is Divorcing Me Next Week
Ep18 Exclusive: Eight Siblings Tortured and Held Hostage by Their Own Father
Ep17 Our Son Claims He Is a Famous Songwriter: Could He Be Delusional or a Master Manipulator?
Ep16 I Fear My Terminally Ill Son's Wife Is Abusive, Cheating, and Money Hungry
Ep15 I Believe My Daughter's Fiancé Is Abusing Her and I Desperately Need Help
Ep14 A Mother of Four Who Says: "I Don't Want to Be a Mom"
Ep13 Creepy Dad or Mid-Life Crisis: My Husband's Inappropriate Sexting, Social Media Posts and Messages to Our Daughter's Friends
Ep12 My Mom Is Worth Millions: Is Her Husband a Catch or "Catfish?"
Ep11 Kicked Out at 15! Is This an Ungrateful Daughter or Is Mom Delusional?
Ep10 Missing Mom: What Happened to Carie? (Part 2)
Ep9 A Mother Missing: A Step-Father Accused (Part 1)
Ep8 Accused of Kidnapping Our Own Child
Ep7 My Daughter Is a Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Ego-Maniacal, Drug Addicted, Liar and Thief
Ep6 MMA Fighter Sick of Battling Outside the Ring With Ex-Wife Over Their Son
Ep5 A Military Cop's Confession to His Family: I Want to Be a Woman
Ep4 TV Star's Alcoholism and Depression Spiral Out of Control: Can His Career Be Saved?
Ep3 Athlete to Escort: A Champion's Fall From Grace
Ep2 Baby Ripped From the Womb, a Mother's Dream Shattered
Ep1 Dead Man Walking: Susan Sarandon Tries to Save a Man From Death Row
I Want to Confront the Woman Whom I Believe Illegally Adopted My Granddaughter!

Season 13

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep169 Hollywood Facialist Accused of Hiring a Hit Man Speaks Out for the First Time
Ep168 My Wife Spends Thousands on Kratom Tea...My Husband Tricked Me Into Signing Our House Over to Him
Ep167 Lies, Lust, and a Missing Million? My Ex Needs to Confess
Ep166 Is This Father's Extreme Parenting to Blame For His Daughters Disorders?
Ep165 A Teen Admits to Killing His 11 Year Old Brother: Who Is Really to Blame?
Ep164 I Married My Sister's Boyfriend and It's Time She Moves on
Ep163 Won't Work, Won't Go to School: My Son Just Wants to Game All Day
Ep162 Hundreds of Photos in a Box: Snapshots by an Admirer Who She Calls Her Stalker
Ep161 I Hear Voices in My Head, But I'm Not Mentally Ill! Why Won't My Family Believe Me?
Ep160 "Mentally Ill or Monster? Teen Convicted of Murdering Mom
Ep159 She Left Her Babies Alone in a Car: Criminal or Mom Misunderstood?
Ep158 A Wife Goes Missing: Is Her Husband to Blame?
Ep157 Teacher Scandal Confessions: She Had Sex with Her 15-Year-Old Student
Ep156 I Faked Cancer: One Woman's Story
Ep155 Mother of the Year Turned Stalker: Terrorizes Couple for Outbidding Her On Dream Home
Ep154 Young and Beautiful: But Their Love is Ugly
Ep153 Behind the Buggies and Bonnets: 'Amish Mafia' Star under Attack
Ep152 A Mother Accused of Being Unfit and Unstable: Did Jennifer Pass the Drug Test?
Ep151 I'm Not Unstable; Give Me My Children Back
Ep150 Convicted Grandpa Accused of Molestation Finally Speaks Out
Ep149 Convicted Grandpa Still Claims He is Innocent of Molestation
Ep148 My Cyberbullied Daughter Killed Herself, Now I'm Being Harassed Online
Ep147 A Family Divided: Why is Outspoken Dad Carl Boycotting His Daughter's Wedding
Ep146 Family's Fight over Father's Inheritance
Ep145 Uncovering a Catfish: The Battle between Kaye & Kathy Continues
Ep144 Believe My Stepmother Blew All of My Father's Money on a Scam Artist
Ep143 The College Professor and His Many Women
Ep142 Real Housewife's Exclusive: Kim Richards Tells All about Drunken Arrest
Ep141 Was It Child Abuse, or Was It an Accident
Ep140 Exclusive: The Coeds and the Catfish
Ep139 A Deadly Love Affair: The Widow, The Lover and a Spouse Behind Bars
Ep138 Cleveland Abduction: The Michelle Knight Movie
Ep137 My Model Brother Wants My Parents to Keep His Secret
Ep136 I Believe My Parents are Enabling My Freeloading Model Brother
Ep135 An Ex Accused of Stalking, Obsession and Abuse: Who's Telling the Truth?
Ep134 Family Fighting Over a Double Murder; Psychic Medium John Edward Returns
Ep133 Accusations of Beatings, Starvation and Being Locked in a Room
Ep132 Keep My Ex-Daughter-in-Law Away From My Family
Ep131 Accusations of Abuse and Violence: Can Our Marriage Be Saved?
Ep130 A Beautiful Teen Forced to Live a Horrible Nightmare
Ep129 My Mother Gambled $2.5 Million Away and Blames Me for Being Broke
Ep128 I've Divorced My Ex Twice, but I'm Still in Love
Ep127 Is Our Son a Kleptomaniac?
Ep126 Decades of Hatred, Accusations and Altercations
Ep125 Flirty Emails and Suspicious Photos: 'Is My Husband a Cheater or Just A Charmer
Ep124 Falsely Accused of Murder and Now My Life is Spiraling out of Control
Ep123 Help! My Daughter is Addicted to Dangerous Men!
Ep122 1,000 Lies and Counting: A Husband Who Can't Tell the Truth"
Ep121 Lifetime Grudge: Can Mother and Daughter Finally Bury the Hatchet
Ep120 Young, Beautiful and Missing: Potential New Clues in Two Cold Cases
Ep119 Nine Seconds that Outraged a Nation; My Racist Father Needs to Accept the Minorities in My Family
Ep118 Inside the Mind of the Man Who Shot the American Sniper
Ep117 Exclusive: Bobbi Kristina's Boyfriend, Distraught and Out of Control: The Nick Gordon Intervention
Ep117 Young, Jealous Love
Ep116 Our 7-Year-Old Son Threatens to Kill Us
Ep116 My Wife Chose Her Boyfriend over Her Children
Ep115 In Sickness and in Health: Should I Get a Divorce from My OCD Wife?
Ep114 My Daughter Hasn't Spoken to Me in 7 Years
Ep113 Adoption Nightmare: 'I Want My Baby Back'
Ep113 My Husband's Big Lottery Win is Ruining Our Marriage
Ep112 I Am the Outcast of My Family, and They Threw Me Away Like Trash
Ep111 A Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde, or Confused Teens in Love
Ep110 I Believe My Cousin is Squandering Her Inheritance on a Love Scam
Ep109 Time is Running Out for Prison-Bound Dad
Ep108 My Sister Published a Book of Lies about Our Family
Ep107 My Ex is Evil; I Want to See My Kids
Ep106 The Ultimate Betrayal: A Toxic Family Love Triangle
Ep105 My 4-Year-Old Daughter Crushes Her Candy Like Her Dad Crushes His Pills
Ep104 The Student and the Professor: Is One Stalking the Other
Ep103 Riches to Rags: 'My Son's Fiancée is Ruining His Life
Ep102 Parenting While Intoxicated
Ep101 Our Sister Lived in the Bushes and Tried to Hire Someone to Kill Her
Ep100 Pretty Little Mean Girls
Ep99 Exclusive: The Vanderbilt Football Player's Interview
Ep98 Our Son Was Making Millions but is Now Living in Our Garage
Ep97 My 21-Year-Old Daughter is Obsessed with Her Controlling Boyfriend
Ep96 Don't Give My Daughter Money: She is Lying about Dying from Cancer
Ep95 Is My Wife Real or a Nigerian Love Scam?
Ep94 A Family Divided over an Unsolved Murder
Ep93 Gorgeous, Violent, Raging and a Very Unsweet 16
Ep92 Top TV Newscaster to Drunken Mom
Ep91 Shocking Viral Video
Ep90 I'm Scared of My Sister's Boyfriend
Ep89 Parental Alienation or Runaway Sisters?
Ep88 What Happened To Tempest: Standing Up To Mean Girls
Ep87 My Family Doesn't Know I'm A College-Aged Sugar Baby
Ep86 Who Am I Married To: My Mother Or My Man?
Ep85 My Parents Won't Accept My Controlling Pastor Husband
Ep84 15 and a Teenage Terror
Ep83 Yes I Abandoned My Children But I'm Not a Bad Mom
Ep82 My Mother Refuses to Cut the Cord with My Mama's Boy Brother
Ep81 Why is My Mom Faking Cancer?
Ep80 Pretty, Young and Violent
Ep79 Wild Behavior Caught on Camera
Ep78 300 Women and Counting: 'My Brother is Addicted to Everything'
Ep77 Dr. Phil, Save My Family
Ep76 My Mother is a Menace!
Ep75 Get Off My Back about My Body
Ep74 Mom vs. Dad: Who is Responsible for Their Daughter's Big Relapse?
Ep73 The Fall of Bill Cosby: The Women Behind the Sex Scandal
Ep72 I'm Divorcing the Real-Life Mommy Dearest
Ep71 The Night Four Girls Went into the Woods and Only Three Came Out Alive
Ep70 Is Dad a Bad Santa or Should His Son Be Put on the Naughty List?
Ep69 Young, in Love and in Over Their Heads
Ep68 Black and Blue in America
Ep67 The 'Honey Boo Boo Scandal': Chickadee and Grandma Set the Record Straight
Ep66 The Cougar Controversy: Older Women Dating Younger Men
Ep65 A Woman's Memories or Murder
Ep64 My Daughter Thinks Calories are Contagious
Ep63 My Husband Used To Abuse Me, But Now I'm Abusing Him
Ep62 I Thought My Daughter Was Abducted
Ep61 Gold Digger or Girl in Danger?
Ep60 My Fight with Food is Ruining My Life
Ep59 A Daughter on the Brink: Did Mom Push Her over the Edge?
Ep58 Cyberbullied After My Son's Death
Ep57 My Wife or My Girlfriend? Dr. Phil, You Decide
Ep56 My Father Offered Me as a 'Maiden' Sacrifice to an Alleged Cult Leader
Ep55 A Drunk Daughter Is Going to Die Drinking Hand Sanitizer
Ep54 Grandma Returns: Will She Finally Apologize for Her Molester Husband?
Ep53 Molested for Over 10 Years: Why Won't My Grandma Believe Me?
Ep52 A Dentist's Dilemma: My Ex-Wife and Ex-Girlfriend Are Plotting Against Me!
Ep51 Exclusive: The Boy under the Stairs? What Did His Stepmom Know?
Ep50 The 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Scandal: Mama June Speaks Out
Ep49 Will Survivor Todd Take Dr. Phil's Help?
Ep48 Survivor Todd's Shocking Relapse: The Life or Death Intervention
Ep47 Blacklisted by Our Mom: Can We Speak to Our Dad Before He Dies?
Ep46 Hypochondriac, High Drama or Really Sick? Saving Shemida
Ep45 Hypochondriac, High Drama or Really Sick?
Ep44 Shocking Accusations: A Husband Poisoned? A Hit and Run?
Ep43 The Secret World of Sugar Babies: A Mother and Daughter Tell All
Ep42 Lethal Love: We Believe Our Son's Girlfriend Killed Him
Ep41 Three Daughters, Three Addicts, One Family Being Torn Apart
Ep40 The Mystery of Michelle O'Connell: A Family Divided
Ep39 Death on 5th Avenue: Millionaire Mom Accused of Murdering Son Speaks From Rikers Island
Ep38 Abused Wife Refuses to Leave Her Pro-Fighter Husband
Ep37 Minny and Lon Return: What Can We Do to Get Our Children Out of Foster Care?
Ep36 Bright, Beautiful and Blowing It: 'Help My Teen Before It's Too Late!
Ep35 Handsome and Homeless: A Down-and-Out Romeo
Ep34 Bob And Dorothy Return: Should I Divorce My Wife For Harassing Me?
Ep33 Footsteps In The Snow: The Cold Case Murder Of Maria Ridulph
Ep32 A Real Life 'Catch Me if You Can': Is This the World's Greatest Teen Con Artist?
Ep31 Who's Stalking Who: Two Women Obsessed
Ep30 From The Notebook Fantasy to Hardcore Reality: 'Why is My Prince Hurting Me?'
Ep29 Should They Kick Him Out?
Ep28 A Father Accused: Who is Telling the Truth?
Ep27 My Husband Kidnapped My Kids 45 Years Ago -- Help Me Find Them!
Ep26 10 Psychiatrists, 7 Psych Wards and 7 Arrests: My Son is Like a Wild Animal!
Ep25 Give My Daughter Back or Get Out of My Life!
Ep24 My Scheming, Lying, Swindling Sister
Ep23 My Honor Roll Teen Pregnant By Her 30-Year-Old Bad Boy
Ep22 An Online Hate Group is Stalking Us and Ruining Our Lives
Ep21 A Family's Battle with a Violent Son
Ep20 Our Dad Left Our Dying Mother for a Woman Who Claims to Be a Kennedy Heir
Ep19 I'm Afraid My Mom Could Kill My Children: Does She Have Multiple Personalities?
Ep18 Family on Fire: Caught on Tape
Ep17 Love Scams: My Mother Sent Her Catfish $300,000 and 3 Cars
Ep16 The War of the LaRosas
Ep15 My Ex Won't Stop Videotaping Our Out-of-Control Son's Tantrums
Ep14 He's Nearly 30 and Dating a Teen with Braces
Ep13 Two Mothers Facing the Unthinkable
Ep12 E.R. Visits, Nearly 100 Calls to Police: Should They Redo Their 'I Dos'?
Ep11 My Husband Spanked Me with a Wooden Spoon, and He Wants Me to Apologize
Ep10 I Spanked My Wife with a Wooden Spoon, and She Needs to Repent
Ep9 My Mom Ruined My Life by Keeping Me from My Dad
Ep8 #WHYISTAY: Deadly Love
Ep7 Is Mom Leading a Secret Life, or Are These Daughters Caught Up in Drama?
Ep6 Kelli Stapleton: A Mother's Worst Nightmare
Ep5 The Mother Who Attempted to Kill Herself and Her Autistic Child
Ep4 Get Out of My House: The Ultimate Mother vs. Nanny Feud
Ep3 Sons of Guns Reality Show Scandal: The Daughter Speaks Out
Ep2 The Father Acquitted of Murdering the Drunk Driver Who Killed His Sons
Ep1 Vanished on Vacation: Beautiful Blonde Goes Missing in Aruba

Season 12

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep182 Did Walt Kill His Ex-Girlfriend? The Polygraph Test Results Revealed!
Ep181 A Cold Case Mystery: An Ex-Boyfriend Accused of Murder
Ep180 Give Me Back My Daughters': A Mother's Fight for Custody
Ep179 A Love Triangle: Two Men Fighting for the Same Woman
Ep178 15 Years Later: Ex Drug-Addicted Mom Finally Sees Her Son Again
Ep177 I Didn't Set the House on Fire to Kill My Kids
Ep176 Deadly Relations
Ep175 Bully Teacher?; DNA Dilemma
Ep174 A Mother Consumed with Rage: Is Her Anger Destroying Her Family?
Ep173 Love, Lies, Scams, Murder
Ep172 Tyrannical Teens
Ep171 Family Dramas, Mysteries and Facing the Unknown
Ep170 Headbutted and Choked Unconscious: A Wife and Children Left in Fear
Ep169 Troubled Teen: Who Will Take Danielle?
Ep168 V. Stiviano: The Woman Behind the Donald Sterling Scandal
Ep167 Young, Gorgeous, Privileged and Destroying Her Family
Ep166 Trapped by My Controlling Husband: I Feel Like I Can't Leave the House
Ep165 Love Scams: 'I Married a Catfish Over the Phone'
Ep164 An Ultimatum for a Hoarding Mother: Her Kids or Her Clutter
Ep163 Not-So-Sweet 16: 'My Daughter's Dangerous Sex Life'
Ep162 Dr. Phil's Big Ultimatum: Will Accused Mother Heather Go to Rehab?
Ep161 Acquitted by a Jury, But My Ex-Husband Still Thinks I'm Guilty
Ep160 An Affair with a Friend Ended in a Bitter Custody Battle
Ep159 My Beauty Queen Baby Girl Has Gone Ballistic
Ep158 Michelle Knight One Year Later: Secrets of Cleveland's House of Horrors
Ep157 Parents Accused of Murder: Will Julia and Codey Agree to Take the Polygraph Test?
Ep156 I Believe My Ex Murdered Our Children
Ep155 Hands off My Man!
Ep154 Daughter vs. Dad: The Truth Revealed
Ep153 My Daughter's Lies are Tearing My Family Apart
Ep152 My Husband, Pablo, and His Other Women
Ep151 Is Alleged 'Craigslist Killer' Miranda Barbour a Serial Murderer?
Ep150 'Where Are My Newborn Twins?' Is This an Adoption Scam?
Ep149 A Dr. Phil Exclusive: The Boy Under the Stairs?
Ep148 Beauty and the OCD Beast
Ep147 A Mother's Dangerous Decision: A Daughter Damaged Forever
Ep146 A Lying, Stealing, Cheating Girlfriend or a Paranoid, Obsessed Boyfriend?
Ep145 Bait and Switch Bride?
Ep144 My Sloppy, Lazy, Mooching Daughter Needs to Move Out!
Ep143 Should I Marry My Controlling, Alienating, Jealous Fiancé?
Ep142 I'm Over It!
Ep141 I'm Afraid My Husband Is Going to Kill Me
Ep140 My Dad Abandoned Me, and My Mom Threw Me in a Shelter
Ep139 You're Not Hot Enough
Ep138 Kitchen Nightmares' Most Controversial Couple on the Defensive
Ep137 Dr. Phil's 2000th Show
Ep136 Absent Dad or Alienating Mom and Mother-in-Law?
Ep135 Charlie Brandt: Killer Child to Serial Killer? And, the Murder of Baby Elaina
Ep134 Fighting Fiancés: Ready for the Altar or Running for the Hills?
Ep133 I Fear My Daughter Will Be Kidnapped and Forced into Sex Trafficking
Ep132 Wedding Day Disaster: A Family Torn Apart
Ep131 Sexual Standoffs
Ep130 Animal Obsessed
Ep129 An Accused Man Dead: Murder or Suicide?
Ep128 The Fight Over Justina: Medical Child Abuse by Parents or Abuse of Power by a Hospital?
Ep127 My Head-Butting, Punching, Kicking, Bruising, Biting, Knife-Wielding 8-Year-Old
Ep126 I Think My Daughter-in-Law Poisoned My Son to Death
Ep125 My Husband Wants Me to Look Like Beyoncé
Ep124 Best Friend Killers: What Happened to Skylar Neese?
Ep123 Ultimate Betrayal: Forced to Kill His Father
Ep122 Party Mom: Did She Put Her Children in Danger?
Ep121 Restraining Orders, Alleged Kidnappings and Hit With a Car
Ep120 I'm Worried My Daughter May Turn into a Terrorist
Ep119 Wild Lies and Accusations: A Baby Trapped In the Middle
Ep118 A Husband's Decade of Deceit: Uncovering 1000 Affairs?
Ep117 A Lying, Cheating, Violent Husband or a Wife's False Accusations?
Ep116 My Dad Tried to Frame Me for Murder: The Polygraph Results
Ep115 My Dad Tried to Frame Me for Murder
Ep114 My Husband's Secret Life Revealed
Ep113 Facing Off With My Polygamous FLDS Father
Ep112 Fugitive Mom
Ep111 Is Her Mother a Monster, or Is This Daughter Having False Memories?
Ep110 Sex Abuse and Murder: A Daughter's Repressed Memories or Lies?
Ep109 An Obsessed Love Triangle
Ep108 Young, Privileged and in a Deadly Gang
Ep107 My Ex Brainwashed My Son!
Ep106 My Ex Is Slowly Killing Our Daughter
Ep105 Was Her Son Kidnapped and Put in a Cult?
Ep104 Child Molester or Innocent Soldier Accused?
Ep103 Caught on Camera: Abused Wife or Abused Husband? You Decide
Ep102 Love Scams: A Mother Hooked By a Catfish?
Ep101 My Family Slaughtered for My Daughter's Teenage Love
Ep100 A Family Slaughtered for Teen Love: The Convicted Daughter Speaks Out
Ep99 The Darkness of Riches: From Victims to Victors
Ep98 The Darkness of Riches: Born Billionaires but Starved and Abused
Ep97 Toxic and Offensive In-Laws
Ep96 Pregnant and Abusing Drugs: The Ultimatum
Ep95 Pregnant and Out of Control: Will the Baby Be Born Addicted?
Ep94 My Teen Daughter Faked Two Pregnancies
Ep93 A Daughter's Dark Memory: Why Doesn't Her Mother Remember?
Ep92 Mooching, Stealing, Sloppy Son: Should They Kick Him Out?
Ep91 Life Out of Order Because of My Disorder: Addicted to Pregnancy
Ep90 Broken Nose, Broken Marriage
Ep89 Elkhart 4: Justice or Overkill?
Ep88 Stabbed and Abandoned/Addicted to Video Games?
Ep87 Bad Teen or Bad Mom?
Ep86 Hoarding Chew and Spit Bags: My Daughter's Eating Disorder is Slowly Killing Her
Ep85 Spankings, Secrets, a SWAT Standoff: A Family Torn Apart
Ep84 Double Trouble: Teen Sisters Out of Control
Ep83 I Swear I'm Being Cyber Stalked, Wiretapped and Followed
Ep82 A Father Accused: Did He Molest His Children?
Ep81 Fat, Furious and Fed Up
Ep80 Reckless Runaway Teen
Ep79 Amber Portwood: 'Teen Mom' Out of Prison...Now What?
Ep78 Obsessed and Over It
Ep77 Haunted by the Evidence: Why Was My Brother Killed?
Ep76 A Husband's Betrayal: Lies, Secret Videotapes and Financial Ruin
Ep75 A 26-Year Age Divide: Can This Couple Be Saved?
Ep74 A High School Homecoming, a Rape and a Ruined Relationship
Ep73 Give Me Back My Child
Ep72 16 and on the Path of Destruction
Ep71 I Did Not Try to Blind My Wife
Ep70 Violent Vixen
Ep69 Twin Trouble and Marriage Misery
Ep68 Pregnant in Handcuffs: Shopping Outrage or Innocent Mistake?
Ep67 Scandals Ripped From the Headlines
Ep66 Parents Divided Over Disowning Their Son
Ep65 Love, Lies and Murder: Killer Doctor's Daughter Reacts to Mistress
Ep64 My Husband Shot Me and My Husband Killed My Kids
Ep63 Inside the Baseball Wife's Assault on Her Pitcher Husband
Ep62 Pageant Mom: Did She Put Her Daughter in Danger?
Ep61 Did She Marry an Imposter?
Ep60 Dump Your Fiancée Now!
Ep59 Mid-Life Marriage Meltdown: Torn Between Two Men
Ep58 My Mother-in-Law Believes I'm a Killer
Ep57 The Doctor, His Wife, His Mistress, the Murder
Ep56 Survivor Winner's Losing Battle
Ep55 The Mysterious Death of Jacob Limberios: The Polygraph Results
Ep54 The Mysterious Death of Jacob Limberios
Ep53 Feuding Exes: Children Caught in the Crossfire
Ep52 A Sister Intervention: The Boyfriend's Sordid Past Revealed
Ep51 From Housewife to Secret Sex Life: A Sister Intervention
Ep50 A Husband Obsessed; A Wife Accused
Ep49 Spies, Suspicions and Sexual Accusations
Ep48 Chained, Tortured and Starved: The First Cleveland Kidnapping Victim
Ep47 Exclusive: Ariel Castro's First Victim Speaks Out
Ep46 Starving Myself; Killing My Family
Ep45 Parental Alienation: Who's to Blame?
Ep44 An Online Imposter Faked Her Death and Sent Me Ashes
Ep43 Love Scams: 'My Mother Chose Her Catfish over Her Family'
Ep42 Abandoned by Their Mother: Reunion Aftermath; Baby Veronica Returns
Ep41 When Love Hurts
Ep40 Teen Mom: Should They Kick Her Out?
Ep39 My Mother-in-Law Destroyed My Marriage
Ep38 Stepparent Abuse?
Ep37 Stepdad Takes on Dr. Phil
Ep36 Dad's Wife Is Ruining Our Life
Ep35 Bitter and Twisted
Ep34 My Husband, My Boyfriend, My Big Decision
Ep33 Saving Loni: From the Suburbs to the Slums
Ep32 Cold Case Mystery: A Family Divided
Ep31 Torn Between My Mother and My Boyfriend
Ep30 Pregnant at 11
Ep29 Threats, Fights and Videotape
Ep28 Cougar Confessions; The Pippi Longstocking Sex Tape Scandal
Ep27 Munchausen Mom
Ep26 Pretty Mean Girls
Ep25 Ask Dr. Phil
Ep24 A Drunken Mother's Rage
Ep23 Death in 6 Seconds: A Night of Drinking, a Lifetime of Regret
Ep22 Dangerous and Violent Love
Ep21 Beauty Queen Victim or Girl Gone Wild?
Ep20 Explosive Anger
Ep19 Debt Denial?; Mama's Boy Moocher
Ep18 Rapper DMX: Disclosed: The Man Behind the Crime Headlines
Ep17 Dropout Daughter: Confronting the Boyfriend
Ep16 Nick Carter Tells All About Hitting Rock Bottom
Ep15 The Bitter Battle Over Modern Family's Ariel Winter
Ep14 Dangerous Online Obsession, Part 2
Ep13 Dangerous Online Obsession, Part 1
Ep12 Still Missing: Where Is 7-Year-Old Kyron?
Ep11 Outrageous Monster In-Law Khalood Is Back!
Ep10 Football Start Accused: The Alleged Victim Speaks Out
Ep9 Football Star Accused: Did He Do It?
Ep8 Love Scams: Courted by a Catfish?
Ep7 Tragic Beauty: The Exclusive Story of a Bachelorette's Suicide
Ep6 Secret Life of a Sex Addict
Ep5 Last Chance or Divorce
Ep4 Leaving Life in the Tunnel
Ep3 Below Rock Bottom
Ep2 Missing Or Murdered: Where Is 15 Year Old Erica?; Part 2: The Polygraph
Ep1 Missing Or Murdered: Where Is 15 Year Old Erica?

Season 11

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep173 Violent Twins Return
Ep172 Affairs, Obsessions & Extreme Parenting
Ep171 Secrets, Betrayals and Shocking Revelations
Ep170 Young & Reckless; Ask Dr. Phil
Ep169 My Ex Is Accused of Murder
Ep168 Intense Family Drama
Ep167 Parenting Disaster: Extreme Excuses
Ep166 It's Either Me or Your Deadbeat Son Part 2: Meet Grandma
Ep165 It's Either Me or Your Deadbeat Son
Ep164 Are My Children in a Cult?
Ep163 Exclusive: Runaway Mom Speaks Out
Ep162 Marry My Ex and You'll Be Sorry
Ep161 From Star Athlete to Call Girl
Ep160 I Abducted a Baby; Confessions of a Sociopath
Ep159 Turning a Blind Eye?
Ep158 The Rescue of Jessica Buchanan
Ep157 My Wife Shot Me in the Head
Ep156 The Wife, Her Ex-Cop Lover and the Husband She Tried to Kill
Ep155 Give Me Back My Son
Ep154 Peeping Tom Husband: Hidden Webcam and Secret Videos
Ep153 The Ultimate Home Invasion
Ep152 Trapped by My Cop Abuser: Why Won't Anyone Believe Me?
Ep151 Reality Teen Princess Arrested
Ep150 Saving Julie: The Final Decision
Ep149 A Violent Love Intervention
Ep148 Confronting the Girl Who Shot Me in the Face
Ep147 Teen Mom Farrah Exposed
Ep146 Gorgeous, Gifted and Brutal
Ep145 Catfish With a Twist
Ep144 Teen Pregnancy Trap?
Ep143 My Best Friend Is Trying to Steal My Child
Ep142 10 Kids, 1 Affair: The Ultimate Divide?
Ep141 Living in Fear: "'Dr. Phil Confronts My Stalker"
Ep140 Explosive Relationships
Ep139 In the News: Stabbed, Shot, Tasered and Attacked
Ep138 Child Star Scams?
Ep137 Kids Pick a Side: Mom or Dad
Ep136 Abandoned by Our Mom
Ep135 Dr. Phil, Save My Marriage, Save My Life
Ep134 Disruptive Daughters: Cry for Attention
Ep133 Scared of My Spouse
Ep132 My Controlling Mother Wants My Fiancé Gone
Ep131 Affair Aftermath
Ep130 J.R. Martinez Opens up to Dr. Phil
Ep129 Crazy or Just Complex: What is Wrong With My Loved One?
Ep128 Misbehaving Moms?
Ep127 Shocking Mom Revelations
Ep126 Dangerous Minds: Women Who Snap
Ep125 Dangerous Revenge
Ep124 My Husband Is a Fugitive, but I Love Him
Ep123 Ex-Wives Seeking Justice
Ep122 Obsessed With Love
Ep121 Desperate Searches
Ep120 Falsely Accused of Being a Deadbeat Mom?
Ep119 Ferocious Teens
Ep118 Lying, Spending Spouses
Ep117 A Family Secret, a Family Struggle
Ep116 The Boy in the Bunker: The Exclusive Interview With Ethan and His Mother
Ep115 My Daughter Is Lazy and Entitled
Ep114 NBA Player's Battle With Anxiety Lands Him on the Bench
Ep113 The Search for Dylan: The Polygraph Drama
Ep112 The Disappearance of Dylan: Who's to Blame?
Ep111 Young, Online and Out of Control
Ep110 Outrageous Parenting Styles
Ep109 Heroin in Suburbia: A Town Intervention
Ep108 Scammed and Duped?
Ep107 Absentee Mom, Clueless Dad?
Ep106 Dr. Phil Mystery: Hit and Run Killing or Falsely Accused?
Ep105 My Son Picked the Wrong Fiancée
Ep104 Casey Anthony's Attorney: What He Wants to Reveal to Dr. Phil
Ep103 His Girlfriend Robbed Him Blind
Ep102 My Friend Is Too Obsessed With Me
Ep101 Did He Kill His Wife?
Ep100 I Hate My Daughter-in-Law
Ep99 Baby Snatcher - Barely Escaping a Fetal Abduction?
Ep98 Actress Accused: Was She an Accomplice to Murder?
Ep97 Soccer Mom Madam Confession
Ep96 Exclusive: The Man Behind the Manti Te'o Girlfriend Hoax Speaks Out, Part 2
Ep95 Exclusive: The Man Behind the Manti Te'o Girlfriend Hoax Speaks Out, Part 1
Ep94 Why Men Cheat
Ep93 Too Hot?
Ep92 Teenage Wasteland
Ep91 My In-Laws Tried to Kill Me
Ep90 Were They Duped? Love Scams
Ep89 Distorted Beauty
Ep88 Children Sent Away: Trapped and Tortured?
Ep87 Good Luck Fixing Me, Dr. Phil!
Ep86 Girls Who Bash Girls Who Dress Sexy
Ep85 Football, Booze and Bad Behavior
Ep84 Adult Temper Tantrums
Ep83 Is Mom Playing Favorites?
Ep82 Young, Innocent and Held Captive
Ep81 Bipolar and Mentally Ill Moms
Ep80 Ashley Toye: Monster or Mistake?
Ep79 Teenage Rage
Ep78 Elder Abuse
Ep77 Crazy, Stupid Love
Ep76 Sudden Tragedy, Lasting Grief
Ep75 The Littlest Witnesses: How Children Grieve
Ep74 Profile of a School Shooter
Ep73 The Truth About Liars
Ep72 A Mother's Shameful Past
Ep71 New Year Mama Drama
Ep70 Time Does Not Heal All Wounds
Ep69 Controversial Parenting
Ep68 Weatherman's Real Life Hangover
Ep67 Killer Mom: The Sole Survivor
Ep66 Mama's Boys
Ep65 Home Invasions
Ep64 Young, Reckless and Enabled
Ep63 How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex
Ep62 Move On or Move Out
Ep61 Daughter Accused of Faking Pregnancy
Ep60 Skeptics Beware: The Psychic Intuitives Are Here
Ep59 To Catch a Catfish: An Online Dating Predator Exposed
Ep58 Beaten, Starved and Locked in a Room?
Ep57 Who Is the Best Celebrity Babysitter?
Ep56 Daughter Drama
Ep55 Overwhelmed and Frazzled
Ep54 The Ultimate Freeloaders
Ep53 Unbearable In-Laws
Ep52 In Love and Illegal?
Ep51 World's Biggest Bride Update
Ep50 Little Liars?
Ep49 Dr. Phil Interrogates: Did He Lie to the Nation?
Ep48 Broken Bones, Broken Hearts and Broken Engagements?
Ep47 Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World
Ep46 Dr. Phil Mystery: Was Morgan Murdered by Stalkers?
Ep45 Million-Dollar Custody Battle
Ep44 Moms Who Hate Their Own Children
Ep43 Love: The Good, the Bad and the Painful
Ep42 Teen Mama Drama: Did She Get Pregnant to Get on TV?
Ep41 Dr. Phil Visits Monster In-Law Khalood
Ep40 House on Fire: A Family Divided
Ep39 Confronting Narcissistic Personalities
Ep38 Bully Backlash
Ep37 My Fiancée vs. My Mom
Ep36 New Year's Mystery: The Polygraph Test Results
Ep35 New Year's Mystery: How Did Sheena Die?
Ep34 Never-Ending Abuse?
Ep33 Little Miss Attitude!
Ep32 Two Amandas
Ep31 Inside the World of OCD
Ep30 Adoption Controversy: Battle Over Baby Veronica
Ep29 Tense Reunions
Ep28 When Love Hurts
Ep27 A Twisted Family Tragedy
Ep26 Fat Attack
Ep25 Scared of My Son
Ep24 Anorexic and Drug Addicted: Saving Morgan
Ep23 Twisted Grief
Ep22 A Husband Accused: Holding His Wife Hostage?
Ep21 Children of Affairs
Ep20 Exclusive: Mom Vanishes: The Killer Confesses
Ep19 Missing: The Mystery of Baby Kate
Ep18 Intervention: Heroin, Bath Salts and Meth - The New Face of Addiction
Ep17 Dirty Divorce: Still Living Under One Roof
Ep16 Out of Control and Out of Options
Ep15 Child Prostitute Links Sandusky to Pedophile Ring
Ep14 Brutal Beauties: The Trouble With Tiffani
Ep13 Brutal Beauties
Ep12 Trayvon's Parents/Zimmerman's Best Friend: The Verdict Reaction
Ep11 Edge of Insanity: My Schizophrenic Child
Ep10 Moms in the News: What Were You Thinking?
Ep9 Deadly New Accusations: A Murder Mystery?
Ep8 Dad Accused of Faking His Own Death
Ep7 Psychic Dilemmas With Medium John Edward
Ep6 The Lohans
Ep5 Trayvon Martin's Parents: The Questions They Want Answered
Ep4 Robert Blake Revealed: The Man Behind the Murder Headlines
Ep3 Top Model Intervention
Ep2 New York Soccer Mom Madam?
Ep1 A Dr. Phil Exclusive: Friends of George Zimmerman - 'The Most Hated Man in America' - Speak Out

Season 10

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep173 She Lost Weight, He Lost His Temper
Ep172 A Mother's Betrayal: My Mother Adopted My Ex-Boyfriend
Ep171 Teen Sex Obsession
Ep170 Worst Husbands in America?
Ep169 Is My Child a Star? Part 2
Ep168 Is My Child a Star? Part 1
Ep167 Torn Between Two Bridesmaids
Ep166 Bring Me Back My Hot, Sexy Spouse
Ep165 Behind the Headlines
Ep164 Inside the Other Side
Ep163 Demise of Guys
Ep162 Behind the Lens: Child Pornography
Ep161 World's Biggest Bride: Confessions of a Morbidly Obese Woman
Ep160 High Society Whodunit: Murder in the Hamptons
Ep159 Robert: The Nearly 800-Pound Man
Ep158 Too Much of a Good Thing
Ep157 From Teenage Star to Addicted and Homeless
Ep156 A Sister's Accusation: An Onstage Confrontation
Ep155 Caught on Tape: A Mom's Out-of-Control Rage
Ep154 Last Chance for Amanda
Ep153 My Husband, My kids and My Multiple Personalities
Ep152 Did He or Didn't He? Inside a Murder Confession
Ep151 A Football Star's Daddy Drama
Ep150 Rhode Island Girl Fight
Ep149 Mom Under Suspicion
Ep148 Murder of a Las Vegas Show Girl
Ep147 Spoiled Rotten: My Son Needs Reality Check
Ep146 Khalood Is Back, and You Won't Believe It!
Ep145 Grand Canyon Child Abuse
Ep144 The Dr. Phil Family: The Ultimate Conclusion
Ep143 The Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra's Progress...and Setbacks
Ep142 Missing in a Moment
Ep141 Daddy's Little Girl
Ep140 Intense Family Drama: Mom Likes Brother Best?
Ep139 Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Ep138 Heroes in Pain
Ep137 Dates for Sale: Life of an Escort
Ep136 17 and Out-of-Control: Follow-Up
Ep135 Police Say I Married a Serial Rapist
Ep134 Deadly Consequences
Ep133 Outrageous Parenting Dilemmas
Ep132 Mad Men
Ep131 Female Teacher's Affair With Student: The Aftermath
Ep130 Over-the-Top Moms?
Ep129 Shocking School Sex Abuse Accusations
Ep128 Inside the Powell Family Tragedy
Ep127 Beauty Queen Hits Rock Bottom
Ep126 Meet Baby London and Dr. Phil's Most-Talented Kids
Ep125 Caught in a Web of Lies
Ep124 On Top of the World and Self-Destructive
Ep123 The Six Quickest Ways to Ruin a Marriage
Ep122 Shocking Love Stories
Ep121 Extreme Etiquette
Ep120 A Star Comes Clean: Can He Make a Comeback?
Ep119 Hoping to Heal After Extreme Sexual Exploitation
Ep118 From Wall Street Trader to Bank Robber
Ep117 The Surprising Reason He Hates Paying Child Support
Ep116 Beyond Control and Chaos
Ep115 Ripped From the Headlines: Shocking Love Stories
Ep114 Questionable Cigarette Burns and Calls to CPS!
Ep113 Jeff Who Lives at Home
Ep112 Stabbed in the Heart by My Teen
Ep111 Complicated Love
Ep110 Overly-Competitive Parents
Ep109 Model Mom Calls Her Religion a Cult
Ep108 Braxton Family Values
Ep107 Parental Abuse?
Ep106 Held Hostage by My Father
Ep105 Mother-in-Law Mayhem
Ep104 Out-of-Control Jealousy
Ep103 A Most Unusual Love Triangle
Ep102 My Lover, My Abuser
Ep101 Deadbeat Dad?
Ep100 P.I. Moms: The Truth Behind the Scandal
Ep99 Open Marriages
Ep98 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra Inside Rehab
Ep97 Will My Mother-In-Law Destroy My Marriage?
Ep96 Cut the Cord
Ep95 Donny Osmond
Ep94 Teen Mama Drama
Ep93 The Girl in the Closet
Ep92 Cruise Ship Disaster
Ep91 Missing in a Moment: Baby Lisa
Ep90 The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra Goes to Rehab
Ep89 Double Trouble: Violent Twins
Ep88 What Are You Thinking?
Ep87 Unforgivable Acts?
Ep86 Coming Clean
Ep85 Starving to Death
Ep84 17 and Out of Control
Ep83 Fix It or End it Today?
Ep82 Under the Influence
Ep81 Teen Girls in the News
Ep80 Unusual Syndromes and Fears
Ep79 Teen Trends: Killer Numbers
Ep78 Incredible Survival Story
Ep77 Tarnished Tiaras: Beauty Queens Gone Bad
Ep76 Held Captive and Teen Mom Kills Intruder
Ep75 Why Am I Single?
Ep74 Psychic Investigations
Ep73 Partying to Death
Ep72 Weight Wars
Ep71 B-Wars
Ep70 CBS This Morning
Ep69 Smart People, Bad Choices
Ep68 Second Chances
Ep67 Grudges, Gripes and Grievances
Ep66 Comics Tell All
Ep65 Saving Daniella
Ep64 Cost of Living
Ep63 Innocence Robbed: A Horrific Story of Abuse
Ep62 Murder of a Preacher's Wife
Ep61 Plastic Disaster
Ep60 Generation Lazy?
Ep59 Get Divorced or Get Even
Ep58 Sibling Rivalry and Abuse
Ep57 Chore Wars
Ep56 Anger Intervention
Ep55 Desperately Seeking Attention
Ep54 Marriage Meltdown, Part 3
Ep53 Discipline Video: A Daughter's New Accusations Against the Judge
Ep52 Happy, Healthy and Hot for the Holidays!
Ep51 Have a Little Faith
Ep50 Heaviest Woman on Record
Ep49 Most Outrageous Monster-In-Law Returns
Ep48 Penn State Scandal: Parents Beware
Ep47 Marriage Meltdown, Part 2
Ep46 Marriage Meltdown, Part 1
Ep45 Imperfect Justice?
Ep44 Rebecca Zahau: The New Autopsy Results Revealed
Ep43 A Father Accused: Who's Telling the Truth?
Ep42 Dr. Phil's Twin-Tacular With Adam Sandler
Ep41 The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau
Ep40 Love Triangle
Ep39 The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Admissions
Ep38 Parents Caught Crossing the Line?
Ep37 Jealous Husband's Audio Evidence?
Ep36 A Family Secret: A Brother's Apology
Ep35 Monster-In-Laws
Ep34 House of Horrors and Other Shocking Headlines
Ep33 Going to Extremes
Ep32 Peter Pan Moms
Ep31 Exes Behaving Badly
Ep30 Shaming the Family Name
Ep29 Won't Do 'I Do' Until...
Ep28 Twins Search for Twins
Ep27 Grandmas Feud Over Becca's Baby
Ep26 Our Teen Is Tearing Our Family Apart
Ep25 Bullying: The Power to Protect Your Child
Ep24 Dr. Phil and Robin: Dancing With the Stars
Ep23 Lisa Ling Investigates: The Secret World of Amateur Adult Video
Ep22 Guns N' Roses & Second Chances
Ep21 Missing for a Decade: The Girl Escapes
Ep20 Missing for a Decade: A Girl Held Captive
Ep19 What Really Happened
Ep18 Majoring in Failure?
Ep17 My Life, Deleted
Ep16 Life in the Fast Lane
Ep15 Is My Teen Blinded by Love?
Ep14 Who's to Blame?
Ep13 Radical Parenting
Ep12 Baby After Break-up
Ep11 Inside the FLDS
Ep10 Prophet or Pedophile?
Ep9 Love Times Three
Ep8 Overweight or Underfed
Ep7 One-on-One With Taylor Armstrong
Ep6 The Cost of Beauty
Ep5 Sugar Baby Students
Ep4 Ted Williams: The Apology
Ep3 The Anthonys: What Really Happened?
Ep2 Cindy and George Anthony: The Interview
Ep1 Brat Ban

Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep175 Out-of-Control Daughters
Ep174 Am I Killing My Kids With Food?
Ep173 Racy Tweens
Ep172 Who Should Raise These Kids?
Ep171 Dr. Phil Housewives: Goodbye
Ep170 The Dr. Phil Housewives
Ep169 Scandal in the Ministry, Part 2
Ep168 Ask Dr. Phil
Ep167 Ride or Die Women
Ep166 Smart Women, Dumb Choices?
Ep165 My Teen Can't Stand Her Stepfather
Ep164 End the Silence on Domestic Violence: Custody Battles
Ep163 Angry Women, Scared Husbands
Ep162 My Mate's Not Hot Enough
Ep161 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra and Brandon: The Intervention Part 2
Ep160 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra and Brandon: The Intervention
Ep159 In Cold Blood: A Daughter's Brutal Murder
Ep158 In Cold Blood: A Daughter Murdered
Ep157 Big-Time Moochers
Ep156 Brandon Intervention: Three Brothers
Ep155 Bullies Beware, Part 2
Ep154 Bullies Beware
Ep153 Mail Order Brides
Ep152 Forgiving the Unforgiveable, Part 2
Ep151 Forgiving the Unforgivable
Ep150 In-Laws Face Off
Ep149 Pushy Moms?
Ep148 Maggots, Mold and Rotten Milk: A Mother Accused
Ep147 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Cover Up
Ep146 Inside the Mind of a Mistress, Part 2
Ep145 Inside the Mind of a Mistress
Ep144 My Teen Can't Stand My Husband
Ep143 Bridal Betrayal
Ep142 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Denial
Ep141 Saving Hannah
Ep140 Financial Infidelity
Ep139 Bad Girls
Ep138 Blended Families
Ep137 Reality TV Stars
Ep136 'Til Death Do Us Part
Ep135 Out of Control Children: A Family Intervention
Ep134 Vows of Violence
Ep133 Young Women in Trouble
Ep132 Can This Family Be Saved? An Intervention
Ep131 Take the Chaos Test
Ep130 Does This Mom Really Want Her Child Back?
Ep129 Mid-Life Crisis or Excuse?
Ep128 When Family Members Attack
Ep127 Betrayed by Blood
Ep126 Born to Rage?
Ep125 Secret Regrets
Ep124 Anything Men Can Do, Women Can Do Better!
Ep123 Deadly Consequences
Ep122 Troubled Teens: Crisis Point
Ep121 Happy Birthday, Avery
Ep120 Dr. Phil Housewives
Ep119 Mini Mean Girls
Ep118 The Dr. Phil Housewives: Housewife Breakdown
Ep117 Dr. Phil Housewives: The Mistress Revealed
Ep116 Mommy Rescue 911
Ep115 How Far Would You Go For Your Kids?
Ep114 'Me, Me, Me': Selfish People
Ep113 Suburban Dramas
Ep112 Three's a Crowd
Ep111 Secrets Gone Wrong
Ep110 Steve Harvey: What Are Men Thinking?
Ep109 Oversexed and Unprotected
Ep108 The Trouble With Madisen
Ep107 Consumed by Jealousy
Ep106 Hands Off My Teen Daughter
Ep105 Accused of the Unthinkable, Part 2
Ep104 Accused of the Unthinkable
Ep103 Is This a Cult?
Ep102 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra in Danger
Ep101 Teens Obsessed With Love
Ep100 Competing for the Title
Ep99 Desperate Measures
Ep98 Bossy Husbands
Ep97 The Ex Wars
Ep96 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Excuses
Ep95 Abducted by Their Mother
Ep94 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alex Out of Hiding
Ep93 Jaime Returns
Ep92 Young and Wild
Ep91 A Parent Confronted
Ep90 Ted Williams: The Update, Part 2
Ep89 When Good People Do Bad Things, Part 2
Ep88 Ted Williams: The Update
Ep87 Ask Dr. Phil
Ep86 Teenage Confessions
Ep85 Dr. Phil Houswives: Meet Rachael's Man
Ep84 Sabotage and Self-Destruction
Ep83 Secrets, Lies and Regrets
Ep82 Behind the Headlines: Aftermath of a Shooting
Ep81 Dr. Phil Housewives in the House
Ep80 Runaway Bride, Runaway Groom
Ep79 Ted Williams Story Update
Ep78 Mom Before Prom
Ep77 Ted's Family Intervention
Ep76 From Homeless to Hollywood
Ep75 Afraid of My Husband
Ep74 Whatever It Takes
Ep73 Most Difficult Guests Return
Ep72 17 Day Diet Challenge
Ep71 Parental Abductions
Ep70 New Year's Change
Ep69 Holiday Dramas
Ep68 Tough Choices
Ep67 Troubled Teens Turnaround
Ep66 5 Minute Fixes
Ep65 Violent Kids
Ep64 Overweight Teens Fight Back
Ep63 Scandal in the Ministry
Ep62 Ask About the Internet
Ep61 The Dr. Phil Housewives: Frenemies
Ep60 Commit or Quit!
Ep59 Living a Lie
Ep58 Brat-Proof Your Child
Ep57 Altered at the Altar
Ep56 The Dr. Phil Housewives: Under One Roof
Ep55 Holiday 12
Ep54 Family Falling Apart
Ep53 Intervention: Saving Jaime
Ep52 Raising a Bully?
Ep51 Spoiled and Entitled Girls Return!
Ep50 Trapped in Violence, Part 2
Ep49 Trapped in Violence
Ep48 Mommy Confessions
Ep47 The Dr. Phil Housewives: Move-In Day
Ep46 Women Behind the Men
Ep45 Beauty Isn't Enough
Ep44 Dirt, Lies and the Internet
Ep43 Get Out of My Family Tree
Ep42 The Dr. Phil Housewives: Mother vs. Daughter
Ep41 Fight Over Teen's Baby
Ep40 Chelsea Refuses to Grow Up
Ep39 Spoiled and Entitled
Ep38 A Brandon Intervention: Heroin Twins
Ep37 The Dr. Phil Housewives: Hell Hath No Fury
Ep36 Behind the Headlines
Ep35 Love Triangle, Part Two
Ep34 Love Triangle
Ep33 End the Silence on Domestic Violence: Abusive Exes
Ep32 The Dr. Phil Housewives: Dirty Laundry
Ep31 When Good People Do Bad Things
Ep30 Dr. Phil's Personality Test
Ep29 End the Silence on Domestic Violence: Teen Dating Violence
Ep28 Alienated Parents
Ep27 The Dr. Phil Housewives: My Own Worst Enemy
Ep26 You're Not the Boss of Me!
Ep25 Gen Why? Trends
Ep24 What Your Dreams Reveal
Ep23 Extreme Food Compulsions
Ep22 The Dr. Phil Housewives: Fake It 'Till You Make It
Ep21 Trolling, Luring and Trafficking: Online Dangers
Ep20 Tiebreakers
Ep19 The Anti-Bully Movement
Ep18 Bullied to Death?
Ep17 The Dr. Phil Housewives: The Truth Hurts
Ep16 The Runaways Return
Ep15 No Child Forgotten
Ep14 A Family's Fear, Part 2
Ep13 A Family's Fear
Ep12 The Dr. Phil Housewives
Ep11 Trouble Teens Update
Ep10 Shattered in an Instant
Ep9 Script Swap
Ep8 Brandon Intervention
Ep7 Dr. Phil Housewives Part 2
Ep6 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Delivery Drama
Ep5 Happy 60th Birthday, Dr. Phil
Ep4 Are We Just Too Sensitive
Ep3 Teen Drama Overload!
Ep2 Dr. Phil Housewives
Ep1 End the Silence on Domestic Violence

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep194 When Enough Is Enough
Ep193 Rude Teens
Ep192 Crossing the Line?
Ep191 For Better or Worse?
Ep190 Teens: Life on the Street
Ep189 Am I the Only One?
Ep188 Can You Get Over Your Past?
Ep187 I Want My Parents to Divorce
Ep186 A House Divided
Ep185 Wedding Woes
Ep184 I Can't Live Like This
Ep183 Am I the Only One?
Ep182 Ask the Experts
Ep181 Driven to Succeed
Ep180 Teens Obsessed With Love: Sami's Struggle
Ep179 Behind the Scenes
Ep178 Adoption: Return to Sender
Ep177 P.I. Moms
Ep176 Silent Darkness
Ep175 Locate Your Love With Steve Harvey
Ep174 Extreme Teen Dangers
Ep173 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Erin's Reveal
Ep172 Love Triangle
Ep171 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Warning Marty
Ep170 Too Young, Too Fast
Ep169 Breaking the Cycle of Abuse
Ep168 Troubled Teens: An Intervention
Ep167 Ultimate Betrayal
Ep166 Dr. Phil Family Returns: The Trouble With Alexandra
Ep165 Runaway Mom: The Polygraph
Ep164 Alienation of Affection
Ep163 Dying to Be Thin
Ep162 Dr. Phil Confronts Animal Abusers
Ep161 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Katherine Fired
Ep160 Runaway Moms
Ep159 Meet the McGraw Baby!
Ep158 Severed Ties
Ep157 Bully Moms
Ep156 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Erin's Outrage
Ep155 For Better or Worse?
Ep154 Revenge Revisited
Ep153 A Predator Next Door
Ep152 Why Men Cheat
Ep151 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Behind the Bruises
Ep150 Discipline Dangers
Ep149 Bullied Teens Fight Back
Ep148 Meddling Moms
Ep147 Kelly Osbourne Helps a Drug Addict
Ep146 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Tough Choices Part 2
Ep145 Dating and Married to Distraction
Ep144 Fighting for Your Child
Ep143 Crisis in Family Court
Ep142 Ask Dr. Phil
Ep141 Snapshots From a Serial Killer
Ep140 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Tough Choices
Ep139 Are You a Modern Woman?
Ep138 Bullied to Death
Ep137 The Fat Debate, Part 2
Ep136 The Fat Debate
Ep135 Secrets to Becoming Smarter, and Happier
Ep134 Dangerous Fads
Ep133 Are Moms Really That Busy?
Ep132 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Marriage in Question
Ep131 Prescription for Disaster
Ep130 Backstabbing Friends
Ep129 Child Obsessed
Ep128 Teens Under Pressure
Ep127 Wrongful Convictions Follow-Up
Ep126 What's Wrong With People? Part 2
Ep125 Spouses Under Suspicion, Part 2
Ep124 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra and Katherine's Rivalry
Ep123 Seven Days to Change: Can Amanda Be Saved?
Ep122 What's Wrong With People?
Ep121 What Children Remember
Ep120 Biggest Money Fights: Will and Prenups
Ep119 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Dr. Phil Scolds the Family
Ep118 Repeat Offenders
Ep117 Spouses Under Suspicion
Ep116 Are You an Enabler?
Ep115 Surrogacy Follow Up
Ep114 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra Confronts Chris
Ep113 In-Law Drama
Ep112 Moms Who Drink
Ep111 Sugar Mamas, Single Moms and Smart Women
Ep110 What Really Happened to Susan Powell?
Ep109 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alex's Announcement
Ep108 Love Dilemmas
Ep107 Teens Obsessed With Love
Ep106 The Fight Over Your Child
Ep105 Brandon Returns
Ep104 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Erin's Dilemma
Ep103 Could You Be an Eyewitness?
Ep102 Could You Be an Eyewitness?
Ep101 Controlling Husbands