Dragon Hunters

Two dragon hunters head to different towns promising to get rid of menacing beasts that are plaguing villages all over the land.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 The Red Dragon
Ep25 Ghost Hunters
Ep25 The Red Dragon
Ep24 Hell Around Town
Ep24 Ghost Hunters
Ep23 The Master of the Dragon
Ep23 Hell Around Town
Ep22 City Bound
Ep22 The Master of the Dragon
Ep21 The Body Beautiful
Ep21 City Bound
Ep20 The Grand Tournament
Ep20 The Body Beautiful
Ep19 Drago Menta
Ep19 The Grand Tournament
Ep18 By the Book
Ep18 Drago Menta
Ep17 The Legend of the Rain Dragon
Ep17 The Book
Ep16 The Convoy
Ep16 The Legend of the Rain Dragon
Ep15 Combat Spores
Ep15 The Convoy
Ep14 Agheegoo
Ep14 Combat Spores
Ep13 The Sweetypie Clause
Ep13 Agheegoo
Ep12 She Loves Me, She Loves Me...
Ep12 The Sweetypie Clause
Ep11 Baby in the Family
Ep11 She Loves Me, She Loves Me...
Ep10 The Stuff of Dreams
Ep10 Baby in the Family
Ep9 Porkfester's Pigfarm Island
Ep9 The Stuff of Dreams
Ep8 Farewell, Lain-Chu
Ep8 Porkfester's Pigfarm Island
Ep7 The High Life
Ep7 The High Life
Ep6 The Cure
Ep6 The Cure
Ep5 Dragon in the Hearth
Ep5 Dragon in the Hearth
Ep4 Treasure Rock
Ep4 Treasure Rock
Ep3 The Shipwrecker
Ep3 The Shipwrecker
Ep2 The Borbacks Cemetery
Ep2 The Borbacks Cemetery
Ep1 Dragontagious
Ep1 Dragontagious

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 The Collywoble Water
Ep25 Child's Play
Ep24 The Orphan Farm
Ep23 For a Few Veggies More
Ep22 Unwelcome Guests
Ep21 Don't Look Now
Ep20 There's No Place Like Home
Ep20 The Conjunction of the Three Moons
Ep19 There's No Place Like Home!
Ep18 Billy Toughnut
Ep17 The Deep North Dragon
Ep16 A Fistful of Veggies
Ep15 Little Rumble on the Prairie
Ep14 The Return of Roger
Ep13 Desperately Seeking Zoria
Ep12 It's a Dragon's Life
Ep11 The Name Is Dragon
Ep10 Who's Lost Their Head Now ?
Ep9 Baby Love Oh, Baby Love
Ep8 Prince Charming
Ep7 The Family Fortune
Ep6 Can I See Your License Please
Ep5 The Kiwajel Thrust
Ep4 The Isle of Mist
Ep3 Gland of the Mimikar
Ep2 Dead Dragon Walking
Ep1 The Strange Taste of Cocomak

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S0 |

The Shipwrecker

Air Date:
Gwizdo offers to rid an island of their dragon problem for a small fortune, but he soon finds this to be more difficult than planned when the dragon refuses to play nice.

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