Driver Dan's Story Train

  • 2010
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The illustrations in a pop-up book come to life and help tell a story. The series is aimed at preschoolers.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep50 The Super Leap Sheep
Ep49 Loopy's Memory Game
Ep48 Sheep Shape
Ep47 The Wishing Carrot
Ep46 Bippity's Brilliant Brainwave
Ep45 Bouncing Bunnies
Ep44 Flower Power
Ep43 Happy Snappy Hop
Ep42 Ready Story Go
Ep41 The Great Train Mystery
Ep40 Squeaky Surprise
Ep39 Remote Controlled Jelly
Ep38 Fun in the Sun
Ep37 Bippity Loses His Bip
Ep36 Story Plane
Ep35 Paper Race
Ep34 Picnic Puzzle
Ep33 Bippity's Marvellous Magnet
Ep32 Tingaling Statues
Ep31 The Missing Colour
Ep30 The Spottysaurus
Ep29 Loopy Says
Ep28 Sweetie's Swap
Ep27 Hip and Hop's Best Game Ever
Ep26 Good Enough To Eat
Ep25 Bippity's Quiet Game
Ep24 Whirly Wind
Ep23 Sweetie's Reward
Ep22 Cheer Up Twinkle
Ep21 Wheelie Big Spin
Ep20 The Perfect Place
Ep19 Sweetie's Story
Ep18 Bippity's Gifts
Ep17 Football Fun
Ep16 Marching Bands
Ep15 Sweetie's Garden
Ep14 Follow Hop's Clues
Ep13 The Big And Special Precious Show
Ep12 Super Loopy
Ep11 Sheepy Shenanigans
Ep10 Noisy Story
Ep9 Bouncing Better
Ep8 Counting Crazy
Ep7 Jelly
Ep6 You're the Best
Ep5 The Boomerang
Ep4 Loopy In Space
Ep3 Playing Together
Ep2 The Great Hipini
Ep1 A New Friend

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep52 Sing Along Ting Along
Ep51 Loopy's Delivery Service
Ep50 Amazing Race
Ep49 Fit For Fun
Ep48 Missing Pebbles
Ep47 Hip's Adventure
Ep46 String Thing
Ep45 Saved By The Bounce
Ep44 Hip Hop Hip Hop
Ep43 Planes and Trains
Ep42 Picture Puzzle
Ep41 The Runaway Carrot
Ep40 Sky High Loopy
Ep39 Guess What
Ep38 Treasure Adventure
Ep37 Detective Precious
Ep36 Faster Faster
Ep35 Story Train Singalong
Ep34 Walking with a Dinosaur
Ep33 Puddle Muddle
Ep32 Mix and Match
Ep31 The Perfect Game
Ep30 Making Tracks
Ep29 Sandcastle Skittles
Ep28 Look At Me
Ep27 Sweetie's Lullaby
Ep26 Shush
Ep25 Snap Happy
Ep24 Puddles and Bubbles
Ep23 How Could I Forget?
Ep22 Dinosaur Footprints
Ep21 Bouncy Chores
Ep20 Just Try It
Ep19 Precious' Ting
Ep18 Too Hot To Trot
Ep17 The Nosy Surprise
Ep16 Wheel Trouble
Ep15 Keep On Trying
Ep14 Jump To It
Ep13 We're Not The Same
Ep12 I Wish I Was
Ep11 Tallulah's Favourite Food
Ep10 I Can Do, You Can Do
Ep9 Surprise
Ep8 What's Wrong With Angus?
Ep7 All Play Together
Ep6 Special Friends
Ep5 Hide and Sheep
Ep4 Loopy Cake
Ep3 Vrooms Go Crash
Ep2 Bigger and Bigger
Ep1 Dance Yourself Dizzy

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Bigger and Bigger
Episode 1
Making Tracks
Hide and Sheep
Jump to it
The Runaway Carrot
Treasure Adventure
Mix and Match
Guess What
Picture Puzzle
What's Wrong With Angus?
Episode 37
Dance Yourself Dizzy
Episode 25
Too Hot to Trot
Episode 27
We're Not the Same
All Play Together
What's Wrong With Angus?
Faster Faster
Detective Precious
Missing Pebbles
Loopy's Delivery
Keep On Trying
Driver Dan's Special Surprise
I Can Do, You Can Do
Episode 49
Episode 47
Precious' Ting
Episode 45
The Nosy Surprise
Wheel Trouble
I Can Do, You Can Do
Amazing Race
Amazing Race
Loopy's Delivery
All Play Together
All Play Together
Episode 39
Episode 35
How Could I Forget?
Just Try It
Puddles and Bubbles
Episode 41
Bouncy Chores
Loopy Cake
Sandcastle Skittles
Planes and Trains
Episode 5
Vrooms Go Crash
Special Friends
I Wish I Was
Favorite Food
Hip Hop Hip Hop
Story Train Singalong
Walking With a Dinosaur
String Thing
Hip's Adventure

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