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A warm and funny slice-of-life sitcom about an L.A. bookstore manager and her acquaintances that began as a 'Seinfeld'-like show titled 'These Friends of Mine.' The Emmy-winning series hit its high... More


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep21 Vows
Ep20 When Ellen Talks, People Listen
Ep19 Ellen: A Hollywood Tribute
Ep18 The Hospital
Ep17 It's a Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay World
Ep16 Neighbors
Ep15 Ellen in Focus
Ep14 Escape from L.A.
Ep13 The Funeral
Ep12 Womyn Fest
Ep11 Break Up
Ep10 All Ellen, All the Time
Ep9 Like a Virgin
Ep8 Emma
Ep7 Public Display of Affection
Ep6 G.I. Ellen
Ep5 Just Coffee?
Ep4 Gay Yellow Pages
Ep3 Roommates
Ep2 Social Climber
Ep1 Guys or Dolls

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Moving On
Ep24 Hello Muddah Hello Faddah
Ep23 The Puppy Episode
Ep22 The Puppy Episode
Ep21 The Clip Show Patient
Ep20 Reversal of Misfortune
Ep19 Secrets and Ellen
Ep18 Hello, Dalai
Ep17 Ellen's Deaf Comedy Jam
Ep16 Ellen Unplugged
Ep15 Makin' Whoopie
Ep14 Joe's Kept Secret
Ep13 Alone Again... Naturally
Ep12 Fleas Navidad
Ep11 Bowl, Baby, Bowl
Ep10 Kiss My Bum
Ep9 The Pregnancy Test
Ep8 Not So Great Expectations
Ep7 Harold and Ellen
Ep6 The Bubble Gum Incident
Ep5 Looking Out for Number One
Ep4 The Parent Trap
Ep3 Splitsville, Man
Ep2 A Deer Head for Joe
Ep1 Give Me Equity or Give Me Death

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep27 The Mugging
Ep26 When the Vow Breaks
Ep25 The Tape
Ep24 When the Vow Breaks
Ep23 Go Girlz
Ep22 Two Mammograms and a Wedding
Ep21 Too Hip for the Room
Ep20 A Penney Saved...
Ep19 Two Ring Circus
Ep18 The Lobster Diary
Ep17 Ellen: With Child
Ep16 Witness
Ep15 Oh, Sweet Rapture
Ep14 Morgan, P.I.
Ep13 Horshack's Law
Ep12 Do You Fear What I Fear?
Ep11 Ellen's Choice
Ep10 What's Up, Ex-Doc?
Ep9 The Movie Show
Ep8 Salad Days
Ep7 She Ain't Friendly, She's My Mother
Ep6 Trick or Treat---Who Cares?
Ep5 Hello, I Must Be Going
Ep4 The Bridges of L.A. County
Ep3 The Shower Scene
Ep2 These Successful Friends of Mine
Ep1 Shake, Rattle and Rubble

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 The Thirty Kilo Man
Ep23 The Thirty Kilo Man
Ep22 The Therapy Episode
Ep21 Three Strikes
Ep20 $5,000
Ep19 The Gladiators
Ep18 The Sleep Clinic
Ep17 Guns 'n Ellen
Ep16 The Ballet Class
Ep15 The Spa
Ep14 The Apartment Hunt
Ep13 Ellen's Improvement
Ep12 The Christmas Show
Ep11 Ellen's New Friend
Ep10 Mrs. Koger
Ep9 The Trainer
Ep8 Adam's Birthday
Ep7 The Toast
Ep6 So Funny
Ep5 The Fix-Up
Ep4 The Note
Ep3 The Thirty Minute Man
Ep2 Saint Ellen
Ep1 The Dentist

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 The Boyfriend Stealer
Ep10 The Soft Touch
Ep9 The Refrigerator
Ep8 The Houseguest
Ep7 The Go Between
Ep6 The Hand That Robs The Cradle
Ep5 The Promotion
Ep4 The Class Reunion
Ep3 A Kiss Is Still a Kiss
Ep2 The Anchor
Ep1 Pilot Episode

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
When The Vow Breaks
Pilot Episode
The Puppy Episode
Pilot Episode
Marathon Ma'am
Secrets & Ellen
Hello Dalai

Clips & More

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Preview Ellen
118 sec
Preview Ellen: Season 3
69 sec
Preview Ellen: Season 4
91 sec
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Ellen clip - starring Ellen DeGeneres, David Anthony Higgins, Joely Fisher, Clea Lewis, Jeremy Piven.

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