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  • 1981

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep3143 Whitney Houston
Ep3142 Daniel Radcliffe & Drew Barrymore!
Ep3141 Justin Long & Drew Barrymore!
Ep3140 Brad Pitt, Glenn Close & George Clooney!
Ep3139 Channing Tatum & Rachel McAdams!
Ep3138 Melissa McCarthy & Viola Davis!
Ep3137 Katherine Heigl & Liam Neeson!
Ep3136 Liam Neeson & Dermot Mulroney!
Ep3135 Drew Barrymore & Sam Worthington!
Ep3134 George Clooney & Viola Davis!
Ep3133 Dwayne Johnson & Peter Jackson!
Ep3132 Terrence Howard & George Lucas!
Ep3131 Jim Parsons & Kaley Cuoco!
Ep3130 Antonio Banderas & Channing Tatum!
Ep3129 Channing Tatum & Rachel McAdams!
Ep3128 Meryl Streep & Leonardo DiCaprio!
Ep3127 Mark Wahlberg!
Ep3126 Kaley Cuoco!
Ep3125 Mark Wahlberg & Meryl Streep!
Ep3124 Queen Latifah & Dolly Parton!
Ep3123 Kate Middleton & 'War Horse'!
Ep3122 Where Are Your Favorite Stars!
Ep3121 Wipeout!
Ep3120 Brad Pitt & Sofia Vergara!
Ep3119 Red Carpet Ready!
Ep3118 Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston
Ep3117 Love Triangles!
Ep3116 Failed Romances!
Ep3115 Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore!
Ep3114 Beyonce & Rihanna!
Ep3113 Hollywood Disasters!
Ep3112 Stars We Have Lost
Ep3111 Holidays of the Stars!
Ep3110 Oprah & Regis Philbin!
Ep3109 Tom Cruise & Angelina Jolie!
Ep3108 Daniel Craig & Jim Parsons!
Ep3107 Top Stories of 2011!
Ep3106 Tom Hanks & Jane Lynch!
Ep3105 Ewan McGregor & Meryl Streep!
Ep3104 Chuck Lorre & Tyler Perry!
Ep3103 Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum & Scarlett Johansson!
Ep3102 Sarah Jessica Parker & Lea Michele!
Ep3101 Sandra Bullock & Pierce Brosnan!
Ep3100 Tom Cruise, Jude Law & Cameron Diaz!
Ep3099 Michelle Pfeiffer, Jessica Biel & Angelina Jolie!
Ep3098 Zac Efron & Robert Downey Jr.!
Ep3097 Box Office Bonanza!
Ep3096 Sarah Jessica Parker & Ashton Kutcher!
Ep3095 Robert Downey Jr.!
Ep3094 Jamie Pressly & Charlize Theron!
Ep3093 Tyler Perry & Matt Damon!
Ep3092 'Arthur Christmas' & 'The Muppets'!
Ep3091 Giving Holiday Thanks!
Ep3090 Matthew Fox & Tyler Perry!
Ep3089 Matt Damon & Ricki Lake!
Ep3088 Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore!
Ep3087 Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart!
Ep3086 Charlize Theron & Kristen Stewart!
Ep3085 Robin Williams & George Clooney!
Ep3084 Kristen Stewart & 'Titanic'!
Ep3083 Melissa McCarthy & J.R. Martinez!
Ep3082 'Jack and Jill' Hits the Box Office!
Ep3081 Adriana Lima & Kanye West!
Ep3080 Charlize Theron & Julianna Margulies!
Ep3079 Adam Sandler & Katie Holmes!
Ep3078 Eddie Murphy & Leonardo DiCaprio!
Ep3077 Plastic Surgery Nightmares!
Ep3076 Leonardo DiCaprio & Patrick Dempsey!
Ep3075 Adam Sandler & Katie Holmes!
Ep3074 Michelle Williams & Channing Tatum!
Ep3073 Sylvester Stallone & Justin Bieber!
Ep3072 Celebrity Bloopers!
Ep3071 Jim Parsons & Justin Bieber!
Ep3070 Chihuahuas Take Over Our Set!
Ep3069 Tim Allen & Julia Stiles!
Ep3068 Martha Stewart & Eddie Murphy!
Ep3067 Orlando Bloom & Paranormal Activity 3!
Ep3066 Kat Dennings & Kevin Dillon!
Ep3065 Johnny Depp & Ricki Lake!
Ep3064 Chaz Bono & Michaele Salahi!
Ep3063 Antonio Banderas & Melissa McCarthy!
Ep3062 'Footloose' & 'The Thing'!
Ep3061 Kevin Dillon & James Spader!
Ep3060 Jack Black & Julianne Hough!
Ep3059 Justin Timberlake & Sarah Michelle Gellar!
Ep3058 Julia Roberts & Zooey Deschanel!
Ep3057 George Clooney & Julianne Hough!
Ep3056 George Clooney & Julianne Hough!
Ep3055 Hugh Jackman, Orlando Bloom & Milla Jovovich!
Ep3054 Michael Jackson & Gene Simmons!
Ep3053 Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore!
Ep3052 Anna Faris!
Ep3051 Kate Walsh & Shia LaBeouf!
Ep3050 Anna Faris, Chris Evans & George Clooney!
Ep3049 Ricki Lake, Rob Kardashian & Julianne Hough!
Ep3048 Chaz Bono & Hugh Jackman!
Ep3047 Queen Latifah & Christina Ricci!
Ep3046 Jim Parsons & Patrick Dempsey!
Ep3045 Taylor Armstrong & Morgan Freeman!
Ep3044 Taylor Armstrong & Charlie Sheen!
Ep3043 ET Emmy Coverage!
Ep3042 Sarah Jessica Parker!
Ep3041 Kat Dennings & Zooey Deschanel!
Ep3040 Christina Applegate & Julianne Hough!
Ep3039 Sarah Jessica Parker & Brad Pitt!
Ep3038 Ashton Kutcher & Charlie Sheen!
Ep3037 OJ Simpson & Casey Anthony!
Ep3036 Matt Damon & Marion Cotillard!
Ep3035 Kate Winslet & Ashton Kutcher!
Ep3034 Entertainment Tonight Emmy Party!
Ep3033 Brad Pitt & Gerard Butler!
Ep3032 The Bad Boys & Girls of Hollywood!
Ep3031 Rihanna on the Big Screen!
Ep3030 Princess Diana & Kim Kardashian!
Ep3029 George Clooney & Ryan Gosling!
Ep3028 Katy Perry & Bruno Mars!
Ep3027 'Colombiana' & 'Our Idiot Brother'!
Ep3026 Zoe Saldana & Jim Parsons!
Ep3025 Paul Rudd, Jennifer Lopez & Matthew Morrison!
Ep3024 Julianne Hough & Chord Overstreet
Ep3023 Kim Kardashian Wedding!
Ep3022 Kim Kardashian & Conan the Barbarian!
Ep3021 Jillian Michaels & Jason Momoa!
Ep3020 Paul Rudd & Anne Hathaway!
Ep3019 Jeremy Piven & Jessica Alba!
Ep3018 Julianne Hough & Charlie Sheen!
Ep3017 'Glee' Hits the Big Screen!
Ep3016 Kaley Cuoco, Justin Bieber & Kim Kardashian!
Ep3015 'Final Destination 5' & Celebrity Vacations!
Ep3014 Jennifer Garner & Emma Stone!
Ep3013 Daniela Ruah & Jennifer Lawrence!
Ep3012 'The Change-Up' and 'Rise of Planet of the Apes'!
Ep3011 Liam Neeson, Alec Baldwin & John Krasinski!
Ep3010 'Rise of Planet of the Apes'!
Ep3009 'Glee' Star Lea Michele!
Ep3008 Princess Kate & Rosie O'Donnell!
Ep3007 Steve Carell & Ryan Gosling!
Ep3006 Rihanna, Ben Stiller & Eddie Murphy!
Ep3005 George Clooney & Jaime Pressly!
Ep3004 Sofía Vergara, Josh Duhamel & Katherine Heigl!
Ep3003 Jennifer Lopez & Kate Middleton!
Ep3002 Captain America & Friends with Benefits!
Ep3001 Kaley Cuoco& Leslie Bibb!
Ep3000 Chris Evans & Jaime Pressly!
Ep2999 Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis!
Ep2998 Rebecca Black & Melissa McCarthy!
Ep2997 Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 2!
Ep2996 Mad Men, 30 Rock & Modern Family!
Ep2995 Neil Patrick Harris & Sofía Vergara!
Ep2994 Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law!
Ep2993 Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis!
Ep2992 The Royals Take Over Hollywood!
Ep2991 Jim Parsons & Kyra Sedgwick!
Ep2990 The Royal Newlyweds!
Ep2989 Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis!
Ep2988 Sarah Michelle Gellar & Jennifer Aniston!
Ep2987 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon'!
Ep2986 The Royal Newlyweds!
Ep2985 Shia LaBeouf & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!
Ep2984 Julia Roberts & Tom Hanks!
Ep2983 Jennifer Aniston & Jason Bateman!
Ep2982 Selena Gomez and Cory Monteith!
Ep2981 Captain America Set Visit!
Ep2980 Chris Evans and Shia LaBeouf!
Ep2979 Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake!
Ep2978 Julia Roberts & Tom Hanks!
Ep2977 Celebrity Trends!
Ep2976 Beyonce and 'Green Lantern'
Ep2975 Tatum O'Neal!
Ep2974 Vanessa Hudgens!
Ep2973 Michelle Obama!
Ep2972 'Toddlers & Tiaras'!
Ep2971 Celebrities in Court!
Ep2970 Britney Spears!
Ep2969 Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively!
Ep2968 MTV Movie Awards!
Ep2967 'X-Men: First Class' Premiere!
Ep2966 Niecy Nash Wedding Extravaganza!
Ep2965 Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake!
Ep2964 'America's Got Talent' Returns!
Ep2963 'Entourage': The Final Season!
Ep2962 Jessica Alba, Bradley Cooper & Angelina Jolie!
Ep2961 Sarah Jessica Parker & Pierce Brosnan!
Ep2960 American Idol Finale!
Ep2959 Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake!
Ep2958 Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele & Cory Monteith!
Ep2957 'Pirates' in Theaters!
Ep2956 Bradley Cooper & Zach Galifianakis!
Ep2955 'Entourage' Final Season Set Visit
Ep2954 'The Hangover Part II' Sneak Peak!
Ep2953 Brad Pitt Sizzles in Cannes!
Ep2952 Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio!
Ep2951 'American Idol': The Final Four!
Ep2950 Angelina Jolie & Jack Black!
Ep2949 Cote de Pablo 'NCIS' Secrets
Ep2948 Kirstie Alley's Secret 'Dancing' Weapon
Ep2947 'Brothers & Sisters' Wedding!
Ep2946 New Jodie Foster Interview!
Ep2945 Kate Hudson's 'Something Borrowed'
Ep2944 Chris Hemsworth in 'Thor'
Ep2943 Royal Wedding Recap!
Ep2942 ET's Royal Wedding Day Coverage!
Ep2941 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon'
Ep2940 Backstage at 'Dancing'!
Ep2939 Royal Wedding Fashions!
Ep2938 Hines Ward & Kym Johnson!
Ep2937 Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Miranda Lambert
Ep2936 William and Kate
Ep2935 'Dancing With the Stars' Eliminated Couple
Ep2934 Hugh Jackman & Kate Hudson
Ep2933 London Calling!
Ep2932 Michelle Obama Interview
Ep2931 Paul Walker's 'Fast Five' Interview
Ep2930 'Dancing With the Stars' Ousted Couple
Ep2929 Courteney Cox & Kristen Bell
Ep2928 TV Land Awards in NYC!
Ep2927 'Born to Be Wild' Premiere!
Ep2926 Carrie Underwood in 'Soul Surfer'
Ep2925 Russell Brand & Jennifer Garner
Ep2924 Natalie Portman & James Franco
Ep2923 Swift, Underwood & Antebellum!
Ep2922 Reba McEntire & Blake Shelton!
Ep2921 'Modern Family''s Julie Bowen!
Ep2920 'Grey's Anatomy' Musical Event!
Ep2919 'The Kennedys' TV Premiere!
Ep2918 Sarah Jessica Parker & Josh Duhamel!
Ep2917 ET's Celebrity GPS!
Ep2916 The Cast of 'Scream 4'!
Ep2915 Russell Brand & Jennifer Garner!
Ep2914 Chris Evans, Kate Winslet & Vanessa Hudgens!
Ep2913 Backstage at 'Dancing With the Stars'!
Ep2912 New in Theaters This Weekend!
Ep2911 'American Idol': Who's Going Home Next?
Ep2910 Queen Latifah Makes a 'Joyful Noise'
Ep2909 On the Set With Sarah Jessica Parker!
Ep2908 Sheryl Crow & J-Lo!
Ep2907 Cojo's Fashion Hits & Misses
Ep2906 'American Idol': The Results Are In!
Ep2905 Aaron Eckhart's 'Battle' Premiere!
Ep2904 'Glee' Takes on Elvis!
Ep2903 Lauren Potter Guest Stars on 'Glee'!
Ep2902 Kate Middleton's Hometown Tour!
Ep2901 David Cook in Studio!
Ep2900 Matt Damon & Emily Blunt Co-Star!
Ep2899 New 'Dancing With the Stars' Cast!
Ep2898 Oscar Stars: Franco, Hathaway, Firth!
Ep2897 Franco & Hathaway Pre-Oscars!
Ep2896 Vanessa Hudgens Dishes to ET!
Ep2895 'William & Kate' Movie Sneak-Peak!
Ep2894 'The Real Housewives' Take on Miami!
Ep2893 Josh Duhamel Heats Up Daytona
Ep2892 Justin Bieber & Willow Smith Team Up!
Ep2891 Portman's 'Thor' Sneak Peak!
Ep2890 Pattinson & Witherspoon Costar!
Ep2889 LL Cool J & Johnny Depp!
Ep2888 Gaga, Katy Perry, Aguilera: Grammy Fashions!
Ep2887 Gaga, Perry & Antebellum!
Ep2886 Bradley Cooper in 'Hangover Part II'!
Ep2885 Bieber's World Movie Premiere!
Ep2884 Bruno Mars & Matthew Perry!
Ep2883 Fergie & the Black Eyed Peas!
Ep2882 Gleek Out!
Ep2881 Bieber Fever!
Ep2880 'Beastly' Girls
Ep2879 Biggs' 'Mad Love'
Ep2878 SAG Fashions!
Ep2877 Reality
Ep2876 'Idol' Mania!
Ep2875 Tyler's New Gig
Ep2874 Oscar Noms Buzz!
Ep2873 'Number Four'
Ep2872 Seeing Stars!
Ep2871 'Wipeout' Wars
Ep2870 Celeb Baby Pics
Ep2869 Dress Like a Star
Ep2868 Golden Globes Exclusive!
Ep2867 Michael Douglas Exclusive
Ep2866 To Be a Human
Ep2865 Fat in the Past
Ep2864 Who's Hot in 2011
Ep2863 Mary Hart's Palm Springs Gala
Ep2862 No Strings Attached
Ep2861 And the Award Goes To...
Ep2860 Halle
Ep2859 Star Romances
Ep2858 O'Dell Joins the ET Family!
Ep2857 Star New Year's Resolutions
Ep2856 Top Star Engagements & Photos
Ep2855 Scandals of 2010
Ep2854 Most Expensive 2010 Star Splits!
Ep2853 Hollywood Triple Threats
Ep2852 Golden Globes Preview
Ep2851 Music Stars of 2010
Ep2850 Matt Damon & Jeff Bridges
Ep2849 Jennifer Lopez Inside Her Home
Ep2848 Royal Wedding Secrets
Ep2847 Orlando Bloom Set Visit
Ep2846 SAG Nominations
Ep2845 On the Red Carpet
Ep2844 Golden Globe Nominations
Ep2843 Pirates of the Caribbean Exclusive
Ep2842 Bachelor Brides
Ep2841 Matt Damon & Jeff Bridges
Ep2840 Barbara Walters Preview
Ep2839 Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie
Ep2838 Nicole Richie Wedding
Ep2837 ET's Movie Exclusive
Ep2836 London Red Carpet Event
Ep2835 Reese Witherspoon Preview
Ep2834 Mark Wahlberg & Johnny Depp
Ep2833 Kate Hudson Exclusive
Ep2832 ET's Movie Exclusive
Ep2831 Stars Give Thanks
Ep2830 Dancing's Winner
Ep2829 Jessica Simpson Announcement
Ep2828 Top Secret Rehearsals
Ep2827 Bachelor Brides
Ep2826 Donny & Marie Backstage
Ep2825 Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp
Ep2824 Burlesque and Potter
Ep2823 Brandy's Eating Disorder
Ep2822 Sarah Palin's Alaska
Ep2821 Marie Osmond Abuse
Ep2820 Katy Perry's Rehearsal
Ep2819 Marie Osmond on Abuse
Ep2818 Michael Jackson's Kids
Ep2817 In Theaters This Weekend
Ep2816 Rachel McAdams & Harrison Ford
Ep2815 Skating With the Stars
Ep2814 Aniston & Kidman Get With It
Ep2813 At Home With Sarah Palin
Ep2812 Sarah Palin Speaks Out
Ep2811 'Transformers' Exclusive
Ep2810 A 'Due Date'
Ep2809 Justin Bieber Trailer
Ep2808 Katy Perry Wedding
Ep2807 Lindsay Lohan in Court
Ep2806 Celebrity GPS and Slideshow
Ep2805 'Dancing' Secrets
Ep2804 Janet Jackson & Whoopi Goldberg
Ep2803 Kim Kardashian's Birthday
Ep2802 Celebrity Weekends
Ep2801 Paula Abdul's Comeback
Ep2800 'Dancing' Secrets
Ep2799 Bruce Willis Gets 'Red'
Ep2798 Matt Damon & Clint Eastwood
Ep2797 Celebrity Weekends
Ep2796 Hottest Bachelors
Ep2795 'Dancing' Secrets
Ep2794 Jamie Foxx and Sister
Ep2793 Cast of 'Glee'
Ep2792 Katherine Heigl & Josh Duhamel
Ep2791 Dress Like Lauren Conrad
Ep2790 Aging in Hollywood
Ep2789 More Than 'Ordinary'
Ep2788 Justin Timberlake Goes Social
Ep2787 Tom Selleck In-depth
Ep2786 Mark Wahlberg Uncensored
Ep2785 Justin Bieber Investigation
Ep2784 Double Dose of 'NCIS'!
Ep2783 'Dancing' Top Secrets
Ep2782 Robert Pattinson & The Situation
Ep2781 'Grey's Anatomy' Buzz
Ep2780 Katherine Heigl & Josh Duhamel
Ep2779 Behind the Scenes of 'NCIS'!
Ep2778 MTV Video Music Awards
Ep2777 'Hereafter' Exclusive!
Ep2776 Trials of Travolta!
Ep2775 'Town'-ies & Beauties!
Ep2774 Palin Dances, Katie Romances!
Ep2773 'Reel' Lovers!
Ep2772 'Miami' Heat!
Ep2771 Ice, Ice Baby!
Ep2770 Superstars Make a Scene!
Ep2769 'Dancing,' Lilo & Smashin' Fashion!
Ep2768 Ultimate Emmy Recap!
Ep2767 Emmy Countdown!
Ep2766 Shaq vs. J-Beebs!
Ep2765 Revealing Backstage Reports!
Ep2764 Sports Idols & Style Secrets!
Ep2763 From Big Buzz to Blockbusters!
Ep2762 Behind the Scenes of 'CSI'!
Ep2761 Superstar Showdown!
Ep2760 Bradley Cooper Gets on Renee Zellweger's 'Case'!
Ep2759 Jennifer Aniston's Baby Mama Drama!
Ep2758 Drew Barrymore in Love
Ep2757 'Night' to Remember!
Ep2756 Fall Sneak Peek!
Ep2755 Laughs, Love & Paris!
Ep2754 Beauties & the 'Best'!
Ep2753 'Teen' Idols & Screen Hotties!
Ep2752 'Teen Choice' Countdown!
Ep2751 Jen Garner & Hugh Jackman!
Ep2750 Christina Aguilera & Julianne Hough!
Ep2749 Jennifer's Weight-Loss Makeover!
Ep2748 Lady Gaga on Sex and Drugs!
Ep2747 Singers & 'Schmucks'!
Ep2746 Emma & Aunt Julia Roberts
Ep2745 'Glee' & Katie Holmes!
Ep2744 Zac Efron Flashback!
Ep2743 Vanessa Hudgens & Natalie Portman
Ep2742 Shirtless 'True Blood' Star
Ep2741 Miley Cyrus Behind the Scenes
Ep2740 Gossip Gone Wild!
Ep2739 Kristen Bell & Megan Fox Hit Hollywood
Ep2738 Christina Milian's Nightmare Split!
Ep2737 Christina Aguilera...Exclusive!
Ep2736 Zac Efron & Will Ferrell
Ep2735 'Glee' Star Joins iCarly
Ep2734 We Play Ball With Zac Efron
Ep2733 Carrie Underwood Wedding News
Ep2732 Bieber-Watch!
Ep2731 Emmy Nominations for 'Glee'?
Ep2730 Selena Gomez Interview!
Ep2729 Angelina in Tears?
Ep2728 Miranda Cosgrove!
Ep2727 The Hot Women of Summer!
Ep2726 'The Last Airbender''s Break-out Star
Ep2725 Robert Pattinson After 'Twilight' & 'Toddlers'!
Ep2724 Zac Efron's Heartbreak
Ep2723 Angelina Jolie Reveals All!
Ep2722 Pop Idols & Primetime Hotties!
Ep2721 Ringo Starr on Tour
Ep2720 Valerie's Weight-loss Secrets
Ep2719 Wilson Phillips Reunion Exclusive
Ep2718 Betty White's 'Hot' Interview
Ep2717 Miley Cyrus New Interview
Ep2716 Boys of Entourage
Ep2715 Cruise & Cameron
Ep2714 'Hot' Stuff!
Ep2713 Backstage at the Tony Awards
Ep2712 Julia Roberts & Jaden Smith!
Ep2711 'SNL' Legends Team on Screen!
Ep2710 'Huge' News & Fox Talks!
Ep2709 Will Smith Passes the Torch
Ep2708 Sandra's 1st Appearance Since the Scandal!
Ep2707 Kate Plus 8---1st Look!
Ep2706 Bridezillas Unleashed!
Ep2705 ET Enters the 'Twilight' Zone!
Ep2704 Marcia Brady---In a Bathing Suit
Ep2703 Bachelorette's Calendar Men
Ep2702 Adam Sandler's New Lady
Ep2701 Comedy Legends & 'Dancing' Queens!
Ep2700 Reality Recap!
Ep2699 Marcia Brady in a Bathing Suit
Ep2698 Explosive 'Dancing' Secrets!
Ep2697 Bare Beauties & Julia Roberts!
Ep2696 'CSI' 4-1-1!
Ep2695 'Twilight' Tease!
Ep2694 From 'Dancing' to Diaz!
Ep2693 Jolie & SJP!
Ep2692 Sexy Spies & Stars Without Makeup!
Ep2691 Inside the Cannes Film Festival!
Ep2690 Crowe 'Cannes' Do!
Ep2689 'Dancing' Updates & Royal Rumors!
Ep2688 Diana Ross Talks!
Ep2687 Weekend Movie Wrap-up!
Ep2686 'Prince' Jake Rules!
Ep2685 Must-see Clooney!
Ep2684 Exclusive First Looks!
Ep2683 Jen, Adam, Tina & Dina!
Ep2682 Trump This!
Ep2681 Lohan-a-palooza!
Ep2680 Tina "Rocks" & Dancers Talk!
Ep2679 'Iron Man 2'---World Premiere!
Ep2678 Cate the Great Tells All!
Ep2677 Pick a Flick!
Ep2676 Boyz in the 'Hood'
Ep2675 'Dancing' Recap!
Ep2674 In Like 'Finn'!
Ep2673 ET Rocks the Red Carpet!
Ep2672 Sneak Peeks & Sexy Ladies!
Ep2671 Taylor Tells All!
Ep2670 Who's 'Dancing' Home?
Ep2669 'Gleeks' & Heroes!
Ep2668 Don't Miss This!
Ep2667 Ladies' Night!
Ep2666 'Sex' & 'Idols'
Ep2665 ET Faces Reality...
Ep2664 Legends & 'Schmucks'
Ep2663 Jackson Doc's Judgment Day!
Ep2662 Trauma Docs Rock!
Ep2661 'Idol' Dreams Dashed!
Ep2660 Final Dances & Hot Flicks!
Ep2659 Dramas & Divas!
Ep2658 Exclusively on Tonight's ET...
Ep2657 New at the Cineplex!
Ep2656 'Idols' & 'Titans'!
Ep2655 Tyler, J-Lo & Bindi!
Ep2654 'Dancing' Reactions & Celeb Updates!
Ep2653 See It Here First!
Ep2652 Clips From New Flix!
Ep2651 Best Title Since 'Snakes on a Plane'!
Ep2650 Kid-Lit Classic Goes Hollywood!
Ep2649 On Tonight's ET...
Ep2648 Miley, 'Glee' & 'Dancing'!
Ep2647 What's Opening Tonight?
Ep2646 Pop's Top Idols...Only on ET!
Ep2645 Advance Look at Gotta-see Shows!
Ep2644 The Show Must Go On...
Ep2643 Nobody Covers Oscar Like ET!
Ep2642 ET's Ultimate Oscar Coverage!
Ep2641 B-Bob & J-Lo!
Ep2640 Elton Rocks & Lisa Talks!
Ep2639 Dancers & Hotties!
Ep2638 Matt, Jake & 'The Bachelor"!
Ep2637 'Queens' & 'Castles'
Ep2636 Kathy Lays Down the 'Law'!
Ep2635 'Alice' & American Heroes!
Ep2634 Johnny Depp's Latest!
Ep2633 ET's 'Alice' Exclusive!
Ep2632 Depp Does It!
Ep2631 Miley Cyrus---ET Exclusive!
Ep2630 Clint & 'Oscar'!
Ep2629 From Vancouver to 'Shutter Island'!
Ep2628 Jessica Simpson---Exclusive First Look!
Ep2627 Opening This Weekend...
Ep2626 A 'Night' to Remember!
Ep2625 Ellen Rocks 'Idol'!
Ep2624 Lovers & Legends
Ep2623 Inside Super Bowl XLIV!
Ep2622 ET's Weekend Movie Preview!
Ep2621 Cher's Big Comeback!
Ep2620 Sexy Costars & Hollywood Babies!
Ep2619 Oscar Race Starts Here!
Ep2618 Lambert Lets Loose!
Ep2617 The 'Super Bowl' of Music!
Ep2616 Hottie HQ!
Ep2615 ET's 'Day' of Beauty!
Ep2614 2 Hot Hits!
Ep2613 SAG Awards!
Ep2612 From L.A. to 'Rome' in 30 Minutes!
Ep2611 'SAG' Sneak Peek!
Ep2610 Ford & Fraser Team on Screen!
Ep2609 'Spider-Man''s Leading Lady!
Ep2608 'Golden Globe' Wrap-up!
Ep2607 The Oscar Buzz Starts Here...
Ep2606 A Legendary Star & a 'Golden' Opportunity
Ep2605 Docs & Rockers!
Ep2604 'Idols' of the Stage & Screen!
Ep2603 ET's Hangin' With Hotties!
Ep2602 Elvis' 75th Birthday!
Ep2601 'Choice' Coverage
Ep2600 'People's Choice' Countdown
Ep2599 The 'People's' Queen!
Ep2598 Lights, Camera, Bahamas!
Ep2597 Happy New Year From Hollywood!
Ep2596 TV Titans & Tabloid Tykes!
Ep2595 Seacrest In!
Ep2594 Look Ahead & Flash Back!
Ep2593 The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!
Ep2592 Who's Naughty & Nice?
Ep2591 Golden Globe 411
Ep2590 Ho-Ho-Ho in Hollywood!
Ep2589 'NCIS' Confidential!
Ep2588 Songs, Celebs & Threads!
Ep2587 Know Before You Go!
Ep2586 'SAG' Picks & Rocky Romances!
Ep2585 Hollywood's Dirty Little Secrets!
Ep2584 From 'Gold' to 'Centerfold'
Ep2583 Celebrity Supercouples!
Ep2582 'Sherlock' Rocks London!
Ep2581 Red-carpet Round-up!
Ep2580 From Best Sellers to Bombshells!
Ep2579 First Looks at Hot Flix!
Ep2578 'Invictus' & Swift!
Ep2577 Get Carrie-D Away!
Ep2576 Hit Shows & Grammy Greats
Ep2575 Blockbusters & Legends
Ep2574 Clooney "Up"-date & Brangelina Showdown
Ep2573 Tim, Nic & Smokin' Hot Supermodels!
Ep2572 Show Biz Shockers!
Ep2571 Turkey Day in Hollywood!
Ep2570 Ultimate Holiday Preview!
Ep2569 'Jon & Kate' Call It Quits!
Ep2568 Red Carpets & 'Rogue' Warriors!
Ep2567 Hottie Headquarters!
Ep2566 'Nine' Sneak & Pop Peek!
Ep2565 Sandra's Unseen 'Side'!
Ep2564 'Moon'-struck!
Ep2563 Palin's 'Oprah' Interview!
Ep2562 'Princess' Sneak Peek!
Ep2561 Country's Biggest Night & 'Nine' Lives!
Ep2560 Behind the Scenes & In the Know!
Ep2559 Wall-to-Wall Celebs!
Ep2558 Travolta-Palooza!
Ep2557 Latest Show Biz Buzz!
Ep2556 Simon Says...
Ep2555 Lights, 'Cameron,' Action!
Ep2554 Cool Cops & Hot Flix!
Ep2553 Jon & 'Date' Plus 8?
Ep2552 Chastity Bono: Exclusive!
Ep2551 Sex-change Shocker!
Ep2550 The Agony of Da-feet
Ep2549 Superstars, Legends & 'Toddlers'
Ep2548 Hot Flicks & Gosselin Fireworks
Ep2547 Who's Who & What's Up?
Ep2546 Hot Stuff & Cool Stars!
Ep2545 Singers & 'Titans'
Ep2544 Marie & Adam!
Ep2543 Movie Peeks & Pop Idols!
Ep2542 This Doc Rocks!
Ep2541 Craig Books It!
Ep2540 Thrillers & Hotties!
Ep2539 Happy B-Day, Marie!
Ep2538 Heroes, Sibs & 'Dogs'!
Ep2537 Plan a Slammin' Weekend Here!
Ep2536 Just in From Hollywood!
Ep2535 On Location & In the Know!
Ep2534 Marie's 'Dancing' Verdict!
Ep2533 Screen Queens & 'House' Calls!
Ep2532 Premieres & Reviews!
Ep2531 George Takes Off!
Ep2530 First on Set, Three Hot Shows!
Ep2529 From Dancers to Drew
Ep2528 'Couples,' Contenders & Cops!
Ep2527 Bullock's Latest & 'Ghost'-Busted!
Ep2526 Iron Man Exclusive!
Ep2525 Bruce Is Back in Action!
Ep2524 'Dancing With the Stars' Preview!
Ep2523 Emmy's & Exclusives!
Ep2522 ET's Emmy Countdown!
Ep2521 Bullock & the 'Bang' Gang
Ep2520 'Iron Man' Exclusive!
Ep2519 Previews!
Ep2518 Music Idols & the 'Mother' of All Sitcoms
Ep2517 Matt Conquers Canada!
Ep2516 Pop Stars & Emmy Preps!
Ep2515 Tyler & Oprah!
Ep2514 Hollywood Invades Italy!
Ep2513 ET Beatles Exclusive!
Ep2512 Ciao Now, Charlize!
Ep2511 'Everybody's Fine' First Look
Ep2510 New Hit for 'Office Space' Director?
Ep2509 Stars Steam the Screen
Ep2508 Daytime Emmy Wrap!
Ep2507 Step Behind the Scenes...
Ep2506 Clooney...Need We Say More?
Ep2505 Diet & Dance = TV's New Guilty Pleasure!
Ep2504 Tantrums & Truths
Ep2503 Marie Osmond's First Time!
Ep2502 ET Wraps Up Your Weekend!
Ep2501 Michael Jackson Update!
Ep2500 Smooth Moves & Rising Stars!
Ep2499 TV & Print Previews!
Ep2498 2 ET Exclusives!
Ep2497 Jackson Scoop Central!
Ep2496 'The King' vs. 'The King of Pop'!
Ep2495 Farrah Insider Tells All!
Ep2494 Piven & a Pop 'Jewel'!
Ep2493 'Choice' Champs & Tarantino's Leading Lady!
Ep2492 'Teen Choice Awards' Dish!
Ep2491 Sneak Peeks From Sandy & Kim!
Ep2490 Tune In & Go 'Mad'!
Ep2489 The World's Most Stylin' Stars...Revealed!
Ep2488 Vanity Fair Uncovered!
Ep2487 From Fantasy to Reality!
Ep2486 Comic Relief!
Ep2485 Atlanta Gets Real!
Ep2484 Legends & Hotties!
Ep2483 Gotta-see Previews!
Ep2482 Superstars Invade Comic-Con!
Ep2481 Memories of Michael!
Ep2480 ET Slips You on the Set!
Ep2479 Red-hot Reality Previews!
Ep2478 Film Sneaks & Mini-Millionaires!
Ep2477 ET Entertainment Tonight
Ep2476 ET Entertainment Tonight
Ep2475 ET Entertainment Tonight
Ep2474 ET Entertainment Tonight
Ep2473 ET Entertainment Tonight
Ep2472 Michael Jackson News You Can Trust!
Ep2471 Red-Hot Dish on Michael Jackson!
Ep2470 Michael Jackson Central!
Ep2469 Get the Drop on the King of Pop
Ep2468 Jackson Updates & Britney Lowdowns
Ep2467 CBS Watch! Exclusive
Ep2466 Tarantino vs. Nazis
Ep2465 Wild Games & Wannabes
Ep2464 Emmy & Johnny!
Ep2463 BET Hotties
Ep2462 Sacha Strikes Again!
Ep2461 Dancing for Dollars
Ep2460 Latest Movies & More!
Ep2459 'Transformers' Unleashed!
Ep2458 Sneak Peek Central
Ep2457 Friends & 'Enemies'
Ep2456 Sexy Secrets!
Ep2455 'Fame' & First Looks!
Ep2454 Only on ET!
Ep2453 Jen, Holly & 'Caveman' Jack!
Ep2452 Sherri's Prom Rewind!
Ep2451 Jack's Prehistoric Flashback!
Ep2450 Sneak Peeks & Sexy Ladies
Ep2449 Foxy Lady
Ep2448 Rockin' the Red Carpets
Ep2447 Don't Start Your Weekend Without Us!
Ep2446 Wrapping It Up & Breakin' It Down!
Ep2445 Forbes Faves & TNT Hunks!
Ep2444 Vanessa's Private World & 'Transformers' Posse!
Ep2443 'MTV Movie Awards' Scoops
Ep2442 'Up' Lowdown
Ep2441 From 'Holmes' to Hart
Ep2440 Stars Caught in the Act
Ep2439 Lovers & Divas
Ep2438 Summer Movie Preview!
Ep2437 Holiday Weekend Highlights
Ep2436 'Sorcerers' & Rock Gods
Ep2435 Juicy 'Dancing' Dirt!
Ep2434 Brad Pitt & Luscious Ladies
Ep2433 Farrah's Courageous Fight
Ep2432 Shields & 'Sherlock'
Ep2431 Hot News for 'CSI' & 'Dancing' Fans!
Ep2430 'Up'-dates & Smackdowns
Ep2429 Legends & Spirits!
Ep2428 Blockbuster Central!
Ep2427 Hot Shots You Can't See Anywhere Else!
Ep2426 From 'Salvation' to Spock
Ep2425 On Location & In the Know
Ep2424 Aniston's Latest Romance
Ep2423 ET's Roman Holiday
Ep2422 Spock Around the Clock
Ep2421 Tune In & Get 'Revenge'!
Ep2420 Dancers & Heroes
Ep2419 Premieres & Legends
Ep2418 'Must-see' ET!
Ep2417 Vampire Love & Movie Glamour
Ep2416 'Twilight,' Beyonce & Jonas Mania!
Ep2415 A-list Bash in the Big Apple!
Ep2414 Keaton Calls the Shots
Ep2413 Matt + Hugh = Hottie Central!
Ep2412 'Idol' Gossip
Ep2411 Huge Stars & Monster Hits
Ep2410 'Dancing' Secrets!
Ep2409 Tori's True Confessions!
Ep2408 Marie Osmond Shockers!
Ep2407 'Idol' Chatter & Opening Nights
Ep2406 Beauty & 'Wonder'
Ep2405 Hotties & Heroes
Ep2404 Rockers & Legends!
Ep2403 Foxx Talks!
Ep2402 She's Got Game
Ep2401 Surf Over & Strap In...
Ep2400 Jennifer Aniston's Father Speaks Out!
Ep2399 Affleck Favorites
Ep2398 Cyrus Family Exclusive!
Ep2397 2 Music Idols, 1 Gotta See ET!
Ep2396 From 'Sideways' to Spooky!
Ep2395 Donny, Marie & 'Dancing' Dirt!
Ep2394 Rockers & Holy Rollers
Ep2393 New Dads, 'Dancers' & 'Monsters'
Ep2392 Lionel Richie---Exclusive!
Ep2391 Steve Carell & a 'Cage' Match!
Ep2390 The Incredible Shrinking Woman
Ep2389 Julia's Back & ET's Got Her!
Ep2388 Kim Kicks It!
Ep2387 Now Playing at the Box Office...
Ep2386 Carol & Clooney
Ep2385 Latest Show Biz Scoops
Ep2384 Celebrity Sneak Peeks
Ep2383 'Angels,' Obama & Oz
Ep2382 Julia's Back & ET's Got Her!
Ep2381 Mary, Marie & the 'Octomom'!
Ep2380 Backstage With Britney!
Ep2379 Britney Sneak Peek!
Ep2378 'Terminator' - Exclusive!
Ep2377 Before You Step Out...
Ep2376 'Terminator' Exclusive!
Ep2375 ET's British Invasion!
Ep2374 Oscar Style at Kohl's Prices!
Ep2373 TV's Best Oscar Coverage!
Ep2372 The Very Latest on Hollywood's Biggest Night!
Ep2371 'Elementary' Men & Party Dish
Ep2370 Advance Looks & Big 'Trouble'
Ep2369 Sneak Peeks & Sexy Ladies
Ep2368 'Sam,' 'Glam,' 'Bam'!
Ep2367 'The Tudors' Rule!
Ep2366 The 'Bots Are Back!
Ep2365 Crime Time!
Ep2364 'Basterds' & 'Survivors'
Ep2363 Ultimate Grammy Recap
Ep2362 'Diamonds' Are Forever
Ep2361 From 'Iron Man' to Ultimate Sleuth!
Ep2360 ET Entertainment Tonight
Ep2359 Aniston, Pitt & Hanks!
Ep2358 Chow Down & Listen Up
Ep2357 Know Before You Go...
Ep2356 Oh, Baby!
Ep2355 Kara Clips & K-9 Heroes
Ep2354 'People,' 'Losers' & a 'Shopaholic'!
Ep2353 Superstars of 'SAG' & Screen
Ep2352 Pick a Flick!
Ep2351 And the Oscar Nominees Are...
Ep2350 Cruisin' & Partyin'!
Ep2349 Hail to the Chief!
Ep2348 The Whole World Will Be Watching...
Ep2347 Behind the Scenes...
Ep2346 Celebrity Lowdowns & Updates!
Ep2345 Clip This: Eddie's Latest!
Ep2344 Sneak Peeks & Fond Farewells
Ep2343 Golden Dish You Can't See Anywhere Else!
Ep2342 Around the 'Globes'
Ep2341 Untold Stories, Unseen Footage!
Ep2340 Oprah Shows You the Money!
Ep2339 D.C. Confidential!
Ep2338 From 'Opie' to Oscar Winner
Ep2337 Coming Attractions of '09
Ep2336 Promises & Pop Hotties
Ep2335 Good Times, Great Movies
Ep2334 'Hart' to Hart Talks & Juicy Secrets
Ep2333 Wall to Wall Stars!
Ep2332 The Bold & the Beautiful
Ep2331 Santa Claus & Sex Symbols
Ep2330 From Parties to Premieres
Ep2329 Celebrity Gifts...Unwrapped!
Ep2328 Making a List & Checkin' It Twice...
Ep2327 Cruising the Red Carpet
Ep2326 Lowdowns & Updates
Ep2325 Shockers & Superstars
Ep2324 Christmas at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Ep2323 ET's 'Top 20'...Revealed!
Ep2322 Celeb Holidays & Sneak Peeks
Ep2321 'Globe' Warriors & Wannabes
Ep2320 Liza Rocks NYC
Ep2319 Superhunks & Sci-Fi Action
Ep2318 Will & Jen Tell All
Ep2317 Britney Spears...World Exclusive!
Ep2316 Carrey On & 'Nod' Off
Ep2315 'Titanic' Reunion!
Ep2314 'Mammas'...Models...and More!
Ep2313 Hot Names, Juicy News
Ep2312 What's Opening This Weekend?
Ep2311 Thanksgiving in Hollywood!
Ep2310 First Ladies & Last Words
Ep2309 Leading Ladies, Coming Attractions
Ep2308 Biggest Names in Music & Movies!
Ep2307 'Idol' Double Play
Ep2306 Scrub In & Count Down
Ep2305 'Dirty' Boys & Pop Royalty
Ep2304 A King, a President & a Teen Vampire
Ep2303 Hottest Movies, Coolest Stars!
Ep2302 Lights...Camera...ET!
Ep2301 'He's' Having a Baby?
Ep2300 Bond Rocks the Big Apple
Ep2299 Naval Pros & Royal 'Dirt'
Ep2298 Monarchs & Music Idols
Ep2297 Young Kid, Grown-up Problem
Ep2296 Princes & Idols
Ep2295 ET Hangs With Hollywood Favorites
Ep2294 Only One Can Win...
Ep2293 Can't Beat the Heat
Ep2292 Cineplex Tricks or Treats?
Ep2291 Spies & Gals
Ep2290 'Yes' & 'No'
Ep2289 The Hart of Hollywood
Ep2288 Red-carpet Roundup
Ep2287 So Many Movies, So Little Time...
Ep2286 Separate Fact from Fiction
Ep2285 Wall-to-wall Stars at The Women's Conference
Ep2284 '007' + '17 = ET!
Ep2283 'NSync With Lance and JT
Ep2282 Know Before You Go...
Ep2281 Harry Changes His Tune
Ep2280 Glamour Drama & Reality Checks
Ep2279 From 'Reel' to 'Rehab'
Ep2278 'HSM3' Cast & 'Desperate' Hottie
Ep2277 Fashionistas & Flicks
Ep2276 Behind the Scenes Exclusives
Ep2275 Style, Drama & 'Dancing'
Ep2274 Film Superstars & TV Hotties
Ep2273 Angelina, Miley, Leo & Russell
Ep2272 Pop Hotties and Cool Flicks!
Ep2271 Movie Legends Everywhere You Look
Ep2270 Marie's "Losing" Battle
Ep2269 Forget the Rumors, Get the Facts!
Ep2268 Hillary &" Hannah" News!
Ep2267 Fall TV Alert!
Ep2266 Leo, Russell Scorch the Screen!
Ep2265 Tom Cruise...World Exclusive!
Ep2264 Shia...Simon...and Serious Firepower
Ep2263 ET Parties with Emmy
Ep2262 Countdown to the Emmys & 'Dancing With the Stars'!
Ep2261 Alec, Angelina & Janet
Ep2260 Primetime Hotties...Right Here!
Ep2259 3 Sexy Stars, 1 Gotta-see Show
Ep2258 Shia...NYC Glam...and a Legend!
Ep2257 2008 September 12
Ep2256 2008 September 11
Ep2255 2008 September 10
Ep2254 Entertainment Tonight
Ep2253 Entertainment Tonight
Ep2252 Pass the Popcorn...
Ep2251 Gere Lusts & Perry 'Preys'
Ep2250 Matthew, '90210' & a Date Movie to Remember
Ep2249 Brad 'Burns' & '90210' Returns
Ep2248 'Dancing' Sneak & Hollywood Bust-ups
Ep2247 Behind the Scenes 'Gossip'
Ep2246 'Prey'-ing Women & '90210' Parents
Ep2245 Venice, Shannen & 'Kramer'
Ep2244 The Boys of '90210'
Ep2243 'Dancing' Cast & '90210' Bash
Ep2242 'Fringe' Benefits & Cool Flicks
Ep2241 Perry 'Preys' & Midler Talks
Ep2240 Best Bimbos, Worst Stepdads & Cher
Ep2239 Bunnies, Eagles & 'Blondie'
Ep2238 Screen Stars & a Disco Diva
Ep2237 Opening Nights and 'Steel' Memories
Ep2236 Down Under with Nic & Hugh
Ep2235 'Idol' Wannabes & 'Sleepless' Rewind
Ep2234 Jonas Brothers Up Close
Ep2233 Lauren's Life...Revealed!
Ep2232 Coming Soon to a Theater Near You...
Ep2231 Lively, 'Love' & Divas
Ep2230 Bond, 'Dance' & Shear Style
Ep2229 '90210' & Kim's 'Disaster'
Ep2228 'Choice' Moments & 'Vicky Week' Peek
Ep2227 Weekend Blockbusters
Ep2226 'Golden' Dish & 'Express' Stars
Ep2225 Scene-stealers & Rookies
Ep2224 'Sisters' & Secrets
Ep2223 Brendan's Back!
Ep2222 Kevin Rocks the 'Vote'
Ep2221 Advance 'Pants'
Ep2220 Comic Relief from Jim and Will
Ep2219 Kim Faces 'Disaster'!
Ep2218 'X' Stars & Miley
Ep2217 Donny & Marie Do Vegas
Ep2216 Emmy Nods (and 'Nots')
Ep2215 Will 'Steps' Out
Ep2214 'Dark' Night & Emmy Men
Ep2213 Emmy Ladies & 'Lies'
Ep2212 Another Kennedy in the White House
Ep2211 'Mad Men' & 'Gents'
Ep2210 Eddie's Premiere & a 'Big' Preview
Ep2209 Perry 'Preys'
Ep2208 Kevin Rocks, Bratt 'Roles'
Ep2207 Stars Celebrate the 4th
Ep2206 'Wack' Preview & Disney Fans
Ep2205 'Mamma' Conquers London
Ep2204 Will & Bill
Ep2203 'Mamma,' Murphy & Mandela
Ep2202 'Mia,' Bond & More!
Ep2201 'Mamma' & the Birthday Boy
Ep2200 Best 'BET' & Beatty
Ep2199 Charlize & Will
Ep2198 Will & 'WALL-E'
Ep2197 The 'Mamma' of All Previews
Ep2196 ET's Fall TV Wrap-up
Ep2195 Salma & 'Kit'
Ep2194 'Smart' Moves & Beyonce Speaks
Ep2193 Broadway Legends & Movie Sneaks
Ep2192 Cool Awards & Hot New Films
Ep2191 Julianne, 'The Love Guru' & 'Pants' Preview
Ep2190 Beyonce: First Interview Since the Wedding!
Ep2189 Jackie, Mark & Weddings
Ep2188 'TV Land' Sneak & 'Stepfather' Peek
Ep2187 Billy Ray Rocks!
Ep2186 Rosie Plays Games, 'Wives' Return
Ep2185 'Swingtown' & More Sneaks
Ep2184 Fashionistas & Swingers
Ep2183 Sandler, 'Smart' & Fall TV Peek
Ep2182 'MTV' Juice & Movie 'Truth'
Ep2181 Tune In & 'Get Smart'
Ep2180 ET Entertainment Tonight
Ep2179 ET Entertainment Tonight
Ep2178 ET Entertainment Tonight
Ep2177 Paul Rudd & New Releases
Ep2176 AmfAR, Jackie Chan & Summer-time
Ep2175 'Dancing,' 'Idol' & 'High School Musical 3'
Ep2174 Angelina, Clint, Loni & Shia
Ep2173 'Indy,' Penélope & Scarlett at Cannes
Ep2172 Indy Crew, Paula & 'MTM' on Oprah
Ep2171 Angelina, Paula & Primetime Showdown
Ep2170 Cannes Action & Jordin Update
Ep2169 'Million Dollar' Stars & Patrick 'Vogues'
Ep2168 Jenna's Wedding & Donny's Big Announcement
Ep2167 Time's Top Stars & Springer's Tears
Ep2166 Christie, Cher & Tina
Ep2165 Turning the Tables on Barbara
Ep2164 Julia, George & Lots of 'Sex'
Ep2163 Cameron, Miley & 3 Superstars
Ep2162 'Sex,' Paula & Clay
Ep2161 Madonna Rocks, Kate Roles
Ep2160 'Dancing,' Daytime Emmy & 'Idol' Exclusives
Ep2159 An ET Wedding & a 'Ray' of Light
Ep2158 Ashton & Cameron Wed, Stars Get 'GLAAD'
Ep2157 Springer Speaks, Coleman Splits!
Ep2156 Rob Lowe: Nanny Scandal Exclusive
Ep2155 Paula, Leah & Jenna
Ep2154 Hollywood, Hudson & Helio
Ep2153 Bette Midler Tells All
Ep2152 'Hot' Stuff
Ep2151 'Desperate' Sneak & Cyndi Sings
Ep2150 Paula's Untold Secrets!
Ep2149 Exclusive: Inside Ivana's Wedding
Ep2148 Ivana Says 'I Do'
Ep2147 Brides, Movies & More!
Ep2146 'Proms' & 'Pop' Idols
Ep2145 Steppin' Out & 'The Stepfather'
Ep2144 'Dancing' & 'Park'-ing
Ep2143 Jordin, Brides & 'Soul Men'
Ep2142 'Idol' Update & MLK Tribute
Ep2141 Leona Rocks, Rumer 'Roles'
Ep2140 'Dancers,' 'Models,' 'Medium' & More
Ep2139 'Leatherheads' & Legends
Ep2138 'Kids," Dolly, SJP & ABC Beauties
Ep2137 'Kids' Choice' Preview
Ep2136 'Celebrity Fit Club' and 'Idol'
Ep2135 Inside 'Idol' and 'Dancing'
Ep2134 'Dancing,' 'Idol' & Sarah Jessica Parker
Ep2133 Britney Spears and Owen Wilson's Latest
Ep2132 Nifty at 50
Ep2131 'Fit' Scoops & 'Rumors'
Ep2130 Stars of Sports & Screen
Ep2129 'Dancing' Dish & Jamie Lynn Exclusive
Ep2128 George & Renée's 'Heads' Up
Ep2127 Opening Tonight...
Ep2126 Latest on 'Idol'
Ep2125 'Speed' Thrills
Ep2124 'Idols' & 'Flyers'
Ep2123 Carrey & Carey
Ep2122 What's Playing? We'll Show You
Ep2121 ET 'Carreys' On
Ep2120 High-heeled Hilton
Ep2119 Donny, Randy, Paula & Dancing
Ep2118 'Road' Man & Talented Ladies
Ep2117 Paris & Courteney
Ep2116 Myers & Carrey
Ep2115 'Smart' Move
Ep2114 Bond & Bertinelli
Ep2113 Best Oscar Coverage
Ep2112 Hollywood's Biggest Night
Ep2111 The Divine Miss M
Ep2110 2008 February 20
Ep2109 2008 February 19
Ep2108 2008 February 18
Ep2107 Carrey + Comedy = ET!
Ep2106 Latest Farrah News
Ep2105 America, Oscar & Donny
Ep2104 Temptress, 'Jumper' & Reese
Ep2103 Grammy Central!
Ep2102 Grammy Exclusive!
Ep2101 Movies, Music & Supermodels
Ep2100 Bond is Back!
Ep2099 Uma, Donny & Jaycee
Ep2098 Oscar, Paris & Angelina
Ep2097 Jessica Alba & Super Bowl Celebs
Ep2096 Miley Cyrus Exclusive!
Ep2095 Super Bowl Fever!
Ep2094 SAG Looks For Less!
Ep2093 SAG Superstars
Ep2092 Solid 'Gold' Kate
Ep2091 Ru-u-u-u-uben's Here & Mark's 'OK'!
Ep2090 Charlize & Jessica
Ep2089 And the Nominees Are...
Ep2088 Donny, Tom & SJP!
Ep2087 Cojo 'Books' It
Ep2086 Monsters & 'Idols'
Ep2085 'Idol' Central
Ep2084 Not Just 'Idol' Gossip!
Ep2083 'Globe' Wrap & 'Mad' Women
Ep2082 'Golden' Countdown
Ep2081 McDreamy's in Love, Eva's Seeing Ghosts
Ep2080 The Queen & The Comic
Ep2079 Bridesmaid
Ep2078 The 'Hart' of Palm Springs
Ep2077 'Choice' Ladies
Ep2076 The Return of Late-Night Laughs
Ep2075 'Dancing' Across America
Ep2074 Hot New Stars of '08!
Ep2073 Pop the Champagne!
Ep2072 Top Headlines of '07
Ep2071 'Debaters' & Winners
Ep2070 'Real Men' & Show Biz Futures
Ep2069 Spend Christmas with ET
Ep2068 Katherine & Josh Say 'I Do'!
Ep2067 Here Comes the Bride!
Ep2066 Swank's New 'Love'
Ep2065 John's 'Grace,' Helen's 'Treasure'
Ep2064 Lawyers & Heartthrobs
Ep2063 Hottest Stars of the Year!
Ep2062 Bust Out the Popcorn
Ep2061 ET Goes for the 'Gold'
Ep2060 Movies & 'Models'
Ep2059 Oprah Exclusive!
Ep2058 Denzel & Oprah, Julia & Tom!
Ep2057 Fresh Flicks & Genie Francis
Ep2056 TV Doc Rocks & 'GQ' Men Revealed
Ep2055 Our Future First Lady?
Ep2054 Johnny Depp (Need We Say More?!)
Ep2053 A 'Legend' & a 'National Treasure'
Ep2052 'Pirates' Outtakes & Inside Previews
Ep2051 Johnny Faces the Music
Ep2050 'Dancing' Champ & Carnie Wilson
Ep2049 Dancers & Diet Tips
Ep2048 2007 November 26
Ep2047 Rachael Ray & Oscar Predictions
Ep2046 'Dancing' and 'Desperate' Exclusives
Ep2045 Thanksgiving with Donny & Marie
Ep2044 'Fools' & Dancers
Ep2043 'AMA' Superstars & Juicy Dish
Ep2042 The Fonz & More!
Ep2041 And That's the Way It Is...
Ep2040 'Star' Pairs, Newcomers & Legends
Ep2039 'Dancing,' Meryl and Rachael
Ep2038 Donny Osmond's Private Heartbreak
Ep2037 Mama Cybill & 'Choice' Nominees
Ep2036 Stars & 'Heroes'
Ep2035 Rosie, Tom & Donny
Ep2034 Donny's 'Dancing,' Jorja's Confessing!
Ep2033 Michael Jackson: Rare, Behind-the-Scenes Look!
Ep2032 Donny O. & 'Ugly Betty'
Ep2031 ET Exclusives on Valerie, Marie & Puppy Mills
Ep2030 'Dancing' News & Halloween 'Views'
Ep2029 Britney's Back & Tom's Talking
Ep2028 One-on-One with Tom Cruise
Ep2027 Spears vs. Federline
Ep2026 Steve's 'Real,' Redford's 'Lion,' Katie's 'Mad'
Ep2025 Meryl's Movie & 'Dancing' Dish
Ep2024 Travolta, Tom Cruise & More!
Ep2023 Tom, Merv & 'Gangsters'
Ep2022 Denzel & Crowe Face Off
Ep2021 Rock Talks & Rodeo's Stylin'
Ep2020 Sheen vs. Richards
Ep2019 'Dancing', 'Bee' & 'NCIS'
Ep2018 Julia, Drew and Renee
Ep2017 Let's Go to the Movies!
Ep2016 Red-Carpet 'Rendition'
Ep2015 Britney Goes to Court, Tom & Julia Go to 'War'
Ep2014 Hotties & Heroes
Ep2013 New Line & 'Old Dogs'
Ep2012 'Wild' Man
Ep2011 Steines on the Set
Ep2010 Kate & Matthew's Romantic Reunion
Ep2009 Fresh Flicks & Sibling Stars
Ep2008 Ben, Blanchett & Carell
Ep2007 Now Appearing at a Theater Near You...
Ep2006 'Dancing' Duos & Superstars at 'War'
Ep2005 Make a Date With Ty & Kate
Ep2004 'Idol' Exclusive!
Ep2003 'Dancing' and 'Miami' Sneak Peeks
Ep2002 Oliver 'Rules' Primetime
Ep2001 Hit Sitcoms & Sexy Costars!
Ep2000 Anna Nicole's 'Ex' & 'Elizabeth'
Ep1999 Jamie's 'Kingdom' Comes
Ep1998 ET's Emmy Exclusives!
Ep1997 Emmy News & Movie Reviews
Ep1996 'Smart' Lowdown & Emmy Countdown
Ep1995 Simpson & Celine
Ep1994 Katherine & Keira
Ep1993 Exclusive: Dannielynn's 1st Birthday!
Ep1992 Reese, Jake & a Grand Slam Music Jam
Ep1991 Bill's Book & Phil's Set Secrets
Ep1990 Fashion 4-1-1 & 'Samantha'
Ep1989 'Dirty Sexy' Sneak & Maria Shriver
Ep1988 Entertainment Tonight
Ep1987 Maria Shriver: Exclusive!
Ep1986 Two 'Big' Stories...Only On 'ET'!
Ep1985 'Dancing' News!
Ep1984 A 'Driven' Woman & 'Grey's' Prospects
Ep1983 'Teen Choice' Wrap-Up!
Ep1982 A Feast for Movie Fans
Ep1981 'Talent' Winner, Teri Hatcher & Jessica Alba
Ep1980 Lindsay Lohan: Rehab Update
Ep1979 Stars Salute Merv Griffin
Ep1978 30 Years Later: The King Lives On
Ep1977 Lisa Marie on the Death of Elvis
Ep1976 Priscilla Presley---Exclusive!
Ep1975 'Betty' Bloopers & Teri Talks
Ep1974 'Desperate' Lovers & Mary-Kate Olsen
Ep1973 Ty Pennington Gets 'Playful'
Ep1972 Exclusive Billy Graham
Ep1971 Princess Diana Tribute
Ep1970 Eden's 'Army Wives'
Ep1969 Star's Back in Court!
Ep1968 'Parts' & Pics
Ep1967 From 'Prison Break' to Jail Time?
Ep1966 Court Date, 'Cruise' Lines & 'Power' Plays
Ep1965 'Bad Boys' & 'NCIS' Girls
Ep1964 Style Secrets & Superstars
Ep1963 Fall Sitcoms & Fresh Movies!
Ep1962 'Bourne' Stars & Halle Berry!
Ep1961 Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony!
Ep1960 Oprah Tragedy: The Untold Story!
Ep1959 Matt Damon and Laila Ali's Wedding!
Ep1958 Brooke Shields TV Comeback
Ep1957 Emmy Nominations
Ep1956 Oprah's Painful Loss
Ep1955 Joey Fatone Dances to Hannah
Ep1954 Mary-Kate Olsen's TV Return
Ep1953 Versace, Jason Priestley
Ep1952 Nicole Richie, Rachael Ray
Ep1951 Lohan's Latest, Jaclyn Smith
Ep1950 Eva's Photos, Scott Baio Secrets
Ep1949 Eva Weds, 'Harry' Arrives
Ep1948 Robin, Don & ET's 'Body' Shop!
Ep1947 'Hairspray' Kids & Celebrity Clothes
Ep1946 Gorgeous Gals & a Troop Salute!
Ep1945 Cool Clips & Craig!
Ep1944 A Bride, a 'Brother' & One Sexy Dude!
Ep1943 Adam & Kevin Tie the Knot (Not)!
Ep1942 'Transformers': These 'Bots Rock!
Ep1941 BET Winners & Superstar Kids
Ep1940 Rev. Robin & Much 'Moore'
Ep1939 Paris Is Sprung & Shaq's 'Big' Show
Ep1938 Now Playing...
Ep1937 Cruising With Legends
Ep1936 Meet 'Miss Pettigrew' & TV Greats
Ep1935 Clooney Makes It Legal
Ep1934 Divas & 'Fences'
Ep1933 Barker Says 'Buh-bye'
Ep1932 Brad & Angelina's Labor of Love
Ep1931 Emma, Will & Brides From Hell
Ep1930 'Four' Peek & 'Hairspray' Honeys
Ep1929 Tony, 'Hairspray' & 'Evan Almighty'
Ep1928 'Speed' Thrills
Ep1927 Barker's Goodbye & Nicole's 'Invasion'
Ep1926 Christie, Clooney's Crew & SJP
Ep1925 'Ocean's' Dudes, Di Dish
Ep1924 Wall-to-Wall Superstars!
Ep1923 Kat, John & Queen
Ep1922 'Hairspray' Dish & 'Wives' Previews
Ep1921 Leo, Leah & Paula Work It
Ep1920 Maltin Mania!
Ep1919 'Pirates,' Pop Stars & 'Girls'
Ep1918 Paris & Nicole Keep It 'Simple'
Ep1917 America's 'Idol' & Ocean's Thirteen
Ep1916 Cannes & Katie
Ep1915 'Dancing' Three & Clooney
Ep1914 Brad, Angelina, Demi, Cojo & 'Pirates'<