Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

  • 1993-1998
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Frontier medicine with a feminist slant (but plenty of family values) in a Western drama that follows a female doctor, Michaela `Mike' Quinn, after her move from Boston to the Colorado Territory in... More


Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 A New Beginning
Ep21 The Fight
Ep20 To Have and to Hold
Ep19 Vengeance
Ep18 Birdman
Ep17 Happily Ever After
Ep16 Life in the Balance
Ep15 Seven Kinds of Lonely
Ep14 Seeds of Doubt
Ep13 Point Blank
Ep12 The Homecoming
Ep11 Safe Passage
Ep10 Civil Wars
Ep9 A Time to Heal
Ep8 A Time to Heal
Ep7 Lead Me Not
Ep6 A Place Called Home
Ep5 Wave Goodbye
Ep4 The Comfort of Friends
Ep3 A Matter of Conscience
Ep2 All That Matters
Ep1 Reason to Believe

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Moment of Truth
Ep25 Moment of Truth - Part 1
Ep24 The Body Electric
Ep23 His Father's Son
Ep22 Starting Over
Ep21 Before the Dawn
Ep20 Hostage
Ep19 A House Divided
Ep18 A House Divided
Ep17 Colleen's Paper
Ep16 The Most Fatal Disease
Ep15 Farewell Appearance
Ep14 The Dam
Ep13 A Season of Miracles
Ep12 A Place to Die
Ep11 Separate but Equal
Ep10 A House Divided
Ep10 The Tempest
Ep9 Legend
Ep8 Remember Me
Ep7 Right or Wrong
Ep6 Last Dance
Ep5 Los Americanos
Ep4 All That Glitters
Ep3 Malpractice
Ep2 Having It All
Ep1 Runaway Train

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 When a Child Is Born
Ep27 When a Child Is Born
Ep26 One Nation
Ep25 Fear Itself
Ep24 Last Chance
Ep23 The Woman of the Year
Ep22 Reunion
Ep21 Hearts and Minds
Ep20 Eye for an Eye
Ep19 Deal with the Devil
Ep18 Dead or Alive
Ep17 Dead or Alive
Ep16 The Iceman Cometh
Ep15 If You Love Someone...
Ep14 Tin Star
Ep13 Change of Heart
Ep12 Fifi's First Christmas
Ep11 Hell on Wheels
Ep10 One Touch of Nature
Ep9 Expedition
Ep9 Expedition
Ep8 Expedition
Ep7 Promises, Promises
Ep6 Dorothy's Book
Ep5 Halloween III
Ep4 Brother's Keeper
Ep3 Mothers and Daughters
Ep2 Traveling All-Stars
Ep1 A New Life

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep29 For Better or Worse
Ep28 For Better or Worse
Ep27 Ready or Not
Ep26 Sully's Recovery
Ep25 Washita
Ep24 Washita
Ep23 The Permanence of Change
Ep22 Bone of Contention
Ep21 Baby Outlaws
Ep20 Things My Father Never Taught Me
Ep19 What Is Love?
Ep18 Cooper vs. Quinn
Ep17 Cooper vs. Quinn
Ep16 Pike's Peace
Ep15 The End of the World
Ep14 Indian Agent
Ep13 The First Christmas
Ep12 Ladies' Night
Ep11 Ladies' Night
Ep10 Thanksgiving
Ep9 Money Trouble
Ep8 The Washington Affair
Ep8 For Better or Worse
Ep7 The Washington Affair
Ep7 Washita
Ep6 Cooper vs. Quinn
Ep6 Halloween II
Ep5 The Washington Affair
Ep5 The Library
Ep4 The Cattle Drive
Ep3 THe Cattle Drive
Ep2 Fathers and Sons
Ep1 The Train

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep27 Return Engagement
Ep26 Return Engagement
Ep25 Man in the Moon
Ep24 The Campaign
Ep23 The Abduction
Ep22 The Abduction
Ep21 Just One Lullaby
Ep20 The First Circle
Ep19 Life and Death
Ep18 Luck of the Draw
Ep17 Buffalo Soldiers
Ep16 Orphan Train
Ep15 Another Woman
Ep14 The Circus
Ep13 The Offering
Ep12 Crossing the Line
Ep11 Mike's Dream---A Christmas Tale
Ep11 Mike's Dream: A Christmas Tale
Ep10 Sully's Choice
Ep9 Best Friends
Ep8 Giving Thanks
Ep7 Where the Heart Is
Ep6 Where the Heart Is
Ep5 Saving Souls
Ep4 Return Engagement
Ep4 The Incident
Ep3 The Abduction
Ep3 Halloween
Ep2 Where the Heart Is
Ep2 Sanctuary
Ep1 The Race

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 Portraits
Ep17 The Secret
Ep16 The Operation
Ep15 Heroes
Ep14 Rites of Passage
Ep13 Happy Birthday
Ep12 The Prisoner
Ep11 Running Ghost
Ep10 A Cowboy's Lullaby
Ep9 The Great American Medicine Show
Ep8 Bad Water
Ep7 Father's Day
Ep6 The Healing
Ep5 Law of the Land
Ep4 The Visitor
Ep3 Epidemic
Ep2 Pilot Episode
Ep1 Pilot Episode
Ep1 Pilot Episode

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Between Friends
Washita: Part 2
Pilot Episode
Washita: Part 1
Things My Father Never Taught Me
Hell On Wheels
Pilot - Part 1
Washita: Part 1

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Season 3
71 sec
Preview Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Season 4
67 sec
Preview Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Season 6
63 sec
Clip Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: Clip 1
48 sec
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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Season 3

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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman clip - starring Jane Seymour, Shawn Toovey, Chad Allen, Orson Bean, Joe Lando, Jim Knobeloch.

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