Dragon Ball Z

  • 1989-1997
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An intrepid team called the Saiyan protects Earth from various invaders as team members search for seven magical spheres, which together grant the owner one wish.


Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep38 Goku's Next Journey
Ep37 Buu's Reincarnation
Ep36 Granddaughter Pan
Ep35 He's Always Late
Ep34 Celebrations With Majin Buu
Ep33 Spirit Bomb Triumphant
Ep32 People of Earth Unite
Ep31 Call to Action
Ep30 Earth Reborn
Ep29 Old Buu Emerges
Ep28 Minute of Desperation
Ep27 Vegeta's Respect
Ep26 Battle for the Universe Begins
Ep25 True Saiyans Fight Alone
Ep24 End of Earth
Ep23 Evil Kid Buu!
Ep22 Deadly Vision
Ep21 Mind Trap
Ep20 The Innards of Buu
Ep19 The Incredible Fighting Candy
Ep18 Vegito...Downsized
Ep17 Rip in the Universe
Ep16 Meet Vegito
Ep15 Union of Rivals
Ep14 Ready to Fuse
Ep13 The Old Kai's Weapon
Ep12 Majin Buu Transforms
Ep11 Search for Survivors
Ep10 A Whole New Gohan
Ep9 Unlucky Break
Ep8 Gotenks Is Awesome
Ep7 Feeding Frenzy
Ep6 Trapped in Forever
Ep5 Super Moves of Super Gotenks
Ep4 Time Struggle
Ep3 Empty Planet
Ep2 Buu Against Buu
Ep1 The Evil of Men

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep34 I Kill No More
Ep33 Unlikely Friendship
Ep32 Gotenks Is Born
Ep31 Out From the Broken Sword
Ep30 Return to Other World
Ep29 Goku's Time Is Up
Ep28 The Fusion Dance
Ep27 Buu's Mutiny
Ep26 Super Saiyan 3
Ep25 Race to Capsule Corp.
Ep24 The Z Sword
Ep23 Learn to Fuse
Ep22 Global Announcement
Ep21 Revival
Ep20 Find the Dragon Balls
Ep19 Evil Lives On
Ep18 Final Atonement
Ep17 The Warrior's Decision
Ep16 Meal Time
Ep15 The Terror of Majin Buu
Ep14 The Losses Begin
Ep13 Buu Is Hatched
Ep12 Magic Ball of Buu
Ep11 The Long Awaited Flight
Ep10 Vegeta's Pride
Ep9 The Dark Prince Returns
Ep8 Heart of a Villain
Ep7 Pay to Win
Ep6 Eighteen Unmasks
Ep5 Battle Supreme
Ep4 Next Up, Goku
Ep3 Vegeta Attacks
Ep2 King of the Demons
Ep1 The Wizard's Curse

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Energy Drain
Ep24 Identities Revealed
Ep23 Videl Is Crushed
Ep22 A Dark and Secret Power
Ep21 Forfeit of Piccolo
Ep20 Who Will Fight Whom?
Ep19 Big Trouble, Little Trunks
Ep18 Best of the Boys
Ep17 Trunks and Gotenks
Ep16 The World Tournament
Ep15 Camera Shy
Ep14 Gather for Tournament
Ep13 Take Flight Videl
Ep12 The Newest Super Saiyan
Ep11 I'll Fight Too!
Ep10 Blackmail
Ep9 Rescue Videl
Ep8 Gohan's First Date
Ep7 I Am Salyaman!
Ep6 Gohan Goes to High School
Ep5 Goku Vs. Pikkon
Ep4 Final Round
Ep3 Water Fight
Ep2 Tournament Begins
Ep1 Warriors of the Dead

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep29 Free of the Future
Ep28 One More Wish
Ep27 Goku Chooses Death
Ep26 Save the World
Ep25 The Horror Won't End
Ep24 Cell Returns
Ep23 A Hero's Farewell
Ep22 Cell's Mighty Break Down
Ep21 The Unstoppable Gohan
Ep20 The Unleashing
Ep19 Children of Cell Attack
Ep18 Android Explosion
Ep17 Gohan's Desperate Plea
Ep16 Faith in a Boy
Ep15 The Fight Is Over
Ep14 No More Rules
Ep13 Cell's Bag of Tricks
Ep12 Goku vs. Cell
Ep11 Losers Fight First
Ep10 Games Begin
Ep9 Puzzle of General
Ep8 Dende's Dragon
Ep7 A New Guardian
Ep6 Memories of Gohan
Ep5 A Girl Named Lime
Ep4 No Worries Here
Ep3 Meet Me in the Ring
Ep2 Doomsday Broadcast
Ep1 What Is the Tournament?

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 The Cell Game
Ep25 Ghosts From Tomorrow
Ep24 Saving Throw
Ep23 Trunks Ascends
Ep22 Vegeta Must Pay!
Ep21 Cell Is Complete
Ep20 Last Defence
Ep19 Krillin's Decision
Ep18 Hour of Temptation
Ep17 Bow to the Prince
Ep16 Super Vegeta
Ep15 Saiyans Emerge
Ep14 Sacrifice
Ep13 Say Goodbye, 17
Ep12 Silent Warrior
Ep12 Silent Warrior
Ep11 Up to Piccolo
Ep10 He's Here
Ep9 The Monster Is Coming
Ep8 Time Chamber
Ep7 Our Hero Awakes
Ep6 Laboratory Basement
Ep5 Piccolo's Folly
Ep4 His Name Is Cell
Ep3 Borrowed Powers
Ep2 The Reunion
Ep1 Seized with Fear

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 Unwelcome Discovery
Ep31 Closing In
Ep30 Last Ditch Effort
Ep29 No Match for the Androids
Ep28 Deadly Beauty
Ep27 Goku's Assassin
Ep26 Nightmare Comes True
Ep25 Follow Dr. Gero
Ep24 More Androids
Ep23 Secret of Dr. Gero
Ep22 Upgrade to Super Sayian
Ep21 Double Trouble for Goku
Ep20 A Handy Trick
Ep19 Androids Appear
Ep18 Goku's Ordeal
Ep17 Z Warriors Prepare
Ep16 Goku's Special Technique
Ep15 Mystery Revealed
Ep14 Welcome Back Goku
Ep13 Another Super Sayian?
Ep12 Mysterious Youth
Ep11 Frieza's Counterattack
Ep10 Krillin's Proposal
Ep9 Brief Chance for Victory
Ep8 The World Awakens
Ep7 Extreme Measures
Ep6 Suicidal Course
Ep5 Call for Restoration
Ep4 Fight with Piccolo
Ep3 Battle in Kami's Lookout
Ep2 Black Fog of Terror
Ep1 The Heavens Tremble

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 Goku's Alive
Ep31 Namek's Explosion Gokus End
Ep30 Mighty Blast of Rage
Ep29 Frieza Defeated
Ep28 Pathos of Frieza
Ep27 Duel on a Vanishing Planet
Ep26 The Last Wish
Ep25 Gohan Returns
Ep24 Approaching Destruction
Ep23 A Final Attack
Ep22 Namek's Destruction
Ep21 Explosion of Anger
Ep20 Transformed at Last
Ep19 Power of the Spirit
Ep18 Keep the Chance Alive
Ep17 Trump Card
Ep16 Embodiment of Fire
Ep15 Bold and Fearless
Ep14 Frieza's Boast
Ep13 Clash of the Super Powers
Ep12 The Ultimate Battle
Ep11 The End of the Vegeta
Ep10 The Renewed Goku
Ep9 Dende's Demise
Ep8 Another Transformation
Ep7 Frieza's Second Transformation
Ep6 Deja Vu
Ep5 Gohan Attacks
Ep4 Fighting Power: One Million?
Ep3 The Fusion
Ep2 Piccolo's Return
Ep1 Password Is Porunga

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep35 Captain Ginyu...The Frog
Ep34 Gohan-Defeat Your Dad
Ep33 Calling the Eternal Dragon
Ep32 Goku Is Ginyu & Ginyu Is Goku
Ep31 Frieza Approaches
Ep30 Incredible Force!
Ep29 Ginyu Assault
Ep28 Goku...Super Saiyan?
Ep27 Goku Arrives
Ep26 Enter Goku
Ep25 Recoome Unleashed
Ep24 In a Bind
Ep23 New Ally, New Problem
Ep22 Hidden Power
Ep21 Bulma's Big Day
Ep20 Destination:Guru
Ep19 New Enemies From Beyond
Ep18 Gohan, the Hunted
Ep17 Zarbon's Mission
Ep16 Piccolo vs. Everyone
Ep15 Guru's Gift
Ep14 Zarbon's Special Surprise
Ep13 The Past and the Future
Ep12 Vegeta Has a Ball
Ep12 A Collision Course
Ep11 Unexpected Problem
Ep10 The Prince Fights Back
Ep9 Gohan and Krillin ...The Hunted
Ep8 The Defense of Namek
Ep7 Defying Orders
Ep6 Frieza Strikes!
Ep5 Gathering Brood of Evil
Ep4 A Friendly Surprise
Ep3 The Search Continues
Ep2 Look Out Below
Ep1 Held Captive

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Friends or Foes
Ep38 Nursing Wounds
Ep37 Plans for Departure
Ep36 Picking Up the Pieces
Ep35 Mercy
Ep34 Krillin's Offensive
Ep33 Hero in the Shadows
Ep32 Spirit Bomb Away !
Ep31 Saiyan Sized Secret
Ep30 Goku vs. Vegeta
Ep29 Lesson Number One
Ep28 Goku's Arrival
Ep27 Nimbus Speed
Ep26 Nappa's Rampage
Ep25 Tien Goes All Out
Ep24 The Power of Nappa
Ep23 Saibamen Attack
Ep22 The Darkest Day
Ep21 Counting Down
Ep20 Goku's Ancestors
Ep19 Defying Gravity
Ep18 The End of Snake Way
Ep17 Pendulum Room Peril
Ep16 Plight of the Children
Ep15 Dueling Piccolos
Ep14 Princess Snake
Ep13 Goz and Mez
Ep12 Global Training
Ep11 Terror on Arlia
Ep10 #1 A New Friend
Ep9 #1 The Strangest Robot
Ep8 #1 Gohan Goes Bananas
Ep7 #1 Day 1
Ep6 #1 No Time Like the Present
Ep5 #1 Gohan's Rage
Ep4 #2 Piccolo's Plan
Ep3 #2 Unlikely Alliance
Ep2 #2 Reunions
Ep1 The Arrival of Raditz

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep227 Super Saiyan
Ep156 Nappa...The Invincible?
Ep118 The Saibamen Strike
Ep117 Showdown in the Past
Ep116 Escape From Piccolo
Ep113 Goku Strikes Back
Ep99 Black Day for Planet Earth
Ep97 Journey to Namek
Ep96 Battle's End
Ep95 The Return of Goku
Ep93 Home of the Infinite Loser
Ep92 Gohan's Hidden Powers
Ep89 The Ruthless Frieza
Ep88 Face Off on Namek
Ep87 Touchdown on Namek
Ep12 Elite Fighters of the Universe
Ep11 Big Trouble for Bulma
Ep10 Immortality Denied
Ep9 A Heavy Burden
Ep8 Get Vegeta
Ep7 The Eldest Namek
Ep6 Zarbon Transformed
Ep5 Stay Away From Frieza
Ep3 Secrets Revealed
Ep2 Escape From Dodoria
The Magic Ball of Buu
(Sub) No Time Like the Present
(Sub) A New Friend
(Sub) The Strangest Robot
(Sub) Gohan Goes Bananas!
(Sub) Gohan's Rage
(Sub) Day 1
Endless Waltz
Gather for the Tournament
Goku's Decision
The Death of Vegeta
Let the Battle Begin
Piccolo the Super-Namek
Guldo's Mind Binds
#2 The New Threat
Lord Slug
Relentless Recoome
World's Strongest
Arrival of the Ginyu
Scramble for the Dragon
The Nameks vs. Frieza
Who's Who?
Hunt for a Dragonball
A New Goal...Namek
Stop Vegeta Now!!!
Vegeta...Saiyan Style
Time's Up
Legend of Saiyans
A Fight/Catch Bubbles

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Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Dragon Ball Z: Season 6
34 sec
Preview Dragon Ball Z: Season 4
78 sec
Preview Dragon Ball Z: Season 8
26 sec
Preview Dragon Ball Z: Season 3
71 sec
Preview Dragon Ball Z: Season 2
36 sec
Preview Dragon Ball Z: Season 5
68 sec
Preview Gohan Sand Surfs
3 min 2 sec
Preview Snakes. Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?
2 min 54 sec
Preview Bug Killer
2 min 36 sec
Preview True Saiyan Power
2 min 59 sec
Preview Power Alliance
2 min 59 sec
S1 | Ep10

A New Friend

Fecha al aire: 6/29/05
Gohan's wilderness adventure continues, as he makes a new dinosaur friend! He's happy to finally have some company until he's harshly reminded that not all dinosaurs are friendly!

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