Dumbest Stuff on Wheels

  • 2011

A collection of automotive mishaps, miscalculations and mayhem caught on video.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Flameouts, Lameouts & Lightweights
Ep12 Bumperheads, Fenderbrains & Embarrassments
Ep11 Hemi-Powered Headcases, Super-Charged Simpletons & Mooks
Ep10 Catastrophic Car Jockeys, Butterfingered Bikers & Traumatizing Truckers
Ep9 Freeway Fractures, Backyard Bruises & Doofuses
Ep8 Wacky Wheelers, Spacy Speeders & Outpatients
Ep7 Birdbrain Bikers, Drooling Drivers & Dolts
Ep6 Rattle-Brained Racers, Dubious Daredevils & Schnooks
Ep5 Accelerating Idiots, Barreling Buffoons & Imbeciles
Ep4 Motoring Morons, Cruising Cretins & Buseys
Ep3 Smash Hits & Crashed Bits
Ep2 Bashes, Splashes & Chumps
Ep1 Gonzo Gearheads, Moto Meatheads & Pile-Ups

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Slams, Bashes & Bulls-eyes
Ep12 Speedway Spoilers, Roadway Riots & Backyard Bozos
Ep11 Hard Knocks, Big Shocks & Nincompoops
Ep10 Destruction, Concussions & Clowns
Ep9 Collisions, Demolitions & Dunderheads
Ep8 Road Wrecks, Street Scrapes & Lamebrains
Ep7 Monster Mashes, Mega Crashes & Moving Violations
Ep6 Wrong Turns, Direct Hits & Stupid Stunts
Ep5 Runaways, Rejects & Numbskulls
Ep4 Highway Halfwits, Parking Lot Pinheads & Tiny Terrors
Ep3 Hard Hits, Tight Squeezes & Mad Revenge
Ep2 Gate Crashers, Face Smashers & Bad Breaks
Ep1 Faceplants, Flips & Freakouts

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